my beloved

child I see

you I know you’ve been waiting a long

time for me to move in your

life like the man at the pool of

Bethesda who waited years for

healing you’ve been hoping praying and

believing for your

breakthrough you’ve faced obstacles

setbacks and opposition that have tried

to keep you from the destiny I have for

you but I want you to know that your

season of waiting is over your time has

come I am the god who

sees I have seen every tear you’ve cried

every disappointment you’ve faced every

time you’ve been overlooked or

rejected I know the pain the struggles


defeats but I am here to tell you that

it’s time to rise up it’s time to shake

off the shame the guilt the feelings of

failure it’s time to pick yourself up

and walk into the new thing I am

doing the enemy has tried to hold you

back to keep you trapped in cycles of

lack sickness and

Brokenness he stolen from you stripped

you of what rightfully belongs to you

but no

more I am bringing you into a season of

restoration and Redemption what the

enemy meant for harm I am turning around

for your good I am giving you back

everything he’s taken your joy Joy your

peace your health your relationships


finances it’s all coming back to you

pressed down shaken together and running

over this is your moment your appointed

time for favor and blessing just like

the man at the pool your Miracle is

going to happen suddenly unexpectedly

supernaturally One Touch from me changes

everything one word from my mouth shifts

the trajectory of your life

I am moving swiftly on your behalf

accelerating the dreams and Promises

I’ve placed within

you what took years to build will happen

in a moment overnight I am catapulting

you to new levels you are stepping into

a season of unprecedented increase and

multiplication I am expanding your

boundaries enlarging your territory you

will be fruitful in every area of your

life your family your work your ministry

you will be a city on a hill a light

shining in the darkness the world around

you will see my goodness and Glory

manifested through you this is not a

time to shrink back in fear or unbelief

it’s a time to arise and shine to step

out in bold faith and obedience I am

doing a new thing making a way in the

wilderness and streams in the

Wasteland I am restoring the years the

locusts have eaten recompensing you for

all you’ve lost lost the latter will be

greater than the former The Best Is Yet

To Come so lift up your head my child

shake off the dust of the past and put

on your garments of praise your mourning

is turning to dancing your sorrow to Joy

I am giving you a double portion for

your trouble Beauty for Ashes I am

making all things new trust in my timing

my ways my love for you I am working all

things together for your good

I am fighting your battles and making

your enemies your foot stol no weapon

formed against you will prosper no curse

or scheme of hell can stop my plans for

you you are an overcomer by the blood of

the lamb and the word of your

testimony your story is not over your

destiny is not denied your dream is not

dead I am the god of resurrection power

and I am bringing life to every dead and

in place I am doing exceedingly

abundantly above all you could ask think

or imagine so rise up and walk in the

newness of life I have for you embrace

the new beginning the new opportunities

the new dimensions of my spirit let go

of the old wine skins and mindsets that

have limited you my mercies are new

every morning my compassions never fail

you entering a season of unprecedented

favor where I am opening doors no man

can shut bringing Divine connections and

relationships releasing resources and

strategies from Heaven you will have a

constant flow of my provision and

blessing you will lack no good thing my

riches in glory are yours I am restoring

your Roar your voice your influence you

will decree a thing and it will be

established signs wonders and miracles

will follow you as you go this is your

time to shine to rise up and take your

place in my

kingdom you are anointed and appointed

for such a time as this you are called

and chosen for my purposes I have

empowered you with my spirit so Stand

Tall my child stand strong in the power

of my might put on the full armor of God

and take your place on the front lines

Advance my kingdom with boldness and

courage pursue your purpose with passion

and Zeal run your race with endurance Ur

and faith I am with you always working

in you and through you to fulfill my

good pleasure I will never leave you nor

forsake you I am your rock your Fortress


deliverer I am your strength your song


salvation you are more than enough in me

you are the head and not the tail above

and not

beneath you are blessed coming in and

blessed going out you are a royal

priesthood a chosen generation called to

Proclaim my

Praises so arise Shine for your light

has come the glory of the Lord is risen

upon you you will be called by a new

name a crown of Beauty in my hand you

will be a praise in the earth a joy to


generations this is your time this is

your season this is your moment seize it

with faith and

expectancy embrace the fullness of of

all I have for you walk in the newness

of Life the abundance of Grace the power

of my spirit I love you with an

everlasting love I have called you by

name you are mine you are my beloved in

whom I am well pleased I Rejoice over

you with

singing I will never stop doing good to

you I have plans to prosper you to give

you hope in a

future so rise up my child rise up and

take hold of all I have for you your

best days are ahead your greatest

victories are yet to come your most

fruitful seasons are on the

horizon I am doing a new thing and it’s

just getting started get ready for the

more the double the

Overflow I am the god of the impossible

and I am making all things possible for

you trust me Lean on Me depend on me I

will never fail you I will never never

disappoint you I am your faithful God

your loving father your everpresent help

in time of need so be encouraged my

child be strengthened in your inner self

be filled with my joy my peace my love

let my word abide in you richly

producing a harvest of righteousness and

blessing let my spirit lead and guide

you into all truth wisdom and

Revelation my beloved child I see you I

know you’ve been waiting on me wondering

if I would show up in your

life despite the doubts and the

temptation to go your own way you chose

to trust in me you remained steadfast

even as you watched others receive Their

Blessings while you remained in the

waiting process your faith and loyalty

have not gone unnoticed because you

waited I have a special Miracle prepared

just for you I am ready to bring healing

restoration and transformation to every

aspect of your life it’s not a mere

coincidence or surprise it’s a carefully

crafted blessing designed specifically

for you I recognize your faithfulness

and your unwavering commitment to me

even in the face of

adversity you may have felt like giving

up at times but you held on to that

Mustard Seed of Faith you clung to my

promises trusting that I would move in

your life and now I am telling you that

your waight is over I am going to

release an instant Miracle over your

life you will experience a breakthrough

like never before rising up from the

pain hurt and warfare that have tried to

hold you down it’s your turn now my

child the enemy had his season but now

it’s time for you to step into your

season of

blessing I am restoring everything that

was lost or stolen from you you will

experience the fullness of my love and

power in your life I have seen you in

your darkest moments I have watched You

Weep struggle and wonder if you were

coming or going but through it all I was

testing your faith I wanted to see if

you would hold on to me even when things

seemed impossible and you did you never

stopped waiting on me to move in your

life your wounds are turning into winds

in this hour the heavy burdens you’ve

carried the challenges you’ve faced in

your calling I am taking them from you

you don’t have to carry this load

anymore I am making things right

removing the pain from your Warfare and

the hurt from your assignment as you

step into this new beginning know that I

am with you I will lead you into a life

of favor Glory wealth and abundance

trust in me and watch as I open doors

that no one can shut I am your provider

your healer and your deliverer to those

who left you rejected you or made you

feel defeated they will see the hand of

God upon your life they they will know

that I am the god of restoration and

Recovery I am setting you up for a win a

miracle and a major

breakthrough receive this word over your

life my child it comes from my Throne

from the most high I have a blessing

with your name on it and it’s your turn

to receive it you have been faithful and

now it’s time for you to experience the

rewards of your

faithfulness I love you my child I am

proud of you keep walking with me

trusting in my plan for your life

embrace the blessings that are coming

your way and let your light shine before

others let them see the fruits of your

faith and the impact of someone who

truly trusts in my power stay close to

me and I will guide you every step of

the way I will give you wisdom

intelligence and the ability to

positively impact many

lives as you live by my teaching

others will be drawn to the love and

grace that flows through you I know

you’re tired hopeless and uncertain at

times but I am here to lift those

burdens from you allow me to bring peace

to your soul and strength to your spirit

I am intimately aware of your daily

struggles and the challenges you face I

have heard your Silent Cries for help

even when you tried to hide your pain

behind a


you have come before me with the little

faith you have left believing that I can

do immeasurably more than you can ask or

imagine and you are right in my presence

you will find love power and security no

fear can touch you and no worldly

troubles can harm you when you are in my

arms so come my child let me embrace you

and shield you from the storms of life

trust in my unfailing love and my

ability to transform your life I am here

ready to pour out my blessings and favor

upon you your season of waiting is over

your time of blessing has come step into

this new chapter with confidence knowing

that I am with you always I will never

leave you nor forsake you you are mine

and I am yours get ready to experience

the supernatural move of God in your

life Miracles breakthroughs and

restoration are coming your way

Rejoice for your heavenly father has

heard your prayers and seen your

faithfulness walk in the victory that I

have secured for you you are a living

example of my love and power and I am

proud to call you my own so rise up my

child take up your cross and follow me

dear child I see you I know you deeply

my love for you is boundless and

unconditional in this moment I want you

to pause and breathe in the peace and

joy I’m pouring into your spirit let it

fill you up and renew your strength I

understand the struggles and pain you’ve

endured the weight of past mistakes the

voices of doubt and

condemnation both from others and within

yourself but hear me now you are

forgiven completely I have wiped away

every wrong every misstep they are gone

buried never to be held again against

you again you don’t need to keep

carrying that burden it’s not yours

anymore I took it on myself dealt with

it fully so you could be free free to

move forward into the incredible future

I have planned for you a future full of

purpose hope and blessing I created you

with intention and care every part of

you is precious to me there has never

been and will never be another person

exactly like you you are unique valuable

irreplaceable in my eyes my heart’s

desire is for you to see yourself the

way I see you to understand how deeply

cherished and important you are to walk

in confidence knowing that you are my

beloved child and nothing can ever


that when the storms of life come and

they will remember that I am with you

always I will never leave you or forsake

you even when you can’t see the way

forward trust that I am guiding your

steps I will lead you to places of

safety and rest in those moments when

you feel weak I will be your strength

when you are weary I will carry you when

darkness closes in I will be your light

I am your everpresent help and support

lean on me I am also your provider I

know every need before you even ask

I Delight in blessing my children with

good things so bring your requests to me

trusting in my love and generosity I

will answer in my perfect way in

timing but I don’t just want to meet

your needs I want to give you Abundant

Life I have blessings and opportunities

in store for you beyond what you can

imagine dream big because I put those

Desires in your heart and I love to

fulfill them I will equip you for every

good work I’ve prepared prepared for you


do I will give you wisdom creativity

boldness and resources to impact those

around you for the better so step out in

faith take risks be generous shine

brightly and when the enemy tries to

discourage you or hold you back declare

the truth of who you are and whose you

are you are more than a conqueror no

weapon formed against you will prosper

nothing can separate you from my love I

am always with you and for you I am

working everything together for your

good I will make sure Justice is served

and truth comes to light I am your

Defender and

deliverer so lift up your head let Hope

arise believe that I am who I say I am

and I will do what I’ve

promised choose to agree with and focus

on what I say about you not what others

say or even what your own mind may say

my word is the final

Authority meditate on my

promises fill your mind and mouth with

lifegiving truth let praise and thanks

be continually on your lips stay

connected to me talk to me throughout

your day sharing your heart your dreams


concerns I love communing with you I’m

not looking for Perfection just openness

and authenticity when you mess up or

fall fall short run to me not from me I

will always receive you with compassion

and Grace I will heal your wounds calm

your fears and refresh your spirit I

will lead you forward with unshakable

peace unspeakable joy and unwavering

purpose I will Empower you to love like

I love give like I give and forgive like

I forgive you are no longer a slave to

sin and shame you are a child of the

king my Royal seal is on your

life the same power that raised me from

the dead now lives inside of you you

have authority to overcome every

obstacle and Advance my kingdom in the

earth so rise up my child take your

place lay hold of every spiritual

blessing I’ve given you Steward well the

time talents and resources I’ve

entrusted to you saw generously love

extravagant ly and watch me multiply it

all for my glory and your good I’ve

called you by name you are mine when you

pass through the waters I will be with

you when you walk through the fires you

will not be burned I have Amazing

Adventures ahead for you I will never

steer you wrong keep your eyes on me

keep believing and obeying and watch me

move mountains on your behalf nothing is

impossible for me and nothing is

impossible for you when we stand

together I have given you my authority

my anointing my very spirit with me you

can do all things so come closer breathe

slower listen

intently there’s more I want to share

with your heart there’s more I want to

show you there’s more I want to do in

and through

you my beloved child as you journey

through this life remember the the

importance of

investing not just in material

possessions or Earthly wealth but in the

things that truly matter and will Echo


eternity first and foremost invest in

yourself you were created with purpose

and potential take time to nurture your

mind body and spirit pursue wisdom and

knowledge develop your unique gifts and

talents care for your physical health

feed soul with my word and

presence as you grow and mature in every

area you will have more to offer the

world around you I have placed you in a

community a network of

relationships family friends neighbors

colleagues each one is valuable and

worthy of your time attention and

resources pour into them share your

stories your Lessons Learned your words

of encouragement listen to their hearts

celebrate their Joys and successes stand

with them in their trials and struggles

be a conduit of my love and

compassion you have no idea the impact

you can make through simple acts of

kindness and Care generously give your

time talents and treasure to further my

mission on

Earth support those who are on the front

lines taking my gospel to the ends of

the Earth every seed sown in faith and

obedience will bear fruit and be

multiplied for my

glory remember your life is not just

about you it’s about fulfilling the

purposes I’ve destined you for it’s

about making me known and advancing my

kingdom it’s about leaving a legacy that

will last long after you’re gone so be

faithful with all I’ve entrusted to you

Steward it

wisely invest it

sacrificially seow bountifully and you

will reap bountifully

give and it will be given to you press

through any fear or

hesitation knowing that I am your supply

and I will always take care of you as

you obey me your life has profound

purpose your time talents and resources

are gifts from me to be used for my

glory and the good of others so hold

nothing back be extravagantly generous

wildly obedient and audaciously faithful

take risks go above and beyond live with

Eternal perspective and trust me to do

exceedingly abundantly above all you

could ask think or imagine I Delight in

blessing my children and empowering them

to be a blessing so lean into me listen

to my spirit’s leading and follow where

I guide you to invest I’m the lord of

the Harvest and I produce extraordinary

return on every seed sown in my name I

am proud of you keep going my rich

reward awaits you amen

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