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my dear child it is I your heavenly

father who speaks to you

today I have called you here to share a

message that is burning in my heart a

message that I know will shake the very

foundations of the lies and deceptions

that have sought to ens snare and

enslave you for too long my child you

have been fed a steady diet of

falsehoods half truths and distortions

that have sought to rob you of the

fullness of the truth that I have longed

to impart to you the enemy of your souls

has been Relentless in his attempts to

Cloud your minds confuse your hearts and

Lead You astray from the path that I

have set before you but today I say to

you with the full authority of my divine

nature I am exposing those lies and I am

setting you free listen

closely my beloved ones for what I am

about to reveal to you is a truth that

has the power to transform your lives to

liberate your spirits and to set you

firmly on the course that leads to the

Abundant Life I have promised the world

and all its systems have conspired to

keep you in bondage to limit your vision

and to dim the light that I have placed

within you but no more today I am

tearing down those lies and ushering in

a new era of Freedom

empowerment and unshakable Faith first

and foremost let me address the lie that

has perhaps perhaps been the most

Insidious and pervasive the notion that

you are somehow unworthy unlovable or

beyond the reach of my grace my child

this is a falsehood of the highest order

and it is one that I will not allow to

stand any longer you see from the moment

I knit you together in your mother’s

wombs you have been the objects of my

unfailing love and affection I have seen

the Beauty and the potential that

resides Within you and I have ordained

you for a Divine Purpose that transcends

the limitations of this Earthly realm

you are not mistakes nor are you

accidents you are the crowning jewels of

my Creation imbued with the very image

of your Creator and destined to walk in

the fullness of all that I have planned

for you the enemy would have you believe

that you are flawed broken and Beyond

Redemption he would whisper lies into

your ears telling you that you are

Unworthy of my love that you have

disqualified yourselves from the

blessings I long to shower upon you but

I say to you with the full force of my

authority these are nothing but the

deceptions of a defeated foe desperately

clinging to the last vestiges of his

waning power you my child are precious

in my sight you are the reason I

sacrificed my only begotten son that

through him you might be redeemed

restored and reconciled to me I see you

not through the distorted lens of the

world standards but Through The Eyes of

a loving father who has crowned you with

Glory and Honor you are the objects of

my Relentless Pursuit the Beloved ones

for whom I have laid down my very life

so let the LIE of your unworthiness be

shattered this day let the truth of your

inherent value Your Divine Design and

your eternal etal Destiny ReSound in the

depths of your being for I have called

you by name I have claimed you as my own

and I will never ever let you go another

lie that I must expose is the notion

that you are alone abandoned or

forgotten in the midst of your

struggles my precious child this too is

a deception of the highest order one

that the enemy has used to your

faith to sap your strength and to rob

you of the comfort and the peace that I

long to impart to you far too often you

have looked out at the challenges and

the trials that you face and have felt

overwhelmed isolated and utterly alone

the weight of your burdens has

threatened to crush you and the Darkness

has seemed to close in obscuring the

light of my presence but I say to you

now with the full force of my divine

nature you have never been alone and you

will never be AB

abandoned I am with you my beloved ones

in every moment of every day I am there

walking alongside you carrying you when

the path becomes too Steep and shielding

you from the attacks of the enemy I am

the Good Shepherd and my sheep know my

voice I will never leave you nor forsake

you for you are engraved upon the palms

of my hands and you are the center of my

unwavering affection when the world

seems to be crashing in around you

remember this I am your rock your

Fortress and your deliverer I Am The God

Who Parts the Seas who moves mountains

and who breathes life into the dry bones

there is no challenge you face no burden

you bear that is beyond my power to

overcome for I have already secured your

Eternal Victory and nothing not even the

Gates of Hell itself can Prevail against


so let the LIE of your isolation be

shattered this day lift up your heads my

child and know that I am with you I am

your everpresent help in times of

trouble and I will never abandon you to

the devices of the enemy you are mine

and I will fight for you until the very

end and finally let me address the most

Insidious lie of all the notion that

your dreams your passions and your

god-given desires are are somehow less

important than the narrow rigid

expectations of the world around you my

dear precious

ones this is a falsehood that has held

far too many of you in bondage robbing

you of the fullness of life that I have

longed to pour out upon you the enemy

would have you believe that your

aspirations your gifts and your unique

callings are somehow unimportant

unworthy or even sinful he would seek to

conform you to the mold of the world to

strip you of your individuality and to

stifle the very essence of who I have

created you to be but I say to you now

with thunderous Authority I have not

called you to conform but to transform I

have not destined you for mediocrity but

for greatness Beyond Your Wildest

imaginations you see my child I have

imbued you with a Divine Purpose a

unique calling that is tail specifically

to the person I have created you to be I

have given you passions talents and

dreams that are not accidents or

afterthoughts but rather the very

blueprints of the masterpieces I have

designed you to

be and it is my deepest desire to see

you walk in the fullness of all that I

have planned for you to see you step

into the Abundant Life that I have

promised and to watch you fulfill the

destiny that I have ordained for you

from the foundations of the world so let

the LIE of Conformity be shattered this

day embrace the truth of your god-given

individuality and let the world see the

radiance of my glory shining through the

unique expression of who I have created

you to be for I am the god of the

impossible the Redeemer of the

broken and The Giver of dreams that defy

the limitations of this Earthly realm my

dear precious child I have called you

here today to expose the lies that have

sought to in snare and enslave you I

have come to tear down the deceptions of

the enemy to set you free from the

bondage of fear shame and

hopelessness and to Usher you into the

Glorious reality of who you truly are in

me you are loved beyond measure my

child you are never alone and you are

destined for a greatness that transcends

the boundaries of this world the lies

and the falsehoods that have sought to

hold you back will no longer stand for I

am the god of Truth and I am exposing

them for the empty powerless deceptions

that they are so take heart my beloved

ones take heart and be of good courage

for the victory has already been won let

the truth of my unwavering love my

abiding presence and my Divine Purpose

for your lives fill your hearts and

minds and let it be the foundation upon

on which you build your lives you are

mine and I will never let you go step

out in faith embrace the dreams I have

placed within you and watch as I unleash

the fullness of my power to bring them

to pass for I am the god of the

impossible and with me all things are

possible I am exposing the lies my child

I am shattering the deceptions of the

enemy and I am setting you free to live

the Abundant Life I have promised so

rise up take hold of the truth and let

the world see the glory of the God who

calls you his own if you want God’s

grace always upon you then please

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from the depths of Eternity I have known

you and cherished you before the

foundations of the world were laid I had

already chosen you to be mine you not an

accident or an

afterthought but a precious and integral

part of my grand design I have called

you to a life of adventure purpose and

impact the desires I have placed within

you the longing to explore to create to

challenge the status quo these are not

random quirks or character flaws they

are Clues to your god-given identity and

Destiny embrace them for they are

glimpses of the unique role I have

crafted for you in advancing my kingdom

you may have felt out of place

misunderstood or even ostracized for

your bold spirit and unconventional ways

but know this I have intentionally

fashioned you to be a Trailblazer a

Visionary a catalyst for change your

willingness to be different to defy

limitations and to persevere in the face

of opposition these are the very

qualities that set you apart as one of

my chosen ones

when others see obstacles you see

opportunities when others are content

with the status quo you are restless for

more this holy discontent is a gift a

Divine stirring that propels you to

dream bigger to reach higher to impact

more lives for my glory do not suppress

or apologize for this god-given drive

but Steward it with humility and wisdom

as an apostle Ascent one you are called

to venture into Uncharted territories

both spiritually and physically your

heart comes alive at the prospect of New

Frontiers new challenges new souls to

reach this is no accident but a sacred

calling to be a pioneering force in My

Kingdom embrace the journey even when it

leads you outside your comfort

zone your Apostolic gifting is not about

personal Glory or ego but about serving

and empowering others you are called to

be a spiritual father or mother a mentor

and equipper of the Next Generation pour

into others with the same passion and

intentionality that I pour into you

raise up others who will carry the torch

of Faith long after you are gone as you

step into your Apostolic calling expect

opposition and spiritual warfare the

enemy fears the impact you will make for

my kingdom and he will stop at nothing

to discourage distract or derail you but

remember my child that I have armed you

with Divine Authority and Supernatural

strength no weapon formed against you

shall prosper and no foe shall stand

against the anointing on your life when

you face trials and

setbacks do not lose heart these are

opportunities for me to shape your

character to deepen your faith and to

demonstrate my faithfulness lean into me

and let my grace sustain you draw from

the Wellspring of my love and let it

overflow to those around you as an

apostle you are not called to walk alone

but to be part of a

community I will strategically place you

in a Community of Faith alongside other

gifted ones who will complement your

strengths and compensate for your

weaknesses embrace the power of

collaboration for together you will

accomplish far more than you ever could

alone your Apostolic calling is not a

one-time event but a lifelong journey of

growth Discovery and impact keep your

heart tender and your ears attune to my

voice be willing to adapt and evolve as

I lead you into New Seasons and

assignments trust that I am always

working behind the scenes orchestrating

people and circumstances for your good

and my glory above all remember that

your identity and worth are rooted in my

love for you you are not defined by

successes or failures your strengths or

weaknesses but by your status as my

beloved child I am proud of you not for

what you do but for who you are a

reflection of my image a vessel of my

spirit in My Kingdom so go forth my

Apostle with boldness and

confidence knowing that I am with you

always take risks dream big and trust me

to do the impossible through you let

your life be a Living testament to my

goodness and Grace and when all is said

and done may your legacy be not of

Personal Achievement but of lives

transformed communities impacted by the

power of my love flowing through you my

precious one as you navigate the

uncharted waters of your calling

remember that I have equipped you with a

Spirit of Courage and resilience the

challenges you face are not meant to

overwhelm you but to fortify your faith

and refine your your character in The

Crucible of

adversity I am shaping you into a vessel

of Honor fit for my use and purpose when

you find yourself in unfamiliar

territory lacking direction or Clarity

lean into my wisdom I have given you

Keen discernment and a sensitivity to my

leading trust the intuitions and

promptings of my spirit within you even

when they defy human logic or

conventional wisdom my ways are higher

than your ways

and my thoughts are higher than your

thoughts as an apostle you are called to

be a standard bearer of my truth in a

world riddled with confusion and

compromise stand firm on the unshakable

foundation of my word and let your life

be a beacon of integrity and

authenticity do not shrink back from

speaking truth even when it is unpopular

or inconvenient your unwavering

commitment to righteousness will be a

light in the darkness draw drawing

others to the Hope found in me in your

pursuit of innovation and progress never

lose sight of the Timeless values and

principles that anchor your faith your

creativity and Ingenuity are gifts from

me to be used for my glory in the

advancement of my kingdom as you dream


strategize invite me into the process

let my spirit guide and Inspire your

vision aligning your plans with my

eternal purposes remember my beloved

your ultimate goal is not personal

success or recognition but the

Fulfillment of my will on Earth seek

first my kingdom and my righteousness

and trust me to provide for your every

need when accolades and achievements

come your way receive them with humility


gratitude knowing that they are a

testament to my grace at work in and

through you as you lead and influence

others let your Authority be tempered

with compassion and servanthood model

the heart of Christ who came not to be

served but to serve and to give his life

as a ransom for many let your life be

marked by empathy patience and a

willingness to walk alongside those you

lead invest in their lives celebrate

their successes and bear their burdens

with tenderness and

understanding in the moments when you

feel weary or discouraged remember that

I am your strength and your Shield draw

from the inexhaustible reservoir of my

love and grace and let my joy be your

fuel fix your eyes on the Eternal reward

that awaits you not a crown of Earthly

Acclaim but the Well Done of your loving

father as you run your race with

perseverance know that you are part of a

lineage of the faithful who have gone

before you you stand on the shoulders of

Apostles prophets and Saints who have

blazed Trails broken barriers and left a

legacy of faithfulness draw inspiration

from their lives and let their examples

spur you on to even greater Heights of

obedience and impact and when the day

comes when you step into my presence and

hear those coveted words well done my

good and faithful servant know that your

labor and sacrifice will not have been

in vain your life with all its twists

and turns will have been part of my

eternal plan you will see the lives you


the ripple effect of your obedience and

the fruit of your faithfulness that will

endure for Generations so press on my

beloved with unwavering resolve and

unshakable Faith keep your hand to the

plow and your eyes on the

prize run with purpose fight with

courage and lead with

integrity and most of all love with

abandon for it is love that will leave

the deepest Mark and make the most Las

ing impact I am with you

always my beloved child my grace is

sufficient for you my strength is made

perfect in your weakness your life will

be a story of redemption hope and

transformation all for my glory and the

good of those you are called to

serve my beloved child I see you I know

you I crafted you with purpose with a

unique calling that sets you apart this

gift giting this anointing it pulses

through your veins igniting a passion

that cannot be contained from the very

beginning I breathed into you a holy

discontentment a restlessness that

propels you forward you were never meant

to settle to accept the status quo no

you were designed to challenge it to

shake the very foundations of

complacency and

mediocrity your heart burns with a

desire to see transformation to witness

broken lives made whole Shattered Dreams

restored you carry within you the

capacity to inspire to awaken slumbering

souls and rally them to a higher

cause your words your actions will carry

a weight a magnetism that draws Others

near but this path it is not for the

faint of heart the apostolic calling it

demands courage tenacity

a willingness to step into the

unknown you will face resistance

opposition from those who cling to The

Familiar who fear the radical change you

represent but do not be dismayed for I

have equipped you for this very purpose

in the face of adversity you rise up

unafraid your faith

unshakable a Bedrock upon which you

stand firm even as the storms rage

around you and yet amidst the intensity

of your calling I remind you to seek

balance to find Rest in Me for even as

you charge forward breaking new ground

you must also learn to submit to yield

to my leading in the Stillness in The

Quiet Moments that is where you will

find strength where you will hear my

Whispers guiding your

steps I know the unique challenges you

face the desire to lead to blaze trails

it can sometimes clash with the call to

submit to honor the authority placed

over you but know this your strength

your boldness it is not a threat but a

gift as you learn to harness it to

channel it in love and humility you will

become a Force for

righteousness I urge you to see the

treasure in the hearts of others do not

seek to quench their passion but rather

fan the

flames create space for them to flourish

to step into the fullness of their

calling for together in unity you will

accomplish far more than you ever could

alone to all my

children I say this embrace the Fire

Within you let it burn brightly

Illuminating the path ahead you are not

a mistake not an anomaly you are a

chosen vessel handcrafted for a Divine

Purpose every trial every setback it has

shaped you refined you preparing you for

such a time as this so go forth my


Pioneers go forth and build plant and

establish tear down the strongholds of

darkness and raise up monuments to my

glory reach into the depths of Despair

and pull forth hope life and restoration

you are my hands and feet my ambassadors

on the earth and when the journey grows

weary when the weight of your calling

feels too heavy to Bear remember this

you are never alone I am with you always

my strength surrounds you upholds you I

am your Refuge your strength your

everpresent help trust in me lean on me

and watch as I do immeasurably more than

you could ask or imagine for you are

mine my Chosen One my beloved child and

with you I will change the world

remember the importance of community of

surrounding yourself with those who will

encourage and sharpen you seek out

mentors wise counselors who have walked

this path before you glean from their

experiences their insights and allow

them to speak into your life and in turn

be a mentor to others pour into the next

generation of

leaders those who are just beginning to

discover their own Apostolic callings

share your wisdom your struggles your

triumphs be a Living testament to the

faithfulness of God an example of what

it means to walk in obedience and

surrender for the road ahead it will not

always be

easy there will be times of Doubt

moments when the weight of

responsibility feels

overwhelming in those times

remember to cast your burdens upon me to

find rest in my presence I will renew

your strength refresh your spirit and

give you the grace to

persevere and as you persevere as you

press on towards the goal keep your eyes

fixed on the prize on the ultimate

purpose for which you were created you

are not just building for today but for

eternity Every Soul every life

transformed it is a precious jewel in

the crown of my glory so dream big my

child dream beyond what seems possible

beyond what has been done

before for I am the god of the

impossible the one who specializes in

taking the insignificant and using it to

confound the wise trust in my ability to

do exceedingly abundantly above all that

you could ask or think and as you dream

as you step out in faith

remember to do so with humility with a

heart submitted to my will for True

greatness in my kingdom is not measured

by accolades or achievements but by a

life laid down in service a heart fully

surrendered to my purposes so embrace

the call embrace the cost count it all

joy when You Face trials knowing that

they are producing in you a character

that reflects my own let your life be a

Living Sacrifice hope holy and pleasing

unto me and in all things give thanks

give thanks for the privilege of being

chosen of being entrusted with this

sacred calling give thanks for the

trials the challenges knowing that they

are shaping you into a vessel fit for

the Master’s use give thanks for the

victories the breakthroughs knowing that

they are a testament to my goodness and

faithfulness for in Thanksgiving in

gratitude you will find a Wellspring of

Joy a peace that surpasses all

understanding and that joy that peace it

will be a light to those around you

drawing them to the hope that lies

within you so go forth my Apostolic

child go forth with boldness with

confidence knowing that I am with you

that I am for you take the land that I

have promised you the territory that I

have called you to possess be a catalyst

for transformation a conduit of my grace

and power and as you go remember this

you are loved you are chosen you are

destined for

greatness not because of who you are but

because of who I am because of the one

who lives within you let that truth

anchor you let it Propel you forward

even in the face of opposition for you

are an apostle a sent one a World

changer and through you I will do Mighty

things things that will leave a lasting

impact on generations to come so step

into your calling step into your destiny

and watch as I use you to transform

lives to build my kingdom and to bring

glory to my name remember my child you

are never alone I am with you always my

love surrounds you my strength upholds


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