my dear child I want you to know that the path to True healing comes from within your soul Proclaim your trust in

me aloud meditate on it put it into writing with unwavering conviction what

seemed lost will be made whole again I am the Creator who restores and

makes all things new because you have sought me with an open and humble heart

I will Aid you in reclaiming what was taken from you I understand the depth of

your heartache and there are moments when you feel all hope is gone but soon you will witness the immensity of my

love for you your destiny has always rested securely in my care and I possess

the authority to transform every trial you’ve encountered in times of loneliness and

despair I am bringing about a profound change I am here to reveal my desire to

bless you abundantly and turn what was intended to harm you into a source of

elevation fortitude and flourishing be courageous and envision

great things aspire to ambitious goals knowing that with my guidance you can

achieve remarkable Feats if you sincerely believe that I reside within your heart begin to align your thoughts

with mine no obstacle adversary or limitation can withstand my

might shift your focus away from defeat refuse CH to entertain discouragement or

failure in your mind perhaps negative influences are attempting to divert you from your path

leaving you a drift like a vessel tossed by the waves and wind I will assist you in reclaiming all

that you have lost but you must cherish my love and the plans I have for your

life embrace my words as truth if it is written in my teachings

honor and obey it do not disregard my guidance avoid always seeking the negative in

your experiences come to me each morning for conversation carve out moments

throughout your day for us to connect before you rest at night kneel

and share with me the details of your day and your struggles I will Infuse you with other

worldly strength and you will bear witness to Miracles that will reshape Your

Existence recognize that I am a loyal God and father but remember that I

desire your heart and Allegiance may your words always uplift and

encourage there is no doubt that my love for you is unchanging now reaffirm your love for me

don’t overlook this message or close this page dedicate a moment of your day to me with your whole being listen

attentively to the end allowing nothing to hinder you from hearing

open your mind and let me engrave these words Upon Your Heart by the conclusion

of this message you will experience a profound sense of peace and well-being

so listen patiently for in my words you will discover guidance and

wisdom pursue me wholeheartedly and open your sacred texts daily read with

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