SERIOUS “HELP’S COMING BUT FIRST…” – JESUS | God’s Message Today | God Helps

my dear child a mighty storm is

gathering but it’s not the Tempest the


anticipates this Brewing Maelstrom

transcends the forecasts or the

news it’s a storm of far greater

magnitude one whose full power has yet

to be

revealed you see the enemy is a master

of imitation not

invention he can only mimic and distort

for creativity lies Beyond his grasp

when I your heavenly father set my plans

in motion the enemy scrambles to conjure

a flimsy counterfeit hoping to divert

your gaze from my Divine

work but hear this truth a glorious

Storm is Coming poised to envelop the

Earth like the sea Embraces the

shore this storm of Glory will shatter

man-made evil constructs obliterating

the enemy’s manipulation and the

strangle hold of control that has

gripped my

church it will dism Le The Superficial

spectacles and demolish the Demonic

networks that have ens snared my people


bondage no satanic institution can

withstand the onslaught of this glorious

Tempest it cannot be fabricated

manipulated or imitated so to all who

call upon my name I say this pray

fervently first take authority over the

physical storms that threaten your

cities declare in faith that this

hurricane strength dissipates with each

word you utter command it to dwindle

from to a mere whisper on the ocean

causing no loss of life or damage stand

firm in the authority I have given you

now with that matter settled turn your

prayers to the glory storm a mighty

blessing pray that it will envelop the

Earth Awakening my church from spiritual

Slumber believe that institutions that

have kept my people in bondage will

crumble and that you my beloved will

rise and shine for your light has come

and my glory has risen upon you take

your place as Leaders worshippers Prayer

Warriors and family

members prepare your hearts breaking up

the hardened soil so that when my glory

descends it will saturate your very

being remember the promise that just as

the rain falls from heaven watering the

Earth and causing it to Bud and bring

forth fruit so shall my word be it will

not return empty but it will accomplish

my purpose and prosper in the task I

have appointed

it declare that my glory fills every

space your homes and wherever you may be

as you hear these

words just as people prepare for a

physical storm I urge you to make ready

for the unprecedented storm that is

about to sweep across the Earth thank me

in advance for the souls that will be

saved in the families that will be

restored rejoice in the knowledge that I

am doing a new thing and you are a part

of it this storm of Glory will not be

confined to a single nation or people

group it will transcend borders cultures

and languages for my spirit Knows No

Boundaries the wind of my presence will

blow where it wishes and you will hear

its sound but you cannot tell where it

comes from or where it goes so is

everyone who is born of the spirit get

ready my child for the old order is

passing away and I am making all things

new the systems that have held my people

captive will be shaken and only that

which is unshakable will remain this is

not a time for fear but for boldness and

expectancy I am calling you to be a

conduit of my glory as you surrender to

my will and align your heart with mine

you will become a catalyst for

transformation in your sphere of

influence do not be discouraged by the

chaos and confusion you see around you

remember that I am the god of order and

I am bringing divine order out of the

chaos just as I hovered over the face of

the deep in the beginning bringing forth

light and life so am I hovering over the

Earth in this hour ready to release a

new wave of Creation The Glory storm is

not just about my power being displayed

it’s about my character being

revealed as my glory covers the Earth

people will see me for who I truly am a

god of love compassion and

Justice they will experience my goodness

firsthand and many will turn to me in

Repentance and Faith so my child stand

tall and stand strong you are not alone

in this battle for I Am With You Always

even to the end of the age I have

equipped you with my spirit and armed

you with my word you have all you need

to face the challenges ahead and to step

into the glorious future I have prepared


you as the glory storm approaches keep

your eyes fixed on me do not be

distracted by the swirling winds or the

crashing waves I am your anchor your

rock and your

refuge in me you will find peace in the

midst of the

storm Embrace this new season with joy


anticipation knowing that I am doing

exceedingly abundantly above all all you

could ask or think trust in my timing

for I am always working behind the

scenes orchestrating every detail for

your good and my

glory my cherished child this storm is

not a force of Destruction but a force

of transformation it is my spirit moving

across the Earth bringing renewal

Revival and

restoration just as the wind and rain

can refresh a parched land my glory

storm will refresh and revive the dry

and weary places in your life and in the

world as this storm approaches do not

fear the wind and the waves instead

stand firm in your faith knowing that I

am with you in the midst of the Tempest

just like a tree with deep roots can

withstand a mighty Gale you will stand

strong as you remain rooted and grounded

in me T vertical bar his storm is

necessary for your growth and for the

advancement of my

kingdom just as a tree needs the wind to

grow strong you need the challenges and

trials of life to develop your faith and

character the storm is not your enemy it

is your opportunity to rise up in

strength and Authority as the glory

storm moves across the Earth expect to

see my power manifested in extraordinary

ways Miracles healings and deliverances

will be commonplace as my spirit is

poured out without measure

the Lost will be found the broken will

be healed and the captives will be set

free but remember the glory storm is not

just an external event it is also an


work as my spirit hovers over the Deep

places of your heart I will stir up the

gifts and callings that I have placed


you I will reveal the Hidden Treasures

of your identity and purpose and I will

Empower you to step into your god-given


so do not shrink back in fear or doubt

when the storm winds begin to Blow

instead rise up in faith and

expectation lift your eyes to the

heavens and declare that the king of

glory is

coming prepare your heart to receive the

reain of my spirit and get ready to be

launched into the extraordinary future I

have prepared for

you as the glory storm intensifies you

may face opposition and resistance from

the enemy

but remember the battle is not yours it

is mine I have already won the victory

through the cross and the resurrection

your job is simply to stand firm in that

Victory to wield the weapons of faith

and praise and to advance my kingdom in


earth my dear child I know things are

challenging right now you’re in an

uncomfortable place that doesn’t feel

familiar but I want you to understand

that this is all part of my plan to

refine and strength Len you just as a

blacksmith Heats metal to shape it I am

using this difficult season to mold your

character and prepare you for the

incredible future I have in

store it may seem like everything is in

chaos but I am still in

control I am working behind the scenes

even when you can’t see it trust that my

hand is guiding you even through the

uncertainty and

discomfort I know it’s not easy but keep

pressing into me in this time of pruning

I am cutting away everything that

doesn’t serve my purposes for your life

it may be painful to let go of old

habits relationships or mindsets but

have faith that I am making room for New

Growth what feels like loss is really an

opportunity for beautiful new things to

Blossom remember your destiny is in my

hands I have amazing plans for you plans

to give you hope and a future but to

step into all I have for you you need to

let me lead lean not on your own

understanding but in all your ways

acknowledge me and I will make your path

straight I know you can’t see the full

picture yet and that’s okay just as a

young bird Learning to Fly can’t see

beyond the nest you don’t need to

understand every detail of where I am

taking you your job is simply to trust

me day by day even when the path ahead


unclear walk by faith not by

sight as you face challenges and

setbacks don’t get

discouraged failure is not final it’s an

opportunity to grow like a toddler

learning to walk you may stumble many

times but each time you get back up you

are growing stronger perseverance is Key

Don’t shy away from obstacles but face

them head on knowing that I am with you

every step of the way in the midst of

the struggle don’t forget to spend spend

time in my presence open your Bible talk

to me in prayer I am your refuge and

strength an everpresent help in times of

trouble when you feel dry and depleted

let me fill you up

again I want to refresh and renew you

from the inside out remember that you

are part of my Army a mighty Force

advancing my kingdom on the

earth I am positioning you and your

fellow Believers to be

leaders yes there will be resistance but

resistance is what makes you strong the

very fact that you are facing opposition

is a sign that you are on the right

track keep moving forward and in those

moments when you mess up and you will

because you’re human don’t wallow in

guilt or self-pity repent receive my

forgiveness and get back in the

fight my mercies are new every morning I

am not finished with you yet I know this

season is stretching you but I am

calling you to a new level of maturity

and authority to go higher you must dig

deeper Roots immerse yourself in my word

and let it transform your

thinking surround yourself with wise

people who will challenge you to

grow as you cooperate with my spirit and

obey my leading even in the small things

you will see incredible breakthrough

stay stay attentive to my voice let me

direct your steps I am aligning you with


purposes but it’s a partnership I won’t

Force you but I will woo you and guide

you there will be sacrifices along the

way dreams you have to lay down comforts

you have to let go of but know that

anything I ask you to release is only to

make room for something better my plans

for you are good and my blessings are

beyond what you can ask or imagine so

fix your eyes on me don’t be distracted

by the world’s chatter or discouraged by


setbacks I am the author and perfector

of your faith what I start I will

complete I know the waiting is hard you

want to see the results now but just as

a farmer has to wait patiently for the

Harvest after planting seeds you must

trust my timing don’t try to rush the

process or manufacture your own outcomes

wait on me and let me leave


remember these light and momentary

troubles are achieving for you an

eternal glory that far outweighs them

all one day all the struggles of this

life will fade in the light of

Eternity on that day you will see how it

was all worth it you will see the beauty

that I brought From the

Ashes so take heart my child be strong

and courageous do not fear for I am with

you I will never leave you nor forsake

you you I am your God and I will

strengthen you and help you keep running

the race set before you with passion and

perseverance fight the good fight of

Faith lay hold of the eternal life to

which you were

called my beloved child I want you to

know that nothing can hold you back from

the incredible future I have planned for

you recently something

shifted perhaps you fasted received

prayer and Pro propy or Broke Free from


curse whatever it was the chains holding

back your destiny have been shattered

every promise I’ve made about your

future is now being Unleashed get ready

because things are about to move quickly

acceleration is coming blessings and

breakthroughs will come one after

another in Rapid succession the Devil

comes to kill steal and destroy don’t

let him make you afraid to step out or

let others get close or be worried he

would just steal from you again but

listen closely what the enemy stole is

about to be returned to you I am now

removing people and things that don’t

belong in your life and are blocking

your blessings connections that aren’t

meant to be are being

severed restitution and restoration are

coming the enemy likes to try to prevent

this from coming to pass but his schemes


succeed my my precious child I want you

to understand that these words come

straight from my heart to yours it is I

the beginning and the end who is

speaking directly to you right

now my love for you is so great that I

am not far away but close to you holding

you in my

Embrace even though things may seem dark

and uncertain do not be afraid my light

is starting to break through and shine

upon you showing you the incredible

potential and beauty that I have

carefully placed within you the journey

to becoming all that I have created you

to be may not be easy but know that

every Challenge and struggle is a

necessary part of the process just like

a skilled Builder I am carefully sealing

up every crack and hole that the enemy

has used to sneak into your life and

cause harm you can trust me completely

because I am in control

I will restore everything that has been

stolen from you and I will keep every

promise I have made to you in ways that

will Amaze

you when you face difficult times never

forget this I am the god who redeems

restores and brings new life what looks

hopeless and shattered I can breathe new

life into what appears impossible I can

make happen with my Limitless

power so

my precious child stand tall and breathe

in the fresh air of Hope and

excitement trust that I am working out

every part of your future leading you

down the right paths that will bring you

blessing and

abundance do not let setbacks or

failures discourage you because I am

your strength when you are weak and your

safe place when you are in trouble As

you move forward face the journey with

bravery and unshakable trust in me do

not be afraid to step into the

incredible future I have planned for you

because I have made you wonderfully and

purposefully in my own

image walk confidently into the exciting

Adventure that is waiting for you

knowing that I am right there with you

every single step of the way your story

is nowhere near finished my beloved

child your best and brightest days are

still to come because I have amazing

plans to bless you and give you a

hope-filled future so live each day

secure in the knowledge that you are my

dearly loved child and watch in

amazement as I do the miraculous in your

life my dearly loved child I want you to

know that I am always working on your

behalf even when you can’t see it just

like a farmer tilling the soil and

planting seeds I am cultivating the

ground of your life preparing it for an

incredible Harvest

the process may be challenging at times

with rocks to remove and weeds to pull

out but trust that every step is

necessary for the Abundant Life I have

in store for

you as you navigate this journey

remember that your identity is secure in

me you are not defined by your mistakes

your struggles or what others say about

you you are my precious child created

with great purpose and potential

when negative thoughts try to take root

in your mind replace them with the truth

of who you are in Me Speak Life over

yourself declaring that you are loved

valued and destined for

greatness in the moments when you feel

weak or overwhelmed lean into my

strength I am your everpresent help in

times of need just as a child reaches

for their parents’ hand when they are

unsure or afraid

reach out to me I will guide you comfort

you and give you the courage to keep

moving forward my power is made perfect

in your weakness so don’t be afraid to

admit when you need help as you continue

to grow and mature expect to face some

resistance just like a seed pushing

through the soil to reach the sunlight

you may encounter obstacles and

challenges as you pursue your god-given

dreams but don’t let this discourage you

these difficulties are are opportunities

for you to develop perseverance faith

and character they are preparing you for

the incredible future I have planned for

you when you face setbacks or

disappointments remember that my ways

are higher than your ways and my

thoughts are higher than your

thoughts what may seem like a detour or

delay is often part of my divine

plan I’m working all things together for

your good even when it doesn’t make

sense in the moment

trust my timing and my wisdom knowing

that I always have your best interests

at heart as you navigate relationships

and connections let me guide

you I will bring the right people into

your life at the right time people who

will encourage you challenge you and

help you

grow but I will also remove

relationships that are holding you back

or leading you astray trust my

leadership in this area even when it’s

difficult to let go I am protecting you

and positioning you for healthy


Connections in the pursuit of your goals

and dreams stay connected to me I am the

vine and you are the

branch apart from me you can do nothing

but when you abide in me you will bear

much fruit make time daily to be in my

presence soaking in my love and

listening for my voice I will will

refresh you renew you and give you the

wisdom and strength you need for each

day and when you experience success and

blessing stay humble and grateful

remember that every good gift comes from

me use the influence and resources I

give you to bless others and Advance my

kingdom be a light in the darkness

showing the world the hope and love that

can only be found in Me Above All never

forget how deeply I love you my love for

you is unconditional unshakable and

everlasting there is nothing you can do

to earn it and nothing you can do to

lose it in your darkest moments my love

will be your anchor in your greatest

triumphs my love will be your

foundation let this love fill you heal

you and Empower you to live the Abundant

Life I have for you so keep moving

forward my precious child keep keep

growing keep trusting keep pursuing the

incredible future I have planned for you

I am with you every step of the way

cheering you on and guiding your path

you are never alone and you are always

loved and when the journey gets tough

remember this I am not finished with you

yet I am constantly shaping you molding

you and transforming you into the person

I created you to be the process may be

uncomfortable at times but it is always

worth it you are a work in progress and

every day you are becoming more and more

like me so embrace the process even when

it’s hard let go of perfectionism and

the need to have it all figured out give

yourself Grace when you stumble or fall

short and keep your eyes fixed on me the

author and perfector of your faith amen

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