after the next minutes you will yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you make sure you watch the whole video and don’t forget to

share this message with your loved ones God is saying to you today my beloved

child everything happens for a reason I’m perfect in all my ways so you should

not doubt when I say that things will turn out in your favor I will always be

by your side make making sure my plan unfolds in your life don’t lose heart

keep learning from my words every day because they hold

powerful promises through them you will find peace strength and courage do not

be afraid for I am in control of your life’s journey I’m at work removing

obstacles from your path and clearing away conflicts but it’s not my plan to make

things too easy as challenges will come cling to my promises for they will help

you endure these trials and lead you to the blessings I have prepared for you

your efforts will be rewarded every step you take towards gaining wisdom will be

blessed and increased even though your enemies plot against you do not waver in

your faith in my words stand firm against them knowing that my angels are

watching over you my presence surrounds you and I

protect you and your family be patient with those who irritate you do not hold

on to resentment as it harms your spirit and weakens your faith even though you

have faced injustices and missed opportunities remember that my love for

you is deep those who have wronged you will be embarrassed and through your forgiveness they might find their way

back I promise to make up for what you have lost be ready to see the change in

those who have hurt you do not worry about those who do wrong but instead

focus on strengthening your family ties and managing your finances spend your

time in prayer and reflecting on my teachings avoid wasting your energy on

unnecessary things for the challenges I allow can be overcome

by believing in my promises Victory is certain for those who trust

in me and approach each day with courage and Faith your success starts with each

morning prayer you offer to me I know your struggles and your moments of Doubt

but let go of those thoughts and dive deep into my words like and share the

video if you have trust in the words of the god subscribe to the channel if you

love Jesus in difficult times I will guide you lift your spirits and

strengthen your faith my promises will be written on

your heart serving as a firm anchor during life storms stay connected to me

listen when I call you to join me in the quiet of the morning avoid the distractions that drain your energy and

instead gain strength from the light that comes with each new day Stand United for together we are

unstoppable I will never leave you always remember that you are loved and blessed and look forward to the good

things that are coming A great miracle is on its way much bigger than anything

you’ve asked for trust in my control and ignore the negativity around you believe

that you will Thrive even in tough conditions because I will nurture your growth amid scarcity and

doubt your challenges will turn into victories showing your strong faith

end resilience even when the road ahead is unclear trust in me for I alone hold

your Future No Matter How Low you feel my hand is always there to lift you up

even if I seem quiet I’m always with you my strong arm will support you until

you succeed the time is right now grab it and act while the world tires from

hearing about shortages and fears of War you live under my protection and you and

your family are always blessed by me if I tell you to walk then walk if I tell

you to get up then stand if I say you are victorious believe what I tell

you don’t get stuck thinking about yesterday’s mistakes and sins because

that’s all in the past see I have changed your life completely you’re not the same

person anymore your future is safe in my hands and in

my presence I will look after you so I encourage you to pray every day and seek

me with joy and Faith type if you believe in Jesus no matter how you feel

if one day you wake up feeling unsettled and doubts Cloud your mind come to me

anyway I love you just as you are and I want you to take that step of Faith

towards me do not be afraid for I am here to help you I enjoy our talks your trust and the

honesty of your emotions I heard you this morning I heard you

yesterday even if your words are few it’s your sincerity and intentions that

truly matter to me remember I once told you that if your faith was as small as a

mustard seed that would be enough for your prayers to be heard in Heaven from there

I send you comfort and show my love I know what you need and I will provide

according to my will all my answers are for your benefit you and your family are

meant to thrive you will be greatly blessed and live in my presence forever

I am fully aware of your needs and I truly care about your feelings I offer

you my peace accept it with faith because the world cannot give you the

Peace of spirit that I provide I heard you when you said you

needed me and I welcomed Your Word Worship in my presence my answer is on

its way expect it welcome it and celebrate the miracle I will perform in

you today I do not want you to worry or feel discouraged anymore I hear all your

prayers I’m making a path through the Wilderness and from my Throne flows a

powerful river that washes away all your troubles leaving your soul purified calm

and peaceful ready to be filled with faith hope and Tranquility stop letting

those repetitive thoughts Hammer at the walls of your mind let me into those Corners where oppressive and sad

memories hide I am the Lord your savior I have forgiven

your mistakes so you shouldn’t torment yourself with doubts and self-

accusations if you truly love me and believe in me stop believing that

there’s no solution to your problems I don’t want you to live in tension and distress it’s not my desire for you to

spend your days looking down without the faith to lift your eyes to the heavens

type Amen in the name of Jesus today I want you to be free from all your

worries although you live in a World filled with pain you were chosen for

such a time as this you were born in the right place

and no matter how difficult your journey has been it’s all

been part of my plan let this be the day your faith is rekindled because of what

you’ve been through you’ve gained the humility needed to accept the wisdom and blessings I’m ready to give

you your financial worries will diminish when you stop holding so tightly to

material things remember your family is more valuable than your wealth or even

your own future you should also treat yourself with patience and kindness

don’t insist on being perfect as that only creates barriers and leads to

confusion everyone sins everyone makes mistakes but remember you have

me I see how much it hurts you when you stray from my teachings and let your

emotions drive you to actions you regret know that there is

forgiveness and Grace for those who truly regret their wrongs and wish to change with each Dawn comes a new

opportunity and fresh mercies that I will deliver into your hands I will come myself knock on your

window and awaken you I will illuminate your face with a beam of holy and white

light and reveal to your soul this wonderful love I have for you now is the

time to trust in me and hold fast you have a destiny to fulfill a purpose to

serve a dream to pursue and a family to care for I ask only for your respect and

loyalty your heart is mine but you must take your journey toward Freedom

seriously I gave you life not to waste it being Swept Away by currents that crash you against

harsh waves do not blindly trust those fair weather friends who lift you up only to

let you down when you most need support they ridicule your misfortunes and blame

you for everything and you start believing them start aresh and do not fear being alone hold on to my love and

care type yes if you are ready for the blessings that you are about to receive

and if you believe in Christianity kindly show your your support for our community by contributing super thanks

from $ to dollar give me your simple

childlike faith and trust in my true love for you I am always watching over

you and you are never alone Victory will be yours as you face your challenges I

will provide everything you need I will give you health when you are down filling you with strength and

endurance to keep going allow yourself to be loved do not be afraid let go of

those who do not support you and do not beg anyone to stay I will be there for

you on those lonely evenings when you just need some encouragement a companion

someone to listen someone who understands and does not judge I will

provide what you need when you come to me sincerely and humbly do this not just because I ask

but because you love me show your devotion and loyalty in this way I don’t

judge your actions by their outward appearance no one can impress me with false devotion I don’t pay attention to

those who pretend to love me in public but then speak ill of my faithful ones in

private I will reward your loyalty your faith your commitment and answer your

prayers when you come to me with a sincere your heart just as you have seen how deeply I love you there’s nothing

more to say your fears end today I’m strengthening your beliefs you will no

longer worry you will walk hand in hand with me towards Victory your heart at

peace your soul cherished by my love and bathed in my peace this is how it has

been how it is and how it will always be type I embrace my

power to affirm the words you hear now did not find you by accident with me by your

side you will face neither defeat nor failure we will get through tough times

together on challenging days I will hold you gently and strengthen your soul with

loving words your life and your situation are important to me as I have

often reminded you you live in a world filled with trouble however I have overcome these Through My

Sacrifice on the cross and my resurrection I want to share this power with you to fill you with a sense of

living water that flows endlessly within you quenching your thirst washing away

your Sorrows removing impurities and giving strength and courage to your

tired spirit always seek my presence be it

morning or night in hardship or prosperity in plenty or in want whatever

your circumstance is you have not been defeated it is not your fate to give up

and lose all the blessings you’ve gathered on your journey After the Storm

there comes a calm the waves May Roar and rage but the sea quiets down at the

sound of my voice just as you hear my voice so too can you feel this peace a

gift of my love embrace it do not turn it away

don’t push aside this love just because you feel

unworthy understand that every day there is a spiritual battle the enemy tries to

shake and break you but remember you are not alone I am with

you I ask only for a small measure of your faith decide now to believe to

accept this eternal love that follows you everywhere shielding you when the enemy attacks life can change in an

instant you’re allowed to cry and feel sorrow it’s healthy for your soul to let

go of what weighs you down allowing for healing however never believe that you

will be stuck in pain forever or that the overwhelming sadness you feel will

never cease or that you are doomed to Perpetual defeat

type I’m abund abant to airm your enemies those who pretend to

be friends may try to keep you down scared to stand up and fight but I have

come so that you may have life to encourage you to look up and reach out to me I aim to fill you with boundless

joy and steadfast courage I understand how you feel sometimes it seems like

there’s no reason to keep fighting it might feel easier to just give up to sit

back and wait for the end but I love you I have a significant purpose for you and

your family you must not give up do not let go of

your blessings do not return to a state of despair that is not what I want for

you I have come to bring you a life filled with abundance and extraordinary

strength your feelings or what others say about you should not Define your

reality if you’re facing difficulties and rejection today hear me clearly I

love you even if sudden troubles arise do not think that I have stopped loving

you I’m imprinting these words on your heart and you will recall them every day

no matter what happens no matter the challenges my love for you grows

stronger each minute do not let your heart be weighed down by hurtful emotions do not isolate

yourself s thinking you are alone that no one cares or that no one understands your

pain who am I I’m certainly speaking to you and I am

not just a figment of your imagination feel these words filled with love

healing your heart one by one who am I to you tell me I want to

hear it if you don’t see me as your friend or if you want me to leave you in peace be brave and say so but know this

no matter what you think I will not leave even if you push me away from your

life I will stay I open my arms to you even if you turn away from me even if

you reject me I assure you I am not like others I truly love you and will never

abandon you my loyalty is eternal and unwavering

my decision to love you is firm and even if you tell me today to go

away I will stay here speaking to you daily of this sincere affection until

you can deeply feel it in your heart like and share the video if you have trust in the words of the god subscribe

to the channel if you love Jesus I know that today you are already beginning to

feel it come let me embrace you with Divine love and help you navigate

through this situation as you come closer to me I shower you with my love

each tear you shed brings you into My Embrace of deep peace I heal

and rejuvenate you filling your soul with joy and giving you strength during

hard times I fully understand your feelings and what you have gone

through no one knows you better than I do I am familiar with where you started

and how far you have come come to me and I will show you things beyond your

imagination in this life be bold in your faith for I want to perform miracles in

you and your family expect to see the supernatural I will start by amazing you

with simple things helping you gradually adjust to a spiritual level you have

never experienced before this is the path of Miracles that

you are meant to walk you are stepping into a new and everlasting

chance your destiny unfolds on this path trust in my word written in scripture

rather than being swayed by your emotions or what you see around you I will guide you toward

greatness but be patient for I will let you know the exact time when blessings

will abundantly flow into your life do not act like those who give up too

quickly on waiting and try to create their own miracles speaking falsehoods

just to get Applause they end up caught in sin become discouraged and lose their

faith instead I’m molding you to be a Divine instrument of Grace able to

satisfy the Deep longing for love that many people feel I encourage you to spend your time

blessing others because with every word you speak I will bless you greatly

increasing your strength making your efforts successful and opening many doors for you let yourself be guided on

Paths of Glory I will provide everything you need to steadfastly spread my word

so even in the face of challenges do not be afraid for I will give you the

strength needed to overcome them type to show your belief in

Jesus I am your God holding your hand as you move forward making sure you

receive the blessings I have prepared for you do not dwell on your past I have

forgiven all your mistakes and errors today you have the chance to follow my

paths blessed and filled with grace do not be disturbed by old emotions or long

for past mistakes and traps I am with you now and always you will succeed as

You Follow My will even as your enemies predict your failure your destiny is set

and no one can change it I declare and affirm it you will Thrive even in the

desert under my promises of blessings and joy in my promises written for you

you will find everything you need Guided by Heavenly wisdom hold

tight to my words let them guide you day and night through

light and darkness and watch as things work out well for you so be PA patient

let time pass but never lose faith in me resist sin and overcome your

enemies but do not shy away from my love the hard times will pass and after these

struggles I will bless you with joy and peace embrace them for you are worthy of

them it is time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor I will never leave

you even when it seems everything is against you move forward with confidence

for I will fight your battles and secure your victory in all areas I am your God

your savior who loves and protects you always even in moments of weakness and

failure my grace will cover you remember whatever you sincerely ask for I will

grant it I have always heard you so here I am addressing your doubts reaffirming my

love for you promising never to leave you I say it again and again engraving

it in your mind so you will never forget type to manifest miracles in your

life the distractions in this world are many but I promise to keep my word

always in front of you don’t lose hope hold tight to my love for you so get up

and walk for I am right beside you give me your sadness and your your

frustration hand over those feelings of wanting to give

up and walk away drop at my feet all those thoughts that make you feel

worthless I want you to experience true love to realize that someone loves you

with genuine and deep affection A Love Like No Other continue to pray I want you here

with me you are safe under my holy protection the despair that attacks you

TR Tri to pull you away to snatch you from My Embrace and drag you through a

desolate Wilderness but that is not your fate not what I have planned for you

therefore I speak to lift your spirits to give you peace to ease your anxiety

and to provide the strength you desperately need do you accept my love

tell me do you embrace my strength respond with all the sincerity of your heart assure me

that you will not leave my presence even if you try to go away and the enemy tries to pull you from My Embrace no

that I won’t let you wander far wherever you go I will be there with you holding your

hand and guiding you back to me the enemy will try to convince you that you are alone abandoned by me because of

your flaws but this is not true I will never leave you or forsake you nothing

can separate you for my love not shame not rejection not failure not

condemnation I love you with a steadfast Unforgettable love you already know this

I’m reminding you again affirming it with my words declaring it from a heart

Ablaze with the Eternal Flame of my love like and share the video if you

have trust in the words of the god subscribe to the channel Channel if you love Jesus I am instilling in you the

will to live despite the overwhelming challenges and adversities you face from

today onwards Everything Will Change you will not be the same you have let me

into your heart undergoing a complete transformation within yourself leaving

behind the past and negativity everything that was causing you harm has now faded into the distance

today you you are reborn today you will begin to inherit the Legacy I have for

you there is eternal life by my side and my holy spirit is filling you granting

you the strength you need to navigate this world when you feel a fire ignite within

your soul your lips will burst into praise you will then understand the

extent of my power I will take your hands and lift you to Heights you’ve never imagined your lips will Echo with

joyful singing and all burdens weighing you down will melt away you will see

yourself as I see you an exceptional person raised to triumph over your

struggles and to welcome a new season of blessings you are not like those who shy

away from believing in my words waking up to Darkness rather than

embracing the light of day feeling abandoned by their own decisions they

have turned away from my love and care thinking they must be perfect to earn my

grace but all I require is simple honest faith if there are those who try to

steal your joy do not entertain them do not accept their gifts and do not seek

their friendship surround yourself with people who value and Elevate you who do

not try to control your life or interfere with your personal matters do do not let the enemy trap you reject any

words of defeat or disrespect choose friends who respect you who do not

meddle in your Affairs or spread rumors about others bless

those who genuinely support you without expecting money for their friendship

type if you believe in Jesus your faith journey is a personal

matter between you and me I’m eager to communicate with you and unveil my plans

if you long to deepen your knowledge of me come and meet me in the morning dedicate Time To Me While others are

asleep present your prayers to me pay close attention to the words I share

with you daily trust in me and I will answer in various ways enriching both

your life and your families I will make myself known to you call out to me and I

will show you marvelous and mighty things in dreams and Visions

I am preparing to lift you to a realm where Supernatural occurrences are frequent Embrace and spread these words

with faith and vast blessings will envelop you do not lose heart relax and truly

believe that I do not make mistakes I will turn all the challenges you

encounter into blessings that will bring you peace provision abundance and Sur

Serenity do not worry I will grant you greater patience let me take care of

things around you in my own way kneel and pray ask for what you need but after

praying keep walking working and fighting with

confidence knowing that even if you make mistakes I will guide you to fulfill my

will in your life I see into your soul I

understand you these times have been tough for you your burdens are heavy and

you feel worn out each morning you wake up feeling like giving up that’s why I’m

here to help you discern what to let go of and which dreams are worth

pursuing type Amen in the name of Jesus your mission in this life isn’t to

please everyone indeed many of your good decisions have upset others but pleasing

them shouldn’t be your priority what matters most is your relationship with me and your family conserve your energy

for managing your days and all the blessings I provide pray and work so

that your family needs nothing I will bless your work ease your burdens clear

your debts and remove those who constantly oppose you I will lift you to a new spiritual

level your financial situation will improve I will increase your wisdom and

Grace your smile but be strong and courageous focus on pleasing me not on

meeting the expectations of those who criticize and belittle you they do not

care for you support you or help you when you face problems if you are sad

they do not stand by you or cry with you they only demean and attack you and yet

you place too much importance on their words do not be

disturbed by what your enemies say I will rebuke their words myself those who

seek to harm you are actually Haring their own Souls but you forgive them and

do not hold grudges do not pay attention to them do not waste time harboring

feelings that harm your mind and lead you into suffering and depression I am

always watching over you listening to every word you say I have seen you laugh I know each of

your dreams goals worries and pains when you pray I’m there with you

feeling your heart your pain your sorrows and even understanding what you

keep silent out of fear your devotion and effort to stay on

the right path have made me turn to you you have my attention now give me some of your time and let’s

talk about everything that dwells in your thoughts tell me the plans and desires

of your heart I want and can help you achieve your good dreams type yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to receive and if you believe in Christianity

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$ I can grant you health and strengthen you to fulfill your desire to be a blessing to your

people I have countless talents blessings and resources given to me

visible only through spiritual Insight if you could see them you would

immediately forget all past hardships waking up each day with a burning desire

to uplift your family and yourself your spirit would rise to new

heights filled with immense joy and you would tell the world that m Miracles are

within reach for those who sincerely follow my teachings and accept my love with Open

Hearts truly I have wonderful gifts waiting for you yet do not be

disheartened by challenges instead show me your faith every day even when

fatigue and concerns seem overwhelming do not be afraid keep

trusting hold fast to my teachings and pursue my promis

es if you feel your strength fading remember that I am here to give you

mental fortitude emotional encouragement and the courage to

continue listen closely to my words let them flow through you like a

melody lifting your burdens Whispering love to your soul and calming your

feelings with the touch of my Holy Spirit this world filled with cowardice

seeks to assail you to trample upon your Splendid future but you shall take my hand

holding fast for I will not let go no matter what challenges may arise

whatever may come against you I shall stand by your side

continuing to speak to you if you so desire I want your well-being for you

not to lose heart but to feel loved and protected at every moment knowing my

guardian angels surround your family at night I make no mistakes I fully

understand the burdens you carry the hidden Memories the cries of Despair in

your mind and your yearning for joy and peace to return to your heart share your pain

with me tell me every detail of your suffering as you do your spirit will

start to heal clearing away the confusion in your emotions your joy and peace will come

back kneel down Open Your Soul in prayer and unburden

yourself I am here to listen and heal you I will not

judge take the time to let go of each situation problem and complaint that you

hold dear yet clutch so tightly don’t hide your w wounds release

them once and for all and prepare to enjoy a new era of immense joy that I am

arranging for you type I’m abundant to affirm No More

Tears no more pain you deserve the happiness and freedom My Sacrifice has

secured watch as your dreams come true your projects succeed your family

prospers and tears of joy replace the painful me memories take a moment step back from

the hustle and bustle find a quiet place and join me embrace my grace and enjoy some

Solitude with me I hear your cries of Despair and your shouts of hopelessness but today I will

show you the way back home the path to Victory the obstacles in your path can’t

stop you from fulfilling your purpose and receiving a Abundant Blessings however you need to seek me

passionately sharpen your spiritual awareness and immerse yourself in my

love to overcome the burdens afflicting you today make a deep decision trust me with

your struggles expose your weaknesses and find refuge in the face of

Temptation come and lighten your load do not be afraid giving me a moment of your

time costs you nothing and benefits you greatly don’t spend another day in

Despair and suffering talk with me and give yourself a chance to find

peace I did not create you to live in depression and sadness I sacrificed my

life and Rose with power so that you could be filled with courage and strength forever Victorious bathed in my

eternal love you have a lot of time ahead and you are meant to live it in

Triumph believe in my words and my power will manifest in your life every

day you are chosen to witness great miracles for I have written your destiny

with my own hand and my love for you has never faded you will reach your

destination triumphantly overcoming loneliness and sorrow with your

steadfast faith in my powerful word don’t worry about the future I know

exactly what you need I will provide for your sustenance

your expenses and all your needs I will create Springs of water in

your Desert Springs of health and salvation I will protect you from the

scorching sun and you will Thrive where others fail I will raise you up before the

people a testament to my Glory all I ask is that you believe walk

in faith work hard and never stop believing in my

promises amen take care of yourself type I claim it if you receive this

declaration type yes if you’re ready and share this video with five people who

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