my precious child I want you to take a


breath and let go of the stress and

worries that weigh you

down it’s important that you receive my

words with an open and joyful heart

because the way you listen

matters pay close attention to the

prophetic messages I send your way and

notice the sequence in which they arrive

this will help you understand where you

are and what season you’re in don’t

don’t just focus on one message and

forget the rest go back and observe how

they unfold for this is the divine

revelation I am sharing with you

today if you recognize the order of my

plans you’ll know how to walk and

journey with me more

effectively I have placed you in a new

position and I am working within you

healing your inner

wounds but this process involves deep

introspection I am preparing you for the

Fulfillment of my Divine Purpose for

your life in this season relax and let

my grace surround you as I revealed The

Broken Pieces the missing elements the

harmful habits and the recurring

patterns in your life this isn’t just

about being freed from evil spirits it’s

about getting you ready mentally

physically and emotionally for where I

am taking you you are already on the

path I have set for you but as you

travel look within and allow my holy

spirit to guide you showing you what I

want to nurture and what I want to

remove this is a time when iron sharpens

iron I have placed people situations and

experiences around you to refine you but

sometimes you resist because you don’t

understand draw from what brings you

peace comfort and life and embrace it

however I will also allow some

discomfort and challenges to shake you

up so you can reflect on yourself this

isn’t to condemn you for there is no

condemnation for those who are with me

you have the guarantee sealed by the


Spirit I am constantly pushing you to

become more striving to elevate you to a

new version of yourself that I planned

and destined for you long ago when I

called you I Justified you and because I

Justified you I glorified you bringing

you into a Heavenly State here on Earth

just as you you are on this earth in

every situation so are you with me in

heaven you are seated in Heavenly places

you have the mind of Christ and the mind

of the spirit who knows the depths of a


heart I am bringing these things to the

surface and you will confront them

repeatedly because that’s who I am I

understand that sometimes you may be

slow to learn but I know everything

about you I knew you before I formed you

in your mother’s womb

I thought of you sang over you and

rejoiced at your arrival on this Earth

so why would I bring you this far only

to leave you I am the author and

finisher of your faith and I the Lord

who began a good work in you will bring

it to

completion let go of everything negative

that brings death lacks life change or

peace leave it behind Shake It Off and

look ahead to all the things I have

prepared for

you you are pressing on toward the High

Calling the purpose I created you for

your ministry and how I will use you in

ways you don’t yet know but I am leading

you there because I designed it find

peace and refuge in me knowing what I

have spoken over you when you encounter

things about yourself that you don’t

like when curses or patterns that I am

breaking you out of arise remember that

you are covered by my grace where sin

increases Grace abounds even more I am

freeing you from old mindsets shaking

you out of old paradigms and giving you

a new

perspective get in sync with me listen

to my word for this is the divine

revelation you have asked and cried out

for even if it’s not coming in the way


expected inner healing doesn’t always

happen the way you anticipate I need to

reopen the wounds to release the the

infection and work in your heart I am

making all things new for you Redeeming

the time and restoring everything that

was consumed you will seow your crops

and not one will be lost because I will

rebuke the Devourer for your sake

entrust your finances to me be generous

give even when you don’t have much I’m

giving you a new mindset and new ideas

rise up with me my beloved I have you in

this season even amid the shaking

prodding and discomfort I am the Potter

and you are the clay don’t question what

I can do with you or how I choose to

shape you pursue your passion once again

press on with vision for without Vision

people wander aimlessly I am restoring

your vision your eyes ears and heart are

already attuned to me you are part of my

Remnant my chosen ones who will remain

loyal to me until the end you will

overcome the enemy everything you have

been through and will go through until I

bring you home will be used to to draw

in others to gather more of my

Remnant I am bringing you to a place

where you are all my Army keep your eyes

on me when I say shift keep shifting

when I say forward look forward I am

behind you guiding you even when you

doubt in the darkness remember what I

told you in the

light you may doubt in the midst of

confusion anxiety and the busyness of

life but Rec call who I am I am your God

your king the Prince of Peace Jehovah

The Great I Am I am the same yesterday

today and forever and I am for you not

against you I gave my own son to lay

down his life for you I will not condemn

you nor will I let anyone else stand

against you every accusation slander and

lie even those you have told about

yourself I am snatching you out of self-

condemnation and doubt and setting your

feet on the solid rock on the Narrow

Path come forth my Remnant the ones who

chose me and responded to my spirit as I

drew you

in I love you I care for you I am

nurturing you even when you don’t feel

my presence don’t

panic I am still

speaking and I know how to reach

you you are mine bought and paid for

with a price

I gave up my life I redeemed you before

the fall of

humanity don’t question why I am doing

this or what is happening in this season

seek wisdom from me once then let it

go my beloved child I want you to

understand a truth that Echoes Through

the Ages a secret language of your

essence just as a fragrance clings to

the fabric of your being long after an

Embrace leaving traces of of the others

presence so too does your spiritual

Essence leave an indelible mark on those


meet with each step each word and each

gesture you emanate an Essence that sets


apart you see your life is meant to be a

pleasing Aroma rising up to

me but this fragrance is perceived

differently by those who are being saved

and those who are perishing to some you

may be a refreshing scent of Life hope

and salvation but to others who reject

me your presence may be an unwelcome

reminder of their own spiritual

condition I want you to be intentional

about being a life-giving fragrance

wherever you go when people are around

you do they sense bitterness anger and

resentment or do they experience the

essence of forgiveness compassion and

kindness remember my Mercy is what saves

you from what you deserve but my grace

is what gives you what you don’t deserve

I had mercy on you when you were lost

and wandering and it is by my grace that

you are saved through faith not by your

own works I have a plan and a purpose

for your life and I want to use you to

reach people that nobody else can reach

you are uniquely positioned to impact

certain individuals and groups you have

the opportunity to be a light in those

circles don’t hide your light or your

testimony let it shine brightly so that

other others can see it and recognize

that if I can transform your life

there’s hope for them too your past

mistakes and failures don’t Define you

while you can’t go back and change the

beginning of your story you can choose

to start fresh with me and create a new

ending your identity is found in me and

there is no one else like you you are

special Chosen and appointed for such a

time as this I want to use you to

illuminate the darkness and bring hope

to a world in

need when you share my word with others

you never know who might be

listening someone may approach you

hungry for more information about me

don’t be afraid or ashamed to share the

good news of the Gospel it’s the very

message that saved you and it has the

power to save others

too think of yourself as a farmer sowing

seeds of Faith wherever you go some

seeds may fall on Rocky ground some

among thorns and some on good

soil not every seed will Sprout

immediately and some people may reject

the message but your job is to keep

Faithfully planting those seeds trusting

that some will take root and grow when

someone shows interest and wants to know

more about me guide them to the truth

encourage them to call upon my name and

receive receive the gift of

Salvation my child I have called you to

be a carrier of my presence a

distributor of my love and a swer of

spiritual seeds don’t keep this treasure

to yourself but share it generously with

others my precious child you are the

light that illuminates the darkest

corners of this world your presence

brings joy and hope wherever you go

never forget that I have created you for

a unique purpose

one that only you can

fulfill when fear tries to grip your

heart remember that I am always with you

I am your strength and your Shield your

everpresent help in times of trouble

face every challenge with courage

knowing that I have already equipped you

with everything you need to

overcome greater is the power that

resides within you than any force that

comes against you no matter what

obstacles you may face

trust in my ability to guide you through

them lean on my wisdom and my love for

they will never fail

you when doubts creep in and you find

yourself questioning your worth recall

the promises I have spoken over your

life you are chosen valued and deeply

loved my plans for you are good and I

will never abandon you on your

journey as you walk through this life

let your faith be your

compass choose to trust in my guidance

even when the path ahead seems

unclear I will direct your steps and

lead you to the places I have prepared

for you remember your testimony has the

power to break chains and set captives

free don’t be afraid to share your story

for it is a testament to my goodness and

Grace your words have the ability to

bring healing and hope to those who are

struggling let your life be a fragrant

offering ing a sweet Aroma that draws

others to me as you walk in obedience

and surrender I will use you in ways you

never thought possible your influence

will reach far beyond what you can

imagine in a world that often feels dark

and uncertain be a beacon of light let

your actions reflect my love and

compassion show kindness to the hurting

extend grace to the undeserving and

offer hope to the

hopeless when the burdens of Life weigh

heavy on your shoulders remember that

you don’t have to carry them alone cast

your cares upon me for I care for you

deeply I will give you rest and renew

your strength for the journey ahead

surround yourself with people who will

encourage and support you in your faith

seek out community and accountability

for we are stronger together than we are

apart let your relationships be a

reflection of my love and

Grace as you navigate the challenges and

triumphs of this life never lose sight

of the Eternal perspective keep your

eyes fixed on the hope that lies ahead

the promise of a future spent with me in

perfect peace and

joy my child you are a vital part of my

plan for this world your gifts your

passions and your unique experiences

have all been given to you for a reason

embrace them with confidence knowing

that I will use them for my

glory when the enemy tries to whisper

lies and doubts into your ear combat

them with the truth of my word meditate

on my promises and let them take root in


heart they will be your anchor in the

storms of life remember your identity is

found in me alone you are not defined by

your past mistakes your present

circumstances or the opinions of others

you are my beloved child created in my

image and called to a life of purpose


significance as you walk in obedience to

my will trust that I will open doors

that no one can shut I will make a way

where there seems to be no way your

faithfulness will be rewarded in ways

you cannot even

imagine let your life be marked by

gratitude and praise in every season

choose to give thanks for the blessings

I have poured out upon you a grateful

heart opens the door to even greater

abundance my precious child never forget

how deeply I love you my love for you is

unconditional unending and

unshakable nothing you do can ever

separate you from my

love rest in that truth and let it be

the foundation upon which you build your

life as you continue on this journey

know that I am with you every step of

the way I will never leave you or

forsake you trust in my goodness lean on

my strength and walk in the purpose I

have called you

to you are a living testimony of my

grace and my power let your light shine

brightly in this world pointing others

to the hope that can only be found in

me I have great plans for you my child

embrace them with faith and watch as I

do immeasurably more than you could ever

ask or imagine my dear child trust is

the foundation of your walk with me when

you choose to believe my promises and

follow my guidance even when the path


unclear you demonstrate true Faith

remember faith comes from filling your

heart and mind with my word allowing it

to guide your steps don’t let your own

limitations hold you back from the great

plans I have for you your success

doesn’t depend on your abilities but on

your willingness to rely on my infinite

power and

wisdom I have never failed and I never

will long before you were born I set in

motion the plans for your life trust

that I know exactly what I’m doing and

that I will lead you to fulfillment and

victory you don’t need to figure

everything out on your own Your Role is

simply to trust me and follow where I

lead I am the one who will work out out

the details and bring about the results

as it says in my word be still and know

that I am God let go of your worries and

allow me to fight your battles for you

sometimes in your eagerness to solve

problems you can actually get in the way

of what I’m trying to do take a step

back quiet your mind and give me the

space to work on your

behalf trust that I am always working

behind the scenes even when you can’t

see it

faith is the Assurance of things you

hope for the conviction of things not


seen when you hear my word and believe

it in your heart it empowers you to

speak it out with confidence and as you

declare my promises you will begin to

see them manifest in your

life it’s a process but as you continue

to walk with me you will receive the

blessings I have for you and as you

Steward those blessings Faithfully y I

will increase them and take you to even

greater Heights your faith will grow

from one level to the next as you

experience my faithfulness in your

life I am equipping you with everything

you need for the journey ahead every

challenge every blessing every lesson is

preparing you for what’s to

come the skills wisdom and resources I

place in your hands today will be

essential for the victories of Tomorrow

trust that I am sh shaping you and

providing for you every step of the way

no matter how dark or confusing your

circumstances may seem keep speaking

words of

faith when the world around you is in

chaos and fear tries to grip your heart

continue to declare my promises over

your life speak in the dark the same way

you do in the light your words have

power and as you align them with my

truth you will see your situation begin

to change the enemy can’t stand against

the authority of my word when you speak

it out in faith it sends the forces of

Darkness fleeing so don’t give in to

fear or doubt but keep speaking life and

victory over your

circumstances I have given you authority

to overcome every obstacle and defeat

every enemy as you walk in obedience to

me nothing will be able to harm you you

have the power to change your world

through the words you speak and the

faith you

demonstrate choose today to step out in

faith leaving behind the comfort and

security of your own plans and embrace

the adventure of following me just as

Peter walked on water by keeping his

eyes on me you too can do the impossible

if you will trust in my word and follow


leading don’t let fear hold you back

from the incredible future I have for

you faith and fear cannot

coexist so choose to let Faith arise in

your heart

meditate on my promises until they

become more real to you than your

circumstances I love you more than you

can imagine and I am always with you I

will never leave you or forsake you I am

your strength your shield and your

exceedingly great

reward trust me follow me and watch in

amazement as I work wonders in and

through your

life amen

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