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manifestation God said my dear son with

eternal love I draw near to you to offer

comfort and guidance listen to my words

for in them you will find the promise of

my constant support I am always with you

making the impossible possible and

calming your mind fear not for my love

is unshakable and my presence is your

Fortress trust in me for I am your safe

Refuge your faithful Guide May my voice

be the light in your darkest days The

Hope amidst your doubts always remember

my love for you for it is eternal and

infinite in every challenge I will be by

your side sustaining you with my loving

care in times of doubt and fear remember

my presence beside you as written in


even though I walk through the

darkest Valley I will fear no evil for

you are with me your rod and your staff

they comfort me I am like a mighty force

that calms the fiercest storms and

disperses the dark clouds that haunt

your soul find comfort in My Embrace

where all your worries and uncertainties

will dissipate trust in me for I am

always with you guiding and protecting

you in every moment I desire for your

life to overflow with peace both in

times of turmoil and in the calm of the

night you are worthy of countless

blessings often overlooked amid the

shadows of fear and the influence of

those who do not wish you well seek

Serenity in your soul ignoring the chaos

of the world and the empty words that

seek to lead you astray find comfort in

my constant presence where your fears

will be dispelled may my love envelop

you protecting you from all adversities

trust in me for I am with you every step

of life’s journey always remember that

it is my voice that guides your destiny

even when facing opposition or the

consequences of your choices remain

courageous and unshakable for I am with

you as your Eternal protector trust in

me for I know the best path for you even

when it seems difficult fear not for my

presence is constant and my love for you


unconditional with faith and

determination you will overcome all

challenges that arise on your path I am

with you every step of the way ready to

sustain and guide you with my Infinite

Wisdom trust in me and move forward with

courage for great wonders await you in

the future for I know the plans I have

for you declares the Lord plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you hope and a future Jeremiah

believe fully in my love for you

every challenge you have faced has not

been in vain it has strengthened you to

be a Beacon of Hope and love in this

world trust in my Providence for I am

always by your side guiding you with

love and wisdom the struggles you have

faced have shaped you preparing you for

a journey of light and goodness fear not

the future for I have plans of

prosperity and not harm for you stay

firm in faith for the paths I prepare

are ones of peace and hope trust that

despite adversities I Am with You

directing each step of yours look to the

Horizon with confidence for I am with

you at all times giving you strength to

face whatever lies ahead you are loved

beyond measure and my grace will sustain

you remember the promise prises I have

made for they are as firm as The Rock

trust that I will be with you until the

end of time protecting and blessing you

abundantly as you journey through life

facing challenges and reaping Joys

remember that I Am with You caring for

you every step of the way trust in my

love and wisdom for they will guide you

through storms and lead you to Lasting

peace I love you beyond human

understanding and my desire is for you

to find rest and in Security in my

loving arms never doubt my care for you

even in the darkest moments I am present

inv veloping you with my eternal love

trust in my word for it is the light

that illuminates your path find peace in

my presence for in it you will find

refuge and Solace stay steadfast in Hope

for days of blessings and victory are

ahead receive each new day with

gratitude as a gift from me and

opportunity to grow learn and share love

with the world around you with

unwavering faith and an open heart

continue your journey knowing that I am

with you today and always be attentive

to the forces that oppose your peace but

do not allow them to disturb your

Serenity or diminish your faith if you

falter I will lift you up nothing can

separate you from my love for you are

victorious through it these words

resonate not only as comfort but as an

unwavering promise in the Book of Romans

– the Apostle Paul expresses a deep

and confident conviction in God’s love

he lists various forces from Death to

spiritual powers and categorically

states that none of them have the power

to separate us from the love of God

which is in Christ Jesus this passage is

a powerful and comforting reminder for

believers in all ages faced with life’s

uncertainties tribulations and spiritual

battles we can rely on the promise that

God’s love for us remains constant and

unchanging it is not affected by

external circumstances or the forces of

evil that seek to pull us away from him

thus when we encounter difficulties or

moments of weakness we can find Solace

and strength in these words we can

remember remember that no matter what

happens we are secure in God’s eternal

love he will sustain us strengthen us

and guide us through all

situations therefore let these words

serve as a constant reminder of God’s

faithfulness and care for us may they

Inspire us to live with courage

confidence and hope knowing that we are

loved beyond measure and that nothing

absolutely nothing can separate us from

the love that is in Christ Jesus our

lord rise now free from every prison and

limitation imposed by others and reclaim

the Magnificent dreams I have planted in

your heart the Fulfillment of these

dreams begins with a step of Faith

followed by another and another the past

is behind you and the new is before you

follow me as I lead you on the paths of

Holiness to the summit of victory at the

top of the mountain you are safe and my

arms of love and the light of my

presence shines within you my blood

flows in your veins granting you power

and protection night and day all the

Sorrows pains and tears of Despair must

bow to my commands now declare that you

are receiving my precious gifts humbling

yourself before Me In Worship embrace

the certainty that you are entering a

new season of restoration in every area

of your life fix your gaze on me your

loving father and accept my perfect love

which casts out all fear and doubt I

break the influence of every lie and

curse that has kept you captive believe

in my unlimited power and my unmatched

love Focus solely on you you are my

beloved Son my precious daughter and I

speak to you today to assure you that

your soul is being purified my plans for

you overflow with blessings created for

your well-being and joy the path will

not always be smooth there will be

battles to fight but I will strengthen

your spirit to the end Proclaim with

conviction that I am your king and Lord

and seek me with faith and gratitude

this moment we share now is a precious

gift where I reveal the Wonders I am

about to manifest before you Embrace

this journey with courage and

determination for I am with you today

and forever as you advance in the

supernatural life I have prepared for

you remember to share with others

thirsty for hope the words of life and

love I have given you never cease to

communicate with me in prayer for I am

always ready to listen and help with

love God I hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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