SATAN HAS APPEARED, BE CAREFUL | God Sayings | God Message For You

my beloved child today we want to reveal about the

weapons and strategies that demons often use to make us

fail we will grant to those who persistently watch this entire video to

the end a precious gift to be able to Triumph in the battle against the

wickedness of demons continue to be awake to the schemes of the enemy demons

like Satan always lurk around us seeking to devour us with this biblical scene

emphasizing one thing demons never rest always plotting and planning to make us

fail to make us stumble our beloved child know that demons are not just a

force but also a cunning enemy always seeking to attack and harm our

souls they manag manest in various forms from deceitful words to unreasonable

Temptations and allurements we know that you must confront the lies of demons your enemy

making you feel guilty inferior and doubtful about your own

worth my beloved child I Am Your Divine caraker and I shall never depart from

your side in verdant pastures I shall Grant you repose H and alongside

tranquil streams I shall replenish your spirit I shall direct you along virtuous

Pathways for the glory of my name even amidst the shadowed depths fear no

malevolence for my Vigilant presence shall bring Solace and Assurance to your

heart I will Encompass you with Divine blessings confound those who oppose you

and enrich your spirit with profound Insight your table shall over flow with

abundance and my benevolence and compassion shall accompany you every day

you shall dwell in my Abode immersed in my boundless affection and Tranquility

fear not for I Stand Beside You steadfast in upholding you through all

Endeavors I cradle you within my omnipotent grasp enshrouding you in my

shield of protection and enveloping you with my sacred mantle of love I ardently yearn for you you to

pursue me to embrace tenderly the words I impart to you allowing the essence of

my message to permeate your being permit me to inscribe upon the

walls of your Consciousness the marvels of My Affection so you may find Solace

and cease doubting whether you Merit The Splendid gifts I intend for you Embrace these messages I convey with

unwavering faith for I address you directly dare to place your trust in me

release the grip of anxiety fear and sorrow refrain from harboring them

within your heart surrender them once more at my feet and bestow upon me your

trust a new I have Myriad wondrous plans laid out for you but foremost I seek

your unwavering faith and steadfast loyalty your destiny rests securely in

my hands and when you Repose In My Embrace devoid of Doubt or mistrust my

Abundant Blessings shall flow unto you surrender to me your fears your

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