SERIOUS “THIS CAN’T BE UNDONE” – JESUS | God’s Message Today | God Helps

my precious child breathe in deeply and

allow my spirit to fill you

completely as you exhale release all the

worries fears pain and suffering that

have been burdening

you just relax and let my words sink

deep into your heart and mind they are

like seeds that will take root and in

time produce a Bountiful Harvest I want

you to know with absolute sincerity that

I am God the one and only

I made a solemn promise to bless you to

cause you to flourish and Thrive and to

guide every aspect of your

life even when you can’t see it I am

constantly working behind the scenes to

bring about all the desires of your

heart my word declares that I take great

pleasure in prospering my Faithful

Servants don’t get caught up in worrying

about things beyond your

control anxiety only breeds chaos in

your mind which then overflows into your

home work and

relationships always remember that my

ways are higher than your ways and my

thoughts higher than your

thoughts you may not always understand

the path I have you on especially when

you’ve been in a difficult season for a

long time things might appear to

contradict the promises I’ve given you

but trust that my word always brings

life Abundant Life I endured rejection

bearing the weight of Sorrows that would

crush any mortal Spirit my body bore the

scars unrecognizable from the wounds

inflicted upon it in my suffering I

carried the burden of your sins your

transgressions your deepest

iniquities the peace you seek was

purchased with the price of my Agony On

That Rugged Cross , years ago I

secured your salvation and deliverance

know this dear one the transformative

power un leashed in that moment remains

ever available ready to envelop you in

its healing Embrace

today my greatest desire is to bring you

into a closer relationship with me you

are my cherished one the very beat of my

heart I’ve made you my

responsibility I am watching over you

constantly committed to fulfilling every

promise I’ve made I will bless you

increase you expand your sphere of

influence I will cause everything your

hands touch to prosper and give you

every place your feet

tread where confusion heaviness and

spiritual attacks have tried to

overwhelm you I am bringing Clarity and

confidence the enemy has attempted to

wear you down but you are my chosen my

Victorious one with me on your side who

can stand against you the holy holy

spirit is your everpresent

guide making sure you never lose your

way why do you worry my child why do you

weary yourself you have no reason to

fear for I am increasing your faith get

ready to be amazed to be filled with awe

and wonder in this new era we’ve entered

my glory will be revealed first in you

and then through you to the world this

message is for you let my spirit capture

your full attention allow me to

accomplish what only I can do as I

unfold my perfect

plan I’m releasing a supernatural

tangible peace that you can lay hold of

do not be anxious about anything instead

present your request to me with

Thanksgiving as you do I will give you a

piece that surpasses understanding a

peace that will astonish those around

you they’ll Marvel at your joy in the

midst of Trials and hardships

my peace will stand guard over your

heart and mind don’t be double-minded

wavering back and forth be confident in

the direction I’m leading you for I go

before you preparing the

way let peace life joy and passion be

the final Authority settling every

question that arises with

certainty I am the Lord your healer this

is your time to Break Forth with joy to

come in with peace let my my joy be your

strength growing ever stronger as you

declare what I have spoken I am

releasing Supernatural provision leading

you out of the Wilderness I’m bringing

you through seemingly impossible

situations on dry ground the enemy’s

pursuing you will be no more I have

declared an end to the oppression that

has tried to silence and destroy you I

am interceding for you ensuring that you

hear all I have to say keep worshiping

me whether in pain or pleasure praise me

before you see the manifestation of my

promises lift your voice in adoration

for I am drawing you to

myself no one comes to me unless I draw

them I have chosen you called you

prepared the way for you since before

time began trust me

completely fall back into my Everlasting

Arms knowing I will always catch you

rest assured my beloved beloved that I

am working all things together for your

good lean into my love allowing it to

cast out every

fear I will never leave you or forsake

you my plans for you are filled with

hope and blessing leading you toward a


future each day commit your way to me

trusting me to direct your steps seek me

wholeheartedly and you will find me

delight yourself in me and I will give

you the desires of your heart wait

patiently for me being strong and

courageous knowing I am fighting for you

you are never alone my precious one I Am

With You Always even to the end of the

age when you pass through deep Waters I

will be with you when you walk through

fiery trials you will not be burned I am

your God your savior your Redeemer I am

working in ways you cannot see aligning

circumstances for your benefit trust my

timing for I make all things beautiful

in their proper time what I have started

in you I will bring to

completion remember you are more than a

conqueror through my love greater is he

that is in you than anything in the

world you have been given authority to

overcome every obstacle every challenge

every adversary nothing can separate you

from my love love keep walking forward

in faith one step at a time don’t focus

on the Giants in the land focus on my

promises I am well able to bring you

into your

inheritance be strong in me rooted and

grounded in my

love I am breathing fresh hope and

purpose into you everywhere you go you

carry my presence my anointing my

favor let your light shine brightly so

others will see your good works and

glorify me this is your time to rise up

to step into all I have for you I am

opening new doors presenting New

Opportunities leading you into new

Realms of my spirit dare to believe for

the impossible for I specialize in

impossibilities dream big for I am able

to do immeasurably more than you can ask

or imagine I am removing limitations

Breaking Chains setting you free to

fulfill your god-given

destiny you are anointed for such a time

as this walk in boldness confidence and

Authority knowing that I Am with You

equipping you empowering you for every

task go forth in my strength my child do

not let your heart be troubled or afraid

take courage for I have overcome the

world I am your Refuge your Fortress

your shield no weapon formed against you

will prosper my beloved child I want you

to know that I have great plans for your

life in the coming years you will

witness remarkable things unfolding

before your eyes I’m going to guide you

showing you how I do this for my

children for a specific kind of person I

desire for you to enter a season where

you are blessed and highly favored by me

my hand of favor will rest upon you

accompanying you wherever you go evident

in all that you do this is not a

temporary phase but a way of life that

you can Embrace and never depart

from imagine moving through life in such

a way that nothing can hinder you from

receiving what is rightfully yours what

you claim is your god-given right within

my will this is not by your own strength

or ability but entirely by my

doing my beloved often you falter in

seeking certain blessings doubting if I

desire them for you or if I wish to

bestow such favor upon you yet I urge

you to Envision a life where your

requests are never denied where you walk

in alignment with my standards of

Holiness and righteousness never

faltering in prayer and always receiving

abundantly picture a reality where you

are enveloped in my grace where your

every step is Guided by Divine wisdom in

this existence you find favor not only

in my eyes but also in the hearts of

those around you for to find favor with

me is to find favor with others and as

you walk in obedience doors of

opportunity and blessing swing wide open

before you start familiarizing yourself

with the concept of being favored in all

your endeavors whatever you put your

hands to will be blessed and whoever you

encounter will be move to bless you

whether through tangible gifts or simply

by extending their Good Will and honor

toward you this is the way of life for

those upon whom I have placed my hand of

favor it becomes an integral part of who

you are as you align your will and your

life with mine nothing can obstruct or

delay what is

yours when you walk uprightly before me

nothing can remove my hand of favor from

your life I want you to get comfortable

with receiving favor from me knowing

that it automatically translates to Fai

favor with

others they may not necessarily like you

but they will respect and favor you

because I am the one at work in your

life when you take refuge in me finding

security and safety in me alone you will

constantly Sing For Joy Joy will be

renewed every morning and the challenges

of the world will not penetrate your

inner being you will stand strong in

your faith living by faith as a

righteous and just person as you live

according to my standards of Holiness

and righteousness I will place a shield

of favor around you people may try to

deny you or come against you but you

will continue to thrive and come out on

top because of my presence in your life

I will send people to bless you

abundantly pouring into your life in

good measure pressed down shaken

together and running over remember my

child that when you put my word to work

it will work for you

The Shield of favor that surrounds you

is impenetrable and

unshakable no rejection or denial from

others can hinder your progress for I do

not depend on man to accomplish my

purposes I will place the right people

in your path to bless you and Elevate

you to the positions I have ordained for

you your favor is not contingent upon

the opinions of people it is rooted in

your alignment with me and my will for

your life as you walk in step with me

you will always receive exactly what you

have prayed for or something even better

Embrace this truth my child and live in

the reality of my favor surrounding you

as a shield you are destined for great

things and nothing can stand in the way

of what I have purposed for you trust in

me walk in my ways and witness the

extraordinary unfolding in your

life my beloved child I want you to know

that when you come to me with a sincere

heart and make your requests known I

hear you I listen intently to every word

you speak and I understand the desires

that lie deep within your

soul you can trust that when you ask for

something in line with my will I will

always respond in a way that is best for

you remember I have promised in my word

that I will do far more than you could

ever ask or imagine according to the

power that is at work within you this

means that even when you pray for

something specific I may have something

even better in store for you my plans

for your life are always good and they

are always aimed at bringing you closer

to me and fulfilling the purpose I have

for you when you pray you can have full

confidence that your prayers will be

answered as you walk uprightly before me

living according to my standards of

Holiness and

righteousness you can trust that I will

always be there to guide and protect you

even when the enemy comes against you

with accusations and attempts to hinder

your prayers you can stand firm in the

knowledge that you have been

redeemed when I answer your prayers and

pour out my blessings upon you it brings

glory to my

name as you grow in wisdom and stature

becoming more and more like me your life

becomes a testament to my goodness and

faithfulness people will see the work

I’m doing in and through you and they

will be drawn to me as a

result so my child never doubt the power

of prayer or the depth of my love for

you when you come to me with a humble

and contrite heart seeking my will above

your own I will always meet you where

you are I will guide you strengthen you

and provide for you in ways that exceed

your wildest dreams if you have prayed

for something and have not yet seen the

answer do not lose heart keep standing

in faith knowing that I am working

behind the scenes on your behalf trust

in my timing and my wisdom for I know

the end from the beginning and I am

always working things together for your

good however it is important to examine

your heart and make sure that the

desires you are bringing before me are

in line with my will if you find

yourself seeking after worldly things or

engaging in behavior that is contrary to

my word take a step back and allow me to

purify your heart repent of any sin and

ask me to align your desires with my

own when you are walking in

righteousness you can have full

assurance that your prayers will be

answered in my perfect timing and in my

perfect way you cannot pray amiss when

your heart is fully surrendered to me

and you are seeking my will above all

else so keep coming to me in prayer my

beloved pour out your heart before me

and trust that I am listening and

responding with love and

compassion I will never leave you or

forsake you and I will always be working

on your behalf to bring about my good

purposes in your life remember you are

mine and there is nothing that can ever

separate you from my love I have called

you by name and you are precious in my

sight trust me lean on me and watch as I

move in your life in ways that will

leave you in awe of my goodness and and

Grace my beloved child I want you to

know that I see you and I love you

unconditionally I understand the desires

of your heart and the things you long

for in this life however it’s important

to remember that my ways are higher than

your ways and my thoughts are higher

than your thoughts when you come to me

with requests I hear you but I also see

the bigger picture of your life and what

will truly bring you Joy and fulfillment

in the long

run sometimes what you ask for may not

align with my plan for your life or my

standards of

righteousness in those moments it might

feel like I’m not answering your prayers

or that I’m withholding good things from

you but I want you to trust that my love

for you is always guiding my decisions

if I don’t give you what you’re asking

for it’s because I have something better

in store I’m calling you to a higher way

of living one that is centered on

seeking my kingdom and my righteousness

above all

else you see when you prioritize my will

and my ways everything else falls into

place when you put me first I take care

of your needs and bless you in ways that

exceed your

expectations I know it can be

challenging to wait on my timing or to

let go of desires that don’t align with

my will but I promise that as you

surrender your heart to me and trust in

my plan I will lead you into a life of

purpose joy and abundance so how do you

position yourself to receive my favor

and blessings it starts with seeking

wisdom I want you to hunger for my

wisdom Above All Else pray for

discernment study my word and seek my


counsel as you grow in wisdom you’ll

start to see things from my perspective

and make choices that honor me as you

mature in wisdom your life will begin to

reflect my glory people will be drawn to

the anointing on your life just as they

were drawn to Solomon’s wisdom you’ll

gain favor with both myself and man not

because of your own merits but because

of your obedience and alignment with my

will but remember my favor isn’t just

about material blessings or Earthly

success it’s about experiencing the

fullness of life that I have for you

it’s about growing in intimacy with me

serving others with humility and

fulfilling the unique purpose purpose

I’ve placed on your

life there will be times when the

journey is challenging and you don’t

understand my ways in those moments

cling to my promises and Trust in my

goodness I am always working things out

for your good even when you can’t see it

and when you stumble or make mistakes

don’t run from me in shame run towards

me in Repentance knowing that my grace

is sufficient for you I’m not looking

for Perfection but a heart that is fully

surrendered to me my child I have

incredible plans for your life plans to

prosper you to give you hope and a

future but the greatest blessing of all

is simply being in relationship with

me when you abide in my love and walk in

my ways everything else pales in

comparison my dear child you’ve probably

seen how people strive for acceptance

and recognition in the world they attend

countless gatherings hoping to make

connections and climb the ladder of

success but often despite their efforts

they face rejection and

disappointment why does this happen well

sometimes people just won’t warm up to

you in fact some may even Harbor

negative feelings towards you but here’s

the thing when you find favor in my eyes

Everything Changes I open doors for you

that no one can shut I am the key to

these doors you can’t skip over me and

expect things to work out it doesn’t

quite work like

that maybe you’ve tried to force your

way into certain situations seeking

favor or resolution only to find

yourself hitting a dead end that’s

because I ask to be first in your life

remember what I’ve said about seeking my

kingdom first when you do that

everything else falls into place with my

favor on your side nothing can stand in

your way your prayers I answer them

sometimes even exceeding your

expectations this is the life of someone

who has my favor and once you have it

it’s yours for

good it becomes like a shield around you

protecting you in every

situation you become the person who

confidently declares everything will be

all right because well it always has

been for you think about it like this

when you’re blessed it means something

significant it means you have my favor

upon you and let me tell you I want to

bless you abundantly so my child

remember this I want the best for you

and I’m ready to pour out my blessings

upon you trust me follow me and you’ll

see just how much favor you can find in

this life amen

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