my dear child I want you to know that I have conquered all the challenges and obstacles of this world the solutions to

the difficulties you face can be found through your connection with me trust in

the faith that I have placed within you think back on all the commitments I have made to you the blessings you have

experienced and the wonderful plans I have shared with you if you choose to

stand strong today proclaiming these promises out loud and believing in them

holy wholeheartedly your day will be filled with happiness and contentment my love for you is

unchanging and eternal I will forever remain by your side protecting and supporting

you you won’t need to rely on your feelings or the circumstances You

observe instead put your trust in this unwavering love that no one else can

provide every moment you spend focused on me will be returned to you as a Cascade of

blessings each expression of gratitude and praise that you utter reaches my Throne I receive your worship there and

wherever you are my Holy Spirit envelops you bringing love peace easing your

anxiety grounding your soul providing Clarity to your thoughts and banishing

negative emotions when you come to me you experience renewed life there is no

better place for you to be than in my presence every message you receive from me brings you Joy your pains and

illnesses fade away and the chains that bind you are broken you sense my divine presence

bringing authentic transformation shaping you into a better version of

yourself you will gain the ability to manage your temperament and the way you

communicate you will carefully consider your responses before reacting negatively you will be mindful of what

you allow your eyes to see you won’t permit things that displease me or harm you to enter your spirit your future is

of great importance to me therefore I want you to guard yourself against the corrupting influences of the

world ensure that your children are not exposed to falsehoods or jealousy within your

home refrain from speaking ill of your family members and friends in front of your children if you follow my guidance

you will soon find yourself growing in wisdom and strength you will gain deep insights and be gifted with

extraordinary abilities that are only available to those who adhere to my teachings my desire is to surround your

home with all the Safety and Security I can provide but your faith and devotion are crucial even in times of abundance

and great triumphs remember not to forget about me even amid numerous

blessings stay focused and steer clear of wrongdoing don’t take on

responsibilities or burdens that are not yours to bear avoid getting entangled in the conflicts

of others don’t waste your time on activities or Endeavors that Rob you of

your time dampen your spirit or drain your energy concentrate on what truly

matters recognize your immense value and worth give me the highest priority in

your home care for your family without wavering pray and seek my

presence I promise that I will bless you with success because you are mine and I want to see you

thrive let me hear you say it I will be faithful to you my beloved

forever and always I heard your call and I could not refuse hearing all that your

heart shared with me during times of darkness and sorrow when life seems

pointless do not give up hope I am aware of your thoughts and

emotions that is why I have chosen to speak to you your Spirit must listen to me so that you can experience peace and

happiness once more you have a powerful purpose to fulfill in this life you have been and continue to be a

blessing to many even if you currently doubt it and struggle to believe it these words of comfort are meant to

transform your perspective you will ReDiscover the immense value that once filled you with

passion when you first began to dream years ago you had so so many aspirations and

plans but your journey was hindered and you were attacked by cowardly

adversaries you believe their lies they hurt you and shook your faith but today

marks the day of your Revival I forgive your sins and your past I will never remind you of your

defeats your failures have been wiped away be strong and courageous in your

belief in me have the courage enage your dream again there are so many things I want to

entrust to you I will bless you abundantly fill your storehouses with

Provisions but I remind you I need you to nourish yourself with my word and

genuinely believe in me don’t hesitate to seek me through prayer I will provide you with the

comfort and all the love you need every time you pray I am there to

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