Serious Word, Don’t Ignore !! | God Message for You Today | God Says Today | God Message Today

if you want God to always help you you

should carefully listen to this message

from God if you don’t do this God won’t

be able to assist you because you’ll be

blocking God’s

angels so listen to the full message

type Amen in the comments and share this

message with your close friends and on

your social media my precious child in

the Symphony of life I your father am


conductor orchestrating every note and

movement with Divine

Precision trust in my timing for it is

perfect though it may not always align

with your Earthly

desires I weave the tapestry of your

existence with threads of love and

purpose revealing the Masterpiece in due

time from the dawn of creation I have

guided and nurtured all that is the

cosmos dance to my rhythm and the

seasons change in harmony with my will

yet you my beloved creation often

struggle to surrender to my perfect

timing you fret over the when and the

how forgetting that I am the Alpha and

the Omega the beginning and the end oh

how I long for you to rest in the

Assurance of my perfect plan when you

surrender your timeline to mine you open

the door to a realm of peace and

serenity that transcends human

understanding you be become a vessel

through which my love and grace can flow

freely transforming your life and

touching the lives of others trust that

I am working behind the scenes even when

circumstances seem chaotic and uncertain

if you believe in the power of God then

type I believe I am weaving together the

threads of your life creating a tapestry

of beauty and

purpose the delays you encounter are not

Divine detours but opportunities for

growth and refinement

they are The Crucible in which your

faith is tested and your character is

strengthened remember my child that I am

not bound by the constraints of time I

see the big picture the tapestry of your

life from beginning to end I know the

challenges you will face and the

victories you will achieve trust that I

will lead you along the path that is

best for you even if it is not the path

you would choose for yourself type amen

in the comments if you want God’s love

and presence when you find yourself

wrestling with doubt and anxiety turn to

me in prayer pour out your heart to me

and I will fill you with a peace that

passes all understanding I will remind

you of my promises and renew your faith

in my perfect timing just as a farmer

patiently tends to his crops waiting for

the Harvest so I patiently tend to you

my child I nurture your spirit water it

with my love and prune away the things

that hinder your growth in the fullness

of time you will bear fruit that will

bless not only you but also generations

to come so trust in me my precious child

let go of your worries and

anxieties embrace the present moment

knowing that I am with you every step of

the way I am your father your guide your

protector I love you more than you can

ever imagine and I will never forsake

you amen

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