SERIOUS ALERT!- “HURRY UP & RECIEVE THIS NOW” | God’s Message Today | God Helps

my precious child first simply

breathe inhale deeply exhale slowly

allow any anxiety distractions or fears

to dissipate as you open your heart to

receive my message with

joy let it take root and flourish within

you today I ask you have you remained

committed to the path I’ve set before

you have you kept your focus on the goal

I’ve placed in your heart that goal that

destination is the very assignment I’ve

entrusted to you in this season of your

life I have called you to rise up and

lead to be a Shining Light amidst the

darkness of this world I need you to be

the salt of the earth preserving what is

good and right be a beacon of kindness

and warmth to those you encounter each

day however I know that there are

distractions that threaten to pull you

away from your Divine

Purpose people and circumstances may be

causing you stress and heartache if you

find yourself in this situation I urge

you to step back and pray ask me to

reveal what you need to see and I will

Faithfully do so if you’ve been feeling

confused weak or tired it may be because

you have neglected to praise me I don’t

say this to condemn you but rather to

encourage you to move forward with

renewed strength like job who praised me

in the in the midst of his suffering

choose to honor me regardless of your

circumstances praise me because I am

good because I am faithful and because

you have faith in me remember if you

have faith even as small as a mustard

seed you can command mountains to be

moved and cast into the sea don’t doubt

in your heart but believe that what

you’ve asked of me will come to

pass I know that your current situation

may not resemble what I’ve promised you

the alignment of things may seem

off-kilter but hold fast to every word

I’ve spoken to you both in this season

and in Seasons past stay focused on your

destination and set healthy boundaries

to protect your path if I have called

you to something don’t let anyone cause

you to question that calling look within

yourself and examine your motives why

are you doing what you’re doing where

are you headed

encourage yourself in me speak aloud the

truths I’ve declared over you you can do

all things through my strength no weapon

formed against you will prosper and you

will refute every tongue that rises

against you in

judgment I am the Lord the God of all

the Earth and I hold everything that

concerns you in the palm of my hand cast

your cares upon me if you lack peace

about something don’t proceed my word

instructs you to be anxious ious for

nothing but to pray about everything

make your requests known to me and I

will guard your mind and heart with a

peace that surpasses all

understanding laughter and joy will

return to you as I ignite a fire within


soul when others see you they will

notice something different about you the

hope of glory that resides within you I

am your strength find joy in me in

conversing with me in loving me regard

regardless of your emotions that is

where true strength lies remember who I

say I am to you and who you are in me

you are my beloved child fearfully and

wonderfully made I know every detail

about you and your days are numbered

according to my perfect plan a plan to

prosper you not to harm you and to give

you a hope-filled

future consider the cost of what I’ve

called you to do reflect on what it will

re ire and who you need to accomplish it

meditate on these things and then move

forward confidently knowing that I have

commanded you to do

so stand tall and don’t allow

distractions hindrances or obstacles to

deter you praise your way through choose

joy and laughter

today I am sending you an ease to

lighten your heart I know you feel tired

and broken but I am using your

Brokenness to heal the wounded places

within you don’t allow anyone to place

false expectations on you or make you

anxious with their negativity refuse to

listen to lies or accept curses spoken

over you treat others as you would want

to be treated but don’t lose sight of

what I’ve called you to do the enemy

wants to thwart my plans and hinder your

progress but you’ve come too far to let

anyone slow you down now you are

accountable to me alone if your motives

are pure and you have peace proceed if

you lack peace about something step back

pray and wait for my

guidance I will grant you the knowledge

wisdom and understanding you seek listen

for my voice my

child reason with me for that is the

path to wisdom trust in my love for you

and know that I am always with you

guiding your every step stay the course

keep your eyes on the prize and walk

confidently in the purpose I have

ordained for

you my beloved I want to remind you of

the importance of

encouragement surround yourself with

people who will build you up who will

speak life and Truth into your heart

seek out mentors and friends who will

walk alongside you offering wisdom and

support when you need it most Remember

You are not alone in this I have placed

individuals in your life who will stand

with you pray for you and believe in the

dreams I’ve placed within you lean on

their strength when you feel weak and

allow their faith to bolster your

own in those moments when doubt Creeps

in when the enemy tries to whisper lies

into your ear combat those falsehoods

with the truth of my word declare my

promises over your life for they are

unshakable and

unchanging my plans for you are good and

I will bring them to fruition in my


timing trust in the gifts and abilities

I’ve bestowed upon you I have equipped

you with everything you need to fulfill

your calling don’t compare yourself to

others or allow insecurity to hold you

back embrace the unique way I’ve created

you and use those talents to bring glory

to my name as you step out in faith be

prepared for opposition the enemy will

not sit idly by as you advance my

kingdom but remember the battle is not

yours to fight alone I am your shield

and your

Defender when you feel attacked call

upon my name and I will fight for you I

will give you the strength and courage

you need to overcome every

obstacle above all my child remain

rooted in my love let it be the

foundation upon which you build your

life in a world that is constantly

shifting and changing my love for you is

steadfast and

unwavering nothing can separate you from

my love not your failures your fears or

your doubts when you stumble and fall I

will be there to pick you up dust you

off and set you back on the path I’ve

laid out for you my grace is sufficient

for you and my power is made perfect in

your weakness embrace your humanity and

allow my strength to shine through your

imperfections my beloved child I want

you to know that the victory you seek is

already yours it’s not something you

have to strive for or earn through your

own efforts it’s a gift freely given to

you because of your faith in me I

defeated the enemy once and for all I

took the sting out of death so that you

no longer have to fear it when you trust

in me you can face anything that comes

your way with confidence knowing that

the ultimate Victory is already

secured now I know that life can be

challenging at times the enemy will try

to distract you discourage you and make

you doubt your identity as a winner

through Christ but don’t be fooled by

his tactics remember that he is like a

bee without its sting he can make noise

but he has no real power over you

instead focus on filling your heart and

mind with my word let it be the lamp

that guides your feet and the light

light that illuminates your

path when You Face trials or Temptations

speak the word with

authority the enemy may come at you but

he cannot stand against the power of my

word and as you walk in faith trust in

my ability to succeed rather than your

own ability to

fail I am faithful to save you and I am

faithful to keep you every single day

your faith in me is not a one-time event

but a daily choice to trust in my

goodness and my plans for your life so

don’t be afraid to receive the victory

that is already yours open your arms

wide and accept it as the gift that it

is and remember that no matter what

challenges you face I am always with you

guiding you and strengthening you along

the way keep filling yourself with my

word even when you don’t feel like

it every time you read the Bible or

listen to my voice you are making an

invest ment in your spiritual

well-being you are building up your

faith so that when life puts pressure on

you what comes out is not fear or doubt

but the unshakable truth of who you are


me and as you live out that truth you

will find that the enemy’s schemes have

no power over you you can walk in

Freedom and joy knowing that you are

more than a

conqueror so don’t let the enemy steal

your focus or your peace keep your eyes

fixed on me and trust that I am working

all things together for your good I have

called you by name and you are mine and

nothing can ever separate you from my

love remember my child that the victory

is not something you have to fight for

but something you can receive with open

hands and an open heart it’s a gift

purchased for you and it is yours

forever so walk in that Victory today

and every day let your life be a

testimony of my goodness and Grace and

know that no matter what the future

holds I will be with you always leading

you into the Abundant Life that I have

planned for you my beloved child I see

you striving each day facing the

challenges that come your way I know the

weariness that can settle in your bones

the doubts that can creep into your mind

but I want you to know that I am always

with you in every moment in every breath

when you feel like you’re stumbling

remember that my strength is made

perfect in your weakness it’s okay to

not have it all together to not have all

the answers that’s where I come in I am

your rock your Fortress your everpresent

help in times of trouble I know the

world can be a harsh Place filled with

people who don’t understand who may even

ridicule or reject you because of your

faith in me but don’t let their words or

actions discourage you you are not

defined by what others think of you you

are defined by what I think of you when

you wake up each morning before your

feet even touch the ground take a moment

to connect with me whisper a prayer read

a verse from my word sit in Stillness

and let my love wash over you this is

how you arm yourself for the day ahead

by putting on the armor of my

spirit as you go about your day remember

that you carry my presence with you

wherever you go you are never alone I am

in your smile in your kindness in the

way you lend a helping hand or speak a

word of

encouragement let your light shine

before others so that they may see your

good deeds and glorify

me and when the day is done when you lay

your head down to rest know that I am

watching over you I am the keeper of

your dreams the guardian of your heart

cast all your cares on me for I care for

you deeply trust in me with all your

heart lean not on your own understanding

in all your ways acknowledge me and I

will make your path

straight I know the road ahead may seem

daunting at times there will be

mountains to climb valleys to walk

through but I will be with you every

step of the way I will guide you with my

eye I will counsel you with my love when

you pass pass through the waters I will

be with you when you walk through the

fire you will not be burned for I have

called you by name you are mine you are

precious in my sight and honored and I

love you I gave up everything so that

you could be reconciled to me that’s how

much you mean to me so don’t be afraid

don’t be discouraged be strong and

courageous knowing that your strength

comes from me I will never leave you nor

forsake you I will fight for you I will

defend you I will lift you up on wings

like eagles and when you stumble when

you fall I will be there to catch you my

grace is sufficient for you my power is

made perfect in

weakness I am the god of Second Chances

the god of new

beginnings no matter how many times you

mess up my love for you never

changes I am your father and you are my

child nothing can separate you from my

love not height nor depth not angels nor

demons not the present nor the future

you are mine forever and I am yours so

rest in my love my child let it be the

foundation on which you build your life

let it be the compass that guides your

every step let it be the lens through

which you see the world for I am love

and my love never fails it always

protects always trusts always hopes

always perseveres my love is patient my

love is kind it does not envy it does

not boast it is not

proud this is the love I have for you my

child a love that knows no bounds A Love

That Conquers All A Love That Will Never

Let You Go so hold fast to me to my word

to my promises they are your anchor in

the storm your light in the darkness

they will never fail you never forsake

you I am with you always even to the end

of the age you are never alone

never forgotten never unloved you are my

child my beloved the one in whom I

Delight let this truth sink deep into

your heart into your very bones let it

be the Bedrock on which You Stand The

Wind Beneath Your Wings let it Propel

you forward into all that I have called

you to be and do for I have great things

in store for you my child things that

Eye Has Not Seen Nor Ear heard nor have

entered into the heart of

man things that I have prepared for

those who love

me my beloved child I want you to know

that the fears and doubts you face are

not the reality I have for

you when you encounter

fear remember that it is simply false

evidence appearing

real I am greater than any challenge or

obstacle in your

path The Power Within you through

through my spirit is mightier than

anything the world can throw at

you when you feel afraid remember to

face everything and

Rise stand on my promises and Trust in

my word I will never leave you or

forsake you walk by faith not by sight

and believe in my ability to guide you

to success rather than focusing on your

own shortcomings whenever fear tries to

creep in remember that fear isn’t

allowed in your house instead choose to

talk to me every

time when you lift me up and glorify my

name I will draw people to you don’t be

afraid to share your story for it is not

about you but about the work I am doing

through you your testimony is a key that

can unlock someone else’s chains when

you allow me to use you focus on my

glory others gain and your

growth every step of Faith you take is

an opportunity for me to be glorified

for others to be blessed and for you to

grow in your walk with me remember my

grace and mercy in your life my grace is

the unmar favor I have bestowed upon you

and my Mercy is when I withhold the

punishment you

deserve I have given you what you could

never earn on your own simply because of

my great love for you you are valuable

and worthy in my eyes now through faith

in me my spirit lives within you

empowering you to live a life that


me don’t be afraid of what others may

think or say when you speak my

word if some choose to mock you speak

the truth

anyway I will send you new friends and

companions who will encourage you in

your faith remember I have given you

authority to overcome every attack of

the Enemy No Matter What comes against

you my word is your weapon speak the

promises I have given you declaring that

you are the head and not the tail above

and not beneath the lender and not the

borrower you are a chosen generation

called to live a life of purpose and

Destiny and here’s the best part in the

end you win it’s already written in the

script no matter how difficult the

journey may seem hold fast to the truth

that victory is yours in me if you feel

like you’ve been lying dormant

know that a single word from me can

ignite a fire within you no matter your

age or circumstances I still have a plan

and purpose for your life your identity

is found in me and there is no one else

like you in all of

creation as you go through your day hold

your head high and walk with confidence

knowing that you are a child of the

king let your joy be evident to all

those around you for the joy of the the

Lord is your

strength even in the midst of sticky

situations choose to rejoice and

maintain an attitude of

gratitude you will face challenges and

difficulties in life but remember even

in those moments you can find joy in me

I am with you walking beside you through

every Valley and

Shadow trust in me for I will guide you

and sustain you I love you with an

everlasting love my child you are

precious in my sight and I have great

plans for your future let your life be a

testament to my goodness and Grace amen

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