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god’s message “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

John fourteen six

These eternal words, spoken by Christ himself, have echoed down the centuries like a divine

beacon to hearts thirsting for guidance.

And today, directly from the sacred scriptures, a transcendental message is about to be revealed.

Prepare to be captivated by profound truths, distilled from the ultimate source of love,

wisdom and purpose.

Each line of this heavenly message has the power to touch your soul at the most intimate

levels, providing the exact spiritual fuel you need.

Whether you are facing seemingly insurmountable challenges or resting in an oasis of blessings,

these divine words bring the transformative guidance capable of elevating your journey

to unimaginable heights.

My dear child, what great joy permeates those who spend their days immersed in the celebration

of my name, elevating my justice above all else.

The name Jesus, which you know so well, encapsulates the totality of my most beautiful attributes.

When used with sincere reverence and love, this name becomes a bridge, bringing you closer

to my loving presence.

I am aware of the disrespect often directed at my sacred name, misused in moments of anger

or frustration, which saddens me deeply.

My name is sacred, an eternal emblem of my love and the great sacrifice made for humanity.

Therefore, I strongly encourage you, loyal follower, to pronounce the name Jesus in your

daily journey with the purest love.

Use it as an expression of your joyful gratitude, a request for guidance or help, always remembering

that I, your God and Savior, am always within your reach to raise you to the glory of my


if you trust in the lord, comment “Jesus is the word that guides and protects me!

I invite you to immerse yourself in the joy that comes from my justice, considering this

feeling as a supreme triumph of good over evil, of light over shadows.

On the cross, when I pronounced “It is finished”, I announced the greatest victory conceivable

the definitive conquest over sin and death, accessible to all those who have faith in


You, my beloved, are eternally adorned with the robe of righteousness, representing salvation.

Wear it with pride, joy and gladness.

I have given you the ability to reach high places, which can manifest in various forms

– be they tangible achievements or spiritual heights.

As you try to touch these summits, whether for recognition or spiritual growth, don’t

forget the responsibilities that come with such successes.

Find joy in the good you accomplish for me, with me, and in my name, remaining steadfast.

proclaim god is the only salvation!

See yourself strengthened by the belt of truth and safeguarded by the breastplate of justice.

All my teachings are based on truth, for I am truth itself.

This gives you a solid foundation, a real cornerstone to stand on.

The justice I offer you is perfect, eternal, capable of sustaining you in the midst of

the most diverse adversities that life may present.

At all times, good or difficult, look to me.

I am your guide, your protector, your eternal companion.

When you feel lost or insecure, turn to my words and promises; they will be the beacon

that guides your path, even on the darkest nights.

declare “Blessed be the name of Jesus, under whom I find my strength and purpose!

My beloved children, as you celebrate the greatness of the name of Jesus, the one who

represents the pinnacle of my noblest attributes, I allow this sacred flame to illuminate your


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spark of this eternal wisdom.

Nurturing your faith is essential for a deep understanding of my love and grace for you.

Faith goes beyond mere belief in my existence; it embraces trust in my unwavering goodness

and the benevolent plans I have for your life.

Remember, whatever happens, I am always by your side, supporting you and guiding every

step you take.

Cultivate compassion and kindness, because these virtues reflect the core of my being.

Show love to those around you, for it is through this love that you become a living reflection

of my teachings, a beacon of hope and guidance.

In the moments when you find yourself slipping into the abysses of despair or error, it is

precisely then that my grace is extended to you with renewed vigor.

Cry out to me, and I will lift you up, placing you firmly on the indestructible rock of my

love and forgiveness.

My commitment to you is constant and unshakeable; even when you falter, my love remains like

a firm anchor.

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Remember, fear may be a frequent visitor in your heart, blowing doubts and painting shadows

of dread, but embrace this promise I am always available in your hours of need.

I desire more than passing encounters; I long for a prominent place in your heart and to

be the main focus of your thoughts.

Make a commitment to me, not just for a moment, but for a lifetime, and witness the profound

transformation that my presence will bring about in your being.

If you perceive an inner emptiness, a space yearning to be filled, I extend an invitation

to allow me in.

By welcoming my presence, you will experience a transformation so profound that it will

manifest itself in every area of your life.

Believe firmly that this is your year to receive unparalleled spiritual blessings and eternal

lessons for your current circumstances.

“This is my year of divine blessings,” wait in hope and faith.

Seek my presence in continual prayer, approach me with a humble heart and voice your concerns


As you rejoice in my company, I will be ready to fulfill the deepest desires of your heart.

I know that these words have found an echo in your soul, and I trust that you will find

answers and relief for any anguish you may be experiencing.

If you feel that your soul is weighed down with worries, or if your thoughts insist on

returning to past events, remember that I am the sacred remedy for all your afflictions.

Approach me with confidence, ready for a new beginning, because your moments of sadness,

pain, anguish and despair now belong to the past.

Today, you are free and healed, allow me to embrace you, strengthening you for whatever

comes next.

Awaken with each new dawn overflowing with joy and a deep faith in the immense love I

have for you.

Be sure that no voice of discouragement, echoing misery or defeatism, has the power to shake

the solidity of your faith, because I am by your side at all times.

I recognize your tears of repentance and your genuine intentions to strengthen yourself

spiritually and prosper.

The past will no longer imprison you, just as critical voices will distance themselves

as you choose to walk alongside souls who uplift you and allow you to know me in a more

intimate and truthful way.

Say with faith “Under the light of divine promise, I am reborn.”

Understand that my love for you transcends any previous understanding; it is vast and


I am not a being of wrath in the face of darkness; on the contrary, I want the light of my promise

to illuminate even the darkest corners of your life.

The time of suffering is about to change.

The days of anguish and anxious waiting are coming to an end, and the dawn of a new phase,

full of discoveries and liberation, is in sight.

I hear your every cry and extend my unconditional mercy to you.

Fear not, for I am prepared to offer much more than your pleas dare to ask.

By strengthening your faith, wisdom, humility and patience, you reflect the image of my

beloved child, planted firmly in fertile ground to mature and prosper.

The guide to the blessings you seek is already in your hands, manifested in my eternal word.

Embrace it with faith and dedication.

Affirm “The past does not define my future, I embrace divine blessing for every new beginning.”

If the past were an account of failure and giving up, today is the day to proclaim your


Take control of your narrative by vigorously affirming “My past is behind me.

From now on, my life, my family and my future will be abundantly blessed.”

Repeat these words, recognizing in me, your Sovereign God and Heavenly Father, the source

of the unshakeable power on which your faith is anchored.

Although challenges loom on the horizon, in the confidence of my power you will find the

steadfastness to cross the tumultuous waves of life without fear.

I will always be within reach, ready to offer salvation when doubt tries to haunt you.

Believe that you can approach me at any time, without fear of rejection.

I am your safe haven, your indomitable force, promising not only relief from your torments,

but a decisive advance towards victory.

if you trust in the lord, proclaim “Every step forward is blessed, in the certainty

of divine victory.”

These words are an expression of my love and my commitment to guide you through all of

life’s battlefields.

I bless you with wisdom, increase in prudence, transform your character and bring patience

to your heart.

I am redefining your existence; my spirit envelops you completely, driving away any

temptation to err and changing your innermost desires.

You will marvel at the transformation in your life and how abundantly blessed you will become.

Firmed in the eternal truth of my scriptures, the unshakeable foundation for times of storm,

erect a fortress against the lies of the enemy.

Like to strengthen this wall, share so that more souls find refuge in my incontrovertible

truth, and subscribe here to receive constant supplies of divine wisdom.

Wake up each morning with a heart overflowing with joy and an unshakeable faith in the immense

love I have for you.

Stand firm, for no voice of discouragement, no word of defeat or bitterness has the power

to shake your stature before me.

You belong to me, and I will always be by your side.

I observe the sincerity of your repentance and the solidity of your intentions to become

strong, to evolve.

Forget those who criticize and seek the company of those with generous hearts and uplifting


Let yourself get to know me in a deeper way, realizing that my love for you exceeds any

narrative that has been told before.

You deserve to live with an overwhelming sense of gratitude every day.

To wake up full of energy, vitality and richness on every level.

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The time spent in darkness, waiting anxiously, is coming to an end.

The dawn of your answers, the freedom that comes from silent patience and uncomplaining

hope, is near.

I hear your plea, and I extend my hand full of mercy.

Fear not, for I will exceed your expectations, blessing your life far beyond your requests.

In you, I will place wisdom, faith, humility and patience.

You are my beloved child, planted in fertile soil to grow and flourish abundantly.

Declare “God, in you I find the strength to overcome every challenge.”

The word I give you is a compass for blessings; nourishment for your soul, strength for your


Welcome it with dedication and love, allow it to nestle in your heart.

The past may have been marked by failures, moments of giving up or loss, but today is

a new day.

Declare with faith “My past is behind me.

From now on, my life, my family and my future will be filled with blessings.”

These words, when vibrated in the ether, have the power to transform, because they are sealed

with the authority of who I am your God, King, Lord and Father.

Challenges may lie ahead, but in them you will find the opportunity to witness my greatness.

Walk on the unstable waves of conflict with the certainty that you will not sink, because

my hand is always outstretched to save you.

In moments of doubt, hold on tight to my hand.

Remember that I am here to support you, to bring you freedom from fear and lead you to


My blessing on your life will manifest itself in extraordinary ways, transforming your being,

enriching your intelligence, expanding your prudence, modifying your character and cultivating

your patience.

if you believe, write “Lord, I trust in your guidance and celebrate the transformations

you are working in me.”

In the midst of tribulations and challenges that seem insurmountable, there is a greater

force that promises rescue and restoration.

In the most challenging hours, when you find yourself surrounded by adversaries ready to

see your defeat, remember one immutable truth your resilience and determination will make

them back down.

This strength comes not from yourself, but from the divine presence that accompanies


Your weapons are faith and unwavering trust in a higher power that guides you through

the shadows, transforming threats and fears into ladders for your spiritual and personal


This path is not without its dangers.

There are times of great prosperity and success when the temptation of pride and arrogance

can become an internal adversary, as threatening as any external enemy.

The warning is clear and full of wisdom always be vigilant, rooted in humility and nourished

by divine wisdom.

For it is in simplicity and prudence that true strength and courage are found.

The journey is daily, a constant awakening to the battle of being against the internal

and external voices that try to diminish you.

Remember, you are infinitely valuable and strong, especially when you trust in the presence

that is always by your side, ready to strengthen your essence.

Declare with faith “Lord, guide me with your wisdom, transform my fears into strength.”

Life is made up of days and nights, moments to plan and moments to reflect.

In each of these phases, in each breath and sigh, share your desires and dreams with the


Nothing is too small or too big to be placed before Him.

The invitation is for total surrender, full trust in His ability to surprise you with

blessings beyond imagination.

Even when the roads seem to disappear over the horizon, keep the faith.

The One who created you has plans for upliftment and victory, even if they sometimes seem distant

or silent.

There are times on the journey when the silence can seem deafening, times when, despite feeling

alone, you are never truly helpless.

The divine presence is a constant support, an outstretched hand that promises to lift

you above any challenge, leading you to ultimate victory.

This promise goes beyond time and space, echoing into eternity.

So when the direction is given, whether to walk or stand up, do so with conviction.

Feel enveloped by the sacred presence that eliminates all fear, transforming material

riches into mere illusion in the face of the true and unlimited love that is offered to


Declare “God, Your presence is my perennial strength, Your promise, my eternal victory.”

my child!

Just as my name is a guiding light, may these words also be a light on your path.

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lives, and subscribe to keep this torch divinely burning in your heart.

I invite you to dive deep into the waters of surrender, for it is in this act of surrender

that My strength is revealed, perfecting itself in every weakness you feel.

Hold on to hope like a lighthouse in the midst of a storm, stand firm in faith like the anchor

of your being, and let love be the current that propels you through the waves.

Within this sacred triangle of faith, hope and love, the greatest force of all is love.

This unconditional love was the flame that guided me to the supreme sacrifice on the

cross, it was the power that overcame the darkness of the tomb, and it is the same love

that invites you to walk towards a future overflowing with My infinite goodness.

In the fabric of your being, know that every experience, every tear shed and every moment

of sadness does not go unnoticed in my eyes.

In your struggles, I am with you, firmly holding your hand, warming your heart with the strength

of My grip.

Let the rhythm of your days be guided by the certainty of my love, for it is constant,

true and unshakeable.

The storms and adversities of life are unable to overwhelm you, for you emerge stronger,

more than a victor, through My love that overcomes everything.

My light doesn’t just shatter the darkness; it transforms it, bringing forth an indescribable

beauty capable of changing the course of your story.

Give thanks now by saying “Almighty God, I praise you for the transforming love that

guides my every step.”

Since the dawn of creation, it has been my desire to walk beside you, to share every

moment and breathe with you, whether in flourishing gardens or arid deserts, on high peaks or

in dark valleys.

Despite the initial rebellion in Paradise, when the fruit of autonomy was consumed, disrupting

the predestined harmony, My boundless compassion and mercy have outlined a path of redemption.

Through it, not only was access to My presence restored, but the intimate connection with

the core of your true being was re-established.

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In this divine encounter, as you are enveloped by My peace, love and joy, you find the essence

of who you really are, existing in Me, through Me and for Me.

I invite you, then, to enter the eternal dance of trust and devotion.

As you take each step of faith, aligning yourself with the movement of my will, you will discover

the wonder of an existence flooded with love.

Let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit, step by step, towards the fullness of an abundant

life that I have promised to each of My children.

As you seek strength in my constant presence, allow these words to be a comforting balm.

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