he is watching you God is saying to you

today my beloved child in light of your

internal and external struggles God is

telling you that someone has chosen to

give you money so that you may find some

relief this act is being completed

because they are aware of the

difficulties you have faced both inside

and outside

they did this because they wanted to

provide you with something that would be

useful to you in more ways than

one they know this from seeing your

struggles before you need to be ready

because your life will be transformed in

ways you’ve never imagined in the next

weeks what I have planned for you is

much more detailed than anything you

could have dreamed

of just have faith in me and I will

reveal myself to you when the moment is

appropriate as we speak I do not exist

as an unapproachable deity Seated on a

cloud toop

throne even though I inhabit your

physical form I am an integral element

of your

being in the event that you want to

witness some extraordinary events be

sure to watch this film to its

conclusion little one I am here / to

lend you a hand and keep you safe

I shall remain steadfastly by your

side I will be by your side every step

of the way so you never have to go

through this alone or feel like you have

no one to turn to in the future I intend

to keep my word that I will never

abandon you or let you down in any

way keep in mind that I have great

intentions for your life therefore you

must believe me and follow my advice

like and share the video if you have

trust in the words of the god subscribe

to the channel if you love Jesus making

helpful preparations and having optimism

for the future are all that’s

required nothing you do should ever be

premeditated to do you

damage aim to improve and streamline


life even if you’ve made mistakes in the

past they don’t Define you now

you may express your gratitude for what

you have by donating up to

$ despite our reconciliation you will

always have a unique place in my

heart you are already someone I have

forgiven for that reason if you want to

maintain your Carefree lifestyle and all

the joy it brings you should not subject

yourself to feelings of Shame and

humiliation because I am the kind of

person who enjoys starting over I find

myself thinking about myself a

lot I want you to know that no matter

how long it has been since we last saw

each other I am always prepared to

welcome you back with open

arms just in case you ever need to

apologize you’ll have to see me again

off the path we used to walk

together you must know that as the God

of Wonders I will tend to everything you


me I am willing to fulfill any request

or idea you may

have it seems like I can handle any task

you throw at me I am here to fulfill all


desires take it at face value that

prayer will help you achieve your

goals type if you believe in Jesus

in your prayers you are communicating

with me and I am am listening

carefully have faith that my response

will be the one that helps you the most

at this difficult

time please subscribe to our channel in

order to reach

$, when you have confidence in God

you should make an effort not to think

about what could happen tomorrow or the

day after

that inside your Holy Family Circle

everything that is going to happen in

our near future together is known to me

me if you put your faith in me and what

I say it will be fantastic when I’m

around you’ll always feel at

ease you can’t predict and beautiful

opportunities may appear so keep your

heart and mind open at all

times while you are weak I am the only

thing that can keep you

going when you are unhappy I can console

you and I want you to know that you will

never be alone as long as I am by your

side because I am God I can take action

and even the seemingly insurmountable is


Reach I can change the outcome if you

disagree with it in an attempt to

alleviate your suffering I am now

working on a

solution take that as a sign that I can

pull it

off things in this world are not worth

your concern instead make sure you’re

interested in me constantly if you would

like to walk with me I can show you the

way to a life that is

eternal type Amen in the name of Jesus

there may be moments when life is tough

and you feel like giving up but no

matter what I promise I will always be

here for

you I regret that things have progressed

to this point you embody The Writer’s


which makes you both terrifying and

endearing many unique powers talents and

skills have been bestowed On You by

me you may use them to compliment me and

help other

individuals you may rely on me to lend

you a hand and I can fulfill all your

wishes with the Grandeur that is


mine you need not be concerned about

tomorrow’s events since I have a plan it

is part of what I have been given please

know that your hard work will not go

unnoticed keep

on the answer you’ve been looking for is

just around the

corner no one can disregard me remember

that you are never really alone and I

will always be by your side in good

times and

bad when faced with

adversity those who share My Views will

be better equipped to to

cope my trusted Associates won’t have to

fret about a thing as they’ll see that

I’ve taken care of everything down below

the whole Affair will be a burden for

everyone who doesn’t trust

me I do miracles for those who have

faith in me and they may be able to


them my Miracles may go unnoticed by

those who refuse to trust in

me type yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to

receive and if you believe in

Christianity kindly show your support

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$ things that shouldn’t be possible

are brought to fruition by me the deity

of miracles in my presence you are free

to do as you choose because your project


unique you have complete control over

how to conclude

it pay no attention to those who tell

you that you can’t accomplish

anything if anybody can make a

difference it is

you as a god of Second Chances you

should not let the negative things

you’ve accomplished in the afterlife

toine you if you ever need forgiveness

or a fresh start I’m here for you go to

the Bible and read my

phrase it will bring you calm Solace and


desire if you’re feeling terrified

concerned or nervous please do

so if you are experiencing any of these

things never be too proud to ask for or

accept assistance when you’re in need I

have placed people in your life to serve

as mentors and

cheerleaders if you find yourself in a

bind do not be shy about reaching out to

other people for

support if you believe in me I will show

you the path to living the life you were

meant to

live and if you believe in me as God

type I embrace my power to affirm I will

show you how much I love and value

you you can always count on me because I

am the safe haven the steadfast

friend and the Dependable supporter you

need during challenging

times please don’t hesitate to contact

me with any issue no matter how big or

minor if you have a problem I will find

the solution in the Bible according to

God who is the creator of the world and

has infinite power there is something

much greater and more plentiful than

anything you could ever hope for or

imagine when it comes to Performance I

am capable of far more than you could

ever imagine or ask

for I am the creator of the universe and

all powerful says

God it doesn’t matter how many times you

mess up I can always love you no matter

what you say or

do my love for you will remain

unwavering just don’t give

up you have my full support perhaps my

feelings for you will never waiver you

have my undying affection and I don’t

think anybody else could ever love

another person to the same degree that I

do to this day my love for you remains

unbreakable type I’m abundant to affirm

by sharing this video you are helping to

share God’s

message embrace the possibility of

living each moment to the

fullest if you trust my words I can be a

constant source of support and

encouragement if you feel like you’ve

reached a dead end in your

life know that I am the way the truth

and the life and you must grasp that

with your faith and agreement I will

guide you through the trials and bring

you to a place where you may be joyful

with what I have given

you when circumstances get tough we’ll

be there for each other

if you accept my words at face value I

have exciting plans for your future that

include strategies to ensure your

success and even some exciting things to

look forward

to if these chances are right I hope you

can capitalize on them you must now

resist giving into your wants and

Ambitions but you must also resist

giving into

yourself great things are on the horizon

for you

you can count on me to protect

you no matter what the other side

does with that said you should never

fear that someone is intentionally

trying to harm you by using whatever

means are at their

disposal I am the thing that is making

it impossible for you to be safe like

and share the video if you have trust in

the words of the god subscribe to the

channel if you love Jesus if the

opposing side ever assaults you be sure

that I will defend

you typically you may take my help as a

gift even when I’m not

visible rest assured I will hold you

tightly and take full control of any

situation you embarked on a mission

because I created you with a greater

purpose because I do you feel compelled

to agree with yourself

you will find guidance and be able to

document your

progress find solace in my assurances

and let them Inspire The Bravery and

strength you need that being said feel

free to return to me and express your

desires at any

time it is my duty to shower you with

blessings and Grant your heart’s


desires God did not ignore or disregard

your petitions on on the contrary they

were heard and understood I can sense if

you’re thinking about

me my plan involves the ability to alter

the course of existence for all living

things including

you I can perform miracles for you if

you have faith in my

abilities keep in mind that everything

you have asked for is already in your

possession while you pray remember to

keep me in my most of the time but trust

in yourself first and

foremost everything is under your

control if I am on your

side nothing will be able to happen

while I am at your side so keep that in

mind type to show your belief in

Jesus hey there precious

one just because you’re gone doesn’t

mean you have to feel

lonely I will be by your side at all

times with strong faith and constant

focus on me I will be there for you

through thick and thin sunshine and

storm you are now part of a group you


companions I shall be by your side

forever no matter what

happens I will never leave you or

abandon you so take

heart it would be an honor to accompany

you on on this journey please know that

I am here to lend you a hand and I am

aware of the difficulties you are

experiencing at the

moment rest assured I will be by your

side during the whole

process I will neither abandon you nor


you behold my handling of the

matter I stand before you even though I

let you handle most of your

problems my love when you take a leap of

faith do not be scared to set lofty

goals for

yourself compared to your wildest dreams

my intentions for you are much more

ambitious I am always by your side so

you’ll never really be

alone rest assured I will provide you

with all the Solace protection and

strength you need at this difficult

time I am here for you whenever you are

experiencing harassment and I can assist

you in finding inner peace for your

life if you want to achieve the goal I

set for you you have to believe in what

I say and let me show you the way to a

life of ease type to manifest

miracles in your

life your beauty and your Menace coexist

in Perfect

Harmony it is my sincere wish that you

succeed in realiz izing the good

intentions I had when I created

you if you ask or think of anything I as

God can accomplish it infinitely times

over you can trust

me if we can reach an agreement I am the

Supreme deity capable of doing a million

times more than your wildest dreams

because I am God there is nothing you

can ask of me or imagine that I am not

capable of doing at any given

moment since you have someone here to

assist you there’s no need for you to

handle your issues

alone I can accomplish anything you want

if you just give me the chance to figure


out I am no longer an aloof deity

instead I am communicating with you

through the words I have written and the

energy I have bestowed upon

you as a god I’m not one to remain

silent I can communicate with you in two

ways through my spirit and the words

I’ve written

down as a God who values reason and

Justice I’m concerned about Earth’s

current state and am working hard to


it I’ve bestowed upon you the spirit of

authority affection and knowledge use

this strength to overcome challenges and

anxieties I I am the key that unlocks

pandemonium and the light that shines

through Darkness offering hope and calm

typ yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to receive

and if you believe in Christianity

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community by contributing super thanks

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$ you can count on me to be a

constant source of quietness vitality

and fundamental calm

in response to your prayers I can grant

you miraculous abilities and talents

that will profoundly impact your

life this video proves that I listen to

your prayers so keep watching until


satisfied Believers in God also have

access to my healing and recuperative

benefits your love life financial

situation and physical health will SU

significantly improve within

weeks a miracle from God will alleviate

your financial worries and

Pain by God’s grace you’ll receive

substantial financial help soon

restoring what you’ve lost and bringing

laughter faith and love back into your

life share this message with others who

may benefit and be prepared for the good

days ahead filled with guidance

Solutions recovery and miracles I am

deeply grateful for everything you’ve

done and will continue to do for

me I bow before you and Trust In Your

Divine guidance in every situation I

pray for the ability to always surrender

to God’s will for a life full of joy and

peace please guide me on how to

communicate properly with others using

the right words at the right times

I am deeply appreciative and

grateful please don’t give up now type

if you believe in Jesus trust in

God’s plan as something greater is in

store for you something thrilling that


love sometimes God May hold you back

until the path ahead is clear and

secure trust in me to watch over you and

your loved ones honoring the trust you

place in

me through God’s Proclamation all

worries fears tension and pain will be

removed replaced with blessings of

healing love and

serenity stay faithful and I’ll stay by

your side bringing positive changes to

your life including happiness and

relationships work and health no matter

how tough things get God is with you

working things out for a better

future trust in his timing and the doors

he promises to open will swing open

soon I promise to amaze you with my

exceptional qualities fulfilling all

your expectations in due time I am

capable of bringing your dreams to life

and wowing you with my

Excellence I find myself in a

challenging situation and could really

use your help

your empathy is truly

appreciated I pray for your support Lord

to continue living and improving calling

you my child brings me immense Joy

knowing you so well and seeing your

bravery strength and

fearlessness God commends you as strong

courageous and

fearless Lord let your will be done and

Grant me peace to accept it type to

show your belief in Jesus I appreciate

your response to my

prayers together we can enhance Our

Lives greatly as nothing is impossible


you I pray for honesty in recognizing

who I am and what I can achieve I am

creating opportunities ahead of schedule

with blessings and doors that cannot be


the Lord provides for all

needs ensuring we lack

nothing following in Jesus’s footsteps

brings light and fulfillment to life as

you let go of burdens significant


await trust that God will provide for

your needs and take care of

repayments count on me to be there for


always take care of yourself Ty I claim

it if you receive this declaration type

yes if you’re ready and share this video

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