I your heavenly father am speaking to you today to transfer knowledge into

your spirit so come close my beloved child I understand the challenges you

faced and the uncertainties you’re facing but don’t be afraid I perceive everything and orchestrate events in

ways beyond your imagination for your benefit amidst the turbulent storms of

this season you have caught sight of The Guiding Light which has guided you home

even when the winds have blown it out of your field of vision despite the uncertainties that seem to be coming

from everywhere you can rest assured that I am laying the groundwork for a secure port for your ship stormy water

cannot overwhelm what I protect and defend let our enthusiasm shine through this place as we continue to reveal

Hope’s chapters by clicking the like button and typing amen you can

illuminate the path of divine inspiration and add light to our journey through through your faith from the

depths of Anguish and hopelessness that no one could understand you have screamed out for help on several

occasions you’ve longed for my assurances to alleviate the persistent holess of postponed optimism you may be

confident that I have listened to your every supplication and am there to console your tired Soul the moment has

arrived for those eagerly anticipated promises to materialize your unwavering

devotion has not gone UNR rewarded even when my detractors muttered misgivings

about the Fulfillment of my promises to you I want you to know that my Declarations of Destiny are

unconstrained by Nature’s rules or human limitations I bring barrenness to life

unleash latent abilities with a straightforward affirmation trust in my unwavering nature and witness as I bring

forth miraculous manifestations that surpass your most ambitious aspirations those who occasionally

question whether they the Heavenly realm holds greater significance than the challenges of this world should find joy

in this Revelation I am the one who plans and initiates all that exists and I shape

everything in accordance with my holy will the impossibility of achieving your lofty goals should not discourage you my

infinite existence defies the confines of human comprehension beyond the

understanding of Mortals I surpass all bounds fear not offspring of the Heavenly Kingdom for the real ruler

knows no bounds beginning with the end in mind I declare my intention to create

a divine plan that will come to fruition in Perfect Harmony at the given moment

even when the road ahead is unclear put your faith in me and we shall experience amazing Epiphany side by side even

though you cannot see me I am still working behind the scenes to complete my holy Mission my beloved trust in my

kindness as as you see your beloved dreams Wilt and die take comfort in the knowledge that I am tenderly tending to

them with Limitless love just as a gardener does to their Garden I have a

divine plan for plentiful blessings and nothing can stop it the heavens above keep a watchful eye on my growing Garden

ensuring that everything stays secure have confidence in my Providence because I am the only one who can protect what

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