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[Music] my beloved I desire to speak with you and this holds great

significance the appointed times have come to fruition and the moment for you to rise in the heavens has

arrived Celestial trumpets ReSound and all things align themselves each finding

its rightful place so your Victory may be fulfilled your earnest prayers your

Mighty blessings they will not be in vain nor has your suffering been lost in

the void your anguish is inscribed in the book of my love alongside a record of

the reward that awaits you on your day of Liberation you’ve waited long for this

moment and now your eyes behold it in the skies rumors of wars are heard and

the wicked tremble for they know the day of their judgment approaches those who took advantage of

you who smokee your cheeks scorned and cast you aside those who believed I had

forsaken you they shall weep witness your Triumph and repent I am here and I am coming soon

bearing my reward with me keep your composure though multitudes weep in fear

I hold you in my hands you who remain faithful strong loyal and Resolute do

not follow the masses or seek to please the foolish and The Reckless your your character is robust and true serving you

steadfastly in your beliefs you will not be deceived nor will you fall into the

snares of the wicked seek peace bow your knees and await with faith for me to

defend you when your enemies surround you with Strife do not raise your voice offer the

other cheek if they seek to harm you their attempts to injure you shall Wither in the air before reaching you

and their desires to harm you shall turn to dust and burn in the fire those who rise against you I am

speaking to you I am Jesus your savior and Redeemer the day of your transformation

draws near tune your ear and listen to my angels who sing heralding my

presence I love you and behold I am coming soon very

soon your past does not define your future even though your world seems to be

falling apart you’ve believed in me taken refuge in my arms and here you

shall always be secure fill yourself with peace and joy

for you dwell in the shadow of your almighty God believe in the power of my blood to

cleanse and forgive you cling to this truth with all your heart open your eyes wide for I shall

soon work a mighty and a inspiring miracle in your life profess your love for me believe in my

power and believe that I have indeed forgiven you do not blame yourself or continue to

punish yourself for things of the past I have cast all your sins into the abyss

and they shall not return my blood has cleansed you your

heart is new and your mind is renewed now fill yourself with my holy

word let words that please me flow from your lips full of life and

encouragement contemplate my promises and Commandments each day do not walk back into the shadows of

death you no longer walk aimlessly and your future does not depend on luck you

are in my hands under my wings I Shield you and even when you are

attacked by the world your mind remains strong firm and it shall strengthen

further if you fill it with what I am speaking to you this distance yourself from those who strike you with words and

attitudes that discourage you do not return to friendships and

places that will lead you astray once more I do not want your spirit to grow

cold as ice again I have a future of Life peace and blessings for you free

from sorrow and depression if you place me first in your life if you remain steadfast in the word

I give you if you make me the king and Sovereign of your heart you have many

plans and your mind is filled with numerous things that is your nature fear nothing you are a highly

responsible and diligent individual you will do well if you put all your trust in me seek me every day

and pay attention to the guidance I provide in my word take confident steps

build your dreams upon the rock have your own family founded in my will and

counsel I know you understand this well I am not asking too much I only want you

to focus your Gaze on things of True Value so you do not waste your time and energy on fantasies and vain

Pursuits the most important thing for you is your relationship with me do not

disconnect from me I am always waiting for that moment

when you will listen to me in silence because I want to speak with you you

have grown so much you have become stronger and you truly make me

happy when I see your dreams and all your efforts I want to bless you

abundantly and I want you to have no doubt that I have placed you in the right time and

place you are ready for me to open all the doors I promise to open for you go

and knock on each one one by one do not be afraid if you face difficulties open

your eyes wide because behind that problem lies the land of blessings reserved for the courageous like you for

those who understand their worth who cast aside threats and words of failure or defeat I have created you I have

breathed my breath into you I have bestowed upon you a marvelous

Authority however if you do not want to progress because you do not believe what I am telling you and prefer to cling to

the misguided advice of false friends that is another matter I need your unwavering Faith to

prosper even more you need to firmly believe that I love you that I’m real

and that it is my will to love and bless you your life is in my hands your

Prosperity I love you and you must believe me I want to hear your belief in

me today I understand that your day may be filled with many tasks but I have taken

the first step to suggest that we share a special moment in prayer I simply want to remind your heart of the source of

all your blessings I don’t want you to lose your way amidst your responsibilities and end

up feeling exhausted and unsure of your path at the end of the day I long to

give you the strength to face challenges with unwavering

courage let your faith shine through your gaze and know that my presence is

with you I hope you believe in this for it will be so even if you have doubts doors will

still open but another may enter while you hesitate due to disbelief it’s vital for you to renew

your strength and the enthusiasm that drives you to dream and

work diligently with the faith you hold you know it guides you to a better place

you’ve believed and persevered on this path but the adversary prowls like a roaring lion seeking those who doubt and

are distracted your steps must be Resolute and your Champion spirit will help you

overcome and emerge Victorious I apologize to those who stand against you with deceit and

Advantage for they become my adversaries as well those who oppose you will be

defeated and they won’t return Ain what they believe they’ve taken from you do not fear you will not

lose even if it seems like you’ve lost have faith for everything happens for a

reason and I always have the best in store for you keep a Spirit of Courage and

conviction and don’t let fear or despair take hold your future is one of goodness and

blessing I know it wrapped in my eternal peace and love love your family is also

protected I will greatly reward you for dedicating this time of your day to me

you will rise with Supernatural strength I will broaden your understanding and

spiritual vision allowing you to see and appreciate the wondrous blessings that await

you keep that smile on your face it brings me immense Joy when you appear

well you resemble me at the end of the day I want to see you here again for your own good you are

a beautiful soul and I admire your demeanor I am pleased with how you feel

when you converse with me when you close your eyes how I adore your tender heart

when it beats with the rhythm of Joy filled with Divine happiness as I

satisfy your being removing any discomfort pain or

illness after listening to me me I want you to feel deeply loved there’s no need

to walk with dragging feet disheartened or lamenting your

circumstances I love you and today you will feel it in many ways I will

demonstrate it and with my powerful word I will tell you if anyone comes to bring

you conflicts you will immediately feel this Divine love that fills

you if any situation causes you sadness My Embrace will cover you removing all

anguish leaving your heart filled with happiness your family and friends will

be astonished asking what has happened to you why you are so joyful your enemies will flee in Terror

feeling powerless because you did not fear them nor let them make you suffer there will be a supernatural wall

of divine protection around you outside your home thousands of angels will

encamp Camp guarding your family day and night believe this with all your heart

this love I have for you is real as real as the air you breathe it is more

powerful and beautiful than any Miracle you could ask for my love surrounds you and gives you

life this is the greatest blessing you can receive which is why I admire your

grateful attitude every day when you awaken you express your gratit itude for

your life placing your destiny and your days in my hands you are an Exemplar of

Faith even though Others May scoff at you for believing in an omnipotent God

whom you cannot see but you know well that I am real that I watch over you and am attentive

to your needs with this Faith you possess you will rise living feeling and knowing

that you are a child of the creator of the universe with a confidence in every

step you will radiate happiness my dear and it moves me deeply to witness your

unwavering character your gratitude and your beautiful heart come tomorrow I will be here

waiting to embrace you once again with my love in the early hours of the day before the sun

rises you have just opened your eyes and I am already by your side showering you

with abundant BL blessings I give you the air you breathe the brilliant light that illuminates

your soul and the strength of character to Triumph and move forward despite the

limitations and obstacles you encounter in your life I am your omnipotent God and I

possess the power to help you navigate through all the mazes and entanglements that hinder your happiness if you allow

me to act according to my will I can can strengthen your emotions dispel your

fears and convince your heart that you are not inferior to

anyone if you doubt your worth if the people around you are judging you because you do not please them in some

way if they criticize you for everything it is not a reason or excuse for me to

stop loving you you do not live under any ill fate nor do any sorcery evil

spirits or witchcraft hold power over you I hope you understand me well and if

you are not believing in me please read and listen again neither you nor your

loved ones are under the influence of any evil power all wickedness is

defeated Every Chain has been broken and every Bond destroyed I am speaking to you today

because I have seen you Veer away from your destiny and reject my path due to what people have told you that you are a

bad person and Unworthy of my love if you place more trust in them and believe

that their words hold more power it truly offends me repent I love you and I

am demonstrating it to you where you are right now your heart is crying because

you know my word is reaching you at the right moment decide to believe in me

tomorrow when you wake up you will no longer dwell on failure no one has you

bound and you will not fear anyone’s threats you are taking the first step

towards a life of happiness and blessings of peace and holy abundance there will be Bread on your

table and sustenance for those you love Health in your family and peace in your home wake up tomorrow to life again to

happiness without fear with a smile without anxiety with serenity

without trepidation with faith I am with you and I love you separate yourself today from

those who follow you with disdain do it for your family accept my

love give me the place I deserve in your heart in your journey through this day

let praise be your steadfast companion lifting your spirit and anchoring your heart in the certainty of my presence as

you worship me you step into a realm where time and trials lose their grip

where you and I connect in a sacred dance of love and

reverence imagine if you will a space where the heavy cloak of depression the

shadows of fear and the chains of self-pity dissolve into

nothingness this is the power of heartfelt worship a force is so potent that even the darkest forces cannot

withstand its light remember I dwell amidst your Praises in

these moments of adoration you draw nearer to the core of my being glimpsing the Majesty of my power and the Splendor

of my glory it’s a place where your soul finds true freedom and your spirit Soares but

above all worship me because I am worthy the scriptures a mosaic of divine

wisdom Echo with the call to honor me to give me the glory and praise that is

rightfully mine this is not just an act of devotion but a profound truth that

resonates through the heavens and the Earth no matter how impenetrable the darkness of your day might seem the

radiant light of my presence will break through worship brings this light to the

Forefront glorifying me and empowering you to rise above your

circumstances in this light you find victory not as the world gives but a victory

born of faith and steadfast love embrace the profound truth that a

cheerful heart is indeed a fountain of healing you are called to Joy for in my

overcoming of the world I have rendered it powerless to [Music]

truly [Music]



harm you my victory on the cross was not just a moment in history it’s an eternal

promise of Freedom peace and unbreakable love consider the magnitude of this

Victory and what it means for you no Force no circumstance no moment of

Despair can ever sever the bond of my love for you as you meditate on these truths let

a wave of good cheer flood your being lighting up your face and warming Your Heart A Joyful heart doesn’t just lift

the spirit it nourishes your whole being spiritually emotionally and physically

fill your mind with gratitude let your thoughts dwell on the countless blessings I have bestowed upon you in

doing so your heart will brim with joy a joy that transcends fleeting happiness

and Roots deeply in the knowledge of my goodness praise me not just for what I

do but for who I am the source of all blessings The Giver of Life and Light My

Desire is to fill you with my Essence to have my light and life permeate every

part of your being you were created to be a vessel of heavenly glory to be

filled with the Divine to reflect my love and Joy to the World As you absorb these spiritual

nutrients they will fortify you from within they will enhance your health

bring strength to your body bones and resilience to your spirit so my dear one

be of good cheer in me you will find an unending source of Joy a joy that strengthens a

joy that heals a joy that endures in the midst of life’s

complexities and the battles you face remember I ask only for your trust

Moment by moment this trust simple yet profound is your Fortress your steadfast

stance against the swirling spiritual storms each day navigated in communion

with me is a Triumph a testament to your faith and resilience seek me in the fleeting

moments in the quiet Whispers of your day let your focus on my presence be

your Shield guarding you against the snares of self-pity and the shadows of

depression I am calling you especially in the depths of dark Darkness to trust

me take steps one at a time holding tightly to my hand for guidance and

support know that I am ever close intimately aware of your struggles and

your needs even when the battle rages fiercest and your strength wanes

remember that your resources in me are boundless my spirit is always prepared

to assist you you need only to reach out to ask and to believe this holy helper

is a Wellspring of power and love ready to uplift and sustain you I too am eager

to Aid you call on my name with a heart full of trust for my love never fails it

surrounds you like a fortress unyielding and all-encompassing in your moments of

doubt in your hours of need let this truth be your anchor my unfailing love

is your shest support in The Labyrinth of life where problems Loom large and

often it’s easy to fixate on these challenges letting them dominate our

vision and our thoughts this while a natural inclination can lead us into a spiral of

worry and despair but you beloved are cied to a different way of being a way

that transcends the ordinary you are invited to live supernaturally booed by the Holy Spirit

within you you this divine presence enables you to rise above your natural

inclinations to see beyond the immediate troubles that cloud Your Horizon it’s a shift in focus from the

seen to the Unseen from the temporal to the Eternal to gaze at me and glance at

problems is to Anchor your soul in the Eternal truth of my presence and

power it means turning your full steady gaze towards me drawing upon my strength

wisdom and love while merely glancing at your problems acknowledging them but not

becoming ens snared by them this way of living is not just countercultural it’s a spiritual Act of

defiance against the forces that seek to distract and distress

you the evil one and his minions strive to pull your focus away from me to

entangle you in a web of worry and fear the world around you too often

reinforces this focus on problems urging you to dwell on what is wrong rather

than on the one who can make things right therefore I call you to this

challenging but rewarding discipline ask the Holy Spirit to help you redirect

your attention to me whenever you find yourself overly focused on your problems

it’s a continuous process a daily even hourly reorientation of your heart and

mind mind when difficulties arise as they inevitably will deal with them as

necessary but keep the bulk of your attention on me your constant companion in me you’ll find the

perspective peace [Music]





power to navigate life’s challenges not just with endurance but with Victory with my spirit’s help you can

learn to live with your gaze fixed on me your problems in the peripheral view

this is the secret to living victoriously a life marked not by the absence of problems but by the

overwhelming presence of my love and power reflect upon that pivotal moment

when I was being arrested and Peter in his fervor drew his sword his Instinct

was to fight to fend off adversity through immediate forceful action he

could not yet comprehend that the father had a grander design in this adversity one that was crucial not only for his

Redemption but for the Salvation of all Humanity Peter’s reaction mirrors a

natural human tendency to escape trials as quickly as possible to find a swift

solution often through our own efforts yet in my journey the father’s

purpose was not in avoiding the trial but in enduring it this endurance was

not a passive submission but a purposeful active participation in the

father’s plan likewise when You Face devastating trials Your Instinct might be to work

swiftly to resolve them but remember sometimes the father’s intentions go

beyond mere problem solving he may be weaving something far

greater something that aligns with an eternal perspective even if it’s not immediately apparent

as you walk with me understand that ultimate Victory is assured even in the face of

death this Victory is not about circumventing challenges but about transcending them through faith

perseverance and Trust in my plan When Trials descend upon you don’t

surrender to despair instead turn to me lay your burdens at my feet through

prayer and fasting AB gu in my words which are a source of strength and

comfort listen attentively to the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit know that

your trials however daunting they may seem are

temporary they are shaping you refining you and preparing you for the treasures

that await in heaven Treasures that are imperishable and eternal in these moments of trial your

faith is being fortified your character is being being molded and your heart is being aligned more closely with

mine trust in the journey I have laid out for you even when the path seems clouded with uncertainty for in every

trial there is hidden a seed of Victory a victory that blossoms not from

avoiding challenges but from enduring and overcoming them with me by your

side when troubles arise in your life it’s common to be taken aback to wonder

why this is happening to you to question what you might have done to deserve such

trials these reactions are natural born of the human instinct to seek

understanding and control over our circumstances but remember as I told my

disciples on the night of my arrest in this world you will face troubles they

are as inevitable as the air you breathe and the water you drink yet in the midst of these challenges you possess a

comfort and a peace that is unknown to the rest of the world you have me in me

you find a refuge a strength that transcends Earthly trials for I have

overcome the world this is not just a statement of triumph over a moment in history it’s a Perpetual truth that

reverberates through your life today your troubles no matter how sudden or severe never catch me by

surprise they do not have the power to defeat me nor can they thwart my eternal

purposes for you in your greatest trials my presence

prevails through these experiences my love Mercy Grace and power are not only

demonstrated to you but also radiate through you to others even when it seems

that darkness is won when Satan appears to be victorious in his assaults against

you trust that I am at work I specialize in turning what seems

seems to be defeat into true Victory a victory that glorifies the father and

advances his kingdom this is the mystery and the Majesty of my ways remember

nothing in this world no trial no adversity no scheme of the enemy can

ever separate you from my love and purpose in every challenge hear my voice follow my lead I am your Shepherd your

guide your savior in me you are more than a conqueror

not because you will avoid hardships but because you will navigate them with me emerging stronger deeper and more

aligned with my heart and purposes so when troubles come don’t be

dismayed instead draw nearer to me cling to my promises and walk in the

confidence that in me you have everything you need to face and overcome the challenges of this world

Amen [Music]

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