SERIOUS ALERT!- “I SEE YOU” – THE HOLY SPIRIT | God’s Message Today | God Helps

my beloved

child in this moment I invite you to

release your worries fears and

uncertainties breathe out deeply

allowing my Holy Spirit to fill you a

new trust in me and have faith for I am

increasing your ability to believe in

the plans I have for you though your

faith may feel small I am nurturing its

growth you will find it easier to trust

in the words I speak to you whether

through Quiet Moments in prayer my

written word or the voices of my

prophets believe that what I have

promised will come to

pass consider the story of Elijah a man

with a nature much like your own he

experienced the full range of human

emotions happiness anger and even

depression yet his prayers remained

powerful and effective when he prayed

the rain ceased for and / years when

he prayed again the heavens opened and

the Earth

flourished there may be times when doubt

Creeps in and you feel like giving up in

those moments I ask you to persevere and

take just one more step in obedience

trust that I will bring about what I


promised right now I am telling you to

look up and see the small Cloud no

bigger than a man’s hand it may seem

insignificant but I urge you to pray

even when you feel your prayers are weak

or ineffective know that I have stored

every single one in remembrance so pray

shout and dance regardless of how you

feel as you do I will move in and

through you accomplishing what only I

can do ignore the voices of negativity

and darkness for I am your God and my

glory Rises upon you for all to

see this journey is a about expanding my

kingdom I have great plans for you plans

to prosper you and give you hope lift

your head and look to the Future for I

am bringing your dreams to life but

first I desire for you to draw near to

me find a quiet place in nature and

commune with

me as you humble yourself and listen for

my voice I will speak to you remember in

this world you will face troubles and

trials but take heart for I have

overcome the world I have Stripped Away

its power to cause lasting harm I have

given you my peace not as the world

gives but as a precious gift receive it

and be

encouraged the key to finding peace in a

dark world is to align your thoughts

with my spirit focus on what is good

pure admirable and

praiseworthy there is no law against

such things for they are the fruit of my

spirit within you I have called you out

of darkness and chosen you to declare my

glory this means that I will answer your

prayers and work on your

behalf look back at how I have been

faithful in the past and trust that I

will do even greater things in the

present and future the enemy may try to

steal the seed of truth I have planted

in your heart attempting to diminish the

greatness of what I have done for you

but I urge you to look past these lies

and defeat the schemes of the enemy

I am giving you eyes to see the sunrise

and sunset both in the spiritual and


Realms I am declaring my glory and will

display it through signs wonders and

miracles just as I did in the days of my

prophets this is an even greater time

and I will use you to release

unprecedented measures of my glory like

waves crashing over the

Earth people will come alive and be set

free as they encounter the goodness that

LE leads them to

repentance just as I delivered you I

will deliver others as they call upon my

name and work with me the blessings I

have for you are closer than you

think but remember you must pray and

praise me in this season do not let the

circumstances around you dictate your

response to me trust in my love and my

plans for you and watch as I move

mightily on your

behalf my beloved as you continue to

walk with me I want you to remember the

story of Job he faced unimaginable

trials and sufferings yet he remained

faithful to

me even when he couldn’t understand why

he was going through such hardships he

chose to trust in my goodness and

sovereignty in the same way there may be

times in your life when you face

difficulties that seem

overwhelming you may feel like you’re

being tested beyond your limits and you

may question why I’m allowing these

things to happen but just like job I

want you to hold fast to your faith in

me remember that I am always in control

even when life feels chaotic and

unpredictable I am working behind the

scenes orchestrating every detail of

your life for my purposes and your

ultimate good trust that I have a plan

even when you can’t see it in the midst

of your trials don’t be afraid to cry

out to me pour out your heart before me

and be honest about your fears doubts

and struggles I am a God who understands

and empathizes with your pain I will

never condemn you for your honesty but

will instead meet you with my compassion


Grace as you seek me in your hardships I

will give you the strength and

resilience you need to persevere just as

I sustained job through his trials I

will sustain you through

yours lean on me and let me be your

source of Hope and

courage and when the enemy comes to

accuse ose you or fill your mind with

lies stand firm in the truth of who you

are in me remind yourself of my promises

and the victories I’ve already won for

you put on the full armor of God and use

the weapons of prayer and praise to

fight back against the enemy’s

attacks remember that your trials are

temporary but my love for you is eternal

I will never abandon you or Leave You To

Face your struggles alone I am with you

always always holding you close to my

heart and guiding you with my spirit so

don’t lose heart my child keep pressing

forward even when the path is difficult

keep seeking my face even when you feel

like hiding and keep trusting in my love

even when the world around you seems

dark I am the god who sees you knows you

and loves you

unconditionally I am the god who has a

purpose and a plan for your life and who

will bring it to completion

I am the god who will never fail you or


you my dear child I want you to know

that even though the path ahead may seem

obscured and the light feels dim keep

pressing forward toward the destiny I

have prepared for you I’ve been

orchestrating each step guiding you

through transitions to lead you exactly

where I need you to be just walk with me

one more day trusting that this road

will soon open up to a place place of

joy and fulfillment where you can

accomplish great things in my name

because of your deep connection with me

as your heart overflows with my presence

you will speak my truth and love with

boldness if you feel like giving up on a

situation that appears hopeless I

encourage you to persevere just a little

longer pray one more heartfelt prayer

believing that I am working on your

behalf behind the

scenes I am sending my consuming fire to

break through through obstacles

dispatching angels to carry out my

purposes and releasing blessings into

your life that will bring you peace and

contentment I am coming to your

defense fighting your battles and

bringing Justice

swiftly pay close attention to the words

I am speaking to you in this season

meditate on them let them take root deep

within you for they will sustain you in

the days ahead stand firm in the face of

challenges and pressure knowing that I

will never allow you to be overwhelmed

or consumed by them I have a message for

you today a call to rise up once more

what have you got to lose by believing

again take a step of faith and watch as

I make your crooked path

straight when you entrust your plans to

me no matter how daunting or uncertain

they may seem I will cause them to


remember I have declared that you are

the head and not the tail destined to

rise above and not be crushed beneath

the weight of

adversity you will be a blessing to many

with ample provision to share

generously as you persevere in doing

good you will surely see the Harvest of

your faithfulness you have endured well

my child and I am pleased with you yes

you who are hearing these words right

now my power is being released on your

behalf my fire falling to consume every

hindrance in your path a new doorway is

opening before you a road being prepared

for you to walk

upon as you make way for me to move in

your life commit yourself to my

purposes labor in advancing my kingdom

serving with a humble heart show

kindness to others even those who may

frustrate or offend you demonstrate to

the world the depth of my love through

your unwavering

devotion as you align your desires with

my will you will see the Fulfillment of

your dreams and prayers just take one

more step trust me for one more day and

watch as I show up in your life in

extraordinary ways you are a part of my

body each one of you uniquely gifted and

called to a specific purpose I know you

have sought me diligently asking time

and again what is my purpose what should

I do next my child your next step is to

rise up in Triumph and trust that I am

the one who will promote and position

you no human authority or Earthly

connection can Elevate you to your true

calling that is my role alone I am

declaring this shift this Divine

Alignment Through My Chosen Messengers

just as I promised your mission is to

identify and embrace your unique

giftings what comes naturally to you

what brings you Joy and

fulfillment what ignites a passion

within you causing you to speak with

enthusiasm and conviction for hours on

end what injustices stir a righteous

anger in your heart compelling you to

confront them with bold

love as you explore these questions you

will uncover your true

calling your gifts and abilities or

tools equipped to help you fulfill your

purpose in this season focus on

discovering the plans I have laid out

for you since before the foundation of

the world I set you in this specific

time in place declaring that now is the

moment for you to step into your

destiny even if you don’t see the full

picture yet or feel like you’re at the

Forefront trust that I am creating

opportunities for you that no one can


down my blessings will enrich your life

without the baggage of regret or

sorrow the though you may face trials

hardships and pain know that after you

have endured for a while I the source of

all hope will come and strengthen

support and establish you don’t rely

solely on your own understanding or be

swayed by what your physical senses

perceive In My Kingdom things often

appear contrary to the world’s values


expectations amidst the noise busyness

and Brokenness around you I invite you

to step away with me in to a place of


intimacy meet with me in the Stillness

picturing yourself walking by my side in

the private spaces of your heart and

mind it is there in that secret place of

connection with me that you will find

the strength wisdom and peace you need

to navigate the path

ahead my dear child I want you to know

that I am always with you in every

moment of your

life when you find yourself in nature

whether it’s the serenity of the beach

or the Majesty of the mountains that’s

where you can feel my presence most

strongly I am pouring my love and my

spirit into you Awakening your soul to

the incredible potential that lies

within I am not just giving you empty

words but I am speaking life into your


being my words have the power to heal

your deepest wounds to break the chains

that have held you back for so long I am

setting you free from the the bondage of

your past so that you can step into the

future I have planned for you you are my

creation and I have designed you for a

specific purpose I have given you unique

talents experiences and passions that

will enable you to make a difference in


world every trial you have faced every

hardship you have endured has been a

part of my plan to shape you into the

person I need you to

be I know that you have suffered that

you have felt broken and lost at times

but I want you to see those experiences

through a different

lens ask yourself what have I learned

from this how have I grown where have I

gained wisdom and

compassion those moments of pain and

struggle are not wasted but they are the

very things that will equip you to

fulfill your

purpose as you step into that purpose as

you begin to serve me and others with

the gifts I have given you you will find

a joy and a fulfillment that surpasses

anything this world can offer it won’t

always be easy but I promise that I will

be with you every step of the way

guiding you and strengthening you my

child I have already set you free it

doesn’t matter what struggles you are

still facing because I am working in

your life to bring about my perfect plan

soon you will see these words become a

reality in your life you will feel my

presence surrounding you empowering you

to do great things in my name I am

pouring out my grace upon you not just

in this moment but in every moment to

come my grace is not just a feeling of

favor or kindness but it is the very

power that will enable you to live a

life of purpose and

impact it is the strength you need to

overcome any obstacle to walk in the

authority that I have given you my holy

spirit is alive within you a constant

source of guidance and wisdom as you you

stay connected to me as you abide in my

love you will find that my spirit will

lead you into all truth you will be able

to ask for anything according to my will

and I will do it so that my father may

be glorified through you but in order to

walk in this fullness you must leave

behind childish ways of thinking and

acting you must rise up and take your

place as a vital member of my church my

body on this Earth

I need you to step out in faith to build

the dreams that I have placed within you

everything you have experienced every

skill and talent you possess is a part

of my grand

design you are a builder a planter an

engineer of my kingdom I am giving you

the blueprint the vision for what I want

to accomplish through you my beloved

child listen closely to the words I

speak the enemy sought to bring you harm

to distinguish your light and to bring

you low but I am transforming those

intended evils into something good just

as I did for

Joseph your life will be a testament to

my power to save and restore just as I

showed favor to Joseph and granted him

success wherever he went so too am I

doing for you your full potential has

not yet been realized or brought to

light but I declare it to the world I

speak it into existence you’re being

renewed set free and made known in this

world of

Darkness rise up and let my glory shine

through you the glory of the Lord is

upon you now not in some distant future

it is your present reality for who can

oppose you when you are

mine you are my redeemed

one self- condemnation has no place in

your life for there is no condemnation

for those who belong to

me you are in me

and I gave my life for

you my body was broken and my blood was

shed for your sake remember me through

communion remember me until I

return I declare that rainbows symbols

of my treasured promises are coming to

you now everything I have promised to do

for you and to you I am releasing in

this moment well done my faithful

servant I am pleased with you and proud

of you I do not count your sins against

you for it is my good that leads you to

repentance not judgment or

condemnation these attacks against you

will cease for I am coming to set you

free I have sent my servants to declare

my word in the earth and it is as

powerful as if I were speaking it

myself I stand before you as the one who

loves you completely as your guardian


protector I am releasing the full power

and manifestation of my spirit upon you

and you will need to learn how to

Steward this

anointing I anoint you commission you

and send you out I give you authority to

reclaim what the enemy has stolen from

you take it back with peace and love but

also with the boldness of a lion you

have the strength of a bear you can

accomplish these things for I am with

you my power is tangible right now

flowing through me to you I am telling

you to release it this word is not just

for the future but is setting you free

in this moment I created you to stand

out from the rest you will reach your

destination for you are part of my

faithful Remnant that has not

compromised or abandoned me you have

been loyal time and time again you have

passed the test continue on for my glory

covers you my favor surrounds you like a

shield I will perform many miracles in

your presence through you and for you

remember my child that you will reap

what you

sow if you seow seeds of righteousness

you will reap a harvest of blessings if

you seow Seeds of Love kindness and

generosity you will reap a bounty of joy

peace and abundance I have given you the

power to choose what you will seow in

this life Choose Wisely for the Harvest

will come in due time do not grow weary

in doing good for at the proper time you

will reap a harvest if you do not give

up keep pressing forward keep sowing

seeds of faith and trust in my perfect

timing I am the lord of the Harvest and

I will ensure that every seed you plant

will bear fruit for my kingdom amen

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