my beloved I know you have been walking

through a Barren season crying out how

long O Lord but I tell you I have not

forgotten you not for a moment you are

engraved on the palms of my hands I will

bring you out of your Egypt I will split

the Red Sea before your feet I will feed

you with Mana in the wilderness and

cause water to flow from the rock to

quench your

thirst have I not proved my faithfulness

to you a thousand times

over yet still your faith falters When


arise oh my precious child do you not

know have I not shown you that I am God

Almighty the Lord of hosts who commands

the wind and waves there is nothing I

cannot tame for your sake so lift up

your eyes from the churning chaos that

surrounds you look unto me the author

and finisher of your faith

have I not spoken promises over you

plans to prosper you and not to harm you

plans to give you hope in a

future though the vision terries it will

surely come to pass the appointed time

is at hand even now I am marshalling My

Angel armies on your behalf I am

stirring the hearts of Earthly Kings and

rulers tilting the axis of governments

and economic systems clearing obstacles

from your

path I am orchestrating Divine

connections and arranging surprise

blessings to overtake you

suddenly for the set time of favor over

your life has

come the season of wilderness wanderings


ending your Promised Land lies just

ahead can you not discern the first

faint rays of dawn on the horizon

heralding the sunrise of

breakthrough if I swung wide the Gates

of Heaven to pour down Mana when you

were slaves in Egypt how much more will

I open the floodgates of blessing now

that you are my Covenant

child I tell you my Showers of

Supernatural Supply will be more than

you can

contain it will overtake you suddenly

and overwhelm you the torrential

downpour of my favor will make ezekiel’s

vision of river blessings look like a

mere drizzle by comparison for I am

taking you from the Wilderness into the

land of more than enough

even as I dried up the Jordan River to

make way for my children long ago so I

imp parting the Red Sea of lack before


now no longer will you subsist on sparse


rations for I am ushering you into a

land flowing with milk and honey your

very own promised Paradise of prosperity

prepared for you before the foundation

of the

world dare to enlarge the tense of your

expectation my

child stretch your hopes wider to align

with Heavenly

reality for I am the god of abundance

Jehovah Gyra your provider without

limit it has always been my good

pleasure to give you the kingdom in all


fullness I am holding nothing back my

storehouses stand open ask me for rain

in due season and I will open the

floodgates of Heaven the wealth of the

wicked is laid up for the just and

surely my righteous Ones Will thrive in

the these last days as never

before stay your mind on me through

every tight place keep Covenant with me

in the wilderness and you will eat the

fruit of the land in due season I am

weaning you from counterfeit affections

so you will find your soul satisfaction

in me alone your true provider for I am

bringing you out of the slavery of Egypt

and into

sunship you shall be to me a treasured

possession a royal priesthood a holy

Nation no longer will you cry for you

shall dine sumptuously every day at my

table in the land I have sworn to give

you so stir yourself beloved and

rekindle your spiritual fervor to a line

with this new era I am ushering you into

for I have appointed this season as a

portal for massive Kingdom

advance and you shall be among its

Vanguard The Battle Belongs to Me you

need only stand watch and see my


Deliverance I will clear the path before

you and Lead You forth triumphantly into


inheritance for I am taking you higher

expanding your capacity to contain more

of my glory power and provision than you


imagined get ready for sudden Ambus

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