my darling child embodies and passionately proclaims my guidance I’m prepared to bestow upon you all the

Necessities for a life filled with Heavenly Freedom inside the safety of your own home your deepest desires will

come true as you undergo a series of breathtaking Transformations that will fill your soul with joy and your heart

with immense satisfaction these days my beloved one I beg you to put into practice the Deep

wisdom you have gained from my lessons for the remarkable benefits I have painstakingly planned for you it is

essential that you transform your thoughts so that your Expressions harmonize that you reject any negative

statements and that you stop letting your words stand in the way get rid of those alerts that make you doubt God and

block the Abundant Blessings he has in store for your family turn a blind eye to decoys set up by enemies refrain from

falling for their cunning tricks keep your distance from people whose words cause harm and destruction don’t do

things that won’t get you closer to your goals and dreams at all times let the

spirit of my teachings refresh your mind and strengthen your faith allow the

sacred message that rises from the depths of my unfaltering love for you to enter your coronary heart and soul

incorporate the Deep truth contained within my words and let them reverberate into the fabric of your existence

declare my Divine truth truths every day and witness how they grow into a plentiful Harvest a life filled with

plenty success and the pleasant Roma of Plenty you open the door to a world

where religion is more than just a concept it is a force that influences reality through the holy Act of stating

my lines you come to the realization that the universe’s tangible components

are aligning themselves to fulfill your desires as you enthusiastically Express

them your character’s journey is only the beginning of a prosperous life that is

waiting for you complete with a thriving family and the Assurance of a future full of purpose I your father and God

closely monitor the fabric of your lives don’t be afraid I always by your side

keeping a close watch over your lives and ensuring that your path remains illuminated with perfect Tranquility

throughout your missions provided you adhere to my precious teachings no matter what challenges you face know

that I am here to support you and give you the strength you need to overcome them looking at everything through a

prism of unfaltering Faith you have the incredible power to destroy anything

imposing obstacles on your path to success and happiness my little child is

much more vital than finding the keys to your destiny make it deep within you that my

deepest wish is to influence and direct your life with the wisdom I have imparted join me on an adventure to

Uncharted territories of pleasure where you may soak up the light of my calm delight and Limitless

contentment may your efforts reach their completion and your Ambitions find fulfillment as you firmly establish your

faith and immerse yourself in the abundance of my Divine teachings sit back and relax I will provide lavishly

for your wants building a life full of benefits that will allow you to enjoy harmonious and unified times with your

loved ones my Essence might be mysterious but my presence is ever present and guiding so have faith my

child indulge in the gentle touch of each Breeze bask in the warmth of each

sunlight and share the joy of your precious one Smiles with me always keep

in mind the infinite love I have for you and the fact that you are my most magnificent creation made with a purpose

so miraculous that you are are full of unrealized potential and Charisma don’t

let false claims manipulate you and don’t let any issue erode your trust in me I have bestowed upon you the strength

competence and courage to face any difficulty headon regardless of its gravity let go of anything in your mind

or spirit that is holding you back from growing in faith my teachings are in harmony with these ideas since I have

created you for greatness and have predestined your life to to be full of benefits so that they can Outlast any

difficult modern circumstances may I your creator eternally Adorn your life with steadfast

Faith Divine Purpose and Limitless love my darling child in the safety of my

unfaltering commitment to you may the depths of your faith find Refuge my promises are not empty words they are

firm commitments that I will carry out with Divine accuracy today even though

you may not see the fruits of my kindness right now rest easy knowing that I’m skillfully building a web of

beneficial opportunities that will ultimately benefit you the cosmic order

has decreed that as you travel through the road of preparation the keys to your dreams and Ambitions will reveal

themselves to you at the right time I implore you then at this moment of expectation to establish your confidence

in me and to get strength from the source of my teachings in the enduring

wisdom that permeates my my words you will find the power to change your life

my hope is that you will find it through the practice of cultivating unfaltering faith and accepting reality as it is

allow my lessons to grow in the rich soil of your minds and then witness the colors of change splashed over the

canvas of your lives as you declare them know that I am here for you your

Everlasting best friend ready to provide support and advice in the face of any

difficulty you are the personification of my innermost desires for happiness and success in every part of your lives

my beloved Son and beloved daughter throughout this journey your

perseverance has been evident and I implore you to memorize my words to truly comprehend the Transformations you

bring about in your mind and body rest easy the weight of heavenly power music

is in your proclamations Proclaim your advantages the power to break down

obstacles and dispel negativity that may be trying to stop you from achieving your benefits right now is within your

words for your life your children’s lives and the lives of generations to

come I decree a Harmony of health and wealth May wealth shower your

undertakings and may the orchestration of your plans yield Bountiful harvests I

concur with my child that a higher power is guiding your lives behold the Brilliance of your being as the Morning

Light Rises and Rises till it reaches its peak inside me I am a sanctuary from

the Pains of scarcity and I will make all your dreams come true I will shape

your financial landscape to reflect wealth and I will nurture the ties in your family relationships to grow

stronger have faith in my words because they are not mere promises but rather

the reverberations of a love for my father that has endured for all time

on this Celestial platform you will find the Fulfillment of my deepest wishes for your lives so welcome the love that has

pursued you since the dawn of time into your Sacred Heart live out the grace and

make the choices I have laid out for you at that moment you should put all your

faith in me your Allure extends beyond your rational mind it permeates your own

being give in the flow of emotions that seow the seeds of harm and mistakes free

yourself from the world’s burdens that disrupt your peace of mind and life rest

assured no further difficulty will befall you even after all the sacrifices

and anguish you have endured you have no idea how much I adore you accept the

delivery and embrace it you my darling are the most precious gem that I have

ever created I know that my goal in this picture worthy of my greatest sacrifice

is to guide you toward your carefully planned Destiny a path brimming with opportunities and blessings and to

ensure that your gift and Destiny are prosperous I deeply remember that following my guidance brings blessings

and happiness into your life and the lives of your loved ones in light of the fact that I pay close attention to your

prayers you may face my response with faith in spite of the devil’s best

efforts to undermine your faith and self-con confidence you must remain steadfast in your resistance to his

influence ignore his accusations and enter my heavenly realm with confidence

and Assurance because I never abandon those who put their trust in me stay

strong and courageous I will shower you with mercies and blessings do not be afraid please keep in mind that my power

and Grace will always be with you helping you to turn your difficulties into strengths your sadness into joy and

your tears into into laughter I will always adore you my little baby please

know that you are the Center of My Universe right now my daughter and my son have faith in me and I will

successfully handle everything if you put your trust in me I will show you the root to health wealth and endless Joy

accept it and live by it I’ve heard your prayers and responded in your name because of this I’m currently visiting

your home to change your future I’m aware of your struggles and your cries for help in my role as your tremendous

God and orchestrator of Marvels I am coming to you these days so be ready I

leave you with bravery and you should find the strength to overcome obstacles before you even think about them I see

how you feel but it’s time to acknowledge your need you and your family are going down a long lonely road

where the harshness of this help spreads like wildfire causing you to cry tears of pain I know it’s tough to keep going

and believe that my hand is still there to Aid you even if this hurts so much

still you see that faith is the key that opens the door to Supernatural healing I affirm that your current hardships are

nonetheless a portion of a refining process like gold shining just after being heated to a refining temperature

after you’ve cleansed yourself of any residual negativity you will also emerge radiant and renewed let go of your

emotions angst Joy concern uncertainty and Faith right now my beloved there is

no need to linger in the Hereafter since it does not lead you to the happiness and benefits I have prepared for you get

over your giftgiving woes and stop being so impatient count on the help of others

by standing by your side I will defend you from those who would do you harm let

go of the spiritual restrictions that hold you back due to concerns for transient material things put your focus

back where it belongs on love and the sincere desire to connect with me these

things will always matter be at peace because I am the god and issuer of your salvation at my disposal are a plethora

of Wonders made just for you I am always pushing you and my Limitless strength is like a river of benefits waiting to

engulf your life Let The Echoes of my assurances reverberate throughout you

stop fretting I will gladly provide you with anything that you need I can paint

authentic benefits all over your life’s canvas and open enormous doors of opportunity that lead to success let me

shower you with so many advantages that they permeate your whole being remember

that I have the power to make things better when you feel like negativity is threatening to derail you there is a

treasure Trove of gifts hiding behind every Challenge and setback do not give in to despair success is on the other

side gather all your strength my baby so you can receive and properly care for

these holy gifts in your Relentless pursuit of me hold on to my words and may your prayers be a constant threat

woven into the tapestry of Marvel’s yet to be Center your attention on what really matters as you take this Journey

of Faith may your might and bravery be bolstered because in doing so I may bestow upon you extraordinary benefits

and wonders that are Priceless Sur passing even the most precious riches if

you choose to walk with me I may become your constant companion pointing the way to a future with the hope and potential

in me you can overcome any obstacle and turn your failures into opportunities for Success rest assured my darling that

my power Peaks when you are at your lowest even though the road ahead may seem long and winding know that I am

always here to help you overcome every obstacle that comes your way as you weave your way through life’s complex

web you must know that I am carefully crafting you like a Goldsmith polishing

an individual’s work in the fireplace every trial and tribulation you face is

part of my master plan to bring out the best in you and showcase your unique

qualities and inner fortitude your faith may become a force that can move

mountains in this life-altering method and you may even discover hidden talents

bravely and unwaveringly confront this Quest let your confidence s to new

heights and your trust overflow for with me everything is possible keep your head

held high and let your Deeds be a reflection of your Faith’s depth and power doing so will allow you to see

firsthand the miraculous changes taking place in your life changes that will change you and the others lucky enough

to see your unflinching perspective Inspire not only do I possess immense

strength but I I also possess an abundance of knowledge if you let me I can shine a light on your thoughts and

point you toward the paths that lead to contentment joy and success have faith

that your goals and desires will come to fruition at the right moment they are not forgotten but rather carefully

fostered and developed get rid of the doubts and concerns that are holding you

back look at me and I will show you the way Illuminating each turn into a future

brimming with blessings and plenty there will be challenges along the way but

there are also a lot of opportunities and great potential in your quest the dawn of a new day is just around the

corner and your dreams and Ambitions will come true in ways you can’t yet fathom my little child so long as you

keep walking in faith my love is unwavering therefore you must agree with

it believe me when I say my promises are true in this deep journey of friendship that

you undertake with me an adventure brimming with Divine Purpose and significance I am by your side

constantly directing encouraging and loving you you will discover the

dazzling beauty of unfaltering faith and the Deep efficacy of persistence your

private growth is not the only object of my appeal in the darkness that surrounds

many people’s lives you are to shine like a lamp poost a messenger of my infinite love the limits of human

achievement do not apply to your fate my beloved you have the potential to significantly impact the lives of those

you encounter with every step you take in tandem with me the depth of your

expertise in my Divine approaches will reveal the reason for every undertaking

revealing the harmonious integration of every thread into the larger material of your existence the chapters of your

lives though filled with both triumphs and trials serve as a check on the tapestry of my

kindness and mercy this Grand Masterpiece intricately weaves each

Mission your doggedness is a quality you’ve worked hard to develop through

the trials and tribulations of The Crucible you will acquire experience and your faith will be strengthened to

withstand life storms when you feel like giving up or when you can’t see a Way Forward I beg you to pray fervently as a

constant source of energy in the ma of life I am your unfaltering Guiding Light

along the way I will show you the way pointing out valleys and mountains and ensuring that you reach your destination

a place of tranquility and achievement in the middle of the Wilderness a

constant companion is always within reach as you Journey Through the EB and

navigate the ups and downs of life my heavenly presence is a constant source of consolation and an everpresent gift

companion embrace each day with an attitude of deep appreciation seeing it as a precious gift and chance to draw

good things my way and embody the values of Love perseverance and compassion when

I succeed in trying times let thankfulness be your song you want to

meet me face to face rather than being punishment the difficult circumstances

you face might be opportunities to help your partner grow and develop keep in

mind that your life is a safe sacred narrative this shaping method aims to mirror my image and draw those who will

join me on this journey careful consideration of purpose and outcome informs each chapter your story unfolds

like a continuous novel with chapters brimming with hope joy and the faith in

yet to be unveiled promises keep this in mind as you continue on your journey

hold fast my dear to your unfaltering faith firmly grounded in the Assurance of my INF wisdom and love the path ahead

is filled with potential and opportunities so you can rest easy knowing that I’ll be by your side

throughout as we near the end of the year and the joyful Christmas season May

the celebrations serve as a painful reminder of the desire and rebirth that I bring into your lives even Beyond The

Landmark birthday party for you Christmas is a living symbol of my love’s resonant presence which continues

to weave itself into the fabric of your lives during this time of thought and

introspection I want you to pause and consider the many blessings that I have

kindly given you over the past year may the opportunities of the New Year enrich

your experiences with threads of thankfulness and pleasure illuminating

your heart with a beautiful glow since the day you came into this world I have

embraced the role of your caregiver providing you with my steadfast love and Guiding Light as you embark on your

extraordinary path as a quiet companion through your Joys and Sorrows I kept a

close eye on you even when you can’t see me I have always been with you a silent

companion on your journey through life the Deep paintings of my son Jesus

Christ contain the indisputable proof of my love for you’s Limitless character

through him I revealed the depths of my love for you which demonstrates my steadfast dedication to your happiness

and my deep yearning for a full and Rich life I love you more than anything else

in the world and the fact that he is a part of your life is the strongest evidence of that more importantly my

darling you must always remember that you are my most precious possession and

reject any notion to the contrary your significance to me will never fade no

matter what in the complex web of human EXP experience your existence is more

than a mere coincidence it has a distinct meaning in response to my invitation I

send you out into the world as an example of what it is to be a shining star a salt lamp and a blessing to those

around you I will be by your side through every moment of your life without a doubt when you’re alone and

the world seems uncaring or when trouble strikes remember that I am a vital part of your heart I’ll be there for you

every step of the way to comfort you when you’re down and to help you rise again when the weight of life’s

responsibilities threatens to crush you as circumstances in your life change

feel better about yourself your loved ones and your home as a whole focus on

the future let go of the past and embrace the truth while undergoing a

complete transformation get rid of things that are dragging you down the rabbit hole your focus should be on Heavenly matters

I highly value Val your way of life your family is enormous and my plans for your great success are based on trust in my

power and Grace the location as a whole takes into account those who promise enduring friendships people might

sometimes be unreliable in providing assistance but I will always be there to keep you up you will soon experience the

rewards you have been anticipating as the moment approaches the days of worry

and scarcity will pass and a true and sacred abundance of calm will enter your

life your unfaltering agreement with my assurances will enable you to face challenges with companionship which is

critical to your prior Voyage arrange yourself for a whole new understanding

of how to communicate with your spirit I will reveal to you my most intimate

knowledge and methods my love for you is overwhelming and the benefits I can

provide will blow your mind trust in me can you claim the benefit benefits that

are rightfully yours let me in on your feelings your love for your children is inspiring and I’m grateful that you

share that sentiment my ebook provides comprehensive information about your children you worry about the decisions

people make because of their hearts thoughts dreams shortcomings and needs

it seems like they’ve gone off course still don’t get too worked up over things that are out of your hands put

your worries on me and tell your mind to focus on living your own life your

strength and serenity will be drained the most by excessive worry keep your faith and energy levels

low the moment has arrived to release the possessions you need to part with as I encourage you to desire now that

they’re old enough the doves are ready to fly pray for them with confidence and

know that my protective mantle will typically envelop them follow my lead

and assume the truth adopting a controlling attitude toward your children’s decisions causes you to

stress about meaningless matters let me take care of those issues I refuse to be

associated with Those who commit immoral acts and believe the lies told by their

Destroyer those people chase after empty positions fraudulent manipulation money

and fame and they believe that my power and presence are associated with those

who brag about their bodies and judge themselves by what they wear and eat they hate my word and reject me for who

I am you have given me access to your heart and now I want to do miraculous

things in you but they have no business dealing with the one who entered the field as a servant who died on a pass

reject the Devourer offers and close your spirit in humility I will help you

so that you may remain prepared without becoming fatigued I will provide you with more tranquility and wisdom step

onto the platform of your faith and joy speak my words with unfaltering faith

and assert with certainty that I am powerful by Christ and nothing can defeat me in the midst of the suffering

that may overwhelm you I want for your heart to be filled with a Heavenly feeling a constant reminder of my

promises they are to stay on the right side of the line you must uphold the

honor of your family and house if that’s the case you must speak up I can give

give you the strength Serenity and knowledge to face them but I will still approach them your words may hurt or

heal others profoundly so think carefully before you speak out of anger

give my love and salvation to the children in your heart just as I’ve given it to you consider the potential

for you to rectify your mistakes dry your tears and share the Salvation that saved your life with your future

children they will return home with blessings adding years of joy to your property and genuine repentance will

follow be kind and forgiving and keep praying for your kids he will engulf you

in his Tranquility trust me with your children and I will make you feel safe

you have a lovely personality and I love the way your words touch my heart as you

close your eyes your heart is racing with joy and I fill you up with pure joy

washing away any pain infection or discomfort you will feel immense value

when you hear my words discouraged by your situation you shouldn’t walk with heavy steps there

are a lot of ways I can show you how much I like you today you will feel the Heavenly love enveloping you in moments

of grief throughout the struggle my enveloping hug will sweep over your existence banishing the darkness of

sorrow and flooding your heart with joy your newfound Joy will Captivate even

your enemies in this heavenly Sanctuary a celestial guardian of protection

watches over your home and family at all hours of the day and night remember this

reality my love for you is deep and unwavering just like the air you breathe

which is more amazing and magnificent than anything you could ever wish for your appreciative attitude profoundly

stirs my love the greatest gift in my life every morning get closer because I

am beckoning you to be with me when your knees hit the floor my soldiers will come and you will find

your due place with shining swords slicing through the air and destroying evil your religious enemy will be

terrified and run away making empty threats from a distance no one will dare

confront this cowardly liar who lacks the courage and power to harm you how many brave souls am I trying to motivate

I’m addressing you directly listen carefully because I have written this message with the intention of elevating

your spirit impr printing its words deep into your memory and striking a cord in your soul Raise Your Arms high once

again and shout it out my heavenly father my wise Lord and my God will

always treasure me I am fit loose wise and logical I possess the skill and

dedication of an ace fighter a Victor so each morning I hope it will represent

this feeling I would rather this Faith sink deep into you my Priceless toddler

than out of you you don’t have to waste time seeking the approval or friendship of other people my love I will keep

looking for any and all ways that might help it comprehend the most basic aspects of My Affection please let me

know that you also love me deeply practice more self-sufficiency not only do I know you but I also truly like you

you have my forgiveness and I’m here to help quit second guessing your true value you belong to me this is not the

time for me to judge you based on your transgressions we have already cleaned up and removed all of your errors for

you standing before me is second nature even if it’s hard to believe my righteousness will shine across your

face distraction led to bad decision- making on your part you were also irritated since things did not work out

as planned rest assured I have caught you and I have not come to torment you

or keep my love from you remember my dear that there are other people working on this project with you as a rock solid

support system I am right here with you in my presence Limitless possibilities

materialize and what once seemed unattainable will be within reach as my

words reverberate inside your being I want to shed light on your journey and fill it with success joy and plenty no

matter how lonely and alone you feel while you’re going through tough circumstances know that I am always with

you my love for you has no limits I reach out to you reaching out to help

you out of the darkness share knowledge with you and Surround you with the comforting Embrace of my Limitless

compassion when the industry ignores your please and misinterprets your path

you may be certain that I’m sensitive to every detail the depth and unparalleled

affection I have for you compels me to seek you out just give me a moment and I

will listen provide assistance and shower you with the blessings of happiness and success resist the urge to

put some SP space between you and my constant presence my darling I want you to know how committed I am to you break

out of the grip of hopelessness the worries of this world shouldn’t crush your soul protect yourself from the

evildoers who want to derail your journey by letting me hold you in my protective Embrace do not choose the

path of discouragement instead let my guiding hand guide you on the straight and narrow path of this holy path to a

place of rest joy and serenity allow me to console you I am here to

help you find your way through the Maze of life so that you might hear the sweet music of success accompanied by The

Echoes of virtue with the help of my Holy Spirit you will take bold action

prepared to seize the possibilities that lie ahead in this full-size Universe you

may put your concerns aside and stand firm as you attract powerful individuals

when they see you their hearts will begin to open to you behold I am a master painter and

magician these difficulties won’t last forever the presence of Shadows does not

guarantee your demise restoring it could enhance and shower benefits upon

everything you’ve lost realize that your layout is not the only one affected by

this failure you are mine there is hope for your future you finally won and my

love for you proves it put your concerns to rest I have been and will continue to

be by your your side find solace in religion because I pour blessings and strength upon you today standing firm by

your side there is no way I can leave you I can hear your screams and respond

you carry my word with you at all times and it will serve as a constant reminder that being alone is only a mirage in

spite of everything you’re going through I’m sending Legions of angels to protect you on your journey and foil any evil

schemes the devil may have take a Firm Stance and think like a a Victor when

anxiety starts to get the best of you my death on the cross accomplished both my

release from sin and the gift of an abundant life I give myself to you completely ready to listen at all times

give yourself permission to be at ease have no fear because I will never leave you nothing can ever take the place of

my eternal love for you you are my most prized possession give yourself a break

radiate this heavenly Tranquility my grace is EXT ended to you I care deeply

about your happiness and health I want to hear you out and get your perspective on all the challenges and limits I want

you to know that no matter what I will always be here for you you let me help

you find a conclusion if anything weakens or discourages you the power and authority over your emotions have been

given to you by my Holy Spirit who is inside you prioritize joy in the here

and now and stop putting your happiness on the shoulders of others give up trying to control your own

emotions and instead put your faith in me to direct your mind soul and heart I

want you to break free from emotional bonds and quit blaming yourself for what’s happening I understand that you

have struggled throughout your life and you sometimes worry about repeating past mistakes and having to endure more pain

but you should get the hang of leaning on me so you can feel my arm and be near my hand constantly I am always there to

defend you to ensure that you do not trip I will watch over you and lead the way to the

contrary you should always lean close to my hand settle down and take stock of

yourself I am always there to defend you you may trust that I will watch over you

and lead the way so that you don’t trip but you must control your emotions and

master your Faith’s power your faith no matter how modest is like a Tiny Seed it

takes just a little to bring about great wonders you should not be too hard on yourself

you’re learning a lot from your mistakes and changing your perspective in the midst of all this growth you are

becoming more perceptive and appreciative of the current moment in your darkest hour I am able to bestow

upon you the Forgiveness veiled in love and purchased with great

sacrifice have faith in yourself and know that you are already clean find

Serenity you shouldn’t beat yourself up over the past or wallowing grief over what you’ve lost be careful since I’m

planning something very spectacular but first impressions are everything admit

that you have received my love and forgiveness and pledge to listen to my word every day to understand your

problems feelings and hardships I won’t throw you a Lifeline since I know all

too well your hopes dreams sorrows and low points you need me you’ve been

pleading with God in your despair lately where are you now located this message

is my way of showing that I have heard you and am paying attention to what you have to say I’m actively listening as

you can tell by my expression at some point you will feel completely prepared

regardless of how you feel right now continue to pray every day feel my

presence by your side and grow in your understanding of me my love for you is

perfect and I am your father after I tell you I like you believe what I say

have faith in me because I am not dishonest I am committed to prioritizing your health and happiness and I want to

enjoy every moment of the lives I give you get ready for what’s to come each

morning I will send you messages filled with love and hope hoping to inspire you

to pursue your dreams you now have the time the time has come to flourish take

heart my beloved as you navigate the Maze of life when things get tough and the path ahead seems long and winding

remember that these tests are really preparation for the wonderful rewards I’m about to give you the Triumph of

your great Destiny sculpted by my heavenly fingers lies beyond the flow of

difficulties therefore go forward undaunted my beloved child imprint the

unchanging truth of my Limitless love a love that is unfathomable unparalleled

and eternal eral on your coronary heart miles of love that goes beyond words a

constant presence with you in every breath pulse and deep sigh even if my

shape continues to defy your perception please know that I am an everlasting blessing from you in the depths of my

heart I want nothing less than your joy and success have faith in the invisible

currents of my love an immovable force that wants to Shield you shower you with blessings and cultivate your success

even when the ups and downs of the Arena may also obscure your view I want you to

know that no matter how rough life gets my love is a rock that will never waver

no matter how much turmoil this world throws at you my love for you will remain unwavering sustaining you through

every curve of the road of life love is a rock that will never let you go thus

my dear I implore you to open your heart to me let me rule your life and embrace

me as one of your genuine loves release the things that are holding you back so

that I can guide you and bring you Joy by arranging your life Symphony put your

confidence in me and watch as I mold you into a person adorned with success

happiness and blessings trust me when I say I will be here for you every step of the way listening comforting and guiding

you even when it seems like your pain is getting worse my promises aren’t hollow

you should know that I’m closer to you than you can ever imagine calm down my lovely daughter and my beloved Son I

will take care of everything that is within my control rest assured keep on

with your faith my ideal and Supernatural plan encompasses several

responsibilities each specific to its own area and I understand that progress

may appear slow at times strength training for the Long Haul even though you can’t see them I removing barriers

moving mountains and fighting enemies you can’t see everything you’ve hoped for will materialize a calm and

Tranquility is bestowed On You by me find a comfortable seat with a smile

everything can be okay I want you to be happy right now more than anything take

some time to appreciate the lovely things in your life you may avoid saying anything bad or depressing by putting an

end to toxic legal battles keep an eye on my Assurance urces as we converse you

shape a future that is already sealed with powerful Miracles that come to me every day savor every moment and use

them to share your happiness and anticipate the revelation of Marvels religion may be waning but if

you listen carefully I can reveal great secrets you are undergoing a tremendous

metamorphosis right now and everything may be well you will feel relief from

the mental strain I am very moved by your devotion and want to assist you rest assured my

promises will never waver if you need help finding peace of mind I can be here

for you take a bold step forward in living your life knowing that your heavenly father is with you constantly

even when you’re weak or make a mistake you’ll be at peace and happy feel my

infinite kindness and Grace in your hour of need I will not let you down just as

I have never let you down before this morning feel free to open your eyes to this truth even if your heart suffers

and your soul weeps find the will to keep going by refocusing your attention

aside from future concerns I have a plan for you my love has no limits and will

last forever word about my brilliant scheme will get around eventually I ask

that you keep your eyes fixed on my virtuous ways and your heart with me from the beginning of time I have known

you your successes and failures your transgressions and successes alike

through faith and honesty we are seeking my forgiveness dispel the notion that

your life has come to an end and that I am enraged there is no longer any cause

for your self-pity I have already made up for your wrongdoings even before you

realized it I will give you an additional option if you approach this with confidence and the right

motivation never again will you have to worry about things that are out to destroy your spirit because I am here to

help you have given up your ways of life and are now mine my words have a calming effect on

your whole being I love you so much that I am always chatting with you and leading you along the road to

righteousness get away from your worries and embrace them as facts while we’re together in times of need you can always

count on me to be there for you every time you hear these messages hold on to them and share them as my love fills

your house your joy and contentment will grow as your parent and steadfast

companion I am here for you every day if you come to me in prayer I will

strengthen your heart calm your soul and allow you to let go of your worries if

you can just take a moment to put aside all your worries and distractions I will

sew this message into your heart even if the people who claim to love you turn their backs on you

I will still be by your side even if there are those who are hostile toward you I will continue to support you just

remember that I care about you and will be here to help if you ever feel alone I

am your Confidant your parent and your God such deep love devotion and Beauty

may be difficult to imagine as unparalleled you lack the humility to see that your flaws make it harder for

you to deserve such affection tune to a song about hating oneself you will only

ever end up sad and depressed you have already given over your life and your emotions to me so today I will tell you

to pay attention to your answer a solution that may appear complex given your circumstances right when I say it

you carry my Essence with you and I will show you that nothing is impossible for me to do do not only think about it also

consider speak yell and write about it declare it today with unshakable trust

knowing that God can do anything put your trust in this promise it is living

and will not return empty when I send it to heal your land and bring Commerce into your life no matter how difficult

the circumstances also can you keep in mind that you are a helpless newborn in the

hands of a mighty God you are a temple of my Divine Holy Spirit and my

miraculous energy flows through you thus you must quickly change your perspective

if you speak this statement with love be nice to others control your anger don’t

yell at your family quit hurting others and allow love to guide your actions toward the people you value great things

will happen before you can even reach me I am revealing Marvels and I will be

able to respond take in my sentences word for word every day pay great attention and

train your ears no matter how good good or bad you feel open your Bible and see

the doorway to the supernatural world where your heavenly father loves protects guides and leads you

/ just like I said in my word I will never leave your side your soul and the

gateway to the kingdom of Marvels are within reach but you must keep your feet firmly planted in the herbal World

difficult circumstances will emerge disagreements will emerge and enemies will seek method methods to harm you you

will overcome all obstacles they are only a part of life’s path I am here to

support you without fail and you can depend on my help find comfort in the words I weave for you my dear if you

need a tapestry of heavenly Assurance my expensive baby I the almighty have

carefully carved out a route for you to follow May The Echoes of Bravery ring in your heart and may the roots of religion

go deep into your soul strengthening you with electricity the time for your abundance

has come so do not waver from your principles the drought has ended and you will no longer allow the malnourished

cattle to graze on your life’s Meadows greetings and welcome to a prosperous

New Era one that is tailor made for you and your loved ones in the early hours of this new day like Morning Mist giving

way to the sun’s Rays the mystery that evaded resolution will dissipate my

omnipotent hand will create channels through the seemingly impossible Boulders of your troubles transforming

them into unexpected doorways to possibilities my Celestial Guardians

will watch over you at all times and anybody with evil intentions will have

their abilities sapped my guardian angels will encircle you in a protective

hug shielding you from harm in the midst of my divine intervention those who seek

to exploit you will fail miserably may my light shine upon you and cast out the

darkness that lurks in the depths of your life may it illuminate your path to fulfillment and guide you step by step

the moment for the great miracle has come and I am aware of your patient patience get ready for a mind-blowing

transformation as you see the Masterpiece of your life’s weaving come to fruition I’ve planned for you to weep

with delight those words will reverberate in your heart as a reminder of my steadfast presence throughout time

stimes of difficulty picture me in a white robe encircling you like a safe

haven from the tempests of Life there is no need to descend into despair or grief

about your contemporary circumstances after hearing my voice bask in the depths of genuine love my love for you

is immense and these days you will experience it in a multitude of ways I

can show it to you and even when things get tough I will reinforce it with the power of my words you will be embraced

with love if you are disappointed my body will comfort you and you will find Eternal

joy in my kingdom your loved ones will be amazed at your remarkable change and

they will wonder what brought about this new found joy inside of you even your

enemies will feel shaken and Afraid when they witness your strength in the face of adversity a magical Fortress of

heavenly protection will encircle you and Legions of angels will watch over your property at all hours come to terms

with this reality completely your loving heart and my devotion to you are real not only in your head my dearest it is

superior and more powerful than any Miracle you could hope for it is as natural as breathing this love surrounds

you giving you Vitality I hold your grateful heart in the highest regard every morning when you awaken since it

is the greatest gift you can get I am very grateful that you have placed your

life Destiny and days in my hand hands your steadfast faith in spite of the

ridicule from those who doubt the existence of an invisible all powerful God touches me profoundly you grasp my

honesty my vigilance and my heeding of your wishes living and feeling like a

child of the creator of the world you will have unbreakable Assurance with every step and a face glowing with

Limitless joy as you ascend with this unwavering Faith your unfaltering

uniqueness thankfulness and kind heart stir up a deep well of emotion in me my

darling child as the sun rises in the sky the next day I can hardly wait to

hold you again I really like that you should be looking for cuttingedge

responsibilities listen closely to what I’m saying in your heart my word is life

and you possess the spirit of a Victor right now your unwavering faith is the

answer stand up and confront your challenges ing circumstances with determination my heart aches for you

have faith in your ideas about me God can do anything go ahead and do it instead of me I don’t know how to stop

loving and blessing Someone Like You the best option I have is to give you Eternal salvation fear is all there is

you can be confident that we will always cherish and Safeguard you in this world

with my love encircling you and your head held high I laid down my life so

that you might also walk triumphantly no longer defeated I got up on the third day too

so it’s possible that you may live a miraculous life that goes beyond owning clothes just as anyone else can feel

lonely if you’ve ever felt the sting of rejection anguish or weakness as a

result of exhaustion or muddled emotions You Are Not Alone Proclaim to the Four

Winds that you are my beloved child as you stand tall and raise your hands in Triumph

strong courageous and Victorious that is you a champion is the strongest nothing

can harm them in a thousand Wars neither you nor I am alone in fact I am not

alone with you resist the urge to wallow in misery and Gloom come here I’m

calling you I am here at your place as your knees Hit the Floor my Army will

advance with shining swords dividing the air and destroying evil your nonsecular

opponent will run away in fear as as soon as it sees the majesty and power enveloping you it can threaten you

verbally but it isn’t courageous or energetic enough to really hurt you

listen to those who are courageous I am addressing you directly give it to me

straight the purpose of this message is to uplift your spirit put those words on

your mind Stone and let them ring true inside you raise your hands again and declare it loudly my heavenly father the

great lord loves me forever holy Carefree cautious and perceptive that is

me with the skills and dedication of a real fighter I am a Victor I want that

feeling on you each morning my heart’s goal is for this Faith to firmly establish itself in my words the heavens

will open their doors and windows for you and your heart will testify to this incredible love going back is no longer

an option you can learn from your mistakes my influence on your life is so

great that you you won’t be able to escape from this place if you listen to what I have to say you can find

happiness every day rain or shine with a strong commitment this heavenly idea

will give you courage you may experience a strengthening of your hands and legs as well as an influx of brilliant ideas

my holy spirit will guide you to leave your home and knock on the doors that require attention do not be scared you

will overcome your fear of speaking with those in positions of power no one on this Global stage is so important or

prominent that they could potentially provoke you people will welcome you with open arms if you just smile and extend

your hand when you bless them miraculous things will start to happen short

difficulties do not Define failure therefore do not let them discourage you

your reality may bring back everything you’ve lost enhanced with Benefits keep in mind that failure has not always been

in your destiny you were born to win it is an innate part of my being I am

certain that I did not send you on this Earth to fail because of my undying love for you I will make sure that my words

of Promise make you a Victor put your fears aside I have been where you are

and I will remain currently there is a rising tide of unfaltering

religiosity my blessings will fall upon you and my energy will strengthen you

realize that there are others around you in time times of trial I will never leave you feel free to call me you hold

my words close to your heart a continual symbol of my Everlasting presence with you as you Traverse this world of Sorrow

I send Legions of angels to guard you at all times destroying any threats lurking in the darkness put dread to rest and

when it tries to reappear get back up again get into the frame of mind of the winner my love for you is like a flower

blossoming it becomes stronger with every passing day during the transfer My Sacrifice evolved

into a sacrifice to save you and provide you with a life of Plenty my whole being

is at your disposal and I willing to listen at all times give yourself over

to the serenity you want my love I pray that your family is able to escape the clutches of negativity and strife and

find refuge in a place of Perfect Harmony your heart is clean and kind my

heart longs to bring about miracles and to shape you into the the one I see for you see how your enemies cowardly

friends and those who dare to criticize you with their flawed advice will All Fall Envy fuels a deep nonsecular Gloom

in their lives leading them to believe they are intelligent and comfortable I bestow my blessings upon you my beloved

toddler concurrently you may encounter difficult events and disputes confront

them with the same tenacity you would have when confronting enemies stay strong and fear not their ostentation

masks their flaws they fret about what they could become but you my little one

remain steadfast for I am your Shield trust me I am not alone no longer does

your faith rest on human Ingenuity but on me and Alive the real powerful and

Majestic God my affection is sincere and I have shown my Vitality in your

existence do not succumb to discouragement or despair when confronted with threats and lies I am

standing by your side protecting you from harm death and illness my blessing

is with you and I ask that you confirm your faith with me your love is my life’s work your prayers are heard and

your needs are met you have touched my heart with your struggles and I can feel your longing please give me some thought

in the future you will experience Joy contentment and prosperity Hold On Tight

to my affection and be as strong as you can even when things are ti tough keep

going fixing your eyes on my assurances keep going even when things get tough in

times of danger you should no longer feel discouraged in spite of everyone’s disapproval I am firmly convinced that

this is your year a time when you may rise beyond your current circumstances and reap spiritual and eternal riches

pray to me keep your heart humble every day and Savor my presence as you listen

to my words and approach your life’s work with dedication maybe all your wishes will come true now is your chance

my blessings are upon you and your loved ones my affection can fulfill all your

desires I can restore your honor and proper place provide healing and forgiveness through my love and instill

faith in the vows etched in your heart put your full trust in me tonight rest

easy and my holy spirit will speak to you freeing you from all shackles don’t

be like others who claim to love me but don’t believe instead reject judgments

and Scorn by the time Dawn arrives you will be completely free from the influence of other people’s ideas a

brave and bright infant will hold tight to their vibrant beliefs even in the face of adversity when you’re struggling

remember that you’re a part of me and that I’m guiding you towards a brighter future and cease your hesitation and

disrespect forgive me I value your assistance I can promise you a future

filled with Brilliance many blessings and impressive abilities reclaim your

due space and discover tremendous Joy health and serenity take pride in your

stature your Mighty heavenly father treats you like a princess and a prince

get in touch with me and confirm your idea I am opening the door removing

obstacles and granting my heartfelt requests as you come to me this morning I beg you

to listen carefully with all your being I hope you are doing well and that we have a future filled with peace and holy

prosperity in your own house you may also create an atmosphere free of negative emotions conflict and division

many wonderful things await you in your kind and innocent heart and that is why I want you to remain that way seeing the

world through your own eyes people who make fun of you will meet their eyes

even if they claim to be intelligent yet fail miserably every day your foes and

pretend pals are really mired in spiritual Agony their only response is

to be envious of you you might expect benefits wherever you go but be prepared

for competition as well difficulties and conflicts may also arise but you should

no longer be afraid of them since they flaunt their shortcomings and claim to be someone they aren’t even though they

they full of sin they seem to be okay on the outside my little child I will

protect you from harm and there is nothing that can hurt you there are some who understand your agreement is founded

on a God who is not fictitious but who is real powerful magnificent and active

in the world today I have shown you my love and what I would do for you so

there’s no need for you to worry cry or give into deceit and threats We Are One

I can protect you from harm famine disease and the attacks of the wicked

attach my benediction to yours take hold of my sentence affirm your impression of me I adore you hear your plea and answer

your petition I understand what your heart needs the selfless sacrifice of my

dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ is the highest manifestation of the infinite

love I have for you I have shown my unfailing love my dedication to your happiness

and my sincere desire for you to have a life of Plenty through him the Incarnation of my son Jesus Christ

finally attests to my unending love for you when he came to Earth it became a

plunge into mission to save you from harm carry your Sorrows heal your wounds

and dispel the darkness that stands in the way of your Eternal Joy you may believe that my commitment to you will

never waver my little one I am devoted in more ways than than one I have The

Uncanny ability to listen to you comfort you and help you realize the dreams that

are stirring within you please firmly establish your faith in me and I will

show you an abundance of benefits I love you so much that my love will

reverberate through your life the grace and forgiveness I extend to those who trust me embody my unwavering guidance

so my darling little one please remember that my love for you is immense and

beyond measure stop trying to make sense of it because no one can fathom its

depth just accept it and have faith that I always there for you ready to love you

no matter what and to lead you along the road of Joy success and Bliss in my

presence there is no place for your unfaltering faith and certainty to settle down my love for you is Limitless

Eternal and unconditional I hope you realize this I must now speak to you

directly from the bottom of your heart to reassuringly remind you of the boundless love I have for you my beloved

newborn you are more than simply an advent in my infinitely endless affection you are a beautiful work of

art I have always imagined you lovingly crafting every detail of your life and

enshrining my divine plan within you a promise in my word but it is of

Paramount importance that you understand this basic truth even before the fabric of your life took shape your soul and

your intellect are won you have an open portal to a realm of Wonders despite your secure grounding in the herbal

world problems can develop Wars will break out and new foes will appear to

hurt you you have my unwavering support and assistance so nothing can derail you

from your path even though that is a natural component of your lifestyle and trip there is the power of a champion

inside you and my message res lives in your heart the only thing that can save you is unwavering Faith you must now

rise to the challenge and face it headon with unflinching resolve I’m very infatuated with you and I’m working to

solidify our relationship embrace the certainty that God can do anything

imagine yourself in my position and ask yourself how it is that I could ever turn my back on someone as wonderful as

you my heart’s aim is to offer you Eternal salvation have no fear I promise

you will always feel deeply loved and protected then you may walk tall in this world embraced by my love so that you

too could triumphantly Traverse this path of Life Never Giving into misery and defeat I laid down my life on that

cross since I rose from the dead on the third day you too are free to live a supernatural Life unencumbered by

Earthly concerns you are unique my love many others on our planet also endure

loneliness pain rejection C and pain have you ever had your spirit obscured

by feelings of vulnerability or exhaustion Proclaim to the Four Winds that you are my beloved newborn with an

upward thrust of your toes and an effective motion of your arms you’ve won a thousand fights and are a formidable

Champion you’re strong and courageous when you’re determined nothing and no

one can stop you there is no such thing as being alone or isolated as you are my

darling you must not give in to the sadness and Gloom that surround you you don’t need anyone else while I’m by your

side my beloved child you no longer need to beg for other people’s attention and

friendship even the tiniest detail May Captivate your senses therefore I will

keep investigating all possible Avenues please tell me if you love me completely as well keep going even when things are

tough because I care about you and see you do not be in doubt about your true value I have forgiven you and am

prepared to help you I am your rightful owner and I will not compensate you for your wrongdoings anymore you have

already had all of your mistakes removed and cleaned up in my presence you stand

before me as if by Magic your expression reveals the extent of my Vengeance your

poor choices were the result of interruptions and unanticipated events so try to put yourself in their shoes

you shouldn’t feel frustrated because I understand exactly what you’re going through I’m not here to punish punish

you or hide my affection from you you need to stop holding yourself responsible for everything that’s

happening I understand the struggles you faced and the weight of worry that comes

with making the same mistakes and experiencing more pain but I’m not sure how to find comfort in myself at all

times feel my presence and hold my hand I watch over you day and night providing

for your physical safety directing you toward morality soothing your soul and

allowing you to practice your faith no matter how small it appears it is far

from a tiny seed with the power to do great things your faith is the seed that lays the groundwork for great Miracles

take it easy on yourself through your trials and tribulations you have learned invaluable lessons and your perspective

is maturing becoming wiser and accepting the greatest gift I can offer you my

love infused forgiveness purchased with first great sacrifice you are now clean

and complete and in times of weakness you may relax confidently even if you

are familiar with the concept of failure recognize that my pity is Limitless and

my grace is infinite I have stood by you in the past and I will not abandon you

now to satisfy your selfish desires listen to my voice every morning when

your heart aches and your soul weeps I hold your daily Energy Trust in Me

according to my vision peace and pleasure will always be part of your future despite all that may come our way

I implore you to remain true to my love for Lifestyles and to keep going knowledge about the guarantee I provide

bravely confront threats unflappable through difficulties and unfazed by danger think about how strong you are in

my eyes have complete faith that I will fortify your ability to thrive even

amidst mockery as your selection is significant in your lowly prayer you are

seeking me kneel in devoted submission and day by day lift up your cries I can

satisfy your deepest desires if you just relax in my company take Delight in hearing such Expressions this year be

serious about your lifestyle and all of the obligations that come with it keep that in mind it is your second live it

out and I will bless you and your family the depths of my love for you you know no bounds my hands May restore your

dignity and your proper position if you let me into your life and accept the

forgiveness and comfort that my soft love offers then you will have a brighter life ahead of you you keep the

promises inside of you give them your full undivided attention we shouldn’t

emulate people who appear religious but don’t practice their faith they put human opinion first inviting scorn and

criticism in the process while some try to exploit others by imposing unrealistic expectations on them in the

Name of Love others stand in the way adorned in fake piety and boasting of

their superiority they can’t stop seeing you as the one at fault I give you

permission to rest easy for your most recent transgression as you sleep my holy

spirit will be with you guiding you and comforting you if you can find me I will

break the last of your bonds and set you free forever no one else’s opinion should determine how much fun you have

in your lowest moments when you’re insulted and when everything seems hopeless my delicate resilient Brave

child you will be true to yourself in addition you will be a light with vibrant passionate strong and unwavering

Faith embrace my hand I am yours with a gentle touch I will take your hand and

lead you to the remarkable promises I have woven into your destiny no matter how difficult things may seem right now

you may be certain that I will not abandon you I will be by your side every step of the way offering comfort and a

shoulder to cry on as I embrace you my heartfelt wish is for your lives to

weave into a beautiful tapestry of purpose overflowing with many blessings

these benefits my beloved child are designed to fulfill not only your material needs but also your deepest

desires and emotional needs please keep keep in mind that I find the idea of you

abandoning me quite unlikely I will always strive to be a constant symbol of

the boundless love I have for you you are an extraordinary creation crafted

with care for a life of joy and success in this world you are not your average introduction you are mine living in a

state of despair and sadness was never my intention dismiss those who put you down who say you’ll never amount to

anything and who always find fault with you their words are weak shut your eyes and

ignore them they don’t matter currently my fingers are on the verge of Victory

and desires let negative ideas and uncertainties pass my words are here to

restore your joy motivate you and encourage you their purpose is to inspire you to set new beautiful

objectives and dreams now that you are filled with joy I desire to see you beaming with happiness your life has

come to an end your journey is long but it’s full of wonderful surprises

Charming people respond to me affirm your beliefs promise you’ll pay yourself

and hold on tightly to my hand the whole way you have my undying love and devotion it is impossible to undo this

precious love Exquisite plans are in the works for you gradually with my help you

will be able to achieve contentment and joy the most important thing is not how quickly you get there but rather how

long you stay p put hold fast to your beliefs don’t look aside instead be calm

and steady as you focus on me and look forward the time it takes you to get

there may not be that long still you’re sick of letting your feelings control your life even if your body and mind are

telling you that the days are getting longer and that you’re getting tired of waiting please understand that I want to

go ahead of your family so they can face whatever comes their way fearlessly

nevertheless you can always rely on faith and electricity keep your bravery and know

that you will win in the end accepting my holy promises will heal your body

clear your mind and strengthen your heart with my words I hope to break the bonds of pessimism and hopelessness

erase any trace of hopelessness lift the weight off your shoulders and plant seeds of doubt if you want to avoid

failure stay away from dishonest Associates the these days all of these Illusions will go away following my

orders and holding on to my love will cause a powerful Miracle to spread have faith my darling for that faith will

bring you a multitude of benefits I will inspire you to excel in all that you do

and your life will be a monument to my infinite love forgive me and may the

world see that those close to me who believe in me will never be let down my

little child I want you to remember this truth fully in short I adore you this

love spans vast distances and surpasses human comprehension it defies reason and

Finds Its deepest roots in the Timeless fabric of time no matter what happens my

love for you will remain unwavering accept this as true remain steadfast in

your trust and take Delight in the flow of love that leads you to Joy success and plenty my love for you is eternal

therefore there’s no longer any room for doubt because you are my favorite baby my

sincere affection for you has recently increased your ability to capture the attention of the immense affection I

have for you is quite remarkable your meticulous construction with care and love makes you the most treasured

creation I could see you lovingly crafting yourself and enshrining my Divine Purpose in the depths of your

heart long before the fabric of your existence unfolded the embodiment of heavenly love embraced you as my

watchful care encircled you in the midst of excruciating pain and Times of pure

joy your boom became a symbol of my constant vigilance as I led your every stride do not be afraid even if my

popularity eludes you I will never leave you to me you are Priceless my love is

unbreakable and I am unwinding now let go of the weight that you’re carrying allow my grace to envelop you as you

Embrace this Divine peace I continue to place a great value on your he happiness and health I want to identify and ease

the obstacles that hinder your path remember that no matter what you have my unwavering support and I will always be

there for you instead of putting your pleasure in the hands of others choose to be happy can the emotional and

spiritual struggles you’re experiencing also free your heart let me tend to your

soul intellect and heart stay away from places that put undue stress on you stay

away from places where enemies tempt you to act against my will keep watch over your heart because it gives you life

keep your composure and refuse to let the attacker take away your joy I want to be the focal point of Your World seek

my counsel before you make any choices and I will steer you clear of harmful pitfalls and dishonest traps as your

loved ones grow spiritually and value my lessons in prayer and the value of articulate thinking my daily goal is to

bring them more self-awareness and blessings in all areas of life stay away from comments that incite rumors and

defamation never trust anyone especially those who have proven their lies do not

let everyone plant the seeds of bitterness and anxiety inside you fill in my availability put your situation

ideas and feelings out in front of me at some point throughout the day if you

hold my attention you may hear my voice directing you you are my beloved Son and

Daughter water thus I want that my glory shines through you raising endless Souls

with your unfaltering Visage While others struggle and show their disappointment your very survival and

ultimate release are in my hands because I have given you unique talents to work for my glory no matter how many Skeptics

you encounter you may always find solace in the unwavering support of your faith

I am worried about you and your every need and I’m looking over you all the time with this unwavering belief you may

so to new heights embrace your true identity as a creation of the cosmos and

move with boundless joy and self assurance you never cease to amaze me with your unwavering determination and

the beauty of your passionate heart I eagerly anticipate the moment when I can once more lavish you with boundless

affection before the sun comes up I will treasure you dearly be very careful

right now the answer you’re look looking for is within my capabilities I know that things are tough for you right now

but remember that you’ve put your faith in me to guide you through this difficult time my spirit which is inside

you firmly implants in you the belief that I am capable of anything this is a

reflection of yourself speak it out loud to make it really meaningful write it

down but above all believe it make it a religious Proclamation because nothing

is impossible possible for God take this truth into your heart I always send

forth my word to restore your land and bring about life altering changes in your ways of living on occasion my

statement will no longer be null and invalid you are a newborn of an omnipotent God therefore even if the

change in circumstances seems harsh it really is not you must immediately change the way you think you carry my

Supernatural energy and my Holy Spirit lives within you I am revealing the incredible Marvels

that await you as you get near to me and I am by your side as you speak my word

lovingly treat people gently manage your anger and cease to berate those you love

listen intently and set your ears to hear if you want my word daily open your

Bible with the knowledge you possess to access a supernatural Dimension where your heavenly father loves shelters

guides and leads you no matter how you’re feeling I’ll always be here for you day or night I’ll remove the

spiritual coverings from your eyes so that you can see me I will make your faithless heart trust me could you also

Lean on Me Blossom I can sense your fatigue and the weight of your responsibilities come to me and share in

the Tranquility you seek I will give it to you I hope that you don’t find my

presence to be a burden or a source of sadness in your days my death and Resurrection are signs of my love that I

can provide you with a life filled with Heavenly Joy I have completely broken the bonds that were preventing you from

progressing freedom from limitations that are holding you back from the future I promise is yours for the taking

you should not go backwards and seek advice from those who have entangled you in the past you are free to Adore Me and

follow me if you so desire rest assured my first first concern is your safety and happiness it

is in your enemy’s best interest for you to stumble therefore make every effort

to be courageous and move firmly toward the new life I give you you will soon see your predetermined favor with

confidence and Delight keep moving forward your future is waiting I say it

again stop wasting it and live slowly in the Hereafter I am your father and my

love for you is greater than any weakness or exhaustion you may feel You Reach Out And Touch me if you need help

overcoming I can provide it let me hear you out find solace in offering words of encouragement and expressions of love I

chose you because I wanted to feel something worthy of my affection and I like you very much tell me anything

that’s bothering you and I promise to listen you may wallow in self-pity or let anxiety consume you I have no say in

the matter today you are worth an enormous amount to me my dear daughter and my dear son

even if you don’t have the strength to talk about your struggles know that I am fighting beside you and will see you

through to the end no matter what’s going on in your head or heart I can

hear you and comprehend it all I stay away from things that make you nervous

when you don’t have to be I stay away from your enemy domain names and I trap

you in Traditions that make me unhappy protect your heart because I want to

remain at the center of your universe no matter what I can take you far from the devil’s abyss and thieves snares are you

seeking my advice before making a significant decision on a daily basis I

wish to share knowledge with your family engage with habitual deceivers you can’t

let everyone see the anxieties and resentments that lie deep inside you

come into my presence with all your thoughts feelings and circumstances stay

alert throughout the day listening for the reverse erations of my life in your own thoughts and feelings and listening

for the murmur of my voice as they lead the way I know what’s on your mind and

can empathize with the feelings you’re experiencing on this seemingly difficult day you have no idea how much I care

about you take it easy my dear daughter and my Priceless boy everything under me

is under my control have no fear stay faithful to God it may seem like a long

road at times s but I know that everything is working together according to my perfect Divine Design practicing

tolerance there are invisible enemies that I must overcome but I’m removing obstacles shifting mountains and

clearing roads you will achieve the miracle you want calm your spirit put on

a happy face and I will fill you with Tranquility then everything will be well

embrace the joy that is here and now instead of using damaging arguments or

depressing language express your gratitude for the beautiful things in your life let go of your mouth and fix

your eyes on my assurances Hold On Tight to every second record every day so we may share in each other’s happiness May

the thoughts of the wonderful possibilities strengthen your faith as you converse with me my ebook has

written and sealed your fate wonders of work are on the horizon you remain

steadfast in your faith and you seek me out every day listen intently while I speak softly to

you because inside my words you may see Miracles happening a transformation

taking place in your life and all will be well your loadbearing responsibilities will gradually diminish

you have detected the depth of my love for you and the reliability of my commitments and now you are on the hunt

for me rest certain that the Holy Father is always with you and I will let you

enter into new lives characterized by serenity contentment and ease no matter what

happens in the world my love for you will always be there like a fountain that never runs dry if life’s currents

take you in a different direction know that I will be waiting for you patiently when you get back my forgiveness has no

boundaries it covers all your transgressions and my kindness lasts forever no amount of striving can put

out my grace as a remedy for emotional wounds you must know that my being with you is more than just being there it is

a power source that will enable you to overcome any challenge that comes your way my love for you is immense and I

want you to understand it my darling no matter what happens my little child you will always be my most treasured

possession you are special and irreplaceable and nothing can change that my love for you is unadulterated

unwavering and eternal it has been a part of your life from the start and

will continue to be a thread in the intricate fabric of your existence everywhere you look there are many

obstacles that might seow seeds of uncertainty Despair and doubt in your heart there may be times when you feel

overwhelmed by dread and grief and when physical pain threatens to derail your progress however know that I am always

there ready to help you through any difficulty the power of my energy is sufficient to transform your existence

into one that isn’t only only packed with benefits but brimming with plenty wholeness and infinite love and my love

has no bounds these days we have broken the shackles that were holding you back

you have broken free from the chains that have bound you and you are now on the path to a wonderful future do not

cower in front of the validation Seekers they will soon be knocking it is up to you to decide if you will love and

follow me I’m concerned about your safety and happiness pull yourself together be brave and walk firmly

towards the new lives I give you your enemy’s goal is to bring you down place

your trust in my promise grasp it with both religious seal and sensual Joy

steer clear of self-imposed limitations and your blessing will undoubtedly

manifest keep your attention on the present moment as you anticipate the unveiling of your future if you feel

overwhelmed by fatigue and Frailty know that I am your kind father if you’d like

me to show you the way just contact me listen I’m here in my Persona you

provide comfort and I whisper words of life and love into your ear I hope you

know how much I care about you and can trust me with all your troubles because my love for you is strong and

unwavering exercising with conviction and honesty will get you another Peril

put your trust in me and you will not be afraid of the Mysteries that threaten to overwhelm you

I am your guardian your whole being is dependent on me the entire essence of my

words is a salve that soothes your bones in light of this I speak to you lovingly

as I lead you on the straight and narrow calm your anxieties and help you find the hope you seek in me I am the

unmovable rock that you can lean on during life storms pay attention to these messages when you hear them keep

an eye on the percentages my love will fill your home to overflowing proportions

as you grow in joy and contentment I am here to Stand By Your Side and shield you from harm I will

cover your heart with resilience if you come to me every day in sincere prayer

relax fret not at this time assuming you can spare a minute to put aside all

concerns and diversions I can alleviate your strain let me in and I will plant

this message in your heart I will be with you even when others who claim to love you abandon you if hate drives you

and isolation swallows you whole know that I am here for you you may trust me

because I am your father God and Confidant I also love and protect you a

love that transcends creativity and has an unmatched tenderness in enjoyment may

be difficult to imagine you may feel Unworthy of such enormous affection because you see flaws in yourself stop

being so hard on yourself you’re only going to bring more misery and sadness into your life life if you continue to

judge punish and undermine your own happiness I pray that you will allow me

to lift the barrier that prevents us from seeing into your spiritual vision and pressence so that I may heal your

broken heart and Infuse it with the idea that a tired and troubled Spirit can

find the Solace it needs by coming near me I don’t want you to wake up feeling

down and discouraged every morning and I also don’t want your days to be filled with heavy things

my death and Resurrection serve as a memorial to love a gift given to you so

that you may carry the joy of God into your heart even when the trials of Life make it easy to lose sight of who you

are and the higher purpose for which you were chosen get a good workout in I am

here to be a gentle light ready to show you the way and help you find your purpose no matter how big or small your

aspirations and Ambitions may be yes I’m on your side and I’ll be your Runner to

get them you are more than just another person you are my most precious possession and I am happiest when I am

in your presence I understand how difficult it is to forgive yourself for all the times you’ve failed however my

Mercy is Limitless when you seek it and I refrain from passing judgment as my

primary concern is for you to distinguish yourself from Evil and embrace the lessons woven into your

journey in the face of hardship you will rise to Greater spiritual Heights and

enter a life filled with purpose and blessings since every test Challenge and

difficulty is a stepping stone think of those difficult times as opportunities

to grow and develop as a person rather than as constraints always remember that

no matter how difficult things become they are Stepping Stones on the way to Greater spiritual Heights and a life

full of purpose and benefit achieving your dreams is the Summit of your journey your accomplishment is more than

a vacation site it is a NeverEnding lovely flourish in the vast fabric of

lives this Voyage is a part of your Perpetual flourishing my love in which you grow abundantly calmness knowing

that I am the Lord’s watchful Guardian my careful eye will remain fixed on you

as you navigate the path of your lives regardless of the turns life takes or the obstacles that may lie ahead I have

Strate ized for every potential consequence and I won’t stop until I’ve accomplished all the commitments

outlined in the sacred text of my word your Worth to me is immeasurable and my

faith in your abilities is Rock Solid it is clear that you are resilient in times

of Terror and anxiety your coronary heart’s steady weeping was by your side

in Aries yet fresh Beginnings are around the corner and with each Daybreak light

returns to your face your grin returns and you get the strength to remain firm

that is my kid I say with pride if you need help establishing a routine or

clarifying your goals the Heavenly hosts are more than happy to lend you a hand I have a solution while you name it I

strengthened your soul and gave you Heavenly wisdom your bravery inspires me to pour out my heart’s blessings on you

my word is Law and I will not budge from my promises your comp competence and seriousness have grown to the point that

you are ready to take flight on a higher spiritual plane every person’s path is

unique and individual use the skills you’ve developed to fearlessly follow your dreams and turn down opportunities

as you live out your own experience feel envious of other people’s achievements real or imagined and let them follow

their paths your accomplishments and hard work will not go unnoticed right

now your destiny is not to hide but to conquer your own little domain of

advantages even in the midst of world unrest your sincere efforts will bear enormous fruit you and your loved ones

will get benefits as others mourn opportunities squandered my lessons will flourish in your thoughts every morning

while you are focused I plant the seeds of imagination in your heart these ideas

will grow into something revolutionary very soon when you accept this Heaven’s doors will open wide and you’ll be able

to experience true love there may not be a way to glance behind you a spectre of

failure is no more because of the depth of my influence in your life I will

become your Refuge I will force you to live out my words which bring you genuine happiness every morning Divine

devotion May inspire you to wake up refreshed and ready for the day and ethereal surge of inspiration will

elevate your soul strengthen your arms Quicken your your legs and overwhelm

your mind with uncertainties like Morning Mist under the warm warmth of the growing Sun

complaints and malicious feedback will disappear presently I’m rewriting the

story of your whole being while also orchestrating a deep healing inside you you will be bestowed a royal crown of

Victory and any remaining curses will be lifted ensure that this critical juncture is at the center a new day is

upon you awaken to the agitation inside and face the persistent problem that has

recently robbed you of your Serenity a calmness that fills your whole being the

serenity you seek is mine to bestow upon you a door of opportunity swings wide

before you even reach the threshold inviting you to embark on a path meticulously prepared for your Ascent

with the help of the least expected you will be shocked an opportunity will present itself that is in harmony with

the divine plan for your life and I will extend a larger helping hand to you

seize this moment because it represents my Limitless potential at this critical

Crossroads in your journey please don’t give up or waver when the going gets

tough your courage and strength have gotten you this far Let The Echoes of

resilience reverberate inside you but don’t miss out on this moment because

you mistakenly believe that your Victory is just around the corner Dear Son beloved daughter draw Upon Your

Inner Strength complete your puzzle and go on today with Resolute determination

knowing that your efforts will lead to success and failure is never an option

accept the challenges you face and use them as opportunities for growth Embrace

tranquility and relinquish the agony resulting from their Alternatives do you worry that they could get disoriented

set those loads in motion you have no control over them put your trust in me and focus on your own path

trauma saps your strength and serenity keep your faith and power alive I implore you to cling to the belief that

the moment has arrived to relinquish what is rightfully yours your children are poised to so with the grace of doves

let them soore freely knowing that my protective Embrace surrounds them as you pray for them pay attention to my

suggestions and have faith in my schemes I think these things are too much for your mind to think about when you try to

control or influence your children indeed it’s crucial to maintain boundaries and uphold the honor of your

family and home my offer is power tranquility and the knowledge to confront them calmly if they are

stressed use cautionary language in your workout routine their electrical

abilities allow them to inflict or cure wounds I’ve made an effort to treat you

more gently now I provide salvation and love I repeat the same thing for your

children realize this you will make errors and cry along with the flow of

life but the Redemption you have found will also reach others they could

eventually reach a Crossroads by May provide more pleasure and prosperity to your family and extend their happiness

by repenting and going back to your home show them the possibility of forgiveness

and a fresh start right now your assurance that they are now in my care

will bring you great comfort as you continue to pray for them your character is really inspiring and I hold the words

you share with me in great esteem particularly when you look up to the heavens in prayer the sound of your

joyful heartbeat soothes any illness or anguish and gives me immense pleasure I

have seen you through the night’s tears and anxiety struggles but I also saw a grin return to your face as the sun came

up you were confident this is my little girl hey that’s my kid I shouted

Heavenly hosts were on high alert ready to lift your hands remove obstacles and lend you all possible assistance as you

ascended to the Pinnacle of success miss my answer is that you exposed me you’ve

had Visions from a supernatural Source you’ve been strengthened I am moved to offer you a tremendous blessing because

of the impact your bravery has had on me I am not picky about anything else my

phrase is my lifeblood I deliver on my promises to reach a new and magnificent

level of religious maturity you must demonstrate the maturity and seriousness necessary be mindful of your own

aspirations and stop wasting energy being jealous of other people’s successes whether they’re genuine or not

While others choose to remain in their dreams you are free to remain grounded in reality your hard work and

perseverance have paid off and your dreams will no longer be just that dreams surely you didn’t go all this way

only to appear again I sent you here so you may defeat your country’s advantages

you came to this area with the noble intention of capturing your land of advantages and that is a beautiful

desire the lovely fantasy is that you have come to this place to overcome your

beneficial Homeland all of your hard work will pay off magnificently when your magnificent ambitions come true

despite the world trembling and people lamenting their fam’s poverty I assure you that you will reap rewards

unaffected by the dwindling opportunities around you your mind is like a field to me I am sewing the seeds

of new thoughts and they will soon Blossom bringing with them the weight of self-criticism and the sadness of wasted

opportunities I have something better in store for you but before you can believe it you must believe that my love and

forgiveness are popular among you and make a Daily Commitment to listen to what I have to

say your records problems and feelings are all accessible to me I pay close

attention to your wishes when you’re feeling down and alone remember that dreams and tears are there to support

you I will not let go of your hand anymore when you’re sad or worried I

know you need me God you screamed right now where are you located just remember

that this means I’m paying attention to what you want and that I’ve heard you even if it may not be entirely obvious

to you right now A Moment of clarity will endure in each prayer I am listening and showing my presence I am

your father my love for you is the finest and I want you to sit by my side and know that I am yours take my word

for it I am speaking the truth although many disregard my teachings and the one

who served and died on the cross you have let me into your your heart and I’m excited to do Miracles inside you put on

humility while standing firm against the devil’s Temptations to protect your faith and happiness from the taint of

impatience litigation and uncertainty I beg you to allow me to Enlighten you and

offer you genuine Serenity I pray that you will fill my heart with your divine presence so that

your promises are ever present in my mission each morning I can listen

intently with all of my being to your words of wisdom in light of the fact

that you have laid the groundwork for a prosperous and peaceful future I am grateful for your kindness take in the

Splendor of Life leave behind the dark places where shame hid tears and know

that I am the one who keeps you dear by providing comfort and forgiveness the day after tomorrow I will mold you

bestowing upon you powers and possessions of extraordinary electrical quality find joy peace and health in

your life prone your veins stand tall and push upward your heavenly father has

eternally protected your Royal Blood openly speaking your belief I can clear

the way for you as you provide the potential you’ve been seeking find Solutions Earnest behold your being’s

metamorphosis the change in your own nature your family and your house keep

looking forward to your destiny and putting the past in the rearview mirror trust in the power I possess to bring

about change leave aside the Earthly vanities and let go of the weights that

bind you to the darkness open your eyes to the Divine your own family is

topnotch and the value of your life is unfathomable if you put your trust in my

grace and power rather than in your own abilities the plans I have for you may seem impossible even the most trusted

friends May betray you so you can’t put all your faith in them anymore but I am the one who will never abandon you

looking at your unwavering belief in my term Paramount the moment is almost here

for the long awaited advantages to unfold bringing in holy prosperity and

Tranquility in lie of dread as a result of the Insight I will bestow on your

soul revealing my deepest secrets and methodologies you will rise to your appointed Heights unfalteringly in the

face of adversity you will be amazed at the magnitude of my love for you and the abundance of my favors have you planned

to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead of you if not please tell me you express yourself with all your

heart you have an immense amount of affection for your kids they are also important to me in my book I have

documented every detail of their lives as you really embrace the joyous Christmas spirit let your heart overflow

with thankfulness and Delight honoring the journey you’ve taken consider the challenges you Fearless ly overcome and

the incredible growth that has taken place inside you Christmas a season that

Witnesses fresh Beginnings embodies the iconic character of my love for you the

metaphorical light that Christmas brings reflects the light that I bring into this world a light that shines brightly

inside you and the Darkness that surrounds it in the midst of your

family’s celebration take a moment to reflect on and partake in the seasons

prev aing Spirit of giving and compassion in the last moments of this year engage in self-reflection thinking

about the invaluable lessons you’ve learned and the wisdom you’ve gained and let your compassion for those less

fortunate mirror the depth of my love for you assist you through the intricate

web of life’s possibilities and obstacles by remembering that I am here with you every step of the way with the

Heavenly Symphony of love that surrounds you may the joy and peace of the Christmas spirit fill your heart May the

coming year be a living testimony to my eternal love and steadfast devotion a

Holy Connection like catching a glimpse of paradise or tasting the Divine is

possible when my dear kid and I live in Intimate contact I extend an unending

invitation to this union experience the Exquisite Joy of living with me just as

he did with me by your side Embrace this sacred Journey as a training ground a

transformative passage that demands unwavering determination and persistent effort look at my face allow my promise

to reverberate throughout you as you get nearer to me I will not impede your day-to-day activities rather I will

Infuse every part of your endeavors no matter how big or small with Vitality

May the happiness that came from being with me reverberate through your every move do all you can to avoid losing

yourself in the project that involves me our relationship and the complicated web

of our lives together never forget that the indestructible link between us is

stronger than everything in the universe as time goes on our path becomes a beautiful tapestry that will stretch

throughout all of eternity put your fears to rest I am your ever Vigilant

Guardian lovingly directing your every move nevertheless there may be times

when you fail to notice my presence in these situations fear is a soft murmur

that begs you to come back to me when stress starts to encircle you do not pass up this chance to sit quietly

breathe deeply and let the warm embrace of my presence illuminate your inner and outer being with my love that icy

unyielding Terror will gradually go away just like snowflakes in a sunny Sky

respond to my Limitless Love’s call as a token of my appreciation for your faith in me please keep in mind that I am here

to serve as both your protector and your compass protecting you from danger Beyond Your Wildest Dreams among the

many safeguards I give the most priceless of them is the protection of your Everlasting Soul as my faithful

disciple your spirit is safe with me and I will guide you steadfastly to Paradise

from now until the end I will be by your side when worry and stress threaten to

overwhelm you my beloved I beg you to seek refuge in me in all its complexity

consolation encompasses the following the comfort of empathy the support of assistance the inspiration of

affirmation the security of certainty and the calming sensation of release my

dear children you may rest well knowing that you’re graciously provided with all these forms of comfort the human urge to

withdraw Inward and dwell on one’s own problems is understandable when worry

becomes overwhelming the anxious of all this inward-looking Viewpoint has the potential to make you

seem far from me if you’re feeling uneasy take it as a sign that I should

come near you so I may hear you whisper my name in the depths of your soul and

join you in the mysteries of your problems discover the depths of my empathy and compassion and you will

realize that I am devoid of soul I am here to provide you with an ear a

shoulder and words of support whenever you need them always keep in mind that I

have a thorough understanding of your challenges and the ideal solution to help you overcome them I will strengthen

you and give you a nice break from your worries I beg you to hold fast to the

belief that not even the universe itself can break the link that is my infinite

love for you a never-ending flow of benefits that fills your spirit with

overflowing Delight is my consolation not a passing moment in those peaceful

moments of sailing let go of the illusion of control that clings to your existence the appearance of competence

could tempt you while it’s Justified to have a positive outlook on calm Waters

resist the temptation to exchange the thrill of control for the certainty that storms and uncertainty are an inevitable

part of life’s fabric staying stubbornly on the illusion of control might lead to

desire master in the end adversity is a purifying fire that releases you from

the shackles of deceitful control and I am carefully teaching you to trust me no

matter what I am your constant Refuge you may take solace in knowing that I am

in control of the storms that may arise in your life and in all things so turn to me when the waves of uncertainty rise

I am the rock that strengthens you the one who keeps you from harm bring yourself to me completely Flaws and All

own your transgressions and put your confidence in me to forgive and erase them stay here with me accepting the

knowledge that you are inadequate as far away from me as the East is from the West beg me to fill you with my

Limitless strength because I see your frailties as openings for my might Express gratitude for your lack of

ability as it strengthens your Reliance on me embrace the boundless breath of my

abundant grace and power and Dev in its boundless sufficiency I the Heavenly

architect am painstakingly weaving your life’s tapestry so that you may travel

safely not only am I shielding you from harm but also from the stresses of anxiety and the knots of over planning

maintain a connection with me throughout your daily Journey rather than succumbing to the Enigma of future

events permit my guiding presence to lead you through the unexpected turns by

keeping the lines of communication ation open I am the one who never leaves your side who leads the way who follows close

behind and who can expertly clear the way for you in times of worldly

uncertainty and danger I am a shelter for those who seek solace in the security of My Embrace trust me the

master Weaver to shape your path into the best it can be hold on to the assurance that I will personally defend

those who seek solace in me if they seek refuge in me in times of distress it is

because they have unwavering faith in my omnipotence and are willing to pour out their hearts in genuine

vulnerability no matter what’s happening in your life make the most of every opportunity to show me how much you

trust me in this delicate dance of open communication there will be moments when

you must attend to pressing matters before revealing your innermost feelings we will have a sense of relief

strengthen our friendship and go forward my protective presence is always present

ready to embrace you like a beautiful Haven Jesus I take refuge in you speak

these words to me whenever dread takes root in your heart embrace the joy of dependency as we walk side by side in

loving trusting intimacy I decorate the friendship I offer you with valuable

promises drawn from holy texts my love for you is Flawless and unending and you

should know that I am always by your side fully aware of every detail of your life I have already

atoned for your sins and your heavenly inheritance remains safe protected and

unassailable I lead you through the Maze of life and when it’s over I’ll let you into the Glorious light where you can

see that being dependent is a part of Being Human a design element Embrace

this dependence with delight because it connects us bringing you nearer to me and and allowing you to Relish in my

everpresent presence at more and more points in your life I invite you to converse with me

join me as we cheerfully navigate your adventures complex route in a world

where alarming news reports and the Distortion of values predominate I am not oblivious to the Brokenness of human

hearts though saddened I remain unsurprised and steadfast in my commitment do not succumb to the

overwhelming force of evil instead overcome it with the transformative power of good my dear followers the

world’s condition is disheartening yet there is infinite opportunity for wrongdoing until people discover

salvation through trust in me only then can we mend and restore the vast tapestry of human life I beseech you to

shine like lamps in a world where evil seems to Triumph triumphant raise the

intensity of your resolve to make a positive impact instead of bemoaning the existence of evil your mission may call

for you to actively work toward the creation of something intrinsically good inside the holy space of prayer or it

may include taking direct action against evil forces the path you choose will

depend on your specific set of skills talents and circumstances most people are selective

about the parts of themselves that they show me people who are self-conscious about their characteristics and think I

should not be approached are hesitant to do so some people carry around heavy feelings

of isolation Terror humiliation guilt and silence without seeking the help I

am happy to provide my darling this is not the desired outcome please my little

one seek refuge in my arms you need me always you need my peace and I am the

Prince of Peace when things are going well it’s easy to overlook how much you rely on me but when things go tough you

grow worried and up up set at some point you come back to me looking for solace

in my arms even though it may be difficult to accept until you calm your emotions I am happy to give you this

valuable gift keep in mind that I the prince you serve am ruler of Heaven and

Earth at all times get in touch with me when you’re down but keep in mind who I

am while you do so you don’t have the right to clench your fist or demand that I submit to your Authority like David I

put my confidence in your presence the Lord is my God you have complete control

over my life’s events and I praise you for this let go of your nervous striving

and bring close to me the anxieties that weigh heavily on your heart be open and honest with me as we discuss these

struggles I care greatly about you therefore you may give me all your troubles and anxieties I will always be

there to protect you so take comfort in knowing that you may relax and in my loving Embrace when you run away from me

and stop letting me be a part of your life you stop feeling whole your unease

at such times is really my way of gently nudging you to think about your first

love again it is when our hearts are in harmony that you discover your true purpose in life and I desire to be that

place for you you are guided toward Paradise by my Divine will and I am by

your side every step of the way trust in me and what I say brings strength not

the clamor and grandiosity that the world values so highly embrace the fact

that I am a dynamic deity not a static sculpture the one who is alive is me I

have Rose from the grave and I will never die again even though I am very powerful I will approach you with love

and tenderness loved one please come spend time with me and trust me completely get some relaxation in my

presence and let the Bible be your guide the love in your prayers reaches me like a whisper oh Lord my Fortress how I

Adore You Grace and Truth are abundant inside me the unmarried favor and love I

have for you are described by Grace it is humiliating to get something that you haven’t worked for Grace is a precious

gift that protects you from pride and guarantees your salvation for all time I

will always be kind to you because you see me as your Redeemer unconditional

unearned and unfaltering is my love for you therefore take comfort in my

infinite love and celebrate my Deliverance the truth is not the only thing that fills me I am the absolute

truth I am exceptional and you will see this when you experience my overflowing

presence and deliciousness focusing on me and my benefits will allow you to taste my

kindness to the fullest indulge in the delicious Taste of my power and the sweetness of my unaltered ing affection

fill your soul with the happiness and contentment that come from being in my presence no matter where you go I will

be there to watch over you faith is your strength and I want you to have peaceful

faith in me your living God just as the prophet Isaiah said have faith in me as

I guide you through each day my light only lasts for a day so if you try to see into the future you’ll only be able

to see Darkness the only time my face is visible to you is right now since that

is where my unending unending love is even if a mother forgets the baby at her

breast the love she has for her child is nothing compared to the love I have for you you will always be in my memory

because you are Priceless to me I have carved your image into the palms of my hands I can’t fathom ever forgetting you

I want you to feel my love a love that goes beyond understanding if you want to

be filled to the brim with my full fullness to experience the fullness of God’s presence and to become a vessel

that is utterly and totally filled with me then your own Essence is here to help

you ask him to fill you while doing this enjoy my love to the fullest but don’t

put men’s approval ahead of my own as a result of the decline people nowadays

are too concerned with how they appear to others whether in Social or professional settings image ads for

cosmetics and trendy clothing contrib to this unhealthy Obsession I hope you

don’t let the opinions of others Define you I have protected you from the ability to understand other people’s

minds what other people think of you is completely irrelevant to you because of

their inherent sinfulness frailties and fears people’s ideas are often skewed

and untrustworthy even if they publicly Lord you their opinions about you could vary

no one but me sees you for who you really are my Flawless righteousness envelops you despite your

imperfections gratitude is an attitude of profound appreciation for what one already has while entitlement is the

conviction that one is deserving of something be grateful that I am generous in compassion because if I were to give

you what you actually deserve you would end up in despair with no chance of redemption Grace serves as the vehicle

for your rescue a thankful heart is full of delight but a resentful one is full

of suffering because it believes it deserves more than what it has Express

gratitude your respect and awe are appropriate forms of adoration for me I

want you to be able to help others feel better just as I have helped you my

presence and consolation are more than enough to meet your needs as a disciple of Christ no matter what challenges you

confront suffering May shape your character and prepare you to help others through their own hardships thus

everything you go through has a purpose share your struggles with me honestly

and pray that I will use them for my heavenly purposes look for ways out of trouble but don’t lose sight of the

benefits that are already there you become wise and mature when you seek my help in times of trouble then you will

be able to console those who are going through tough times when you feel sorry

for those who are suffering it will show in their lives as you go through life you’ll realize

that you’re at your best when you can console those going through tough times the discipline of suffering may help you

become more peaceful because despite how bad it seems right now It ultimately

leads to the peaceful fruit of righteousness try to imagine me gazing

at you instead of seeking praise from other people my face betrays my adoring

acceptance of you difficulties arise on on a daily basis according to this

principle you should be prepared to face challenges on a daily basis please know

that I am here to provide you with the support you need to face these difficulties head on even if anything

unexpected happens to you it won’t surprise me because I am all knowing the

Alpha and the Omega and I am also here for you / to help you through this

difficult time by enduring ing enough challenges each day you can learn to be fully present in the here and now you

don’t give your active mind enough challenges therefore it seeks issues to solve concerns about the future could be

plaguing you now I’m teaching you to be fully present here and now you may still

enjoy my company even while you’re going through tough times in fact as you get

closer to me as we work through your challenges side by side they really make

us stronger you feel better about yourself and your abilities to handle things and being in

my presence makes you happier Love Takes Time the Apostle Paul lists patience as

one of the most important qualities of Christian love being patient means keeping your cool in the face of lengthy

wait times cranky people or tough situations people tend to overlook

Paul’s call for patience since it goes against the cultural norm and is associated with love devoted parents

parents on the other hand are an exception to this rule babies and young children need a great deal of patience

from their loving parents who put their needs second to those of their children

abounding patience should be a Hallmark of my followers Devotion to one another

in the list of spiritual attributes this virtue comes in at number four as a

result my grace May Empower you to conquer this difficult task never forget that my love for you is Flawless and

unfaltering in the vast fabric of human life may the holy spirit guide you as

you share my boundless patient love with others instead of giving into despair about the status of the world people

should seek restoration through trust in me otherwise the possibility for

wickedness would be Limitless in this Gloomy world I beseech you to shine like

lamps keep your resolve to accomplish good even stronger when evil spec seems

to be looming large instead of bemoaning the evil that is all around you you may

redirect your energy into making something good happen on the Hallowed Ground of prayer depending on your

unique set of skills talents and circumstances people typically pick and choose whatever parts of themselves they

want to show me some people are afraid to come to me because they find certain

characteristics humiliating while I’m happy to provide comfort and healing there are many who

who suffer in silence while carrying heavy burdens of unpleasant feelings like isolation fear humiliation remorse

and guilt in the midst of their problems they temporarily disregard my presence

my darling this is not the way you were meant to be there are injured areas in need of my mending touch you may even

learn to see certain scars as fundamental to who you are I want to release you from these habits but it

will take time and the continual presence of my loving presence have you ever witnessed healing that lasts when

Liberty develops you will understand the depth of my happiness will become apparent to you when Liberty develops

rest in the revitalizing Haven that is my presence when you come to me my tired one no matter how heavy the demands of

others are I will be here to support you and provide a helping hand even if you

are briefly distracted and don’t see me look to me for assistance I implore you

to let me talk to you freely about your worries and relieve the burden your carrying may my radiant presence

illuminate your journey calming and fortifying you from the core of your being allow my holy presence to cure You

by opening your heart to its healing radiation may my blessings overflow into

your life come relax with me my darling and enjoy the peace that I so freely offer the key is to find pleasure no

matter what happens even if it goes against your wishes try not to go into

each day determined to make the world conform to your every whim no matter how Grand or modest your desires may be they

will inevitably run into obstacles along life’s winding path embrace the lesson

of faith in all situations my mission for you is not to Grant every request or

make life free of problems having your way all the time with will get you nowhere but letting go and believing

that I have control over your life will bring you a lot of Happiness always know

that I am right here with you and that the pleasure that fills my being will illuminate your path like a light amen

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