look my darling kid your pain from relief operations came as a complete surprise we will soon relieve your

coronary heart of the stress it has been bearing in the presence of God I firmly

swear that your earnest prayers will reverberate across all the Heavenly

Realms I beg you to maintain an attitude of thankfulness as your dreams come true

the answers you seek are on their way but in the meantime enjoy the fruits of your labor instead of just doing

business with you I am interested in getting to know you on a deeper level may this journey strengthen our bond and

Grant our prayers behold the Shadows provide Pathways to the light which in

turn become Treasure troves of wisdom brimming with appreciation get ready for the gifts

that are about to come your way on the inside your first reaction should rank among the most modest Thanksgiving

presence much love and care have been showered upon you and I am grateful for your current life lifestyle there is no

cost to doing this simple deed yet there are many benefits all I want is for you

to be genuine not for material wealth or showy gestures I pray that awe and

openness to my Supply will direct your steps as well the seeds of your success

can be planted with reward and gratitude rather than attributing it solely to your personal power or foxy because such

pleasure and gratitude lead to the decay of Good Fortune instead may your

blessings multiply abundantly through acts of generosity governed by Grace let

us fill the air with positive energy like this film to strengthen the vibrations of divine inspiration and

type before we Ascend into the Realms of trust please God stand firm in your

faith with your support we can reach New Heights on this spiritual path deliver

services to my altar share what you have with others and create an attitude of Joyful Gra gratitude even the tiniest

things hint at my heavenly Splendor knowing that everything I withhold is for your final benefit molding your

legacy and developing your soul I am particularly in agreement with my knowledge you should rejoice in your

newfound Independence if I answer your prayers for financial success and release you from debt I offer you

opportunities for an honest job and there is an abundance of choice rest assured put yourself in the shoes of

those opportunities to make an impact with your abilities no matter how close

I am to a door I can open even more doors of opportunity for you if you

follow my advice you will succeed by being honest and creating challenging

artwork my goal in making this decision is not only to shower you with numerous

blessings but also to teach you the value of being a good Steward instead of diminishing it my gifts will enhance

your spirit through this give thanks so that you can be generous incorporate

these attributes of appreciation and comprehension into your daily life and you may be bestowed with dignity that

goes beyond your wildest dreams just as the progress and benefits make you grateful I will also pick when Strife

ends and Harmony Reigns in your family I hope that your spoken back prayers bring

us closer together putting nonsecular understanding ahead of material gain

regardless of the outcome of your your prayers it is important to maintain thankfulness and acknowledge the

Heavenly gifts that are there even when you experience worldly Prosperity Unlocking The Heavenly life

requires that one live a life of commitment worship acceptance of Truth style and dedication pay no attention to

the criticisms of those who would use your mistakes as an excuse not to bless you you are not responsible for their

opinions it is clear that you bring joy to my life and I take great pleasure in the way you

seek me out in prayer and Thanksgiving your unwavering commitment and

determination in the face of adversity are inspiring they speak volumes about your

faith and serve as a constant reminder of this fact whenever you feel your doubts

Rising no one but me has ever healed introduced or blessed you you have been

saved from condemnation and brought into my love by my kindness which has worked through

electricity I have opened the door to the Supernatural and given you access to much greater benefits a decent

stewardship of these things is what I desire in times of rest and in times of waking remember my promises as I

Faithfully keep my words alive in your movements remain anchored in our connection via worship Thanksgiving and

prayer and share with others the messages of Desire that have restored your soul you will receive my gifts and

call with delight free from the weight of your previous tragedies as you absorb my words and they become a part of you I

Proclaim this to be a time of Joy after a time of sadness in exchange for my ashes I may

accompany you on a journey to a nation full of opportunity where poverty and isolation are no longer obstacles you

will break free from the clutches of Despair and rejection discover complete

success safe visible loved and whole in my book in addition to bringing you

healing joy and peace I can also help you discover your purpose in life by

answering the Divine call that has been pressing on your lives for a long time even though you have faced

incredible challenges and Fallen to your knees you even railed at me in despair I

have chosen you for great achievements I want you to know that my love for you is

unwavering and can conquer any animosity you flung open the the floodgates of my

kindness I have reserved a plethora of perks and you are about to see them you

are experiencing a healing process that brings Clarity to your wounds transforms

your scars into symbols of power and beauty and clears your confusion please

understand that I have never been angry with you but rather saddened by your separation from me however I have

rescued you and lavished you with Grace strength and the divine empowerment that

is yours by right of inheritance in order for you to live and act rationally in accordance with my

Divine Purpose I am carving those promises into your heart your unwavering

trust firmly grounded in My Love Remains unwavering even when doubt Creeps in no

amount of devilish planning can ever tear you away from this rock fake feelings and fake loyalties will not

entice you or Lead You astray joining hands we go on an adventure as the path

becomes more challenging you may freely seek nourishment from me by reaching out for my hand I am the source of all life

when exhaustion sets in rely on me for Vitality I have provided you with

everything you need to thrive and equipped you to win every battle but always keep in mind that you are my

treasure made for closeness to me as we travel through the lands of Splendor together my spirit will always be with

you ready to answer your prayers and shower you with blessings ings that are specific to your path when you’ve let a

location break your spirit there’s no turning back the radiance of my magnificence has entwined our ways of

existence let go of the lower ons that have been holding you back and instead

let us work together to build new Vistas far beyond the valleys of self-criticism

and complaint our shared passion for change gives you wisdom and Kindles a

sacred fire inside you even when gloomy clouds roll in and worries and doubts

cast heavy Shadows my beloved newborn know that I love you unconditionally

from the depths of your being and that I will keep you grounded in my refining Grace as the days pass according to my

Perfect Design so does your determination to face each new day with

optimism and bravery igniting A Fire Inside you even as challenges lurk seeks

opportunities to disrupt your Serenity I will make sure to go ahead of you before you even clear the way whether it’s the

darkness of night or the light of day my angels are standing guard around you ready to ward off any danger or concern

in the depths of your being I am there as a Wellspring of knowledge and insight

I will guide you when you are confused listen to my low low voice by

calming your soul I provide peace to your troubled soul we value your past

accomplishments and will purchase purch you at a premium price your inner soul gives you power that transcends physical

space and time allowing you to control forces that are beyond the control of mere mortals make spending time with my

company a top priority spend your life in my presence and discover your ultimate success please contact me

somewhere down the road you will come to trust me with your deepest fears and highest hopes then you will be able to

place all your burdens Great and Small on my strong shoulders since I can bear everything no task is too heavy no storm

too strong and there are no limits no exceptions and no end to my ability to

soothe my beloved even when you make mistakes and fall down you shouldn’t wallow in shame I have already paid the

price for every wrongdoing be it past present or future return to your rightful place at top my Throne humble

yourself before me and I will forgive you do not believe the falsehoods that say you are too broken or beyond my love

to get a restoration touch instead hold on to the clean mercies that come from

knowing that I am redeeming you you mean the world to me and I can pursue you

with all my might ignoring the enemy’s plans in the process I safely embrace

you and I care deeply for your welfare even if Fierce cannot resist the power

of my Selfless Love I hold your aspirations in high regard and I am

certain that we can step by step carry out your holy Mission I have skillfully

weaved your lifestyle into its fabric my darling I know who you are at heart and

what you stand for neither the future nor the manifestation of my plan for your life should cause you anxiety have

faith in my grand design for your life which is full of wisdom and kindness

even if it’s shrouded in mystery even though you may have to Traverse shadowy valleys know that I am by your side

directing and protecting you with your help I am prepared to step in and

disrupt in response to your prayer I will disperse the shadows and guide you to safety instead of putting your faith

in my timing and judgment you should retaliate against your adversaries I will vindicate you in due time and my

punishment is a manifestation of my love for you you remain strong and unwavering

in the face of the storm and I will use my might to Shield you give your enemies a break from their

feudal Wars with God it is my heavenly energy that they are focusing on as they

make their way towards you even if weapons May shape shift and Flames can fly my Legion of angelic Warriors is

prepared for The Fray Folly the Flames will Scorch a single strand of your hair because of their wicked intent I will

shower you my beloved newborn with plenty as I transform their curses into

blessings your way of life is very purposeful the challenges you face shape

you into an ideal candidate for the extraordinary work I have planned for you a crucial role that lies ahead

filled with both responsibility and Honor Never waver from your path always

expand your horizons in love and wisdom and find my voice among the cacophony of

endless impostor voices put on the Spiritual armor that I will give you to

protect yourself from assaults of criticism wrap yourself in my righteousness seize the defense of

religion with all your might it will put out Satan’s cunning darts bravely wield

the truth sword and release the Heavenly arrows of prayer to remove obstacles in your path and take note of this it gives

me immense Delight to shower my loved ones with Abundant Blessings beyond their wildest hopes regardless of the

storm brewing around you it is far from my sincere wish that you have deep joy

and long-lasting Tranquility it is my deepest desire to anoint you with

sparkling oil and pour my soul on you again and again I want to dwell more and

more fully inside you directing your every word and deed allow me to permeate

your whole existence while I open the gates to your destiny intimacy with me

may take us to new geographical depths you have no idea how rich and deep geographical areas really are dread and

sadness give way to unwavering trust and exquisite beauty as I approach as I

claim you as my own freeing you from the clutches of the past I Infuse your dormant potential with the unwavering

hope of rebirth as soon as your heart’s aspirations which seem Out Of Reach

begin to manifest you will see signs of divine intervention Embrace a life full

of Purpose with the guidance of the one who commands the heavens and the oceans

nothing is impossible my strength will flow through your vulnerability you are

immune to degeneration and failure because the power of Heaven inside you makes you Unstoppable Unbound and

unbridled strong fortresses will fall foundations will quake and they will bow

to my state as you speak the word of alignment with me in this world you are just as powerful as everyone else almost

no one protects the Vitality that is really theirs get up there with confidence bolstered by your heavenly

Birthright take on behemoths stormy strongholds and hostages take my soul

inside you and Liberate the area from Evil’s clutches happiness is guaranteed

who can possibly oppose the anointed one of the almighty shining like a beacon from Heaven nothing can extinguish the

burning light I bestow upon you my heart has designated you for a Celestial fate

fearlessly enter the Eternal Splendor that I have created for you your humble beginnings no longer warrant disdain I

have selected you for greatness my coffers are brimming with untapped riches specifically reserved for you you

whose touch touches the very core of heaven will glow with extraordinary beauty and your magnificent Grandeur is

maturing under my gentle guidance however understanding more profound

realities involves maintaining a level head and allowing the trials and tribulations to strengthen you much like

a Precious Diamond in the hands of skilled Crafts People your hither to un seen qualities have been brilliantly

unveiled in our way of life your emergence amidst the surrounding chaos and endless tribulations stems not from

danger but from purpose regardless may you take comfort in knowing that I am here for you let the Euphoria of my

Limitless love envelop you and soothe the turmoil inside within My Embrace

find Refuge as I protect you from tempests until they pass through this Serene Sanctuary uncovered deep

tranquility and let my calming voice overpower the D of minor disturbances as

my perfect love chases away any Terror that may be threatening to consume you you may draw strength from the Abundant

well of my grace well you already know this you’re at ease in my opinion you

should not let the worries of Tomorrow weigh you down right now since the benefits of this very second are

abundant my presence will be with you throughout your life put away your anxious thoughts about fate and the

unknown Wilderness roots that await you when all else fails and the world provides no nourishment it is in the

middle of desolate Landscapes that I will observe myself in extraordinary ways in this dry Wilderness get

sustenance from the Heavenly Storehouse where invisible Goods outweigh worldly food I am the spring of flowing water

that fills your needs and brings you spiritual Rejuvenation emerge from the depths of

despair and embark on a journey of faith for it is in the invisible and everlasting that

genuine resilience emerges amidst the chaos of the Arena listen closely to the

heavenly voices because I have treasured you from the beginning of time and I am familiar with the names of all the great

people you are more precious than gold to me you are the gem of My Heart by

sacrificing my life and breaking my body I have promised you that you will be my forever possession no one not even your

own fears failures or enemies will be able to bind you to me because my Covenant with you is sealed by My

Sacrifice lose yourself in the Limitless love I have saved for you let go of the

weight of previous rejection and abandonment tap into the boundless supply of strength that I provide and

let it flow into my fingers Resolute in your determination to soak up the love

that I pour out to you in this togetherness you never lose sight of your true identity entity or your

rationale furthermore you reignite a Heavenly Endeavor my cause being as

vital to you as the air we breathe know that I am by your side at every turn

safeguarding your journey with Celestial Warriors prepared to battle for you until you reach the summit revealing

countless Vistas I know the path and I’m taking the lead with a promise urging

you to follow the track as fatigue takes hold of you you may put your trust in me

I get tired easily We Will Conquer seemingly insurmountable Heights together and reach the summit with pride

from that vantage point my darling we may rejoice in surveying the ground we have already conquered a Heavenly

kingdom come to Earth you will no longer remain in Oblivion the time has arrived

your gifts and calling have gone unnoticed but I am about to bring my glory to light through you must all your

bravery and go forward get back on your feet and confidently head hopefully into

your fated Destiny an incredible flood of your redemption’s completeness ishes

over you my energy is pouring forth upon all people and you will be the one to

guide them into my Marvelous Light everyone can see the Brilliance of my presence with you you may no longer go

unrecognized here you’ll find respect and clout we will not withhold anything

specific from you as you respond to Heaven’s call I may May Amaze those who rejected and questioned you because your

days of Destiny are full of purpose and promise yes deep inside your darkest

hours are Heavenly appointments set aside only for this moment even when

everything else fails when people freak out and when resources are few you will

be my light when all else fails my peace and sustenance will rise from inside you

you who know me well will achieve great things demonstr rating my unwavering Kingdom and my power and Grace in action

my beloved child fear not the approaching night nor the advance of

evil instead hold your head up and stand firm I am with you to provide for you

securely so there’s no need to fear shortage or loss in advance I cradled

the planet as it sprang into life and with my words I created order out of chaos with care I cupt you between my

fingers I am familiar with every part of you every idea and every desire my love

and energy rejuvenate you every day keeping you safely In My Embrace even

angel stand up it was my words that brought order out of disorder I CED you

delicately in my hands I understand you in every way from your core beliefs to

your deepest desires every day my love and strength replenish you keeping you

safely In My Embrace I not you am the one who with words alone brought order

out of Anarchy angels exist you are held delicately by me I can clearly perceive every aspect

of your existence every idea and every desire every day my love and strength

refresh you because they hold you firmly it was I who with just words made order

out of Anarchy Angels stood in Lifestyles your delicate touch cradles you in my hands I can clearly perceive

your thoughts desires and Essence my love and energy envelop you and they revital ize you every day my love for

you is so vast that even angels are amazed love risks all to save the

downtrodden and restore the broken eliminate the darkness of your limited life and discover shining Nations filled

with awe keeping an eye out for your inside journey of self-discovery I have

SED the seeds of wisdom and understanding enabling you to forgo my lessons stop worrying about the

obstacles caused by other people their efforts to stop your destiny will fail

your bravery shines through the veil of my heavenly supervision you are not a fearful spirit this sacred understanding

Whispers into your being in moments of solitude and in the midst of life’s tumultuous Symphony amidst the rustle of

leaves and the crescendo of storms however when you allow others

opinions to influence you prioritizing their approval over your own pleasure and the abundance I offer on the altar I

sense the turmoil that occasionally ripples through your being friend this

is the kind of compromise that we may pursue you may see derision for what it is a brief shadow on the vast tapestry

of your path cast by the brightness of your genuine Essence rather than the range of rejection or the Allure of

renown believe in me because I will guide you to the source of your fears

and help you overcome them please be careful with my pricey one you have already defeated everyone who dared to

oppose you in the vastness of Eternity their threats are nothing more than weak

irrelevant Echoes nonetheless avoid skepticism and ridicule for my promises

uncertainty diminishes the effectiveness of your treatment even when some doubt my credibility and the efficacy of what

I preach keep in mind that your faith is what will get you through this I’ve

decided to make your journey easier your faith in me will be an unbreakable shield and stronghold but if you give

into fear and pessimism you hand over control of your life to those who want to see you fail I will always love you

with all my heart no matter what even if it’s just a flicker keep the faith fire

blazing every day if you want to know how to instantly connect with your spirit I suggest you read the Sacred

Scriptures and absorb all the knowledge they provide falsehood ens snares a world and my desire is to shape you into

a model of truthfulness and tenacity unwavering and unaffected by deception I

will not force you to lose your inner peace in the midst of Darkness you shine like a beacon a salt of the soil your

unwavering resolve stands in stark contrast to many around you who crumble

under the weight of nonsecular Despair and destructive Behavior you feel my

Essence flowing through your body guiding you and the heavenly hosts along the way before you dwell on your

mistakes or bemoan Earth get things rolling your Triumph will intensify as

you confront and overcome those who threaten to break your spirit during captivities being in the company of

those who have given up hope and are oblivious to my love who are oblivious to the fact that eternity surrounds them

is an ongoing challenge my love for you is so great that even my death on the

cross and my resurrection made possible by the holy spirit’s unending watchfulness over you are

incomprehensible to them this same energy is inside you and it is a proof

of my unwavering and everpresent presence in your lives in the midst of life’s Temptations I am the rock that

provides stability the Whisperer of comfort and Restoration in reality Revel

in your Victory because I am always by your side supporting you and delighting

in my Divine Purpose if you tie your dreams to mine they will come true keep

your trust unwavering do not let your resolve waver any longer my word is the

foundation of Eternal truth a future full of Wonders and advantages is what I

have planned for you to you proximity means truth when it comes to me please

don’t make us anxious about the cloud that will be here tomorrow your mind is frightened because it is a robber who

takes pleasure from you and obstructs your vision join me on a journey of tranquility and Harmony illuminated by

unfaltering belief I understand the challenges you face on a daily basis as

well as the enemies who seek opportunities to Mock and discredit your faith however I also know that their

claims of futility are nothing more than Hollow rhetoric and that your perspective is firmly grounded in the

Limitless breadth of my love and grace but I dare you to rise above adversity

and face it head on with the unchanging truth of my word with unwavering resolve

I will walk by your side bolstering and guiding you his words have no effect on

the power of My reality no matter how much the enemy brags find your place of faith in me the source of all existence

I am the one who commands the storms and even if your enemies band together I will still be able to help you up if you

fall I am here to save you with my infinite mercy and compassion it is my

my own decision to provide you with my help and bestow benefits upon you keep your mind sharp actively engage with

what I’m teaching you and wholeheartedly embrace my promises as genuine keep fighting and living your life to the

fullest I am about to perform miracles for you and the people you care about you expect miraculous changes in your

lifestyle and that’s exactly what you’ll get your desire to seek comfort and

offer Worship in peaceful times of isolation during your most vulnerable moments moves me I understand and

respect the depths of your troubles know that I am here to lend a hand if you need it you are in desperate need of my

assistance to escape the emotional and mental difficulties that have been plaguing you peace and quiet are what

your coronary heart desires always act in accordance with the assurances I have given you to you I am God Shepherd

protector issuer and suggestor you discover Refuge and Security in my Persona with me as your reliable

sidekick you can relax and enjoy life while the rewards you’ve been anticipating finally show up at your

door I firmly promise to fulfill my word get ready for a sea change in many parts

of your life remind yourself of the promises I’ve made to bring about healing and rebirth even in the face of

obstacles turn around and react differently keep in mind that my love for you has no bounds I often remind you

of this so that you never doubt or lose sight of it my promises extend Far

Beyond Simple generosity I could Infuse them with powerful energy and unchanging

truths the love I have for you will last forever and never fade with unfaltering

faith and moral choices you will travel a road of boundless prosperity and Heavenly longing the dedication to my

teachings that you embody shines through in every action you take your journey so

far has necessitated deep self-discovery and unwavering resolve yet as you face

challenges headon we look forward to your future I am here to shower you with

an unmar favor these words I choose to use are more than just words they embody

the very essence of my love for you a tangible expression of my boundless affection that will support you

throughout this incredible journey I want the same for you that you can explore your innermost being until you

find yourself how about the ability to draw on your inner strength to face any challenge

headon as well as your increased awareness of how to weather life storms with poise and perseverance I hold dear

the dreams I have for you dreams of a life that inspires others and leads them to love and compassion as you go after

your dreams with unwavering determination along the path you may encounter difficulties and I’m well

aware of them every tear you shed every eort effort you put in and every sacrifice you make has a purpose even

when the weight you’re carrying seems too much and the challenges you’re facing seem too great every Crucible you

pass through shapes and strengthens you into a person of Greater strength confidence and knowledge find the

unfaltering faith you’ve placed in me my beloved child no more will you waver

when faced with challenges instead hold on to these words my darling do not be

afraid of failing be brave it contains the potential for more insight and

determination in the future as well as the strength to start again rest assured

that I will be right there with you every step of the way as you navigate this world sharing in your happiness

sadness uncertainty and finally Clarity I am with you enveloping you in my

Everlasting Love and steadfast wisdom trust in the answer to your prayers and the opening of my heavenly Kingdom I

standing by ready to greet you despite the enemy’s best efforts to undermine your faith and confidence I will never

abandon those who put their trust in me approach me with confidence and agree with me remain steadfast in your

beliefs chorus from listening to its misleading hints or intriguing unfounded

claims instead may your courage and strength grow stronger for I am able to

bestow upon you an abundance of benefits and kindness you may be certain that my

Limitless energy and graceful presence will be there for you every step of the way I will transform your hardships into

victories your sadness into Elation and your tears into Beautiful Smiles please

know how much I care for you my dear daughter and how much you mean to me I will always be there for you I will

always have you in my heart and mind guiding you on a path filled with happiness success and endless Delight

because I have have heard your prayers I’m prepared to respond to your prayers because I have heard them I will enter

your home today and change the course of your life your pain and desire for my

assistance are very real to me get ready for I am going to visit you as the

mighty author the one who can write Marvels today I give you the strength

and fortitude you need to overcome the difficulties you face when you are unsure of what to do when you feel your

yourself slipping away and when you put your trust in my heavenly intentions in spite of how difficult

things may seem remember that you are more than capable of overcoming them

have peace of mind knowing that I will never abandon you my little one whenever you seek my advice I will be right here

to guide you I am committed to doing what brings you Joy in order to make your life better and support you as you

go on your path as a result I am revealing today a special benefit that

you have longed for and hoped for with all your being this blessing is ready to

answer your deepest requests this blessing is a way of showing you how much I love you forever but it requires

you to do something religious a fundamental principle of my technique based on Heavenly intentions is that I

work diligently and consistently for your benefit giving you all you want without fail fear uncertain cty and

concern will only lead you astray From the Path I’ve planned for you instead

put your trust in me and I will lead you into the Limitless territories of success I will shower my blessings over

your undertakings if you keep your coronary heart and mind open to my instructions you have now entered the

first stage of realizing your Enterprise related professional or occupational goal stay strong and trust that

everything will work out according to God’s timing listen intently as my voice

Echoes inside you dedicate some time every day to praying studying my teachings and seeking my presence in

your life I may bestow wisdom insight and understanding on you if you seek

them out mostly I can give you the strength to act righteously and with

Integrity allow my assurances to touch your tender heart allow me to be here

and allay your anxieties permit me to bring happiness and success into your life I concur with my position Accord

with what I want be grateful and act on trust we will guide you on a wonderful

path to a bountiful future in a world going downhill you stand as a symbol of my call and the call of every man and

woman as you stroll through the certainty of our unbreakable Bond reflect on my unfaltering gentleness

through life storms and shine brilliantly in the middle of the night many in individuals act out in response

to intense emotions like anger and pain others show empathy and understanding

still others avoid pleasure and judgment and yet others see everyone as a victim of circumstances beyond their

control keep in mind that my grace is Limitless even if some may also seem

hopeless I have saved even the most brokenhearted and set free captive thoughts for those who are still here

depression is a thing of the past keep praying for the good and the bad a remarkable transformation might begin

with your generosity first and foremost I shall evaluate the capacity of a soul

make way for the atoning effort I will make my techniques outperform human knowledge and my enthusiasm for

protecting it is boundless my dear child Let My Words calm your spirit and free your mind from the cares of this world

right now turn your entire attention back to me your carelessness and tyranny

have insn snared your loved ones for far too long now is the moment to set them free I have bestowed upon you steadfast

Faith a potent defense mechanism against the influence of evil no harm can touch

you or the people you hold dear when you shine as an example of non-secular strength and confidence in my heavenly

care do not let them put barriers between us instead let them divert you

from your course my grace is always ready to envelop you in its loving arms

and my kindness has no bounds you will discover Everlasting Solace unwavering

support and deep atonement in my heavenly love as a result I beg you my

beloved child my beloved daughter to stop and think about these words fear

not because the unknowns of the future are only Stepping Stones on the road to your ultimate success you may get

comfort in knowing that I steady by using your aspect even if life’s path is

filled with intricate and daring problems will I let you stumble or get confused while you’re facing tough times

I will be the one to show you the way to the Lush Meadows of Happiness celebration and unprecedented plenty my

beloved I assure you that gambling is an integral part of your daily existence I no longer pay attention to my phone call

put away the Allure of transient Joys they are nothing more than Phantoms that fade away in the light of everlasting

truth embrace the boundless Grace that I am pouring into your life if you allow

me to fill you to the brim with Limitless joy and Tranquility you will discover a love that is unbreakable

unfathomable Limitless and will never leave you live out this sacred truth

with unfaltering faith and watch as my Limitless love and Charisma change your life forever even those who had fallen

got back up they came to me exhausted and burdened by the fire of heavenly

forgiveness which has shaped their souls bring all of your uncertainties

anxieties and mistakes into my presence where there is no room except an endless ocean of Mercy give up the things that

have been holding you back and accept my yoke because it is easy feel my

compassion as I wipe away the dirt of your past wrongdoings set you free from the chains of your sin and lead you

forward not in a manner that guarantees your salvation but as an example of my

unending love and a source of hope you will achieve greatness when you overcome

the limitations of this life leave the darkness of Shame and despair behind and

bask in the glory of my love remember the successes of the past the struggles

you conquered and the triumphs you achieved so will you do it again like an

unquenchable flame my spirit resides inside you always remember that I am

with you breath for breath there are no boundaries no restrictions and no end to my love an

everlasting flame a wonderful method to Never Fade that is both delicate and

strong Furious and compassionate my beloved friend it is my sincere wish to

fill your days with joy excitement and Heavenly desire in my conversations with

you now I want to touch your spirit with words that are filled with Limitless love it’s not my deepest wish that my

words reverberate Through the Ages and affect you at your core please do not ignore my communication please hear my

prayer which includes a declaration of Faith and Hope I am enlarging this heavenly news for you because it has the

power to heal provide peace and restore your soul right now please know that no

matter what has happened I have always been here for you sharing in your Joys and Sorrows successes and tragedies your

every step is a reflection of the weight you carry on a day daily basis your life’s events have never been far from

my mind regardless of the obstacles you encounter my goal towards you has always

been one of kindness keep in mind that my intentions towards you have always been entirely good even when you avoid

me reflect on my unfaltering gentleness through life storms and shine brilliantly in the middle of the night

many individuals act out in response to intense emotions like anger and pain others show empathy and understanding

still others avoid pleasure and judgment and yet others see everyone as a victim

of circumstances beyond their control keep in mind that my grace is Limitless

even if some may also seem hopeless I have saved even the most brokenhearted

and set free captive thoughts for those who are still here depression is a thing

of the past keep praying for the good and the bad a remarkable transformation might begin with your generosity

first and foremost I shall evaluate the capacity of a soul make way for the atoning effort I will make my techniques

outperform human knowledge and my enthusiasm for protecting it is boundless my dear child Let My Words

calm your spirit and free your mind from the cares of this world right now turn

your entire attention back to me your carelessness and tyranny have ens snared your loved ones for far too long now is

the moment to set them free I have bestowed upon you steadfast Faith a potent defense mechanism against the

influence of evil no harm can touch you or the people you hold dear when you

shine as an example of nonsecular strength and confidence in my heavenly care do not let them put barriers

between us instead let them divert you from your course my grace is always

ready to envelop you in its loving arms and my kindness has no bounds you will

discover Everlasting Solace unwavering support and deep atonement in my heavenly love as a result I beg you my

beloved child my beloved daughter to stop and think about these words fear

not because the unknowns of the future are only Stepping Stones on the road to your ultimate success you may get

comfort in knowing that I am steady by using your aspect even if life’s path is

filled with intricate and daring problems will I let you stumble or get

confused while you’re facing tough times I will be the one to show you the way to the Lush Meadows of Happiness

celebration and unprecedented plenty my beloved I assure you that gambling is an

integral part of your daily existence I no longer pay attention to my phone call

put away the Allure of transient Joys they are nothing more than Phantoms that fade away in the light of everlasting

truth embrace the boundless Grace that I am pouring into your life if you allow

me to fill you to the brim with Limitless joy and Tranquility you will discover a love that is unbreakable

unfathomable Limitless and will never leave you live out this sacred truth

with unfaltering faith and watch as my Limitless love and Charisma change your life forever even those who had fallen

got back up they came to me exhausted and burdened by the fire of heavenly

forgiveness which has shaped their souls bring all of your uncertainties

anxieties and mistakes into my presence where there is no room except an endless ocean of Mercy give up the things that

have been holding you back and accept my yoke because it is easy feel my compassion as I wipe away the dirt of

your past wrongdoings set you free from the chains of your sin and lead you forward not in a manner that guarantees

your salvation but as an example of my unending love and a source of hope you

will achieve greatness when you overcome the limitation of this life leave the darkness of Shame and despair behind and

bask in the glory of my love remember the successes of the past the struggles

you conquered and the triumphs you achieved so will you do it again like an

unquenchable flame my spirit resides inside you always remember that I am with you breath for breath There Are No

Boundaries no restrictions and no end to my love an everlasting flame a wonderful

method to Never Fade that is both delicate and strong Furious and compassionate my beloved friend it is my

sincere wish to fill your days with joy excitement and Heavenly desire in my

conversations with you now I want to touch your spirit with words that are filled with Limitless love it’s not my

deepest wish that my words reverberate Through the Ages and affect you at your core please do not ignore my

communication please hear my prayer which includes a declaration of Faith and Hope I’m enlarged in this heavenly

news for you because it has the power to heal provide peace and restore your soul

right now please know that no matter what has happened I have always been here for you sharing in your Joys and

Sorrows successes and tragedies your every step is a reflection of the weight

you carry on a daily basis your life’s events have never been far from my mind

regardless of the obstacles you encounter my goal towards you has always been one of kindness therefore I am now

seeking your permission to delve further into your lives instead of confronting me invite me into the depths of your

Beating Heart my deepest desire is to transform you into a spirit overflowing

with joy peace and favor from on high let me be the safe haven you seek when

the world around you becomes too much no matter how long you’ve been away or how

little you’ve learned about me my love for you has never wavered now more than

ever allow me to penetrate the depths of your soul allowing me to become your

pillar of support during challenging times and your Pillar of Strength during times of

weakness overcome your fear and take this crucial step past mistakes cannot

hold you back realize that the number of times you may have faltered or how far

you have wandered is of no consequence now here I am ready to surround you with

love no matter what and and I hope you’re willing to join me on this path of Faith Love and unfaltering Hope

embrace my extended hand and precious baby and walk with me my beloved daughter rest assured this Choice has

the potential to be the most fulfilling of your life surround yourself with plenty my closeness to my lover is

facilitated by my affection and attractiveness keep going everything

could turn out okay turn your attention away from the past and focus focus on the gentle murmur of my voice as it

cradles your Beating Heart and expresses my immense love for you from now on I

will establish my dwelling place within you bringing boundless love unfathomable forgiveness and direction towards

abundance from the moment you were born I have given you unique abilities a

personality unlike anyone else’s and an abundance of kindness that has no bounds

we have placed these precious possessions in your care so that you too may do your best and

shine your light on the world you must move on from the past and focus on your future put your confidence in me you ask

me for guidance every day and I will guide you to a life full of triumphs and Marvels my love is always around you and

my energy is always there to help you overcome the obstacles that life throws at you no matter what kind of Lifestyle

you lead always be faithful and never let your true purpose go out of sight

success comes to those who pay attention life Joy purpose tranquility and wisdom

are my gifts to you ignore the demands of the sector and others condemnation focus on your family and yourself no

matter the season or the difficulty my beloved you should never Tire of doing what is right I am steadfast make use of

your perspective so that neither disorder nor the din of voices May overpower my gentle murmur of solitude I

will seek you out specifically and you may discover true happiness even if this world won’t satisfy your Soul’s

desires I am aware of the weights you bear some obvious and some hidden bring these to my attention without delay do

you think I can’t take it anymore if you put your faith in me I can turn your sorrow into Joy there is no limit to my

affection for you as you get closer to me my unending love envelops you calming

you and removing any sorrow this is just breathtaking I gently heal and restore

your spirit as I fill your heart with infinite delight and fortify you through your struggles I am fully attuned to and

enjoy experiencing every single one of your emotions your destiny and the

heights you are destined to reach are known only to me and no one else I may

bestow rewards on you if you get close believe it or not I am eager to do miracles for you and your loved ones

beyond anything you could have imagined I am ready to do miraculous Deeds starting with the most powerful Miracles

and gradually bringing you into a world beyond the secular going far beyond what you knew before you are entering a new

world of Endless Possibilities via a miraculous rebirth your unwavering faith

in the truth of what I say determines your fate on this journey not fleeting feelings or what you perceive with your

senses I can have a conversation with you which will lead to great success

have patience I will reveal the exact moment when benefits will pour into your

buckets stay away from the Restless Souls that are in a hurry to go on their own in their despair people compromise

their faith and begin to believe things I have never spoken of such as Miracles

if anything I’m molding you into a conduit for Heavenly blessings who may satisfy the Deep need for love that so

many others feel every word you speak that is nice will have a profound effect on you therefore I encourage you to use

your time to bless others I can fortify you to the point where your endeavors Thrive and Limitless opportunities

present themselves before we walk handin hand down the roads of Glory I can

provide you with whatever you need do not waver in your commitment to my message I am your God and I will give

you the strength to face and Conquer every difficulty that comes your way I

will be there to guide you every step of the way as you take advantage AG of the benefits I’ve arranged for you the fact

that these words have made it all the way to the conclusion is a miraculous guarantee of how valuable you are to me

I look at you with Limitless affection whenever I have doubts impair your

judgment when it comes to love maybe you already know that I’m here to help you

heal your heart even if we’ve just spoken about Tales of unrequited love

you’re beginning to see a lot of Joy come from the love you planted you have nurtured everything that you

have seen Blossom and I have witnessed the marvels of your perseverance firsthand despite your own feelings of

unfulfillment I am impressed by the amount of love you have shown I will always be there to watch over you even

if other people disappoint you and you may have placed too much trust in them we are now acknowledging your kind

efforts you will get compensation for the sleepless nights my holy spirit will

reveal the Harvest of your la labor even in the midst of suffering transforming

trials into triumphs my touch revitalizes you just as it has in every

battle and difficulty you’ve endured the power of my energy reveals the Fate that

is ahead for Baron I will recognize your unwavering commitment renew the Earth

fill your spirit with love and fill your hands with plenty give me a chance to

win your heart stay true to your vision and keep going even when things get

tough every day I will go for a walk with you rest your weary head on my

shoulder and I will give you strength courage and constant reminders of my

unending love I’m doing okay embrace the love that is already there in your lives

and ignore the negative nagging thoughts that linger at night as an alternative

you may relax in my love’s tender Embrace like them every person you encounter is an important part of your

trip if you come across an opportunity to lend a hand do it with a generous

attitude doing so may make you unwittingly Amazing Angels and the benefits you provide will come back to

you many times over follow my words and my reality as you confidently go on my

beloved your light shines brightly in a world that is often shrouded in darkness

you are more than simply a conqueror consider the support of the celestial Nations who have dispatched Legions of

angels to guard and shield you this reality is something you cling to tightly and it gives you an unshakable

feeling of safety and value I had chosen you for this kind of role long before

you started your very being is an intentional manifestation of my infinite

love it wasn’t an accident I have put you in this generation at this location

for a reason that no one else can understand as soon as you decide to take on the task ask I’ve given you I will be

overjoyed your calling will continue to develop in tandem with mine even if my

return is imminent do not allow uncertainty to obscure your perspective you possess love purpose and boundless

potential my love for you is unmatched by any knowledge or skill even if love

from other people has evaded you if you want to be a conduit for the many benefits I shower upon you every morning

a promise of Revelation and progress I implore you to locate your agreement with me and Rise boldly join me in

beginning your day as you meet each new day and see how I reveal my perfect intentions to you before you even wake

up I can help you see through the cloud of jealousy and resentment that has been enveloping you and reveal the intricate

path that has led you here in times of weakness or illness do not give way to

despair Raise Me Up I am here to help you get back on your your feet whenever

you feel the weight of exhaustion pressing down on your heart remember that I am with you in your inner

Sanctuary where my pure Essence resides I will not forsake you or remove myself

from your side in any way my presence in your life is constant from yesterday

through today and into every future day you are never alone stop letting your

emotions derail you they are transient like the passing Breeze inspire in spite

of the ever changing tides of Time my love for you is steadfast and constant I

am always revealing new facets of my love for you so widen in your view every day a supernatural kindness that

transcends the ordinary Embraces you a Grace that satisfies the desires of your emotional core I lay those hushed hopes

and prayers plain before me and they will come to fruition when the time is right you are my unwavering supporter in

matters of faith and I stand by you every day promising you my infinite love

my words to You Are Not Mere Echoes they contain the core of peace and comfort allow them to Echo inside like a kind

Shepherd cradling a beloved baby each word that escapes your lips testifies to

my being at your side would you want me to calm your nerves and ease your concerns you are not alone my friend you

can be confident that I will protect you in my arms While others Lead You astray

find comfort in this promise and allow Tranquility to be your constant companion in the midst of your feelings

of Abandonment and Terror I told the truth to ease your broken heart I held you close reassuring you of my devotion

with sweet words I have a deep understanding of you we will always be linked to the celestial web if feelings

of worthlessness or self- condemnation are blocking your path to the blessings that are about to shower upon you Let My

Words cut through the Mist because you bring me joy it is with great pleasure

that I bestow my gifts on you your only duty is to receive with Contrition and

appreciation and to be amazed as my benefits materialize all around you and inside you you will be blessed beyond

measure my darling with skills and resources that will go beyond your greatest dreams on every occasion when

you called out to me did you not feel my spirit surging to strengthen and maintain you relentless trials have

tested you leaving you exhausted in their wake your spirit found refuge in

the safety of Our dating even as tempests raged outside I was once in

charge you know weaving Divine reason into your problems the cost of alleviation is almost always high as I

lead you to safer terrain the storms will subside and the sky will grow brighter my darling the future I have

planned for you is full of Splendor potential and a plethora of resources designed to propel you to Greatness get

ready for thrilling escapades as Revelation takes Center Stage Foster bravery and welcome Commerce seeking

direction from my prophetic voice rather than the anxious voices all around you

as I tell you the story of your fate you may feel a profound resonance in your soul behold the unwavering confidence

with which I guide you have faith in my strategy and I will gladly lead you into

the beautiful future I have planned in order to reach the goal you’ve set for yourself the time has arrived even in

the darkest of times you can count on my unwavering support move forward

confidently knowing that I can lead you to victory in all your endeavors and that I can fight your battles as your

God I will always love and assist you and as your protector I will never leave

you even in your moments of doubt and weakness I will reveal my grace I can

provide you with whatever it is that you are truly seeking from the bottom of your heart I am here today to address

your issues because I’ve always been attentive to your prayers please know that my love for you Knows No Limits and

will never end no matter what in order to keep you focused in the face of all

the noise and Chaos in the arena I will say this again and again you can take

comfort in knowing that my phrase is here to guide and console you at all times dangle from my guarantee of love

for you do not give in depression any longer I hope to accompany you throughout this journey enabling you to

maintain your composure even in the face of exhaustion and adversity my love will surround you in

Comfort during times of uncertainty and my spirit will be there to support you

as you face the challenges of each day my love and direction will strengthen you and my wisdom will ease your burdens

let the love I have have for you shine brightly enough to chase away the Shadows that would otherwise engulf you

I want what’s best for you not for you to be in pain my love for you is profound now more than ever giving me

your undivided attention is what matters most look when I do Miracles inside of

you you won’t have to worry about the Hereafter on the other hand you’ll push forward with a brighter Outlook and

Newfound confidence even when you face doubt through your unfaltering resolve

you have come to know me as our bond strengthens you will become more resilient to Life’s challenges even

though you may feel abandoned and punished because of the trials I allow my plan for you is profound my teachings

are heavy with Limitless benefits Beyond creativity study them carefully hold

them in high regard and follow my advice throw out your uncertainties and fears

free yourself from the chains of criticism and animosity and devote some time to me embrace the present moment

letting it purify your soul and strengthen your spirit recognize my phrase which brings comfort and strength

to let go of past burdens freeing your spirit from painful memories and resentment have faith in my plan for it

molds you into a magnificent being and give into my love for it changes you forever come to me and kneel in the

peaceful Stillness of your Solitude if you ever find yourself yourself without words or the will to speak I’m ready to

hold you close expressing my love for you again and again no matter how shaky

your voice gets I will always listen to the murmur coming from your heart your Soul’s language is one that I can

understand if you want a successful future full of opportunities you should think about me even though it is far

away you look forward to it with great anticipation standing here I wait with

Grace gently tapping on your Beating heart’s door a glorious future brimming with

advantages awaits me everything is coming together and you can’t wait as I

calmly tap on the door of your heart I stand Here prepared and waiting I

implore you to release the latch and welcome me into your presence you already know that my deepest desire is

to be your rock the person who supports you through the tough times and brings joy into your life

be a source of love peace and joy that never runs dry my deepest desire is to

heal the scars that have marred your spirit and ease the suffering that you are experiencing you must open your

heart’s doors to let me in cease seeking the transient Joy this world offers stop

ignoring my everpresent love and put off getting close to me give me permission

to enter your heart so you can experience my divine presence presence and the overflowing abundance of my

Limitless love and style you will witness a dramatic change in your life

when the deepest wounds gently heal and you find calm and peace in the midst of life’s turbulent storm my beloved child

you won’t need to carry your heavy load into Solitude when you’re down help me by letting go of your worries in my warm

embrace when faced with difficult dilemmas they seek my Divine counsel

from dawn until night I am always present sensitive to your every murmur

my ears are always open to your Soul’s heartfelt cries and my forgiveness is

like an endless river that flows toward you no matter how great your sins may be

though my unwavering love Embraces you and loves you unconditionally your loved

one has a higher calling your mission in life is to be a living witness to my

Majesty therefore guard your thoughts and deliberately shape them with things that inspire greatness and uplift you

should definitely learn to control your thoughts rather than letting your wild mind control you after all your thoughts

create your moods and attitudes which dictate your actions and words get up

and seize the power I have given you as an ambassador on this planet use it now with intent accuracy and respect

immediately dispel any negative thought or attitude that tries to establish itself unopposed in your personal Haven

spread the truth to those Invaders on purpose my word is strong and true every time in addition to changing your

outlook on all invasive foolishness my word will change your mind so that it reflects my nature chances are you will

also start to look and act more like what you see and live on for this reason

be very selective about what you look at and think about my phrase has been emphasized and mainly my names have been

used to set it up its hallowed volumes contain holy Commandments that sustain those who live by them and it remains

Invincible for all eternity you can’t find me anywhere else so concentrate

your eyes on my word which has the power to Grant your deepest desires and gratify all your yearnings your spirit

will be quenched and your heart will be filled by its flowing streams soak in

this pricey spring and feel your soul renewed all the time restorative and

reinvigorating are the effects of its reval izing scent your religion is a

brilliant light that shines through the darkness of this world Reviving both your body and your spirit the enemy’s

plan does not include you as a porn you have achieved great achievement you are a champion who carries my name I would

yell with conviction whenever I was at your side a source of Boundless Energy

undeterred and unwavering I am a magnificent fighter he has the power to

change my life and when I put my my loved ones in his hands I find safety

through prayer my blessings permeate your whole existence you ask for my face

and I will shower you with strength calm and plenty you will no longer have to

carry the weight of your mistakes and fears for the future because I will release you from their

shackles your growth will mirror that of a tree planted near a body of water you

will have strong Deep Roots you will drink from my Everlasting well and your

leaves will last your Bountiful crop Lush is proof of my constant

provision you are a refuge for the tired and a lighthouse for the lost you are

what this world needs my peace will surround you and shield you from the dry

seasons of life so that your soul will not waver in times of trouble because

you find the confidence to commit all of your dreams to me my choosing will be upon you and your undertakings will th

arrive we have designated you and your family for salvation shielding you from

the impending trials as you go forward in my presence my guardian angels will

be there to guide you discover an abundance of happiness that surpasses the fleeting joys of this world together

with eternal Serenity and joy never lose hope I will be a constant companion on

this path with you I will be your rock your compass and the one who inspires

you to success in everything you do do this with a compassionate heart because

when you help other people you help me by letting go of your own emotions of worthlessness and accepting the reality

of true love as different from anything you’ve ever experienced what I offer is this gentle

yet Powerful Love keep praying I Long for Your Presence under my holy cloak

you find a place of refuge and safety discouragement tries to steer you as stray but this isn’t meant to be your

future or my plan for you I am speaking to you from a place of deep love so

listen closely there are times when I see you completely consumed by the chaos

of life and I pray that your soul doesn’t Wilt from a lack of access to the nourishing spiritual streams as a

result I beg you to stop what you’re doing listen to my name and know that I

love you forever and ever in every part of your life when it appears like everyone is

ignoring you and the world is turning its back on you I will hug you and tell you that my love for you is real and

unfaltering no matter how much the sector ignores you no need to fret even

if you’ve poured your heart out I’m here you won’t spend your life alone stop

letting other people’s opinions validate you and pass you by the arena provides nothing more than a temporary setting

which is hardly what you want or expect from a more mortal being but I shall never leave you some may feel

disappointed because their dreams have not come true but I am no longer obligated to satisfy baseless wants or

turn a blind eye to those who disregard my words until you apologize nevertheless my words are

accompanied by gentleness and steadfast commitment as you hold on to my words

they will provide Comfort to your spirit my word may mend your broken heart strengthen your spirit and revite ize

you no matter where you are every morning when you wake up my love will be

waiting by your side my Everlasting Love Will flood your heart as the same light

welcomes you it is an indispensable item a source of Joy a force that strengthens

and encourages you and a shield against the hardships of life as you go through

life’s twists and turns it will shine a light even in the darkest of times rest

assured that I’m here to light the way ahead of you dispelling the darkness of doubt and throwing aside the shadows of

uncertainty I am the rock that will keep you steady in life’s turbulent waves so if you follow my advice you will find

peace even when the waves crash my plans will confuse those who attempt to divert

you from your intended path as you remain Resolute in the days ahead never

give into anxiety or uncertainty keep your resolve I am strong and Unstoppable

by your side in my role as your watchful Guardian healer and unwavering companion

I am Like a Shepherd caring for his sheep my promises to you are as strong and Swift as the dawn they will

materialize in plenty fulfilling your desires in ways you never imagined you

will be brimming with gratitude and your voice will be filled with praise hymns do not be impatient staying strong is

the most important distinguishing trait dive head first into my teachings

and you will see my Heavenly plan come to fruition let nothing obscure your vision or weaken your faith let the

power of my Immaculate and beautiful presence and strength overwhelm you through sacred texts and scriptures my

lifeblood flows freely to you and my spirit fills your being even when you think obstacles are insurmountable old

wounds heal and chains dissolve even habitual sins can have a grip on you but

the light of Heaven illuminates your soul Shadows of iniquity cannot with stand my superb presence indeed Eternal

radiation dispels all Darkness wherever it shines soar into this new day unashamed and fearless for the Deeds of

the past have no power to torment or condemn those who find refuge in tap into my healing light which nourishes

and heals and release whatever remnants of Darkness may be hiding inside you

realize that my compassion has no limits for those who approach me with humble repentant hearts hence boldly bring your

flaws into this world where sins are immediately washed away free yourself from the weight of guilt and Rise Again

in complete Health preserve the worn out garments of yester year with the emblem

of kings and queens we have officially announced the Fulfillment of your sentence for those clothed with the

righteousness that comes from my restoration there may be no comparable obligation I have lavished favor on you

so stand firmly in it get rid of the sinful and enslaved parts of your old self and embrace the freedom I bought

for you at a great price Those whom I protect are Unstoppable by any power on

this planet now that I have identified you as The Sovereign Lord rule with

confidence however be wary of the scattered enemies of uncertainty and depression is it necessary to hold on to

anger or resentment while facing adversity continue to Be watchful evil

Powers will explode void any weakness in your defenses but fear not my darling for I will never abandon you if you will

just cultivate an unwavering trust in my Limitless and everlasting love I will

protect your spirit refrain from speaking negatively or anxiously hold on

to me and I will strengthen you even when you feel weak I have forgiven you

and redeemed you acknowledge this with all your heart my compassion kindness

and gentle love for my children burst like a river of water if you just bring your troubles to me I’ll relieve you of

them find me in your passionate prayers and I will work my transformational power within you listen up my little one

that’s me those who seek me out in sincerity have my soul dwelling inside

them if you confide in me at your lowest moments I will surround you with my reassuring presence via human be even

when the people closest to you hurt you and betray your values may my love for you remain firm and steady keep in mind

that I will always be by your side and that I will eventually be able to win them over and lead them to

reconciliation and admiration for you just as my beloved baby forgives those

who have wronged you you show Mercy to those who scorn you love to those who reject you and reject scorn with

acceptance because I have forgiven you be careful with your heart but keep it open love is your best defense you may

have faith in in the days to come because I will be by your side every step of the way until the end of time I

include the depth of my love which was so great that I gave my life for it on the cross Riding High on the power to

give you eternal life hold tight to my promises because I will lead you in the way of righteousness and away from the

paths of wrongdoing come closer to me holding on to my promises and my grace

will really embrace you I long to Shield and sustain you ensuring that you never

have to fear abandonment or isolation keep in mind that I’m always

here waiting to hear your prayers and I want you to know that the amazing rewards are just around the corner have

faith that the favor you want will come your way soon keep my words close to your heart and pray to me from the

bottom of your heart I can keep answering I can fortify your will staking you down in the face of of

life’s tempests never mind lies deceit or baseless threats again for whatever I

say will come to pass you will gain empowerment instead of weakness your enemies will not fall or defeat you but

rather destroy you let go of the guilt you feel over forgiven sins and the unnecessary turmoil that plagues your

mind forgive those who have harmed you let go of your anger and then leave the

afterlife behind I can guarantee that you will fulfill your heavenly Destin

since I have a firm grasp on your future be amazed at the wonderful Miracles I can do in your life bringing blessings

to you and your loved ones give me your whole attention embrace me as I am and I

will shower you with Benefits till you can hardly contain yourself with the finest wheat and honey from The Rock I

will satisfy your every need and feed you well hold fast to my teachings and

always act with humility I am able to restore or what has been lost because of

your faith which gives Joy To Heaven finding Victory and Grace may be yours

if you follow my methods you may find success and Grace fearlessly pursue your

dreams I have the key to your future I had rendered their schemes futile and

vanquished your enemies tell me anything that’s on your mind and I will fulfill your deepest desires with infinite love

I’ve seen firsthand the hardships you’ve endured and the strength you’ve shown through your perseverance you must

remain steadfast a shining example of tranquility and peace you can rest

assured that I possess divine power over everything and I will confront those who have mistreated you to ensure justice

prevails by continually pouring wisdom and love into your heart I can strengthen it like those kind and

Illuminating words my presence will dispel the Shadows that have been cast over your lives at home at work and in

all your Recreations with my gentle guidance you will be able to face your fears and make bold choices be careful

not to be led astray by deceitful people because many blessings are planted in my word my darling child I am sending those

words of encouragement and love to elevate your spirits so that when you face challenges and attacks from all

directions you may find comfort in knowing that I am protecting you hold on to the hope that The Best Is Yet To Come

dear one trust that everything will unfold at the right time and keep your heart open and receptive assuring you of

my constant presence and guiding and elevating you at every step I envelop

you in my love and peace you may trust that I will always be there to support

you put your whole confidence in me and let me hold all your worries while I’m

here with you scarcity and need will have no place in your lives your dreams and Ambitions may come true and the

relation a ships you have with your own family will become stronger think about

what I say now it’s not a hollow promise but a proclamation of everlasting Joy

keep in mind that your dad has loved you since the beginning of time allow my

love grace and favor to fill your heart as you open it wide at this point in

your journey it may be the right time for you to give me full control of your mind heart and soul get rid of the

things that are dragging you down and let go of the worries that are keeping you from moving beyond your past wounds

and sacrifices my embodiment is the end to your pain so you may take comfort in me

I love you with a professional love that exceeds all knowledge even if it may look

inexplicable I have meticulously woven a Destiny for you a road filled with

options and benefits where each step leads to success and Tranquility you are a valuable

possession purchased with my blood’s precious money no matter what difficulty you face I

will be by your side ready to lend a hand and provide Direction my ears are attentive to your prayers and my heart

is open to your tears do what I’ve have commanded you to do give your all to the

people you care about especially your family and friends and treat them with the respect and kindness they deserve

work hard at what you’re doing refrain from engaging in arguments that lead to conflict and protect your mind against

pessimistic ideas dance with joy raise your hands in love and thank God for

this Priceless moment in time in times of trouble you may find solace in me

over the vast width of my Advent I hold in my fingers the solution to every problem the key to your future and the

very essence of your family my beloved child your worth is immeasurable and dazzling to me because you are an

exceptional and beloved Spirit remember remember those dreams you had shining brightly like stars in the sky they are

no longer just wishes they are beacons of Hope Guided by my hand because I am

the creator of everything your ideas are taking form and I can feel your ambition

and contentment In The Air I remember the excitement that kept you up at night and I see it reflected in you now

whatever you face whether it is adversity illness or an enemy you will overcome instead of letting Despair and

disappoint appointment hold you back you will be filled I understand your struggles and aim to soothe your

distressed Soul assuring you that I will provide you with peace tranquility and

happiness gradually do not give way to Terror instead lose yourself in my

natural holy lifestyle proclaiming statement resolve the past worries that

have robbed you of your Serenity by directing your attention to the here and now there are more important things

things in life than worrying about enemies who can’t hurt you in ways that money and titles can’t buy no one not

even your enemies or those who want you ill deserves the intensity of your passion or Fury whenever your man or

woman takes offense or attempts to disturb your peace pause and allow me to purify them kindness not urgency is

required in your response at this time a heartfelt response has the power to warm even the hardest heart Hearts pray that

the holy spirit will guide your speaking there have been many lost souls who have consumed themselves in disarray and

resentment maybe even Green With Envy of the Tranquility that flows from within

them but they may have tried and failed to initiate you because I am your Divine guide the master of your emotions and I

can illuminate your answers your metamorphosis will Amaze everyone and

the days of sadness and unease are over fear and fury your face will be a

reflection of my Holiness your words will provide comfort that leads to healing and rebirth you may make good

decisions and you may do good things those who have wandered from my path may also want to be like you but they will

find they can’t receive any more of my love and benefits since they turned away

following their own Twisted Pathways that lead to ruin with Open Hands I am

pouring out Bountiful benefits onto you accept them fully trusting in my provision and you will walk in

righteousness rewarded abundantly the skies are parted for your pleasure but

hold me close to your heart at all times Proclaim your love for me affirm your

faith and promise that your unwavering commitment will invite the love I bestow

upon you allowing the Deep Joy inside you to Blossom I understand your anxiety and

the ideas that are going around in your head and I beg you not to give into them

from Beyond Your Grave I am driving away the fears that have been plaguing you

lifting the weight of your misdeeds these days will Mark the beginning of healing in your long-lasting scars and

the bonds you thought you were breaking irrevocably with unfaltering faith you

get nearer to your destiny because I am with you from the beginning of time to

the end of time give yourself completely to reality I gave my life for you at at

the crossroads because my love for you is Limitless with my Limitless power I

can give you everlasting life if you believe my promises I can lead you to the right doors while destroying the

ones that lead you astray show the world the Great Heights you can reach if you

accept the lessons I’ve given you with unwavering trust and let my teachings serve as a Living testament to the power

of religion in your lives even now the stars are aligning in your favor but I

beg you to remain faithful to me recognize your commitment affirm your faith and Pledge Your unwavering loyalty

I am removing the fears that once held you captive bringing about a new age of Liberation from shame and Limitless

advantages trials and blunders periods of doubt and Agony will no longer

obstruct my goals for you you are entering a time of great freedom and Plenty when the fruits of your

unfaltering faith May exceed your one wildest imagination I’m pouring blessings into your lives and I beg you

to embrace them wholeheartedly share them generously and let your life be a

Beacon of Hope and kindness to everyone around you as you travel through this planet you may encounter spirits of all

types every person you meet is a unique expression of my creation as such you

should treat them with the utmost respect and care graciously flash a smile your little gestures of comp

compassion reflect my Limitless love for all living things listen to my advice it

comes from a place of deep love and extensive experience no matter how briefly or widely you encounter someone

today they may also redirect your path in ways you didn’t expect a key to

Future opportunities and relationships lies in the generosity you provide today

take care not to make snap judgments based on First Impressions alone but rather to see each individual as an

integral part of my introduction in all your dealings with powerful people wealthy people or those

who despite their hardships display Grace and modesty you must not disregard

or diminish their welfare put your trust in me for the future you may stop letting fear dampen your resolve

remember that the enemy’s might is like a shadow compared to my luminous dominion and keep your mind Vigilant

whenever you’re weak he’ll wait for you to be vulnerable but when that happens I’ll be able to solve the problem with

an energy that shakes the sky not only for this second but for all of your

Generations put your faith in me and I will watch over them closely providing nurturing and protection via my love I

am your unwavering foundation and Fortress so you may proceed with confidence in my unbreakable Promise by

inviting your loved ones to feel the warmth of my presence and the depth of my compassion I invite them to open

their hearts to me I am a parent whose love is boundless and whose dedication

lasts forever when it comes to Lifestyle storms are a safe haven where anxiety

and doubt have no place a road ripe with opportunity and success has already been

laid out for you blessings will pour down like a powerful flood as soon as the doors open wide my promises are

unwavering and my instructions will lead you to a life of joy and fulfillment at the Break of Dawn in these moments of

peaceful surrender I lay bare my love for you my ever Vigilant enemy and when

you awaken you seek to locate my presence and tune your ears to my murmurs fear not because I declare you

strong gifted with unbridled courage despite its efforts to derail and weaken

you in order to erase the memory of the vows we’ve made you will long for a change in your life you will break free

from the shackles of destructive behaviors that once held you captive you will eventually reach a turning point in

your life where you will learn to Value appreciate and care for yourself I have

a Divine obligation to do something and it isn’t always about me one must always

remember to love one’s neighbor as oneself recognize and value your own worth true self-awareness does not lead

to haughtiness but rather to compassion for the plight of others and and faith in your own abilities to overcome

adversity you will readily obtain the things and advantages I have prepared for you I no longer shower you with

blessings because your Maneuvers are fantastic rather I do it out of my

infinite love and desire for you to succeed your flaws and shortcomings are

obvious to me but so are your strengths and skills my love and kindness are pouring down on you do not be afraid of

the favors I have planned for your future take action now we are approaching a time of Plenty and

I pray that today is filled with joy and serenity you are blessed by my love and

the benefits I provide you are not born of suffering or sadness but rather of the boundless reservoir of love that

resides in my heart for you let me know now would you think about this tell me

about your faith and keep it in mind it is my deepest desire to see the full outpouring of your faith in me I can

unlock the skies so that blessings from on high will shower down on you I may

leave my words imprinted on your Beating Heart so you can likewise walk firmly

always embraced by my love remember to provide an allowance for mistakes I am a

compassionate deity and you are human therefore you may fall I’m able to bring

you up from the depths of Despair and embrace your repentance do not be concerned I can relate to your

situation however you must realize that you are dependent on me at this moment

in my mind you and your loved ones are making their way across a vast desert

where the harsh terrain and the prospect of complete isolation pose grave dangers

to your optimism though the journey may be difficult at times take comfort in

knowing that my guiding hand is always there to ease your burden and provide

assistance consider the possibility that your faith has always held the secret to

achieving miraculous occurrences that is why I am here today to tell you that the things you are

going through are really a process of refining much like how fear is used to purify gold so that it shines more

brightly in the same way you will emerge Victorious from this test free of the

residual negativity and questions find solace in my company it is pointless to

cry your prayers not only through words but also from the quiet depths of your soul move me and my response comforts

you when you’re sad or anxious I can help ease your pain and put your mind at ease as far as I’m concerned my home is

a Haven of calm and Tranquility hang around for a while longer the time for

it to go has not yet come whether you find yourself in valleys shrouded by hardship or traveling parched deserts of

task I pray for your spirit to depart strengthened and prepared for the Voyage

ahead feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are surrounded and protected

whether it’s day or night my love for you will be there to keep you safe be it

and believe it my Holy Spirit Embraces you with love protecting you from harm

in this world despite the occasional emergence of difficulties you remain firmly grounded in Tranquility you feel

empowered and at ease with your identity you are very certain that you will overcome any obstacle that stands in

your way today marks a significant change the culmination of many years of

difficulty and hardship I am here ahead of you prepared to ease the weight of your heartache guilt shame and

resentment those feelings which were all consuming before will eventually Fade

Away replaced with a deep understanding of your own value in my opinion your

spirit may have reached incredible Heights if you had understood the full magnitude of your significance to me I

want nothing more than to inculcate this Rock Solid belief in you so that your faith will remain unquenchable no matter

what challenges life throws at you people who previously ignored you may suddenly start paying more attention to

you as I light up their hearts with my grace I reveal exciting changes that are

about to happen this new chapter will be full of opportunities and blessings for

you and your family but I need need your steadfast devotion my darling before I can bring them to fruition our

connection needs to remain unwavering do you truly seek me out in your prayers and reading the Bible as you heal and

serve others may my Holy Spirit flow through you and may you be amazed as you become a channel for miracles do not be

afraid to approach me with unfaltering trust and courage in order to seek my greatest blessings my beloved child I

will not turn a blind eye to any request that is is based on righteousness and fairness currently our bond is stronger

than ever our covenant is being reaffirmed and I am able to provide you with an abundance of pleasure that was

before impossible my spirit’s power moves powerfully inside you drawing you

closer to your Divine Purpose go on my Champion with modesty and unwavering

trust you your lover will triumph over every enemy your mistakes do not define

you so try not to think about them too much under my wing you are safe from

danger and the Shadows just like a newborn infant within the safe haven of my love where the atonement of my

beloved Son has wiped away all shame and guilt my agreement with you is

straightforward but deep with each passing day Foster an attitude of thankfulness I’m grateful for the

lifegiving air that you breathe the comforting arms of loved ones and the food that fills your belly fix your eyes

on on the scene unfolding before you and take stock of the many gifts some of which may be difficult to see but are

really quite significant practice patience my darling and you will learn to appreciate those Priceless gifts when

the time is right every morning is a new beginning so raise your hands in Thanksgiving a spotless canvas where you

may carve out your own journey through life a fresh reason to celebrate a birthday and grow arises with the break

of each new day I have given you the ability to choose Joy over sadness and

overcome the difficulties that you will face nobody else has the right to plant doubt in your mind it all comes from me

with the gentle waterfall of your Eternal manual Divine assistance your whole being will be revitalized your

intellect will be energized and your soul will be bathed in Heavenly peace with this Serenity Joy will permeate

your life sparking new aspirations and shedding light on the way to fulfillment

let my spirit guide you with Heavenly wisdom as you immerse yourself in my word and Converse with me daily pray and

my spirit will be with you always reassuring you that I your heavenly father am your safe haven from harm

continue on your journey avoid passing judgment and let bitterness have no place in your heart be wary of those who

claim to have great Revelations but only want to control you or give you false prophecies in the realm Beyond this

world crafty foes are attempting to trap you in a web of hopelessness

nevertheless you need not be afraid because I am by your side Leading The Way with unfaltering love and an

unshakable Compass every morning awaken with a heavy heart prepared to converse

with the skies in worship and prayer and discover the strength that vanquishes evil realize dear one that when the end

of days approaches gather your soul strengthen your house with with prayer and team spirit and let the Divine

Essence to guide you step by step filling you with resilience that drives away anxiety and leaves a mark in your

soul even though the enemy is clever he is no match for me when it comes to planning your next move watching your

journey he has no idea what’s going on in your head or the scope of my plans

Envy keep in mind that you are residing under the shelter of the great being your unfaltering parent advocate and

guardian my grace is like an impregnable for that breaks down your insurmountable

charges and condemnations embrace this truth wholeheartedly my little one with

each stride breath and pulse cling to these principles as you make your way

through life’s mazike passages they will guide you and feed your soul you are my

beloved and in you I find infinite happiness and contentment thus know that

I am at your side rest easy knowing that you are never really alone as you walk

in this reality embraced by my love with all the gentleness of the Universe I

declare to you that you are endlessly loved inside the endless expanse of Eternity I am your God your Creator and

your Eternal Father my hand reaches out to you my beloved child because of the origin and the fruits listen carefully

to my words because they include guidance comfort and the promise of an eternal loveling as You’ ventured

through life’s Meadows I’ve kept a watchful eye on you holding your heart steady as a Shepherd tends to his flock

through all the ups and downs you may relax knowing that I am at your side the sound of a single tear or sigh cannot be

ignored you will find comfort in my arms because you are mine I’ve watched you battle the world’s currents and both

visible and invisible enemies my kid you have been wounded deeply by the arrows of wickedness and treachery and your

spirit has bore the weight of enormous loads but I am the Potter and you are

the clay in my presence you may find revitalization and purification as I

reshape you in the Stillness of dawn as the universe comes to life is it your

hope to discover me in the sacred recesses of your soul and the Tranquil depths of your heart there I will remain

because the very fact that the sun’s Rays cast a rainbow of hopeful tones over the sky every morning seres serves

to reinforce my love for you and my commitment to you your soul too will

Spring free and be set free as a mere mortal you are both very naive and

Incredibly challenging your fragility is really a source of strength just like the Saints and martyrs your unfaltering

faith shines through uncertainty before you walk this planet with passionate souls and Heavenly purpose you are also

destined for Grandeur enter my presence with enthusiasm because I promise you

Joy and riches you genuflect before your maker at this holy hour I have also

ordained that your family may be showered with the Splendor of Heaven take a moment to be amazed by the

Marvels I shall free myself from any kind of shackle by relaxing mending restoring and purifying boldly seek my

advice unwaveringly communicate your wish to me and it will be fulfilled help

from on high is rushing to you right this second is it possible for you to ignore the signals my love these surges

of monumental transformation spiritual renewal and Revival build within you

like a tsunami’s building waves disappearance of the old order wow look

at me I’m rejuvenating everything you will no longer be swept to the Forefront

by the tempests of this world rest your weary Spirit onto my bosom within you

may my dwelling Waters rise on this lovely day May an Abundance of Joy and

vitality flow like a waterfall Let Your brave trust eliminate every hesitation

as you are grateful for the Magnificent development taking place inside you

unburdened from the shackles of the past you are free to embrace the future with open arms my darling a brilliant purpose

is waiting for you just over the horizon I assure you that I will be by your side

through thick and thin and I am loyal just as I guided you through the Shadows

I will now take you into the light of contemplation I pray that you would see the challenges you have faced and

conquered not as obstacles but as opportunities for growth in the spirit

of this hallowed day I give you the courage to face the future with the self assurance that comes from knowing you

have a wealth of skills knowledge and potential at your fingertips through the power of Faith

you come to understand that everything you need to accomplish your aspirations has been provided for you do you know

what it’s like to be courageous in this gentle reminder of your Divine lineage

May these words soothe your spirit you are my precious little one endowed with

Limitless potential and an abundance of love in your heart your Voyage is both

spectacular and exact the strength to overcome obstacles and come out on top

resides deep inside you triumphant be steadfast for in the

middle of life’s challenges you will find my grace a never-ending source of

style you have a deep purpose and immense actual value thus you must go on

with Resolute resolve you are a Priceless treasure and I will always be at your side a gentle whisper in the

wind and a warm embrace of sunshine caressing your skin directing and supporting you on your journey as your

heart beats I am close by ready to guide care for and soak in the glory in every

part of your life dive head first into my promises they provide deliverance

from harm and Tranquility allow those words to reverberate throughout your house engulfing your family in a Serene

and beautiful Embrace behold the incredible favor that beyond all

understanding as I provide you good health plenty Independence and wealth

but who else can understand your true wishes and give you such extraordinary pleasure straight from your heart have

faith in my love it is kind and theraputic and it will be there for you every step of the way I am the

well-known creature who died while in transit and rose again to offer you salvation your destiny is scripted and

shaped by me I construct it every day nothing can deceive me ignoring my love

and seeing me as a sign of Retribution many are LED astray by the sector deceptions I am beyond their

comprehension even if I still care about them they ignore me and fall for lies

but I will not back down as your all powerful God I present to you this

tangible manifestation of the Eternal plans I have for your family and yourself in my interactions with you

these days I bring an ocean of love and an iron will I bring to light my

intentions bestow blessings onto your path and invite you to embrace This Magnificent loving kindness that does

not brag nor Envy moves with elegance and discloses joy and truth among your

Supernatural advantages love Hope and Faith include this lasting love since it

maintains believes and perseveres through all tribulations the greatest gift is the

love that has already been given to you embrace it wholeheartedly and keep going because you can look back on your path

and see how far you’ve come get over dwelling on your mistakes every mistake

and imperfection has been pardoned with Divine blessings and encouragement I am

beginning a new chapter in my life story today do not let anything disturb your Serenity or grab hold of your emotions

leave bad habits vices or failures in the past in the Dust In Spite of those

who doubt you and those who want to bring you down you will succeed if you walk in accordance with my divine plan

because I am with you every step of the way realize that nothing on this planet

can change the Fate that is already written for you I promise that my holy

spirit will cause you to flourish even in the darkest of times and that you

will experience an abundance of blessings and joy all the information you need will be revealed to you hold on

to my teachings let them guide you through the good times and the bad and don’t waver from them put your trust in

me and be patient while I bring about the Chang I want resist temptation and

overcome difficult circumstances but never run from my Limitless love problems will arise and pass however I

will shower you with peace and Delight when they go take on these advantages for they are just rewards for being

devoted time is a complex tapestry but I promise that if you remain steadfast I

will revive your spirit refocus your priorities and due to your unfaltering

faith and sincer pursuit of it I will give you power again each Silver Strand

on your hair is a witness to the awareness I’ve received and a life well- lived your mind will be rejuvenated by

the infusion of youthful energy the moment it becomes burdened by the weight of years once thought to be gone the

power of your children will reawaken breathing fresh life into every action you do you will mature into a beacon for

the next generation of tech a living testim Tony to the power of faith and the transformative power of trusting in

my infinite and unending love for you your joy the joy of your family and a

future filled with blessings are my deepest desires after you’ve followed my

advice so far I can grant you this favor because it is my Divine will and because

I am all powerful get ready release yourself from the weight of self-doubt

and the lingering effects of previous setbacks embrace the Tranquility of dawn

where I am ever Vigilant attuned to your every whisper and tear your Devotion to

me and your unwavering religion serve as a foundation upon which your own family

will demonstrate my might and draw near to me in my presence you will discover

the strength to overcome obstacles and the answers you seek in this world full

of sadness know that you are cherished by me and that I hold you in my arms with Limitless love love the arena may

see your stumbles but my spirit will lift you up telling you to stand tall and proud no one can stand in your way

my darling for you are my beloved baby as the sun sets cling to these words

they will feed your spirit and provide Assurance in the light of my heavenly presence I send my Celestial Legion to

protect you on your trip shielding you from the harshness of this world always remember that you have someone at your

side someone who will be there for you through the good times and the bad as the sun goes down and the Shadows grow

thick I pray that you will find refuge on the highest peak keep these words

close to your heart and Whisper them to yourself under the wing of the great I

feel the tender Embrace of love never forget that even though the world may ridicule you I still gaze at you with

unfathomable love despite the fact that the industry may attempt to mold you I

can see the core of your being even as you let go of the specters of yesterday

my love for you grows let go of feelings of Shame and guilt in the face of

religious persecution and Temptation my energy will strengthen you renew your

mind and senses just as my naysayers did by immersing yourself daily in my living

phrase and letting its actuality enter every crevice of your Consciousness pay

no attention to to those who would try to dim your light my love is too strong for their words to penetrate as you

surround yourself avoid those who are quick to criticize and be wary of those who twist the truth find solace in my

presence via quiet reflection on God’s word and prayer let me provide joy and Solace to your spirit on a daily basis

make my Kingdom’s Prosperity your top priority everything you need can be provided for if you obey my rules with

with humility and effort my child the dry spots inside you and your circumstances are now bursting with

fresh life as your time of hardship is coming to an end just like the soil is

revitalized by Spring showers after the dorcy of iciness what is considered

exhausted and depleted is refilled my infinite mercy and love pour

down upon you my beloved no matter what you ask or Envision my love my promises

will always always be there for you unwavering and everlasting there will be no more words

of encouragement from me instead you will collapse to the ground while simultaneously achieving great feats

that defy description may your creativity and foresight be Amplified so

that you may fully embrace the substantial riches I bestow upon you it will multiplies and overflows allowing

you to also bless others with your Prosperity oh you unbelieving person will you persist in your doubt as I

stare into the distance engulfed in the darkness of concern my hands remain open

ready to bring you closer my love’s light guides you into a wonderful future full of joy and promise so my beloved

Son and Daughter May rest certain in my unfaltering presence even when tempestuous winds howl and waves crash I

am here with you strengthening your strong heart and bringing calm in the middle of turmoil hold fast to the path

I have carefully laid out for you my darling little one and go fearlessly into the holy land where all your dreams

will come true let your light shine with Brilliance may your journey serve as an inspiration to others who follow showing

them the Limitless opportunities that await those who believe in themselves and keep going until they achieve their

dreams do not let the thorns on your path dampen Your Enthusiasm you are

destined for unfathomable grandeur your cleanup should remain steadfast until May of okay and it should become better

with each step ahead your passion shines brightly like the first light of morning

the lofty mountains that were before you should now stand as symbols of your courage beacons of Hope for others who

like you may be weak in their faith I give you an infinite supply of strength

courage and confidence to overcome any challenge that comes your way as you

grow spiritually you may also find the wisdom to see the big picture and the

insight to make decisions that are in line with what’s right May each challenge you face serve as an

opportunity for personal development inspiring you to reach for the stars your joy will be back in your heart and

your tears will be dried up all because I will Kindle a love that is as strong and unfaltering as your voice you may

declare your love for me and Shout my praises and everyone in the stadium will hear you I want you to know that you are

mine your very being is a guarantee that my unending love and devotion will be

evident even to those who have cast doubt on and disdain for you you may

remain strong in your faith unshaken by the doubt and Scorn of the Arena because you are deeply planted in the Lord’s

House supported by my love you are unstoppable regardless of your attitude

challenge or difficulty these days I Infuse your soul with dazzling vibrancy

Reawakening a dormant Joy of life and a passion for service do not let the

chances I provide you pass you by they hold the keys to your happiness your vision and a closer relationship with me

give me anything you want it gives me joy to listen to your speech and understand the deepest desires of your

heart in any situation and difficulty so I can help ease your concerns and

fulfill your dreams In My Embrace you will find Refuge I am your stronghold

your support system and the one thing you can always rely on When Things become tough my grace is more than

enough to meet all of your needs and you will never be abandoned my friend let go

of your worries and find peace in the Haven I provide you calm the storm in your spirit and listen to the

Everlasting Love’s call yes I am here and I promise you that the Gates of

Heaven will open wide for you my little one you are residing in my domain where

Tranquility envelops your spirit do not leave this holy Sanctuary for worldly

Pursuits or meaningless Hobbies because it is the air I breathe that gives you life beyond death stop trading this

Priceless gift for temporary Pleasures devote yourself to me instead and be

kind with your loved ones every day as the sun goes down a sting remains in

your coronary heart look behind the surface I can see into the core of a person’s character amplify the same

kindness and generosity I’ve shown you welcoming forgiveness and a limitless

reputation those past mistakes of yours are now resting in peace never to return

to torment you or even select you learn to provide the same Grace to those who

hurt you no matter how badly they hurt you in response to animosity show gentle

tenderness the power to pronounce life or death is within the strength of words

therefore make sure no harsh word or unhealthy breath escapes your lips even

in justi choose your words carefully and guard your inner Kingdom with all your

might toxic mindsets and destructive thought patterns grow like wildfire

polluting Society with Godless perspectives until poison is the norm

let no one in you are no longer defeated or defeated at this very moment Moment by the pain you are experiencing put

your pain in my hands and find comfort in my company let the tears flow freely

if you feel they need to float if you need someone to cry with I am here

amidst the Deep darkness and terrible loneliness you know that I’m standing at your side knowing your sentiments inside

and out and affected by your pain through your face I remain unwavering I

will not leave you instead I will be here to come comfort and support you showing you how much you mean to me and

how much my love has grown how could anything possibly drive a wedge between us pay close attention to this truth my

unfaltering Limitless and genuine love which is fast to This Promise will never

let you down no matter how bad things go your flaws affections and mistakes don’t

change my love for you I have resolved to never longer waver to tell the truth or to embellish believe me when I say I

love you my commitment to you is Limitless now is the moment to stop being so casual about my feelings and

start taking them seriously refrain from letting your trust sway like a ship in Stormy Waters you are no longer allowed

to go off course or falter believe it to be true in me and realize that now may

be the moment to show Faith with the unfaltering belief you’ve already developed countless benefits have flowed

from my touch and plenty more are on the way surrender your heart to me and cling

tenaciously I will never leave you let this reality sink in and reverberate

inside you I am present release your Beating Heart to me lay your Broken

Dreams at my feet and let me help you carry them your hard work will soon be rewarded with Incredible Acclaim do not

put all your trust in your own knowledge instead submit to me in all areas of

your life and I will guide you you have genuine faith in me

I am the source of Life Beyond Death therefore even if you fall you may get back up again because I provide eternal

life hold on to your humility patience and tolerance these virtues are

Priceless to me you have been given courage and knowledge thus you must no

longer let people disrupt your Tranquility they find refuge and Security in me when they are afraid and

I am able to provide it to them whether you’re going locally or across the globe

I will be your guide I am the god who leads you gently keep that in mind at

all times you no longer need to be fearful because I am always here to

provide you with support and energy you are a Guiding Light in the night and my

love for you will never fade the power is not with those who try to bring up your mistakes from the past I’m always

taking advantage of your side so don’t let resentment and guilt consume you you

are someone special to me me and I adore you from the bottom of my heart people

that so strive are not worth your attention instead find comfort in my

company and feed yourself with my wisdom unfathomable love is shown in my novel I

the creator of the universe have planned Your Existence so that it is full of logic and happiness your fate is of

Eternal significance even if the wicked may have their time your obedience gives

me great joy and I I have called you to live a blameless life because you have

found Refuge from the Troubles of this world in me I am able to shower you with countless blessings I have forgiven you

completely and turned your sins into nothingness so you need not be afraid of the words of the timid you will find the

strength to overcome your challenges since I am now bearing the weight of your broken heart knowing that the best

blessings are waiting for those who embrace me for who I really am I make a wish every morning the gift of my

blessing is meant to help you fulfill your life’s Mission my darling rather of keeping it all to yourself share it

freely with others who are less fortunate when it comes into your hands donate generously to those less

fortunate give it with an exemplary and Generous Heart so that you too might

shine as a symbol of my love and blessings in this world get yourself in

order for you could soon see the fruit of your your efforts the growth of the seeds you planted and the payoff for

your tenacity it may be the beginning of a season full of success and continuing

accomplishments when all your worries melt away you may pay your outstanding

balance I assure you my words said to you these days will not go unfulfilled right now I want to tell you

not to let your worries and concerns about the future consume you a mustard

seed of faith can move mountains and with that kind of Faith you can achieve

everything your heart desires rest easy knowing that everything I’ve told you will happen the

arrival of your blessing is near ready to Deluge you like The Season’s first rain stay the course and soon you will

see the fruits of your labor both in your own lives and in the lives of others around you abounding pleasure and

happiness will be yours as Grace and blessings abound Embrace each new day as it comes and stay steadfast in your

determination and the enormous gift that is almost upon you be brave stand firm

and embody it with unfaltering faith the more you put your faith in me the more

light I may shed on your path sh you the way to Placid rivers and Rich pastures

as soon as the sun rises the mere murmur carried on the Wind within my heart disappear leaving behind a sense of calm

as you rise to a new day May my divine presence envelop you both empowering and

challenging you incorporate each day with logic driven by Passion and Resolute resolve to conquer its

difficult challenges realizing I am walking this path with you I’m always enjoying my many blessings expressing my

thanks not just with words but also with joyful tears acts of kindness and an

overflowing love heart your gratitude brings glory to me and your happiness is

a reflection of my grace in in due time you will see your heart’s desires and prayers answered I will shower you with

blessings that satisfy your spirit and lead you back to me there is no need to be worried my

love for you is unbreakable regardless of what happens on Earth or in the heavens in times of uncertainty and

stress come to me letting go of your worries and finding Serenity your

efforts are recognized when you return and I am here with you every step of the way helping you over come any obstacle

keep the naysayers and discouragers at arms length you are a Priceless gem to

me and I want nothing more than for you to feel the warmth of my love as it

envelops you more and more with every passing day my presence grows stronger

with the passing of time a constant companion on your path we will triumph

over your difficulties as a team freeing you from your shackles and allowing you to live a life of Plenty and happiness

as your guardian issuer and healer I am prepared to mend your wounds calm your

spirit and provide you Limitless Joy the advantages I provide outweigh material

wealth and the presents I have in store for you are more precious than the Arena’s entire Treasure Trove my love

for you is not hidden and once I say I can open the heavens for you you will

embrace my promise with unfaltering faith and respond solemnly with what I believe

let yourself be warmed by the sun’s Rays as you stand outside and take in the vastness of the sky the gift of

different ways of life as a symbol of my affection for you those are the things

I’ve chosen to give you there is no time when I am not watching over you over and

over I have led you away from the pit of despair and saved you from its depths

you will make mistakes now as you go through hardships but you must not give up or lose heart your dreams and goals

on this path are still very important to me and have a great chance of coming true an Heavenly purpose has been given

to you by me it is through you that I hope to show the world the infinite power and boundless love that I possess

your non-secular sensitivity is being honed and your direction is being guided daily by my Holy Spirit who is at work

within you before long you will be able to see through outward

manifestations I I can see right through people’s true motives so I can teach you a great deal and add super approaches to

what you already know many people will find comfort and direction through your Outreach and

compassion leave my teachings alone so that people can see how your religion is

reflected in your life prove to the world that anything is possible by relying on my unshakable belief in my

abilities not only do I grant you the most basic wisdom and knowledge but I also bestow upon you a fundamental

change in who you are you are embraced by my spirit which strengthens your

determination to resist temptation and leads you toward unique qualities and honesty the cleansing power of my love

has erased all of your transgressions I will show you a way out of your problems one that is completely

free of Stress and Anxiety so that you can live a life full of joy and contentment opening the door to

incredible new opportuni unities you are set free from harm and cleansed in

spirit mind and heart by My Sacrifice this is the glory that belongs

to those who listen to my word turn from their sins and walk daily in accordance with my will even in the face of doubt I

see your perseverance and Faith you bear witness to the wonders of my presence in your lives as you persevere through

trials just like my early followers did if we Face adversity together we can

overcome it and then more benefits will be given to you even when I’m weak my

faithfulness remains and my relaxation is self assured I am the source of

strength for you when times get tough making sure that no amount of pain can break the willpower I gave you to

overcome adversity no matter what comes up you can count on me to be there every

step of the way watching your back and pointing out the way your sincere desire

to walk in righteousness infused with holy perseverance like my early Apostles

means that I will no longer forsake you even if you fall you are an Exemplar of

my a inspiring power and my ability to surprise and Delight I embrace your

individuality as I call upon you to stand tall and bring forth a New Age of

Wonders make your faith known with conviction doing so validates your faith

in the miraculous things that are yet to come as the sun rises and paints the Earth with its golden colors my darling

child I hold you close embracing you in the Embrace of my love in the Stillness

of the morning when everything around us is Awakening I see your soul in the

quiet Silence of the early hours your strength and belief shine like a bright

offering a fragrant incense that adorns the sky you are a reflection of me with

a strong will to do what is right and you stand firm in your resolution which

is a sign of the inner strength that reflects the resilience I gave you keep

in mind that I am here for you and your family while you face the difficulties that Dawn brings each morning as the

sun’s first light blesses the planet I shower blessings upon you and a

treasured tapestry woven with strands of love and togetherness is a monument to

these benefits you and those you care about May count on my blessings

the love that has been woven into your family’s fabric is like a wonderful tapestry as the expert Weaver it is my

job to carefully interweave each thread of this complex pattern hold on to the

faith that is already inside you it will lead you as you go forward in the midst of the darkest of

times your commitment shines brightly like a tune that harmonizes with the Heavenly harmonies the Symphony of

appreciation that is your praise reverberates across the Heavenly regions and it fills my heart with Limitless

Delight the kindness that is in your heart is shown via your good deeds

motivate and uplift others around you and the Heavenly regions as well for

those who see the true faith that is inside you the gates of the celestial regions are wide open your genuine and

unfaltering love for me harmonizes with the strings of heavenly Harmony creating a cosmic Tune In Spite of the worst

storms my dearest child you are my most prized possession in the face of life’s Temptations you remain

steadfast shining like a lighthouse to those untrustworthy companions who have

harmed you and may be stolen from you keep in mind that they could never steal what really counts belief devotion and

the determination to do my will regardless of the cost there is no question that you are my beloved

Offspring the seed I sew in your heart has flourished and there will be many more blessings and gifts to come a

Heavenly promise illuminates your future in every situation you can count on my

unwavering support feel free to confide in me whenever uncertainty or error consumes

you come to me and rest in my love as you pour out your heart and soul on my

altar you are surrounded by an army of celestial beings who are eager to lend

you a hand because of my unfaltering loyalty to you I will make it so that you triumph over your enemies I will

cure you physically and spiritually and my uplifting energy will give you power you can’t imagine as the sun rises take

comfort in the Divine promise that I will be at your side Dawn is more than

just the beginning of a new day it’s a holy backdrop against which I may manifest the boundless potential

boundless Grace and boundless love that I hold dear as you go about your day my

darling child your faith love and deeds all play a part in molding your destiny

into a magnificent work of art calmness let our hearts to meet in the peaceful

sanctuary of our bond my darling you will have the courage to confront whatever the Day brings I shall be your

Guiding Light as the dawn unfolds a soft murmur in the air the wind will carry

you on your journey may your path be illuminated by unwavering faith and may

the brightness of your soul illuminate everything around you keep in mind that you are a cherished offspring of God and

that the morning blessing serves as a constant reminder of the boundless love that follows you wherever you go along

the strands of Faith commitment and love that make up your life I offer my words

of love and advice when the sun goes down and the stars come out to shine there is a work of art taking

shape before my eyes join me as we explore the holy path that unites Us by

delving into the depths of your own religion while I sit in meditation I see your good deeds like a picture of

genuine devotion stroke after stroke your life is a Divine anthem of devotion

a lovely Melody that reverberates with the heavens the sky above and everyone

around you are moved by your unwavering Faith your genuine and unfaltering faith

and the rhythm of your heart are two things I pray the world will see in you I am very moved by your unwavering Faith

which brings you such pleasure and happiness even in the most trying of times I have planted the seed of trust

in you and now you stand firm you are as strong as a mustard seed which when

planted grows into a towering tree that gives shade and protection to everyone who live in its

vicinity as you go through life let your True Religion be a beacon that shows you

the way to love and Justice I am come to tell you that we have taken note of your

faith anyone whose heart is full of genuine love and devotion will be welcomed with open arms into the

Heavenly regions you are able to weather the storm of hardship without reacting

with anger or bitterness a true religion is more than just a collection of ideas

it is a dynamic force that molds how you react to the difficulties you face in life and this precious youngster

exemplifies that your faith devotion and unfaltering resolve to do my will are

more valuable than any Financial assets or hurt that deceitful friends may have stolen from you there is no question

that you are my beloved Offspring your heart is overflowing with blessings and gifts and the word I planted in you has

yielded plentiful fruit your unwavering trust is a shining proof of the

spiritual bond we possess in the Heavenly Realms Angels join in the chorus of joy as your devotion reaches a

crescendo I will always be here for you and I know that you will have a brilliant future do not be afraid to

confide in me when you are feeling overwhelmed by self-doubt or the weight of past errors let your spirit rest on

my altar because our bond is a Haven of healing and Rejuvenation regardless matter the

challenges you face my love and devotion will always be there to support you I

will give you the victory over your enemies because as I have sent a host of heavenly forces to help you defending

yourself against the arrows of pessimism and despair your true faith is like a

shield as you keep speaking my word my strengthening spirit will fill you with strength beyond measure and my Healing

Touch will eliminate disease you your loved ones your health and your wealth

will be delivered from the clutches of the evil one and everyone living in your home will experience the joy of Triumph

my Majesty will fill your house and wonderful occurrences will happen often your caring nature will bring blessings

to the homes of good-hearted individuals around you continue on this road of true

faith I beg you may your love flow freely from your heart and may your

Deeds speak volumes about the life-changing impact of religion on this path you will encounter others I am here

with you shining a light on the path that leads to the Inner Strength that comes from true faith and the

Tranquility it bestows upon you as we journey together gather the strength to

keep moving forward not only may your sincere religion uplift your own life

but it can also uplift the lives of those around you be receptive to the Heavenly opportunities that are waiting

for you Grace and miracles are everpresent companions on the path of true Faith your sincere faith is a

precious gem in the crown of God’s creation and you are much esteemed love Faith and commitment are the Dan

steps you must take on your path beloved child when the Sun rises and shines

through the clouds may your true faith guide you in this Celestial dance to The Melody of the skies and we will compose

a masterpiece that will ReSound forever my love and wisdom are reaching out to

you your life is a work in progress and I can see it blossoming as you paint it

with colors of commitment tenacity and devotion come with me as we explore the depths of

your steadfast dedication your unwavering dedication like a strong anchor guides you through life’s storms

as you navigate its many challenges no matter how Fierce the storms and how turbulent the waves are your

determination will not waver your strength is a reflection of the unfaltering dedication that has grown in

you throughout your life you have vowed to testify to the holy paack that we have made devotion is the way you go you

are a living reflection of the Covenant that God created with Humanity a promise

of Love Direction and Grace that will last forever by holding fast to the

faith that unites us your dedication will serve as a lighthouse guiding you

through life storms no matter how dark Things become it is like a flame that

won’t go out your vows are more than just words on paper they are a symbol of the Unbreakable link we have one that

will last no matter what comes our way the steadfast determination that characterizes your path is eerily

similar to mine I see an intense motivation inside you to uphold moral

principles despite the world’s Temptations to indulge in its temporary Pleasures you will remain firmly planted

in the Everlasting principles of love compassion and righteousness when faced

with hardships because your commitment will guide you you speak out without ever reacting with animosity or

bitterness your heart will be protected from the darts of Despair and uncertainty by this unfaltering

dedication your dedication is unharmed even if untrustworthy friends have harmed you and your assets have been

stolen keeping this promise is an obligation your identity as my cherished

child is defined by my will which remains unwavering no matter the challenges you are definitely my kid a

Wellspring of Living Water quenches your soul and the souls around you the word I

planted in your heart has yielded much fruit and there are still innumerable blessings and gifts to be harvested from

your dedication the journey may be difficult but know that I am always by your side

thanks to your dedication you can trust me when you come to me and when you feel like you’re about to mess up you may

pour your heart out at my altar my kindness and Grace surround you bringing

comfort and rebirth your steadfast dedication serves as a Guiding Light for

my own steadfast affection for you I will give you the victory over your enemies because I have sent a host of

heavenly forces to help you your dedication is in harmony with the higher plan that is intrinsic to your being

make this solemn vow and as you utter my word you will cast out the darkness of fear and replace it with the brightness

of trust we will Vanquish the powers of night with your steadfast dedication you

harmonize with Heavenly harmonics creating a tune that goes beyond this world I will grant you freedom and

Triumph for your life your family your health your wealth and everyone living

under your roof my Majesty will fill your house and wonderful occurrences will happen often because of your

steadfast dedication families with good Hearts will be attracted to you and the two of you will form a community

connected by love persevere on this road of unfaltering dedication I beg you keep

the fire of devotion burning strong inside you because it is that which guides others the way you respond to

Life’s problems is shaped by your religion and your commitment is a Living Testament of that discover the inner

fortitude to face the challenges that lie ahead in the safe haven of our bond

you are not burdened by your dedication rather it is a beacon that points you

toward the beaches of Triumph though the tempests may try your metal keep in mind

that there are those who care about you yes I am standing by your side as you

navigate the stormy seas may you find solace in the unfathomable calm that

comes from unfaltering dedication in times of quiet reflection

take comfort in knowing that your love reverberates throughout the Heavenly regions touching the hearts of angels

who are enchanted by the virtue of devotion the Divine Symphony of creation

is accompanied by your steadfast dedication which is like a tune for those who are unsure of themselves may

it shine a light you have shown the world the strength of unfaltering Faith via your path of devotion and commitment

as you persevere through the Seas of Trials remember that your dedication may ease the storm your determination will

remain un unwavering even as the waters surge higher you will reach the promised

land where blessings flow freely in the shelter of our connection and the beaches of Triumph are waiting for you

your unshakable devotion is the key get some sleep empty out your feelings and

let the spring of unfaltering dedication fill you up you are dancing a holy dance

of love and devotion on your path my beloved child if you let the beat of

dedication to lead you we may compose a song that resounds forever your youthful

energy and unwavering Faith make me happy every morning when you get out of bed you tackle problems headon never

letting your resolve weaken in your innermost being you are quite similar to

me a strong will to do the right thing is evident if you need any help maintaining peace and unity in your

family I am here to lend you a hand may you be blessed with the first light of each new day keep going going in the

right direction and hold on to your faith no matter what I am filled with

delight by your magnificent commitment and the praise it brings to my heart via your style of life I am inspired and

lifted up by your good deeds I wish there were more opportunities for others to see someone who loves me with all

their heart and has true trust in God you are highly esteemed by me no matter

how strong the winds may be you remain unyielding in your your Devotion to me and your confidence in my plan even in

the face of betrayal from those who claim to be your friends but have only ever hurt you you will always be my kid

no matter what many have benefited from the seed I sew in your heart and you

still have a great deal of good fortune and gifts to reap I will always be here for you and I know that you will have a

brilliant future you may trust me enough to come to my Altar and pour out your soul my my loyalty will remain

unfaltering no matter how much you question or make a mistake your aura will envelop you permeating every fiber

of your existence if anybody dares to oppose you I will give you Victory because you have a host of angelic

Warriors at your command it is normal to be overwhelmed by anxiety about the future I get that you shouldn’t be too

worried I understand the gravity of your duties you hope that everything goes according to plan so that you can

support your family keep them well and keep the peace everyone needs it but sometimes it’s

hard to see beyond the evil that’s lurking in the shadows when the adversary Whispers falsehoods and turns

your worries into anxieties and when you feel like giving up alt together I am

patiently waiting for you to stand up and utter the words that will drive the enemy from the

battlefield keep your unfaltering faith and thankful heart and thank me for your

life life your loved ones your health and everything else that you are they

will protect you and keep you going when circumstances are tough I will be ready

for you when you open your eyes in the midst of the Flames of suffering I want

to hear the first words that come out of your heart when you begin your day expressing gratitude for life and for

you if you’re sick today come see me share your deepest emotions with me I

will personally go through each of those emotions turning sadness into Joy shame

into optimism and so on I’m banishing the shadow that haunts your thoughts

compelling you to pay attention to misleading Whispers that hail from bygone days I am God the supreme ruler

my darling you are obedient and unwavering in your faith even as we speak it is my sincere desire that the

power of my sacred blood will set you free from any mental illness no matter where you are my strong word will bring

you total healing from head to toe get up from the floor raise your dreams and go on if you follow this road you will

reach the holy Mountain’s Peak and the sight of your Triumph Jesus Christ has cemented the feelings I am planting in

your heart this blessing I am about to bestow upon you is real and authentic

and it will be yours because you have faith in me and my Everlasting word

giving over control of your life to your heavenly father who loves you more than you can imagine is not a mistake it is

not in your head anyone who listens to me with a spirit of humility and trusts

in those who honor my word will see powerful Supernatural Marvels performed

for them you will Vanquish the powers of evil when you Proclaim my word I will

grant you freedom and Triumph for your life your family your health your wealth

and everyone living under your roof my Majesty will fill your house and wonderful occurrences will happen often

your caring nature will bring blessings to the homes of good-hearted individuals around you please I beg you again do not

wander into the realm of unbelief Remain the path my love and devotion for you

will be shown when you seek me study develop and are filled with my Holy Spirit my darling child take comfort in

the Tranquility I bring you every day you will always have my love you have shown your gratitude for for the gift of

life to me today all that’s required of you is an expression of appreciation and

an open heart believe in me even before you speak a word about what you need

find some peace and quiet and join me for a minute get some peace and quiet

and think about all the things for which you should be thankful today your life your loved ones your health the air you

breathe the food you eat the roof over your head the supernatural Shield I’ve

placed around your home and the Vigilant Warrior Angels who are watching over your dreams and are prepared to fight

you are fortunate beyond measure therefore surround yourself with optimistic ideas and be receptive to the

kindness I send your way you may trust that I am the one who will decide your fate a thankful heart one that knows the

shackles you have broken or dragged dwells inside me feelings of Shame and doubt are fading away I desire to bring

blessings into your life my dearly loved one everything I do is with you and our

well-being in mind occasionally it will be difficult I shall be there to

strengthen your spirit and be by your side when you confront challenges in the event that you embrace

me into your being I beg you to believe me tell everyone if you will let me rule

your life I will offer my heart to you my God Proclaim it my Lord and Monarch

you are have faith in me whenever you come to me with a request reveal your

trust to me the greatest gift you can give me is your appreciation come without fear the time

we are sharing now is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened you will never be rejected by me my precious

blood has B you freedom from sin no matter how far away I was and how little

you thought of me you should never feel embarrassed to be in my company your plight touched my heart I

sent Legions of angels to free you from the devil’s grasp and remove any roadblocks so you could come back to me

good news will be bestowed upon me when you return tomorrow tell the story of how step by step you have found Marvels

that had previously evaded you everything wonderful and transformative that has happened to you thus far will

be detailed by you you will swear loyalty and I will listen with infinite

Delight I have brought you here for this very reason I don’t want you to go back to a place where there’s nothing but

hate scorn sadness and hopelessness if I want to change your life you have my

whole attention I want to know whether you’re going to trust me or the people who are trying to stop you from

returning to your religion by making you feel that you must be Flawless even though they’re just as flawed as you are

stay strong in your faith and spirit no matter how many times others try to discourage you no one can brag of

perfection in my presence you are much loved and there is a door that leads to everlasting life and Bliss That Never

Ends joy joy and eternal happiness with me love acceptance and unadulterated

sacred adoration will forever be with you whether you are sick suffering or

think your shortcomings drove you to sin you may contact me with confidence at

any time of day or night no matter where you are or what you’re going through you

are welcomed here here if you ask for my forgiveness and want a new beginning I

will always listen to your prayer of repentance and I will give you another opportunity no explanations are required

just come and give me your heart I get it my love is all you really need there

I am we are inseparable hello there where are you at right now just say

what’s on your mind what’s still between us and let it all out right now my

mighty word will mend your broken Spirit calm your weary eyes and break every bond that has held you back my strength

is the only thing that can dispel these feelings that stab at your heart like sharp nails may you find Solace

Revitalize your faith and go on a journey of spreading your Ascent to the

Pinnacle of success is resuming I hope you’re doing well every day you must be

in my presence we can write a fresh chapter in your life story by working

together to eliminate the bad parts a Victorious person who Rises with a deep

intention to live each day to your age that is how I hope you see yourself

since that is how much I love you there is no age limit on The Pursuit Of Joy

you mean the world to me my darling I want to free you from your shackles cure

you of your illnesses and destroy the magic and curses that have deceived you into thinking there is another being in

this Cosmos with more power than I do my voice makes the heavens and the earth quake when my Grandeur is made visible

in this world the powers of evil are vanquished now that you have a support system no one physical or otherwise can

stand in your way hurt you or drag you down you are embraced by my arms I

surround you with my sanctity my blood’s potency protects you at all times an end

to suffering say to me that you are experiencing my peace and joy and that

you believe in me and then you will no longer have to cry out in despair get

down on one knee and give me thanks for the Miracles and love that are about to happen I am here to deliver the news you

have been eagerly anticipating good news whatever you’re carrying around in your

spirit I shall lift all three of these areas family health and wealth will be

blessed by me now is the time for repair so listen carefully I will give you the

D Direction you need please return to my promise humble yourself and give me the

time I need make a firm decision to let go of your worries and anxieties to

strengthen your soul in my company and to pay attention to the gentle voice that calls to you from within your heart

the voice of love I hope I can show you the way back to the things you once had and help you recover what you’ve lost I

wish to be your guide as we make our way to a place of calm and serenity where where you can finally let go of the

issues that have been weighing you down and find the joy that has eluded you I

want to free you from the fears that have Afflicted you get rid of your anxieties don’t hold on to them or try

to disguise them I will not tolerate it anymore when you let fear influence your

decision- making your errors have cost you dearly but I will see that chapter

through to a successful conclusion I am here today to save you my holy word restores your joy heals

your wounds encourages you and drives you and all your doubts fears and

feelings of inadequacy are fading away a new sense of hope and lovely Ambitions

is borne inside you I want to see your radiant grin and your heart overflowing

with joy there is still a long way to go on your adventure filled with wonderful

surprises and kind Spirits I want to know whether you believe me in what way

ways do you believe you’re valuable are you really going to hold on to my hand and not let go no matter what happens

you have my undying love and care this Sacred Love that I give you no one can

take away from you today I will come to your house and change your fate I am

here to help you because your prayers were so powerful and full of faith I am ready to use the power that is inside me

your faith is the key that unlocks Miracles but more than that you are precious to me and no matter what you

will always have my steadfast presence you need my help because you’re in pain

I love you unconditionally which heals you and covers you in the Stillness my

gentle presence envelops you accept the gift of being unchecked my empathetic

ear which listens attentively and without interruption is just what you need because I know your heart I

encourage you to tell me what you really want your physical capabilities are now

exhausted now is the time to admit that you need something I know that you and

your loved ones are on a perilous journey through a Barren Wasteland where rejection and isolation sap faith and

Love You Weep and scream in agony as you walk on hot stones that make your skin

crawl I feel for you it’s not easy to keep going and have faith that my hand

will be there for you even while you’re hurting Aries attacks and hurts you but

I have come to protect you your current experiences are all part of a cleansing

process you will emerge from the darkness and be cleansed of any negativity just as gold only really

shines after passing through fire my only purpose in speaking to you is not

to put you in a position where you can insult your fellow Believers but rather to educate you to reach out and help

those who are down and out I beg you to let go of your pride wroth

Terror uncertainty and lack of trust do not give in to the enemy’s Relentless

Pursuit Of You beginning in infancy with the goal of stifling your growth and

confining you to a prison of bitterness you dealt out little wounds

that bled your heart every time rendering you useless it seemed like you were about to go off the rails but when

I spoke to you you were open you admitted your guilt and you asked for forgiveness your pray of Contrition was

lovely and we Rejoice with you in heaven that you had come home today with such a

strong faith life is a journey and you are carving out your own unique route

enjoy this time with me my darling embrace the present and forget about the past I will show you how to find

happiness love and serenity so that you can let go of the things that have been holding you back rest assured I will be

by your side during this whole process I am am delighted that you have decided to let me in on your most private

struggles while you are enjoying life’s Splendor again you are also facing the hidden struggles that have been plaguing

you keep in mind that talking to me every day will give you tremendous power

strengthen your faith and release you from the chains that bind you spiritually Joy will fill your heart to

overflowing as your soul sares it is your moment to speak and I can feel the

the happiness radiating from your face trust me when I say that I love you no

matter what it is very okay and I am thrilled to see that you are seeking

comfort and love through my words if you have any remaining reservations you are

already aware of the change occurring within yourself whatever is burdening you know that you can always count on my

support I know that the stresses of life may leave you gasping for air and a

million thoughts race but if you would only pray to me first thing in the morning I will help you

overcome these difficulties letting go of the burdens that no longer serve you

and embracing life with a fresh sense of Joy think about the bigger picture with my kid and the things that need your

focus you don’t need to worry about things that might never happen because I am watching over you stay positive and

hold on to your faith put your hands on your knees or remain seated while you

close your eyes and give thanks for your family’s health and hard work I like

your requests but there are instances when you don’t even have to ask please

don’t hesitate to ask and do it with complete Assurance I am listening intently and my guardian angels are

prepared I order them and they will rush to your side because their purpose in

life is to follow my lead and be of service to you I am the one who blesses

your life and wraps you in kindness you are my beloved child feel free to ask me

anything your requests are my utmost anticipation I will give you the best

wheat honey that flows from the Rock and I will open Heaven’s Gates so that you might receive an abundance of benefits

my power can move mountains of grief break down walls of evil and break bonds

of sin Vice and harmful habits holy call upon your faith all that is lovely kind

Pleasant and encouraging is what I ask for in my perfect time I will graciously

reply to your requests no matter how hard they may appear as long as they contribute to your progress in eternity

and prosperity on Earth I will provide for you your difficulties concerns and

feelings are all very real to me trust me when I say I will hold your hand no

matter what rest assured I am here for you again today you are sobbing and

asking my God where are you today not long ago in order to let you know that I

will be closely watching over you as you get ready for what’s to come I’m offering you this sign keep praying

every day feel my presence next to you and get to know me well because I love

you with all of my heart I am the ideal parent trust me when I say I love you

what I say is true I pray that you are well strong and happy in this life that

I have given given you because I love you very much get ready for the road ahead because I will continue to visit

you first thing in the morning with messages of love and encouragement that I will sew in your heart now is the time

for you to fulfill your destiny of Triumph having you feel hopeless and dejected throughout your life was never

my goal some people in your life have likely been critical put you down called

you a failure and given up on you claiming you will accomplish nothing unless you listen to their foolish

advice is meaningless I would like you not to be in a state of panic and last

ditch effort to save Fai at the last possible moment no matter how scared you

are if you dare to do it you’ll feel an overwhelming surge of Bravery let go of

fear do good things and complete your responsibilities if you are dedicated to

bettering your life and making good decisions you may lose something or face the wroth of others but know that you

will gain far more than you give let me take care of these people they won’t be

able to help someone who is purposefully heading toward disaster so pray for them

but don’t listen to their complaints or advice if you put me first I will not

only be there to help you in any way but I will also lead you to success and bestow upon you benefits that are

Priceless beyond measure I will revive your Zeal for Life strengthen you and

bring you back from the dead even when you feel weak and discouraged future

Generations will reap the benefits I give you the promise that I will clothe

you with dignity that I will make your pathway straight and that my glory will

fill your house it will happen I promise I want to be a guest in your home and

express my deep love for you it is my deepest aim to bring about a miraculous

change in your life after seeing your hardship I vow that poverty will never

again threaten your house or your family I will bestow benefits on your house I

announce that you will soon reap the reward of your labors because you have been true to me through prayer fasting

weeping and putting me first in everything that you do I will bring

prosperity joy strength and health to your household you may have faith in my

holy word because I will keep all my promises is get ready for a major change

and let go of the burden of constant anxiety and despair when I bless you I

also give you Insight strength and the capacity to wisely choose how to use the benefits I give you so that they may

benefit others thank me and have faith in me because I am changing your life

over an extended period of time I’m preparing you to confront several possibilities in the face of

overwhelming hardship you have pled planted the seeds of Faith your faith in my strength and my constant support were

unshakable as a result you were victorious you put your faith in me and

I was able to help you today I will use my powerful hand to ensure that the

seeds you have sown grow and bear fruit abundantly in your life and the lives of

others around you my compassion and Grace have encircled you you will now

enjoy the fruits of your perseverance what I’m about to bring into your house is much bigger than

anything you can imagine you look for the big and small things in your life for which to be grateful while walking

guilt-free keep my qualities close to your heart money can’t buy you a better

future a better family or a better you do not lament or be afraid of the loss

of belongings jobs notoriety or popularity put the things that really

matter first be steadfast in your pursuit of me and love me because I am your supplier I will

provide all of your requirements in ample quantity my genuine blessings will fulfill you countless doors will be open

for you and incredible possibilities will be presented by the hand of blessings be on the lookout for signs of

plentiful blessings for they are about to come your way do not give up hope if

you face difficulties that seem insurmountable at first I am able to turn any obstacle into an opportunity

for you I conceal a wealth of gifts and Fortune I gave you this power so be

prepared to use it wisely if you want to make the most of the abilities I’ve given you read my holy word for

Direction but resist the temptation to let wealth control you never give in to

the temptation of stardom or take out a loan to buy a Whimsy take your spiritual

journey to the next level by focusing on what’s really important I want you to see great Marvels therefore I will

reveal marvelous Revelations to you if you seek wisdom via my word and learn

more about me take care of yourself and your loved ones right away making sure

nothing falls through the cracks Readiness is key because I will open doors and you will find new Vistas I

will shower your house with riches bye my dear mood for the day as long as you

remain steadfast in your faith and trust that I am holding your destiny in My Loving Hands nothing can stand in your

way I will meet all of your needs and my Provisions will come to you I give you

the strength to face adversity get going on the trips you need to take in order to have the talks that need to happen

and to face the problems that need your Solutions I will be by your side and all your desires will come true if you have

me the all powerful God then you have everything bye my dear I am present you

yelled my name and shouted at me out of sheer desperation I hope I can ease your pain and bring you the information you

need I am extremely moved by the confidence you have in me what a remarkable person you are you have

prayed and kneel down calling on my name in all your trials your words are like a

to Sacred incense a fragrant sacrifice that reaches my Altar and touches my

heart so I am thrilled by your progress even though I knew your prayers before they reached your lips your unfaltering

trust and confidence in my love for you touch my heart if you ask for my help I

will grant it and you and your family will no longer have to go through this hardship I will provide you with

knowledge that will sharpen your mind even more as well as the ability to see the enemy’s moves before they occur be

strong in your faith take the next step and ask for the benefits I’ve promised you you may not have seen or talked to

some of these people in a long time but I am sending you to them so that they may bless you and you will be the one

who answers their prayers I’ll write their names in your heart my kid this is

how I do things those who trust in me and seek me sincerely will get my

benefits I am releasing a really important door immerse yourself in your Bible absorb my sacred words and your

faith will intensify in this life that challenges your humility and prevents you from succumbing to Pride exude an

air of self assurance pleas please hear what I have to say every morning listen

carefully hold fast to the wisdom I provide and carve my promises into your

whole being there is tremendous power in your prayers when you offer them with a bowed knee my darling when you feel your

feet really touching the floor in prayer maintain that stance my loving hand will

gently brush your head as you reach for the stars and the universe will ReSound with an overwhelming Amen in response to

your earn his prayers fear not my darling I send you out into the world

today my love envelops you my angel stand by your side and my love protects

you just as the sun’s Rays paint the sky with Sunrise colors with each beat of

your waking moments I am here by your side fully present you bring a continual

grin to my heart with your life which is intertwined with struggles and successes

your strength and Faith are like fragrant gifts together they form a symphony of

devotion in your fervent pursuit of morality and the straight and narrow road I see a mirror image of my own

character your tenacity and perseverance are like those of a warrior you meet

adversity headon and refuse to back down you are quite similar to me not just in

appearance but also in the core of your being I am not an outsider looking in

rather I am here to be a rock for you and and your loved ones always there to make sure that you all stay strong and

happy stay on this road my darling and hold on to the Priceless faith that is

already within you your style of life is like a beautiful tune that brings an Indescribable Delight to my heart your

admirable Deeds motivate and encourage me I desire to share my religion with the world so that others may see that

there is someone like you a person whose heart loves me deeply and whose spirit is full of faith

you have my utmost respect my beloved you remain unwavering in the face of hardship even as the Winds of wroth pick

up speed what counts most is not the things that deceitful friends may have taken away but rather your unfaltering

faith devotion and determination to follow my will in all things regardless

of the difficulties you may face without a doubt you are my child the Harvest is

far from Done Yet the seed that I planted in your heart has yielded plenty

the Bounty of favors and Gifts is far from exhausted my love illuminates your future and no matter what you can be

sure that I will be there for you come to me confidently and pour out your heart at my altar when self-doubt or

guilt overwhelm you my child you will sense my presence inside you like a river of constancy and I will never

leave you you have access to an army of angels that are prepared to fight by

your side those who dare to confront you will ultimately Prevail I am the one who will

nourish You Mend you and give you strength I shake your life the lives of

your loved ones your health and your wealth when you speak my word within the

safety of your home you will experience Liberation and Triumph I will fill your

house with my majesty and you will see incredible Miracles every day because of your kind nature you will be a s of

benefit to the families of good-hearted individuals therefore my dear I beg you

to remain steadfast and not wander into the realm of unbelief seek me out so

that I can be filled with knowledge wisdom and growth my Holy Spirit Will demonstrate my love and devotion for you

take comfort in the Tranquility I provide the peace that builds you up every day I will always cherish you my

dearest child it Thrills my heart that you have already shown gratitude for the gift Gift of Life today then why

postpone opening your heart and expressing appreciation does not cost

anything I am aware of what you need have faith in me even before you express

your needs allow me to provide you with a moment of Tranquility take a moment to be grateful for everything in your life

your loved ones your health the air you breathe the food you eat the roof over your head the supernatural protection I

provide for your home and the Vigilant Warrior Angels who stand guard watching over your dreams and preparing to fight

for you fill your heart and soul with gratitude for all the blessings in your

life and be receptive to the kindness I send your way I am the one who controls

your fate so you may rest easy an appreciative heart is inside me it is

aware of its own need for me and seeks me out in hope and trust knowing that it is greatly rewarded by your

appreciation together we can face the day with the confidence that you are loved LED and have a Destiny for

greatness because you have joined our hearts Your Existence is a tapestry of

interconnectedness and the path you’re on is a stroke of divine Love’s brush Strokes in an evolving

Masterpiece my words are like a soft wind that will lead you towards a road of change as you stand at the junction

of the present and the future so sit back listen and let them guide you take

a look at yourself my love and see the beauty that is inside you you are my unique representation of divine

creativity and it is fearfully and wonderfully formed life isn’t a series

of unfortunate occurrences it’s a planned path toward being true to yourself where you’ll find your soulmate

and answer the call that rings in your heart in the midst of all the action and worry it’s easy to Lose Yourself even if

everyone else expects you to fit in I implore you to be true to who you are and not give in to the pressure to

conform being a shining example of the love and grace that spring from our bond is your Divine calling being self-aware

is the first step towards transformation explore the depths of your soul the storehouse of your hopes dreams and

memories discover the hidden gems inside yourself that have been dormant for so long the truth Shone brightly dispels

Shadows of uncertainty and doubt please know that you are not venturing out on this journey of

self-discovery when you are able to sit quietly and think I will be here to help you through it all make your worries

desires and anxieties known as a Heavenly Confidant I listen without

judgment and provide comfort and insight May the power of forgiveness heal the

scars left by the past not only will it be a kind thing to do for other people

but it will also release your own heart from the chains that have been holding it down when you let go of grudges you

allow healing and growth to take place in the calm immerse yourself in the Timeless knowledge and instruction found

in the Sacred Scriptures as my words reverberate through the halls of time open the pages of your Bible and let the

words Infuse your spirit learn how to change your Viewpoint and bring about transformation by absorbing the

teachings of humility compassion and love in order to revitalize one must

first change their Viewpoint and renal disease is no exception when you look at

the world with love in your eyes you will see how everything is interdependent on each other when you

are generous with other people you reflect the Limitless Mercy that originates in God however my dearly

cherished genuine metamorphosis penetrates deep within your soul far beyond the surface allow your Soul’s

fruits to grow and flourish inside you deliberately aligning with the divine presence inside allows you to nurture

the qualities of gentleness and self-control which are like pedals in an

inner Garden as you work on improving yourself let your outside Behavior mirror the change in your pursuit of

chances to inspire others continuing your path is not an isolated activity

but rather a shared dance with the environment around you in your journey towards personal growth cultivate

meaningful relationship ship with others who cross your path be a source of inspiration and love for them when you

take the time to pray and meditate I don’t just see them as rituals I see them as gateways that lead to your inner

Sanctuary where you may have communication with the Holy allow the Divine Light to shed light on your mind

and spirit leading you to a more profound realization of your mission




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