my dear child do not let worries about

the future or regrets about the past

weigh you

down have faith in the journey I have

laid out for you you possess more

strength than you realize and when you

fully dedicate yourself to following my

path you will witness numerous

achievements and blessings in your

life the incredible things I can

accomplish through you will Amaze you I

am always by your side offering patient

and wise guidance at every turn remember

if it’s impossible to solve everything

in a single day but I have the ability

to change the world and transform your

circumstances for your benefit don’t be

anxious about what lies ahead let your

sleep be peaceful and undisturbed

upcoming events shouldn’t fill you with

worry seek peace from me and I will

grant it to you now it’s your

responsibility to remain calm when

sudden challenges or urgent matters come

your way you know the actions to take I

have given you my peace trust in my

goodness raise your hands towards heaven

and with the faith that resides within

you express your gratitude saying thank

you my God for being so dependable will

bring joy to my angels every part of the

universe knows that I will extend my

hand and as a loving father respond to

your prayers with Miracles and wonders

as you Express gratitude and praise I

will do remarkable things in your life

the gateway to my presence is wide open

for you your sincere praise is the key

that unlocks

it step inside and I will fill you with

my spirit empowering you enhancing your

spiritual vision and blessing you

abundantly when you feel overwhelmed by

troubles and unable to find any light

remember that you are actually being

planted and nurtured for growth I am

removing obstacles that hinder your

progress prep preparing you to flourish

my love for you is immense and eternal

you have remarkable strength within you

capable of achieving far beyond your

wildest dreams don’t cling to material

possessions or human titles that hold no

true significance while it’s true that

you need material things and finances to

bless others do not worry put me first

give me your soul and your heart focus

on your family on prayer and diligently

carry out out your work be honest in all

you do and treat others with respect I

will provide everything you need without

sorrow or tension without entanglements

disputes or fears I’m going to bless you

abundantly more than you could ever

imagine but you must follow my

instructions revisit this message

letting each word resonate and settle in

your spirit I will imprint my plans in

your thoughts and etch my promises in

your heart stay f focused and avoid

distractions don’t waste your energy and

time on trivial Pursuits I want to see

you alert prepared well Tred and ready

this powerful message is your training

ground overcome every setback and

failure they are merely stepping stones

in your journey stop dwelling on the

past and concentrate on the

possibilities that lie ahead today’s

overwhelming storm will seem like a mere

Breeze tomorrow

keep moving forward and you’ll discover

the hidden Beauty and hope in every new

beginning I will always be with you

loving you and guiding you every step of

the way trust in me in my power in the

dreams I plant in your life and in the

gifts and talents I have given you treat

your family and all who support you with

kindness and respect I myself have

arranged things for your success not for

selfishness but for you to bless others

I I will be an oasis in the desert for

you those who seek to hear from me will

come to

you receive this Divine affection with

joy in this way you will face any

challenge that arises on your

path now tell me with love I receive

your love beloved God you asked me to

speak to you you need to feel assured

that you are on the right path today I

have come to reveal my thoughts and my

love for you first take a moment to let

go of negative emotions know that you

are forgiven stop feeling isolated I’ve

always been with you avoid people who

feel alone in their thoughts who doubt

my promises I promise to always be there

if they don’t believe don’t let their

disbelief affect you trust and sense my

presence I am your father my promises

are steadfast and deep in your heart you

recognize this truth

my love for you is

eternal remember that day as dusk fell

and I was on the cross I proclaimed it


finished this statement stands as the

ultimate expression of Love indelibly

written in history this love which is

beyond removal or

misunderstanding empowers those who

embrace it to withstand any trial or

storm my plans for you I know them well

my thoughts have remained the same

yesterday to day and forever I have

loved you love you and will continue to

love you believe it now and take refuge

In My Embrace give me the challenges

that weigh upon you until now your faith

has not wavered trust in my word abide

in me I will continue to stand by your

side I have never left fear not do not

despair your help and support come from

Heaven at the moment you need them in my

perfect timing you will see that

trusting in me will bring you many

blessings and wonderful fruits you are

entering a time of rejoicing and joy

today I here to let you know that I am

with you watching over and protecting

you I have ordained your coming and

going so that nothing May interrupt your

journey I understand your concerns and I

know your heart you are human and your

adversaries are formidable turn to me

with your heavy burdens lay them at my

feet and watch as I transform your

worries into immense blessings through

my promises and might remember I have

always been with you am with you now and

will always be there for you eternally

you are never alone stay strong recall

your bravery and use the gifts and tools

I’ve given you to overcome the

challenges in your life you will conquer

the difficulties tear down barriers

defeat adversaries and drive away any

negative forces seeking to invade your

home all by living according to my

guidance rise and Proclaim my teachings

break the chains on your loved

ones your mission is to stand against

unseen spiritual

foes they are terrified of me and when

they see your boldness and certainty

they will scatter from your presence but

if you show Fear if you spend your time

complaining about what occurs around you

if you become angry with me when

problems arise or when your provision

does not arrive on time malevolent

beings will be waiting to exploit that

opportunity and fight against you in

your weakest moment but fear not guard

your heart fill your mind with my holy

words and good

faith hold fast to your faith and no

matter what happens no matter what you

see do not cease to believe do not let

doubts and complaints Escape your lips

do not speak ill of this holy affection

that cares for you so deeply and desires

you even if you feel weak and have

faltered remain steadfast in your faith

for my forgiveness is for you my beloved

child when you come to me with a

repentant heart turning away from

wrongdoing no foe can overpower you as

long as you stay under my protective

cover pay attention grasp this ah

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