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God message for you

today look to me and be saved Isaiah

– do we expect God to come to us

with his blessings and save

us says look to me and be

saved the greatest difficulty

spiritually is to concentrate on God and

His blessings are what make it so

difficult troubles almost always make us

look to God but his blessings tend to

divert our attention

elsewhere the basic lesson of the sermon

on the mountains to narrow all your

interests until your mind heart and body

are focused on Jesus Christ look to

me many of us have a mental picture of

what a Christian should be and looking

at this image in other Christians lives

becomes a hindrance to our focusing on

God this is not salvation it is not

simple enough

he says in effect look to me and you are

saved not you will be saved

someday we will find what we are looking

for if we will concentrate on

him we get distracted from God and

irritable with them while he continues

to say to us look to me and be

saved how our

difficulties our trials and our worries

about tomorrow all vanish when we look


God wake yourself up and look to God

build your Hope on

him no matter how many things seem to be

pressing in on you be determined to push

them aside and look to

him look to me

salvation is yours that moment you

look dear child of God please share this

message with your loved one God bless


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