my cherished one I am doing a new thing in you and in my body a refreshing is coming a newness

that will revive and re-energize you spiritually and physically this renewal is to prepare

you for the next level I am taking you to to equip you for the new challenges

and opportunities that await you for those of you who have diligently served me with what seems like little get ready

for an outpouring of abundance your faithfulness has not gone unnoticed

and now it’s time for you to experience the Overflow of my goodness but before I can take you

higher there are some matters that need to be resolved between us I require more

from you in this season more of your time in my presence more obedience to my

instructions more generosity with your finances more reverence for who I am

more commitment to prayer and fasting some of you have been holding back not

giving me your all and it’s hindering your progress I am calling you to settle

your accounts with Me Take A Hard look at your life and see where you’ve been falling

short have you been disobedient wasting time not stewarding

your resources well repent and make it right I’m not angry with you but I do

require your wholehearted devotion as you review these areas and make the necessary changes you are

creating space for me to fill you with more of my spirit more of my favor more

of my blessings I have given each of you unique gifts abilities and

resources I expect you to use them wisely to multiply them for my kingdom

purposes I am returning to see what you have done with what I have entrusted to you

to those who have been faithful stewards even if you feel like you only had a little to work with I will entrust much

more I will give you greater responsibilities and invite you to experience my joy on a profound level my

beloved have you been a faithful Steward of your time have you been diligent in

your work but also made space for rest and renewal have you used your time to draw

closer to me to serve others and to pursue the passions I’ve placed within

you what about your finances have you been honoring me with your tithes and

offerings have you been generous towards others using your resources to bless and

support my kingdom work or have you been withholding allowing greed or fear to

dictate your financial decisions and what about your gifts and

talents have you been using them to glorify me and benefit others or have

you been burying them too afraid or insecure to step out and

shine I’m not asking these questions to condemn you but to convict you I want

you to be fully prepared and equipped for where I’m taking you and that requires a heart that is fully

surrendered and obedient to me as you settle your accounts and align

your life with my will you’ll find yourself unburdened and energized you’ll

have a fresh spring in your step and A Renewed passion for my purposes you’ll be ready to run your race with endurance

and joy I have incredible things in store for you Adventures beyond your wildest

dreams I am opening doors that no man can shut bringing Divine connections and

opportunities across your path you’ll find yourself stepping into new spheres of influence taking on roles and

responsibilities you never imagined possible but don’t worry I have been

preparing you for such a time as this all your experiences both the triumphs

and the trials have been shaping you and molding You for Your Divine

assignment as you step into your new season trust that I am with you every

step of the way when you feel uncertain or inadequate lean on me my strength is

made perfect in your weakness when you face opposition or obstacles remember that I am your

Defender and deliverer no weapon formed against you will prosper I am also raising up a community

of Believers around you a support system to encourage you and spur you on you are

not meant to do life alone lean into the relationships I am bringing across your

path allow yourself to be sharpened challenged and loved by your spiritual family

don’t get distracted by the cares of this world or the opinions of others stay focused on my voice my will

and my ways as you do you’ll find yourself walking in a peace that surpasses

understanding and a joy that can’t be shaken some of you are facing challenges

and the situation seems impossible but I want you to know that I am the god of divine settlements I am supernaturally

intervening my grace and power are far above any Earthly system keep bringing

your petitions before me and watch as I grant you favor and victory I’m also doing a transformative work in your

character I’m changing the very essence of who you are causing your nature to

come into alignment with mine as I mold and shape you from the inside out your

reflection will start to look more and more like me this is a necessary process to prepare you for where I am taking you

trust me in the midst of this this metamorphosis even if it feels uncomfortable at times even if you don’t

fully understand Follow My Lead walk in obedience to my spirit’s

promptings I am equipping you to handle greater influence greater resources and

greater responsibilities stay faithful in the process and watch as I transition you

from Barely getting by to thriving abundantly your season is here embrace

the new things I am doing in you and through you I am setting things in order

aligning circumstances and positioning you for Success nothing will hold you back from

stepping into the fullness of what I have for you your unwavering faithfulness will be rewarded your

heartfelt prayers will be answered and your life will progressively reflect my goodness and

Glory get ready to soar to new heights I am leading the way Paving the path before you simply keep your hand in mind

and follow my footsteps your season of increase promotion and plenty is upon

you so rise up my child shake off the weariness of the past season Let me

refresh and renew you from the inside out give me your all hold nothing back

and watch as I pour out my favor and blessings in astonishing ways I am doing a new thing and I am am

bringing you into a spacious Place walk forward with confidence knowing that I

am with you I am for you and I will never leave you your best days are ahead and I will

be with you every step of the way so get ready my child your season of

refreshing and advancement is here I’m doing a new thing in you and through

you trust my timing trust my process and trust my love for

you I am clearing the path before you aligning every detail and orchestrating

every step my dear child I know your heart is heavy and your mind is troubled but I

want you to know that I am here for you always when you feel alone and abandoned

remember that my love for you is constant and unwavering even when others turn their

backs on you I will never leave your side my love for you is beyond anything you

can imagine and my kindness knows no bounds don’t be too hard on yourself

when you make mistakes everyone stumbles and Falls but that doesn’t make you any

less worthy of my love punishing yourself will only bring you more pain and

sadness instead let me lift the veil that obscures your view of me and allow me to

transform your heart so that you can truly believe believe in my love for you

when you feel tired and burdened come to me I will give you the peace and rest

that you so desperately need I don’t want you to live your life weighed down by sorrow and

discouragement My Sacrifice and Resurrection were acts of love so that you could experience true

joy and happiness today I am breaking the chains

that have held you back and removing the obstacles that have prevented you from reaching the Blessed future I have

planned for you don’t look back or seek validation from those who have kept you trapped in

the past choosing to love and follow me is your decision and unlike those who

seek to bring you down I care about your well-being and happiness Stand Tall be

courageous and move forward with confidence towards the new life I am giving you your blessing is coming trust

in my promise embrace it with faith and joy and don’t dwell on your past

mistakes they no longer have any power over you keep your eyes fixed on the future because that’s where your destiny

Lies when you feel weak or tired remember that I am your loving father

reach out to me and I will help you overcome your fears and doubts I will give you the strength to stand firm

against uncertainty and lift you up when you feel sad and exhausted always remember that I am with

you now and for forever if you ever feel lonely remember that you are never truly

alone if you feel like crying let your tears be tears of joy because my love

surrounds you my care upholds you and my Spirit guides you whenever you pray and

ask for my help I immediately command the Heavens to send a host of angels to support you I send joy to lighten your

heart wisdom to clear your mind and solutions to your problems I place my

mighty hand on your spirit filling you with boundless love and peace in times of trouble when you pray Heaven moves on

your behalf so understand how important powerful and effective each of your

prayers is I am ready to move mountains for you to help you in your time of need

I don’t want to see you my child overwhelmed by problems sadness or disappointments I created you to live a

life of abundance in every way to do that you need to give your heart to me completely and let me take care of you

in a way you’ve never experienced before my grace saves you my Mercy purifies you

and my love leads you to victory be joyful and confident that your life will

change starting today your pain is in the past now new days are coming and

when they do embrace them believe with all your heart that I hear your prayers today I have commanded great

blessings to enter your home and transform your life to heal all pain and

sorrow to give you strength and remove all spiritual weakness today I am instilling faith and

determination in you so that you may feel fulfilled and accomplished never feel discouraged

about anything in your life again I Delight in your prayers your faith is

precious to me it brings me great joy to see you set aside time and space for me

each morning coming to me with sincerity and reverence offering your requests

praise and worship your willingness to seek me out makes me incredibly happy

your faith is genuine and heartfelt even though various circumstances have

damaged your self-image hear this directly from me today you have a kind

heart yes you have stumbled many times but you always come back to me sorry for

your mistakes and asking for another chance this new beginning is exactly what I want to give you every day

whenever you come to me in faith you can be sure that I will answer when you pray

fully expecting to receive the blessings you ask for they will be yours without a

doubt have faith I will act at the right time I know you will wait patiently for

that moment to come don’t lose hope Don’t Take Your Eyes Off The Blessing

that is coming my promises are sure and true my word is eternal my power is at

work in your life it is your faith and commitment that keep you going I need your faith to work more miracles in your

life so accept the blessings I am sending your way don’t go

back to the way things were when trusting and receiving my gifts seemed so difficult when you felt unworthy and

lacked Faith it’s good that you have learned and grown from those experiences now you understand how your

faith helps you make important decisions protects your heart from wrong and helps you follow and live out my

teachings your faith has brought about many changes it may seem small to you

but even Faith as small as a mustard seed is huge and amazing in my eyes you

are seeing changes all around you your prayers are being answered your heart is

getting stronger even greater Miracles are waiting in the place I am leading you to hold tightly to my hand we’re

almost there I am with you in difficult times and in your moments of pain tell

me that you believe in me with all your heart close your eyes and feel my

presence hear me say that my love for you each day is the deepest truth you will ever

know remember what my word tells you even if your father mother family

children or friends abandon in you no matter what the situation the promise of

my love is sealed with my own blood and I will never leave you or forsake you I

will be with you always day and night I want you to be filled with peace

by these words that you read and hear I want you to kneel down and give your

struggles to me you don’t need to spend the whole day worried and

anxious receive my peace now fill yourself with the assurance that your

life and your family are in my hands my firm and eternal promise is to protect

you and prepare a future of goodness and peace for you things are changing around you but

do not be afraid I have a plan that is unfolding and my plan is perfect so I tell you do

not be afraid of the things you see I am bringing the blessing that your life needs and I have heard your cry I

always listen I understand that you are not not perfect and that you will make mistakes you’re not claiming to be

perfect but your humility and honesty will bring their own reward don’t worry when it seems like

others are getting ahead while you’re not this difficult phase you’re going through won’t last forever the seed of

your efforts has been planted and now it’s growing you have listened to me and felt my presence I don’t want your

suffering to continue right now your faith is bringing about a miracle

transforming your thoughts your soul your heart and your family’s life affirm

your belief in me and get ready to see the Wonders that await you my precious child if things haven’t gone as planned

it doesn’t mean you have failed it’s natural to feel upset or sad when plans

don’t work out but your faith in me will lift you up and guide you back to the path that aligns with my great plan for

you I have envisioned a brighter future for you in my book one where the

promises you have held on to become a reality don’t let sadness build up in

your mind don’t let discouragement sap your strength you will go far if you trust in

me your family will always be safe protected and happy if you trust in me

they will have the strength to face life’s challenges and the wisdom to avoid and prevent the dangers that lurk

every day my beloved child I want you to know that you are are incredibly special and

cherished by me you have the potential to inspire and uplift so many people in

this world when you put your sincere faith in me your heavenly father amazing

things can happen you have direct access to my Throne where you can talk to me

openly there’s no need to feel guilty about anything I long to forgive your

mistakes my cleansing blood has the power to forgive and redeem you you are

so privileged accepted and valued in my eyes my promises to you are genuine and

trustworthy I would never deceive you or play with your emotions even if your current

circumstances seem Bleak if I’ve assured you of a bright future then you can count on it don’t be discouraged if your

plans haven’t panned out as you hoped instead of worrying simply trust me completely if you’re exhausted from

setbacks and disappointments I will fill your heart with renewed courage and hope

I know that deep down you have strong faith in me but I also understand that

life’s ups and downs and intense emotions can feel overwhelming at times

remember I endured immense hardships and struggles too so much that I even sweat

drops of blood so feel free to confidently come to me asking for my

grace and help don’t worry better days are coming I have major positive changes

in store for you let my love and peace surround and comfort you today I want

you to know that I won’t abandon you to face these trials by yourself with my

help you will come through Victorious today I’m giving you Triumph because you

are so deeply loved by me I’m actively at work in every area of your life your

health your job your family I’m opening amazing doors doors that will transform your present situation I’m taking care

of the problems that weigh on you and I’m working on Solutions so lift up your head and dry your tears because

extraordinary blessings from me are on the way from now on you’ll find yourself thanking me more and more each day for

the Miracles that are starting to happen in your life Welcome me with love into your home and encourage your whole

household to honor and seek me I’m transforming Hearts driving out sorrow

and pain those who are struggling with depression will smile once again I’m

purifying your home removing sickness and lack and filling every dark corner

with my light and salvation only I can give you boundless love and peace I’m

shielding your life and the lives of your loved ones with my Divine protection I’m keeping all of you safe

and secure under my wings I won’t allow any harm to touch you I’ll guide you

along the right Paths of goodness and love you’ll be liberated from anxiety

uncertainty and fear I love you deeply I tenderly care for you and your dear ones

open your heart fully to my profound love for you make time to be with me

perhaps in the Tranquility of nature where I’ll refresh your spirit and renew

your strength I’m working in your life forging New Paths dispelling negativity

and removing roadblocks in your way I’ve forgiven your wrong turns taken away

your weariness and filled you with courage trust that everything will work out for your good as my angels work

tirelessly to pour out Abundant Blessings on you let your faith grow strong and praise me with all your heart

because you are so precious to me you reached out to me and asked for my help

and I’m here to answer to provide for your needs and to give you my love and comfort for the pain you

feel don’t don’t be afraid because I see everything that happens in this world I

know what’s going on in your life and in the lives of your loved ones stand strong in your faith and never stop

praying as you spend time with me each day in honesty and consistency I’ll fill

you with peace and wisdom and the challenges you’ve recently faced have taught you valuable lessons and given

you greater Insight you’ve witnessed my hand at work in each difficulty you’ve gone through

I’ve been your Shield protecting you from even greater harm and trouble today

I’m granting you the blessing and Miracle you’ve asked me for get up now

wipe away your tears and go to the door because I’m calling you open it and I’ll

take your hand leading you into a place of abundance that’s waiting for you I’m

giving you a level of strength you’ve never known before I’m blessed blessing you in such a way that you’ll be out of

the reach of those who oppose you I won’t let you face humiliation any longer I’m opening a new door for you

that’s so huge you’ll be amazed at the blessings and solutions I’m bringing into your life you’ll cry tears of joy

filled with the power my holy spirit is giving you stand up dry your tears and

face the world as a triumphant Overcomer because I’ve spoken clearly to you and

my blessing is upon you move forward on your journey with your eyes wide open

because in the coming days I’ll reveal Powerful Secrets to you and make you feel the depths of my incredible love

seek me continually soak in my peace and call out to me day and night Let Your

Faith and Hope be unwavering come to me fully convinced that I’m with you trusting that I will

answer you because that kind of faith is so precious to me

even if things haven’t gone the way you wanted choose to completely trust me

again because I’m preparing blessings for you and your family if you feel like you’ve lost

material possessions think carefully about this your life is in my hands and I want

what’s best for you for you to grow to have unshakable faith and to be

strengthened I’m going to restore what you think you’ve lost giving it back to

you in an even better way than it was before so instead of worrying or

grieving over what you don’t have right now concentrate on loving me treasuring

your family following my will and waiting with faith for the blessings that are coming material things are

temporary they come and go don’t let your heart be troubled because you

haven’t really lost anything what has been taken from you and the joys you once experienced will be returned to you

even more wonderful than ever give me your heart I want to give you the peace

you long for place the burdens and thoughts that keep you up at night into my hands trust me

completely your future is secure I hear you crying at night wondering how you’ll

make it through these tough times today I’m telling you you will overcome by

your strong faith agree with me because your faith in my promises is all you need to walk on water and see Miracles

become reality in your life don’t be afraid of anything or anyone every

morning when you wake up be filled with courage and strength you are brave and

your faith is more than enough today I’m placing a shining sword in your hands

feel the weight of it this sword is my word that you’ve put your trust in from

now on use it whenever you face challenges is because I’ll be with you

fighting right alongside you I love you so much your prayers are never hidden

from me and each time you pray you release spiritual blessings on your

family your home and everyone you love I’m going to lift you out of this

deep pit of despair reaching out my hand for you to take hold of don’t doubt and

don’t hesitate because I must help you now your desperate need your deep

sadness even from my Throne I can hear the cries of your heart so

clearly get ready to come out of the trials you’re in right now don’t listen to those who say it’s impossible let

your dreams come alive again ignore the people who try to discourage you without helping you grow embrace the plan and

purpose I have for your life tune your ears to hear only my voice your heartfelt prayers filled with patient

and hopeful Faith are the key to unlocking Miracles think back on those times when

you fa trials and thought failure was certain after you prayed those overwhelming challenges vanished and you

ended up Victorious you decided to pray despite the despair you felt and you remained

firm in your faith do you remember this is the evidence that I

always hear your prayers my child listen carefully carefully to what I’m telling you right now even when everything seems

covered in darkness when you look up and can’t find any light in the middle of your struggles when you feel too weak to

face the challenges ahead know that the victory belongs to

you I hear your prayers I see you even when you quietly

reach out to me for help feeling completely drained of strength today is the day I’m going to

lift you up so high that your problems won’t be able to touch you anymore your prayers have been heard

even in the middle of all the pressure fear anguish and Desperation that surrounds you my beloved child I

understand the challenges you’re facing and the doubts that cloud your mind but I want you to know that by putting your

faith in me you’ve taken a step towards a brighter future your faith has opened

the door for my blessings to flow into your life transforming it in ways you can’t yet imagine the path ahead may

seem uncertain but I assure you that I have a plan for you a plan to prosper

you and give you hope every hardship you’ve endured every tear you’ve shed

I’ve been there holding you close and now I’m ready to turn your mourning into

dancing your sorrow into Joy you see my child I don’t work on the

same timeline as the world my ways are high higher my thoughts are deeper what may appear as a setback to

you is often a setup for a breakthrough I’m aligning the pieces of your life preparing you for the

blessings that are about to rain down so don’t be discouraged by the present

circumstances don’t let the enemy whisper lies into your ear telling you that you’re forgotten or

forsaken I could never forget you your name is engraved on the palm of my hand

and your prayers are precious to me I know the desires of your heart the

dreams that you’ve buried deep inside and I want you to know that I place those desires there for a reason they’re

not mere wishful thinking but a glimpse into the destiny I have for you as you

continue to seek me as you spend time in my presence and in my word I will begin

to reveal that Destiny to you I will guide your steps and direct your path

all I ask is that you trust me that you lean not on your own understanding but acknowledge me in all your

ways I’m not saying the road will be easy there will be times when you’ll have to walk by faith and not by sight

there will be moments when you’ll have to choose to believe my promises over your circumstances but I assure you my child

that I will be with you every step of the way when you’re weak I will be your strength when you’re confused I will be

your wisdom when you’re lost I will be your guide I will never leave you nor

forsake you my love for you is steadfast and true unshakable and

unbreakable and as you continue to walk with me as you continue to trust in my plan you’ll begin to see my hand at work

in your life doors will open that no man can shut opportunities will arise that

you never dreamed possible you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who uplift

and encourage you people who spur you on towards your god-given destiny your days of lack and

insufficiency are over I’m ushering you into a new season a season of abundance

and prosperity not just materially but in every area of your life your

relationships will flourish your health will improve your mind will be at peace

I’m doing a new thing in you my child can you not perceive it I’m making a way in the wilderness and

streams in the Wasteland I’m taking the broken pieces of your life and fashioning them into something beautiful

something that will bring glory to my name so lift up your head my child let

Hope arise in your heart The Best Is Yet To Come your story isn’t over in fact

it’s just beginning and I the author and finisher of your faith am writing every page trust me believe in me rest in me I

have a plan for your life I love you with an everlasting love

and my heart for you is good as you step into this new season

know that I’m cheering you on fighting your battles securing your victories

remember you are never alone my spirit lives within you guiding you comforting

you empowering you lean into that presence draw from that strength you

have everything you need to succeed to thrive to overcome so take courage my

child be bold and be brave dare to dream again dare to Hope again dare to believe

that with me all things are possible no matter what you’re going through no matter how dark the night may seem

remember that Joy comes in the morning I’m The God Who turns mourning into

dancing who exchanges ashes for beauty and that’s what I’m doing in your life

right now you are on the cusp of a breakthrough you are on the verge of a

miracle keep pressing forward keep believing keep trusting your blessing is on its

way in the meantime find rest in my presence let my peace guard your heart

and mind meditate on my promises for they are yes and amen use this time to

grow in your relationship with me let me heal your wounds restore your soul renew

your mind I am the god who sees you who knows you who loves you

unconditionally you are precious to me more precious than you could ever

imagine and I have a future for you a hope and a purpose so hold fast to that

hope Let It Be an anchor for your soul and know that no matter what happens I

will always always love you you are mine and I am yours forever and always trust

in my timing trust in my plan trust in my love I will never fail you and I will

never abandon you you are safe in my hands my blessings are chasing you down

overtaking you goodness and mercy are following you all the days of your

life favor surrounds you like a shield you are the head and not the tail

above and not beneath walk in that truth my child let

it permeate every fiber of your being you are blessed you are chosen you are

loved by the king of kings and nothing can ever change that

so go forth in confidence knowing that I am with you knowing that I am for you I

will make all things work together for your good I will cause even your enemies to be at peace with with you I will open

doors that no man can shut you are not defined by your past but by my plans for

your future you are not a slave to sin but a child of the most high God you are

not alone but surrounded by the armies of Heaven take hold of these truths my

child let them be the foundation on which you build your life and watch as I

do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ever ask or think rest in that

love today let it wash over you healing you restoring you renewing you and know

that the best is yet to come

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