Serious! “I Pray This Finds You”- Jesus | God Message |

my beloved child take a moment to

breathe deeply and quiet your

mind allow yourself to sink into the

Peace of my presence letting go of any

worries or distractions that may be

weighing you

down know that in this Sacred Space you

are safe loved and cherished beyond

measure as you rest in the Stillness

feel my love enveloping you like a warm


let it fill every part of your being

healing any wounds and soothing any

fears you are precious to me a treasure

Beyond Compare and I Delight in every

part of you in this place of Tranquility

listen for the whisper of my voice I am

always speaking to you guiding you with

wisdom and Grace trust that I have a

plan for your life a purpose that only

you can fulfill even when the path head

seems uncertain or

challenging know that I am with you

every step of the way I’m not asking you

to be perfect I’m not asking you to have

it all together I’m just asking you to

be willing willing to say yes to me even

when you don’t understand willing to

trust me even when you can’t see the way

willing to follow me even when the path


dark I will never leave you or forsake

you I will never abandon you or forget

you I have engraved you on the palms of

my hands I have written your name on my

heart you are mine and I am yours

forever and

always so come to me when you’re weary

come to me when you’re heavy laden I

will give you rest for your soul I will

renew your strength I will restore your

joy my beloved child I want you to know

that I have created you with great care

and purpose some of my Creations are

made for everyday use While others like

you are crafted for a higher

calling the words I speak to you now are

filled with life-giving power they

cleanse your soul renew your strength

and enable you to face each day with

courage don’t let the worries of

Tomorrow overwhelm you I provide enough

Grace for you to handle today’s

challenges find joy in the knowledge

that I am a good and loving God my

kindness and mercy know no bounds and my

patience endures

forever when I look upon the earth I see

you and I find you worthy of my

blessings I am the same God who has

blessed you in the past and I will

continue to do so but in even greater

measure my mercy and grace are poured

out upon you in abundance every concern

you have is held securely in my hand

give your worries to me and focus your

thoughts on things that bring you peace

take time to rest to enjoy life and to

find relief in my

presence when you come to me in prayer I

hear you I am always ready to respond to

your call speaking life and abundance

into your

being the enemy may try to steal kill

and destroy but I urge you to identify

those areas in your life that have been

targeted and renounce the enemy’s

influence stand firm in the truth of who

I am no matter where you find

yourself because I am always there to

meet you my Mercy is like an allc

consuming fire NeverEnding and

unquenchable my grace is poured out on

you in double measure as you embrace my

presence you will find yourself dancing

and singing with joy the glory of the

Lord surrounds you and you can feel the

tangible presence of my spirit I Delight

in releasing my fire upon you igniting a

fresh flow of the Holy Spirit within you

gifts and manifestations of my grace are

coming your way equipping you for the

path I have set before

you you my precious Remnant Are My

Chosen and

beloved I gave you free will but you

have always been mine I knew exactly

what I was doing when I created you like

a golden cup or a golden

scepter you may not have chosen this

path but you have answered my call many

are invited but you are among the select

few who have been

chosen answering the call to use your

gifts to hear my voice and to have

compassion for others takes great

strength and courage embrace the

five-fold ministry I have called you to

as you seek your purpose your your

mission and your vision pursue what

brings you comfort and excitement what

ignites your passion in the morning what

stirs your spirit and compels you to

speak out against Injustice what idea or

opportunity to serve my people has been

placed on your

heart you are called once again to meet

the needs of my people for where there

is love for others there is an abundance

of my

presence as you praise me I will inhabit

your very being push through the

challenges you face and you will

discover a whole new realm of the spirit

something beyond what your eyes have

seen or your ears have heard it is a

reality that has not yet entered your

heart the incredible things I have

prepared for you because of your love

for me your faith is being strengthened

your alignment is being perfected and

your position is being

fine-tuned run with the vision you have

been given and I will make make it a

reality I guarantee your victory for you

are more than a conqueror I am your Abba

your loving father your friend and your

Redeemer I am your strong tower the

secret place of the most high where no

enemy can stand against you because you

acknowledge me and love me I will make

your path

certain I will deliver you from Darkness

bring down the mountains that stand in

your way and establish you on stable


I am doing a new thing in your life flow

with it like a river in my hands

trusting that I will guide you according

to my perfect will everything you fear

everything you worry about and

everything you love is under my control

let go of your anxieties and move

forward in

faith I am the Alpha and the Omega the

beginning and the end can you imagine

what I am capable of doing

what I am already doing in your

life I care about you deeply I will not

let your foot slip and my angels are

assigned to keep and protect you even

now I am releasing an abundance of

angels to respond to your faith your

praise and the words you speak cry out

to me the alpha and watch as I move

mightily on your behalf trust in my love

my grace and my plan for your life you

are my beloved child and I will never

leave you or forsake you walk in the

strength and purpose I have given you

knowing that I am with you always my

precious child I see your struggles and

I feel your pain the weight of the world

can be so heavy at times pressing down

on your shoulders and making it hard to

breathe but I want you to know that you

are not alone in

this I am with you every step of the way

carrying you when you feel like you

can’t go on you may feel like a mess

like you’re too broken or too far gone

for me to love but that’s just not true

I love you with an everlasting love a

love that knows no bounds I love you

before you were even born and I will

love you until the end of time no matter

what you do or where you go I know

you’ve made mistakes I know you’ve

fallen short but that doesn’t change how

I feel about you

I don’t love you because you’re perfect

I love you because you’re mine I created

you I formed you I breathed life into

you you are my child my beloved My

Chosen created in my image filled with

my spirit as you abide in my presence

feel my strength rising up within you I

am your rock your Fortress your

everpresent help in times of trouble no

matter what storms may come I will be

your anchor holding you steady and

secure take comfort in the knowledge

that my love for you is unconditional


everlasting there is nothing you can do

to earn it and nothing you can do to

lose it I love you simply because you

are mine and that will never

change in this moment of Stillness

surrender your burdens and cares to me I

am big enough to handle them all trust

me to work all things together for your

good even when it doesn’t make sense my

ways are higher than your ways and my

thoughts are higher than your thoughts

allow my peace to permeate every area of

your life bringing Clarity and

perspective when the world around you

feels chaotic and confusing remember

that I am the prince of peace and in me

you will find rest for your

soul as you continue on your journey

know that I I am always with you guiding

your steps and ordering your path trust

me to lead you into the Abundant Life I

have promised a life filled with joy

purpose and

fulfillment and when you face challenges

or obstacles remember that I am your

strength and your Shield I will fight

for you defend you and protect you

nothing can separate you from my love

not even the darkest valleys or the


pits so rest in my presence my child let

my peace wash over you Renewing Your

Mind and refreshing your spirit one and

I have a plan for you a purpose that

only you can

fulfill I have gifted you with unique

talents and abilities with a personality

and perspective that the world

needs you are not an accident or a

mistake you are a vital part of my

kingdom I know it’s hard to see that

sometimes I Know The Enemy tries to fill

your head with lies telling you that

you’re not good enough that you’ll never

measure up but those are just tactics to

keep you from stepping into your

destiny the truth is you are more than

enough because I am more than enough in

you I am the god of the impossible the

one who can do exceedingly abundantly

above all you could ask or

imagine I Am The God Who Parts the Red

Sea who brings water from a rock who

raises the dead to

life and I am the god who is fighting

for you even when you can’t see it so

don’t give up my child don’t lose heart

keep pressing on keep pushing through

the pain you feel now is just a small

part of your story it doesn’t Define you

and it won’t last

forever Joy is coming in the morning

Beauty will rise from these ashes I am

doing a new thing in you I am healing

your wounds mending your broken heart I

am giving you a fresh start a clean

slate I am making all things new

including you but I need you to trust me

I need you to let go of control to

surrender your plans and your dreams to

me I know it’s scary I know it feels

like free falling but I promise I will

catch you I will guide you I will never

let you down I am the Alpha and the

Omega the beginning and the end and I am

yours forever and always so come to me

my child come into my presence into my

arms Let Me Love You Let Me heal you let

me restore you let me show you who you

really are the amazing plans I have for

you for you are mine my child amen

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