SERIOUS ALERT I HAVE GOOD NEWS TODAY THE HOLY SPIRIT |God message for you today Divine Whisper

my precious child never doubt the depth

and constancy of my love for you I am

your heavenly father and my words are


true many around you have been deceived

by the enemy thinking I am distant

judgmental and withholding blessings

because they feel

unworthy these are terrible

falsehoods my love for you knows no

bounds consider all the ways I reach out

to you using every means to communicate


heart wherever your eyes turn I place my

messages of

love I long for you to see and feel the

reality of My Affection deep within I

will stop at nothing to assure you of my

ceaseless love learn to receive it

fully my words are meant to nurture your

growth fortify your spirit and echo in

your soul as a constant reminder of my

devotion Embrace this wonderful truth

love love love declare it boldly let it

resonate in your

heart as you do watch as your frailties

are exchanged for Extraordinary

strength this is the experience of The

Heroes of Faith throughout

history my voice spoke to them just as

it now speaks to

you allow me to uplift you with a life

overflowing with joy and

abundance tune your heart to my words

knowing I am right here with you in the


moment even when you feel isolated

misunderstood and overwhelmed by

trials be assured of my unwavering

Presence by your

side my love surpasses anything you have


known this is why I am here now eager to

listen encourage and mold you into a

person filled with happiness fulfillment

and success so please heed my counsel

everything I share with you today is

designed to infuse your soul with peace

Solace and

Liberation my dear one do not attempt to

flee for my presence for nothing can

sever you from me refuse to succumb to

hopelessness or be crushed by life’s

burdens do not let the enemy’s

destructive schemes impact you instead

allow me to help let me hold you

securely and guide you on life’s journey

the path of righteousness where

Tranquility joy and peace

abound place your hand in mine and let

me lead you into the Fulfillment of my

promises no matter how dismal

circumstances appear I will never

forsake you I will forever remain at

your side upholding you and infolding

you In My

Embrace my sole desire is to bless you

with a life brimming with happiness

purpose and abundance Provisions that

satisfy your needs and the longings of

your heart and

soul this is why my child I will never


you I will continually remind you of the

depths of my love for you are my unique

and marvelous

creation I have called you to a life of

blessing and prosperity so you can

experience true Joy on this

Earth though at times you may lose sight

of your identity and the purpose to

which I have called you be at peace I am

here to remind you guide you and Empower

you to fulfill it no matter how Grand

your dreams and aspirations may be I

will help you achieve them for you are

my cherished treasure deserving of

happiness I understand the times you are

burdened by guilt over past mistakes and

failures and how challenging it is to

extend forgiveness to

yourself yet remember my forgiveness is

always a aailable to

you I will never condemn you

harshly what matters most to me is that

you turn from wrongdoing and grow from


missteps I desire your growth and

transformation into the best version of

yourself recognize that every hardship

obstacle or adversity is an opportunity

for growth and

resilience these challenges are Stepping

Stones elevating you to new heights of

faith and a life filled with purpose and


you will reach your goals and dreams

arriving at a place of lasting

flourishing no matter what transpires I

will watch over you and bring to pass

all that is written in my word simply

keep pressing

forward do not be disheartened by trying

times they are indications of the great

things I am about to do in your

life my child never lose sight of the

immensity incomparability and eternal

nature of my love for

you my greatest longing is to protect

you bless you and cause you to

thrive to fill your life with joy eve

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