my beloved

children I come to you today with a

message of Hope and

prise for too long many among you have

carried burdens that we heavy on your

hearts but hear me now for I bring

Tidings of great

joy the burdens that have blaked you for

so long will come to an end this

week I see the tears you have shed in

the darkness of night the prayers whed


desperation and the longing for Relief

that fills your

soul you have cried out to me and I have

heard your cries know that I’m not

indifferent to your

pain I am intimately acquainted with

every trial and tribulation you

face this week I will move mightily on


behalf I will break the chin that bind

you shatter the yolks of Oppression and

release you from the burdens that have

held you captive for far too

long trust in me my dear ones for I am

faithful to fulfill my promises

you may ask how can we be sure Lord how

can we trust that this week will be any

different from the ones that have

passed I tell you have faith as small as

a mustard seat and nothing will be

impossible for

you believe in my power to bring about

miraculous change in your life

life and it shall be done according to


faith for I am the god of the

impossible the one who makes a way where

there seems to be no way I specialize in

turning mourning into

dancing Ashish into Beauty and despair

into hope and this week I will do just

that for each one of you who trusts in


wholeheartedly do not be discouraged by

the trials of yesterday or the

uncertainities of

Tomorrow Focus instead on the present

moment knowing that I Am with You Here


Now cast your cares upon me

for I care for you more deeply than you


fathom as you go through this week keep

your eyes fixed on me I the author and

the finisher of your faith walk in

obedience to my word and you will see my

promises come to pass in your

life be vigilant in prayer seeking my

face with earnestness and

sincerity and when the burdens of Life

threaten to overwhelm you just remember

the words I spoke to my

disciples come to me all you who are

weary and

burdened and I will give you

rest take my yoke upon you and learn

from me

for I am gentle and humble in hurt and

you will find rest for your

souls I with you always even to the End

of the Age so be of good cheer for

victory is yours in

me with all my love your savior

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