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my beloved children hear me I am the

Lord your God who fashioned each of you

with loving

care all that is seen and unseen came

into being through my Divine

Will I Am the Alpha and the Omega the

author of life

itself a time of great turmoil is

descending upon the Earth you see

distress and Calamity arising on every

side Wars and disease and suffering of

every kind I weep along onside you in

your grief for every one of my children

is infinitely precious to me yet do not

lose hope or give way to fear all that

now is and will be Accords with my


plan I am coming soon to make all things

new the present sufferings are but birth

pangs of that which is to follow a world

of everlasting joy and fulfillment

beyond your ability to

comprehend every tear will be wiped away

death and sorrow shall be no

more the wrongs that cry out for redress

will receive their righteous

recompense no longer will the powerful

oppress my vulnerable ones or evil go

unpunished the meek and lowly will

receive their due reward and Justice

shall Prevail throughout all

creation my ways are not man’s

ways for a time I have allowed Injustice

and cruelty to to run rampant as an act

of Mercy giving opportunity for

repentance yet the hardness of the human

heart often spurns my gracious

offer now the kernels of wheat must be

separated from the diseased

chaff judgment is swiftly coming to the

defiant ones who persist in Rebellion

against me but this is not cause for

Terror among my faithful

ones you who abide in me through love

and Trust have nothing to fear

the time of my return in power and Glory

will be for you a time of Jubilation of

shouting and singing for Joy the

permanent unbreakable Union with your

creator for which you long is closer

than it has ever

been my people ready yourselves the hour

is later than you know put your house in

order and call upon me to establish

priorities that are Eternal rather than

fleeting in vain cherish each moment as

you go about your daily affairs

recognizing that mundane tasks take on

Eternal significance when done out of

love for me speak truth courageously yet

gently as I give you words manifest my

wisdom and character of christlikeness

in each

situation above all nurture the unity I

desire among all those who call me

Lord avoid Petty divisions over issues

which pale into insignificance alongside

my Global

purposes look past surface differences

to see every person as the unique

beloved treasure I created them to be

make Unity and Reconciliation your Chief

priority Forge bonds of Brotherly

affection that overcome worldly barriers

of race class gender and

nationality live as pilgrims and

strangers in this world citizens of my


kingdom Hold Earth’s transient Goods

Loosely freely sharing your material

abundance with those lacking basic


for all you possess is mine alone you

are but stewards for a fleeting

season store up Treasures of true worth

in serving me and one another the wealth

of Eternity awaits those found faithful

when I come to claim them as my child I

leave you with joy and peace beyond your

ability to fully

grasp soon you will understand perfectly

and see me face to face until then

continue serving me wholeheartedly Right

Where You Are

look up and lift up your heads you

blessed ones beloved of the most high

God your joyous Redemption into my

presence is

imminent I am coming quickly to take you

unto myself in glory forever


Rejoice for the fullness of my promises

awaits the weight of my glory shall soon

overtake all attempts of the unrighteous

to stand in their own

strength for I am about to Ren the

heavens wide and and descend to

establish my reign on the

earth no longer will The principalities

and powers of Darkness be able to

maintain their facade of control behind


scenes I will expose every hidden agenda

and topple their house of cards as if a

mere breath the signs of my coming

kingdom are evident for those with eyes


perceive convulsions in the Physical

Realm merely portend greater shakings in

social economic and political spheres

now poised to give way

you hear of Wars famines earthquakes and

pandemics these comprise birth pangs

heralding something radically new poised

to burst forth on the global

stage the labor pains will intensify in

both frequency and scope but in the

midst of it all cling fervently to my

promises concerning that

day for my word yet stands

sure providing unshakable certainty amid

swirling chaos

I will never leave nor forsake you I

impart strength in your inner being and

Transcendent peace passing understanding

mine is an eternal Kingdom unmoved by

the rise and fall of mortal ones

attempting vainly to cement their

legacy whether or not Earthly

authorities and institutions stand is


inconsequential my purposes shall be


regardless fix your eyes upon the unseen

reality veiled to Flesh and Blood vision

what will be birthed in coming days and

years far eclipses your ability to

foresee or forell at

present but soon you shall know fully

even as you are already fully known by

me now your citizenship is indeed in

this foreign land for but a fleeting


more already your spirit resonates in

harmony with that Victorious City I am

actively preparing to welcome you into

as conquerors in

Christ do not fall prey to discour

enouragement over the messiness

surrounding your present path my beloved

ones all is unfolding exactly as

foreordained before time itself

existed Your Role is simply to walk in

tandem with my spirit’s guidance each

day how effortlessly the path unfolds

when your steps align with

mine how glorious the destination I have

prepared for those who complete the

journey leaning wholly on my empowering

Grace indeed my my strength will be

perfected through your weakness your

resting in confident trust devoid of

self-reliance as Heaven’s curtain Parts

you shall shine brilliantly as co-

Regents alongside the king of glory

himself lay aside Earthly Ambitions and

attachments of no Eternal

value instead invest fully in serving my

purposes joining me in costly Ministry

to the broken and lost store up true

riches through small repeated acts of

sacrificial love you perform in secret

seen only by your father who rewards

openly lay up for yourselves Treasures

in Heaven through beholding my face

continually in prayer there is no

greater privilege in pleasure all other

Pursuits prove Hollow once you have

tasted of the Fountain Head of delights

found in my presence let me lavish you

with tokens of my undying affection

there is more so much more awaiting all

who yield wholly to my loving

lordship never doubt that the sufferings

of this age are Unworthy of comparison

to the glory soon to be revealed in you

soon You Shall Behold your beloved with

unhindered sight and know fully The

Fellowship of shared life in God

Everlasting Joy shall Crown your head as

you enter my kingdom clothed in

embroidered garments of

Salvation no longer will you perceive

through a glass Darkly but rather see

face to to radiant face in Flawless

communion the fullness of my promise


you as the dawn of a new era approaches

remember that each of you is a vessel of

my spirit designed to carry the light of

Truth into the darkest corners of the

world you are not mere Spectators in

this unfolding drama of redemption you

are active participants called and

equipped by

me in these times of uncertainty and

upheaval do not be SW swayed by the

transient tides of human opinion or

fleeting societal

Trends rather anchor yourselves in the

unchanging truths of my word for my word

is a lamp unto your feet and a light

unto your path guiding you through the

Maze of modern

complexities in a world that often seems

devoid of meaning my word offers Clarity

and purpose revealing the deeper

significance behind your daily struggles

and triumphs

do not grow weary in doing good for in

due season you will reap a harvest if

you do not give

up your acts of kindness words of

encouragement and moments of selfless

service are not in

vain they are seeds sown in Fertile

ground destined to bear fruit in due

time be steadfast immovable always

abounding in the work of the Lord

knowing that your labor in me is not in

vain remember

my kingdom is not one of this world it

does not operate on the principles of

power and Prestige that dominate Earthly

kingdoms instead my kingdom is

characterized by love mercy and Grace it

uplifts the downtrodden heals the

Brokenhearted and restores the

lost as my ambassadors on Earth you are

called to embody these Kingdom values in

your everyday lives show the world a

different way a way marked by compassion

integrity and self-sacrificial

love in a world rif with division and

strife be peacemakers who seow seeds of

reconciliation where there is hatred

soow love where there is injury pardon

where there is Discord Harmony where

there is doubt Faith where there is

despair hope where there is Darkness

light and where there is sadness Joy

for blessed are the peacemakers for they

shall be called children of God as the

Shadows lengthen and the time of my

return draws near let your hearts be

filled not with anxiety but with

anticipation look forward to that day

with eager expectation knowing that what

awaits you is far greater than anything

you can

imagine the trials of this life are but

a momentary Affliction preparing you for

an eternal waight of of Glory beyond all

comparison be vigilant and alert for you

do not know the day or hour of my

return live each day as if it were your

last not in fear but in joyful

obedience cultivate a heart of wisdom

understanding what the Lord’s will is

making the most of every

opportunity my cherished one draw close

and lend your ear for the hour grows

late and the unveiling of ancient

Mysteries is upon you Scrolls long

sealed now unfurled like blossoms in

Spring revealing truths woven through

the tapestry of time messages destined

for your heart as you approach the final

stretch of this race towards my


realm as the knots of confusion loosen

and the once blurry lines sharpen the

grand Mosaic unfolds before you a

testament to the hidden wisdom of the

Eternal stretching back to the dawn of

time step back my child and witness the

masterful Panorama I have painted across

the canvas of human history each stroke

and Hue marking a step in this Divine

narrative Marvel my dear one at the

providential designs the prophetic

symbols and allegories that once eluded

even the wisest yet now shine with clear

purpose under the Divine illumination of

these pivotal

times the grand narrative My ultimate

story has always been there waiting for

eyes that truly see for hearts that

understand the harmonious chorus of

diverse voices heralding my word immerse

yourself deeply in this Revelation my

precious one and discern the connections

between sacred scripture and worldly

events the ties That Bind Patriarchs to

Kings to Crusaders Legends to

Libertines for in my design the

Testaments both new and old intertwine

into a cosmic disclosure of the anointed

one my chosen

messenger I am the long- awaited

deliverer foretold to the ancient

Hebrews and now unveiled to all

creation the embodiment of every Soul’s


longing I spring forth from the root of

Jesse as the powerful lion of Judah as

the delicate Rose of Sharon blossoming

throughout the Sacred

Scriptures hidden yet unmistakably

present in every sacred text from

Genesis to revelation

I am woven into the very fabric of the

word in each page in every verse my

presence is subtly revealed a constant

thread binding the tapestry of divine

revelation as you Journey Through the

scriptures see my hand at work my spirit

guiding from the earliest days of

creation to the final words of

Prophecy in every story in every

prophecy in every law and Psalm I am

there a promise

gently preparing the way for the

ultimate revelation of my love and

salvation for all

Humanity for I am not just the Messiah

of a single people but the savior of the

entire world the answer to every Cry of

the human heart through me the

prophecies find fulfillment the law

Finds Its purpose and the stories find


climax I am the Alpha and Omega the

beginning and the end the thread that

runs unbroken through the the annals of

time Binding Together the story of God

with the story of

man my beloved as the promises of old

take root in the garden of

History see how I in my Divine

Providence have tended the soil of human

Affairs nurturing the seed protecting

the bud and finally bringing forth the

righteous Branch to rule and rain at the


time the fires I led you through to

refine your metal for Destiny’s

Crucible I am the one who selected your

frame and engraved your identity who

gave you distinct gifts to

employ your times are in my hands laid

out eon’s before conception when I

authored the system to shape your

journey you trod strange Trails faced


attacks but nothing catches me by

surprise I watched waiting for an

opportunity time to accelerate

development the hour I forne draws nigh

for you to graduate training and emerge

on the stage of

Glory I now bestow keys to unlock

prisons and resources to fund Ventures

investing in paradigms permeated by my

presence secrets of my Victorious

Kingdom fill your inner being hidden

mana nourishes and unseen armor clothe

you to illuminate Realms blinded by

ignorance of me

no more obscurity for you my lightbearer

your moment awaits shake off Slumber as

I Rouse the giant within feel holy

passion Kindle and may it ignite

wildfire that cannot be

contained for it is I who Whispers

through the Cry of the Forerunner in the

wilderness beckoning once more prepare

the way repent straighten the Crooked

paths before the glory of my second

Advent I shall visit my people in

astounding ways unleashing Miracles that

stir and draw

multitudes Tales of my wondrous deeds

will radiate like ripples across cities

and Nations igniting hearts and Minds

indeed signs and wonders shall flow

through those who are willing those who

cry out for Revival and

renewal as you implore my spirit to move

upon the dormant

Waters I The Giver of Life will respond

with Mighty Acts that transform Hearts

minds and

structures thus Begins the greatest

spectacle upon the Earth propelled with


Vigor my fervor will consume the temples

built to glorify human wisdom over the

knowledge of

God the facades will fall away revealing

that true endurance is found only in

alignment with my Divine patterns and

principles in this space my kingdom will


exponentially embodied by unlikely

Messengers who walk in the authority of

grace and the power of convicting love

imagine a billion Souls embraced into my

family in a single

generation does this seem

impossible to those clinging to the

status quo and mere human efforts it may


unattainable but to my disciples those

deeply rooted in my presence and Ablaze

with faith this is but the inevitable

fruition of the end age

Harvest it is a movement of my king OMS

Advance Unstoppable and unyielding

against any opposition even the very

Gates of

Hell yet I urge you with tender caution

beloved as the Fulfillment of long

awaited promises draws near do not let

your heart be swayed more by my gifts

than By Me The Giver guard against

entangling your heart with lesser loves

that leave your deepest yearnings

unfulfilled hold this wisdom close my

precious one for even the most devoted

can be lured into idolatry when

surrounded by my

blessings strive to maintain an eternal

perspective looking beyond the physical

to the Unseen truths that stand

eternally before my Throne where neither

moth nor rust can tarnish the treasures

I have prepared for you in

glory remain firmly attached to the vine

that sustains your soul with every

passing moment stay close to my

heartbeat which pulses with power

through you worship with uninhibited

abandon driven by a singular desire to

encounter Glory

himself it is from this fervent devotion

that movements signs and wonders are

born igniting a Great Awakening across

the land for a mere Glimpse transforms

lowly ones into lions for the kingdom

Kings and Priests as you ardently seek

me the Wellspring of true fulfillment

know that I with equal fever pursue you

I am committed to lavishing upon you

every promise filling your life to the

brim with joy until it

overflows this moment marks the

beginning of your

legacy the birth of divine Endeavors

inspired by me destined to resonate

through the corridors of

Eternity take heart my child with your

torch burning bright and your stance

firm upon the foundation of Truth

my beloved hear my

declaration this epic this climactic

hour shall be the most magnificent era


witnessed for as the present age winds

down it Heralds the breaking of a new

dawn an era of immortal adventures with

me in the Splendor of Resurrection

Glory as the final movements of an

orchestral Crescendo Herald the climax

the stirrings of my spirit begin to

awaken dormant hearts

dreams and Visions pour forth carrying

with them fragments of divine revelation

from my Throne

Room Angels Traverse the Earth kindling

spiritual Flames From the Ashes of

yesterday’s extinguished dreams I’m

orchestrating a grand convergence where

streams of Awakening merge into a mighty

River of Revival that floods the Nations

prodigals venturing along untraveled

paths now turn their steps Homeward

radicals from all walks of life unite

under the banner of Heaven transforming

cultures with displays of extraordinary

love a Divine whisper resounds in the

ears of those attuned to

Holiness no longer shall things be as


were the status quo Fades as hungry

Souls thirst for deeper more meaningful

experiences a unique Grace for surrender

and sacrifice descends upon those mature

enough to heed my call beckoning them to

leave behind comfort and Venture into

Uncharted territories alongside

me among these Restless Legions are you

beloved I have kindled holy fire in your

heart to propel you into fresh Realms of

possibility in

me you will Blaze trails and embody

uncommon Paths of

authenticity that give witness to more

excellent ways where my kingdom Reigns

Supreme a company of courageous

forerunners now emerges

warriors with childlike trust wielding

Faith’s double-edged sword pledged fully

to my

cause signs and wonders Trail in their

wake as crisis and sickness bow to

commands of my

commissioned the Harvest Fields turn

white under their flaming

gaze lift up your head and lift up your

voice dear one impassioned praise


breakthrough bold decrees establish the

kingdom and clear paths

rise up my fair one the winter will pass

the time of singing will come let me see

your face let me hear your voice for you

are beautiful to

me my beloved child listen closely for

my heart overflows with love and longing

for you I desire to draw you nearer to

share the depths of my affection and the

Wonders I have

prepared though the world may seem

clouded with uncertainty fear not for I

am your steadfast Refuge your unwavering

source of Hope embrace the truth that

you are cherished beyond measure a

precious treasure in my

sight no matter the trials or struggles

you face my love for you remains

constant an unshakable Foundation upon

which you can stand

firm I have engraved your name upon the

palms of my hands and your well-being is

forever woven into the fabric of my

eternal PL

plans as you journey through this life I

am ever beside you guiding your steps

and Illuminating the path before you

seek me wholeheartedly and I will reveal

the depths of my wisdom unveiling the

intricate patterns that weave through

the tapestry of your

existence trust in my sovereign design

for even the most challenging

circumstances hold the potential for

growth and

transformation lift your eyes to the

Horizon my beloved and behold the

Glorious future that

awaits a new era is Dawning a time of

unprecedented Grace and renewal where

barriers will crumble and hearts will be

United in the radiance of my love be

prepared for I am about to pour out my

spirit in ways that will astound and

ignite a fire within you a fire that

will Blaze forth Illuminating the world

with my truth and power embrace the

calling I have have placed upon your

life and boldly step into the fullness

of your

destiny fear not the challenges that may

arise for I will equip you with strength

and courage beyond

measure so take heart my precious one

and let your spirit

soar The Best Is Yet To Come and I am

ever by your side guiding you into the

fullness of all I have prepared for

you trust in my unfailing love and let

your life be a radiant expression of my

glory shining brilliantly in a world

yearning for the light of my truth amen

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