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beloved child Rest In The Deep Assurance

of my unfailing love let your body Mind

and Spirit relax in my

presence release into my care anything

that is troubling you so that you can

focus your full attention on

Me Be awed by the vast dimensions of my

love for you wider longer higher and

deeper than anything you

know Rejoice that this marvelous love is

yours for

forever the best response to this

glorious gift is a life steeped in

thankfulness every time you thank me you

acknowledge that I am your lord and

provider this is the proper stance for a

child of God receiving with

Thanksgiving bring me the sacrifice of

gratitude and watch to see how much I

bless you cast all your anxiety on me

because I care for you I am here holding

out my hands to take the burden that

weigh heavily on your

heart in the Stillness of your soul find

the peace I offer a peace that

transcends all understanding a peace

that guards your heart and your thoughts


me remember my child that in my presence

there is fullness of joy and at my right

hand there are Pleasures forever more I

am the source of all comfort and

strength in times of distress Lean on Me

In moments of Joy share it with me your

life is a tapestry of moments both

challenging and beautiful and I am with

you through each

one I pray that out of my glorious

riches I may strengthen you with power

through my spirit in your inner

being let Christ dwell in your hearts

through faith be rooted and established

in my love may you have the power

together with all the saints to grasp

how wide and long and high and deep is

the love of

Christ know this love that surpasses

knowledge that you may be filled to the

measure of all the fullness of God I am

the vine you are the branches whoever

abides in me and I in them they will

bear much fruit for apart from me you

can do nothing Let My Words dwell in you

richly let them be the foundation upon

which your life is built in time of

uncertainty cling to my

promises they are the anchor for your

soul firm and

secure remember I am the same yesterday

today and forever my love for you is

unchanging unwavering and

eternal you are my beloved in you I am


pleased walk in the confidence of my

love let it be the shield around you the

strength within you and the light that

guides your path seek first my kingdom

and my righteousness and all these

things will be added to you I am your

refuge and strength and everpresent help


trouble therefore do not fear though the

Earth gives way and the mountains fall

into the heart of the sea be still and

know that I am God I will be exalted

among the Nations I will be exalted in


earth my child let your life be a test

testimony of my love and

faithfulness share the hope that is

within you let your words and actions

reflect my grace and compassion be a

light in the darkness a source of

comfort and encouragement to those

around you in my love there is no fear

perfect love casts out fear so walk

boldly live joyfully and love deeply my

grace is sufficient for you for my power

is made perfect in weakness I Am With

You Always even to the End of the Age

strengthened by my love filled with my

spirit and empowered to face each new

day with hope and

courage I invite you to be willing to go

out on a limb for it is there you will

find me leading

you understand that this place seemingly

precarious is the safest when you’re in


will your desire for a risk-free life

understandable as it is stands as a form

of unbelief a subtle barrier to the

depth of faith and trust I am beckoning

you towards your

longing to live close to me must surpass

your fear of uncertainties and risks you

are now at a pivotal Crossroads in your

spiritual journey to follow me

wholeheartedly you must let go of your

inclination to play it safe let me guide

you step by step

through this

day with your focus firmly on me even

the most perilous paths can be tread

without fear in time you will learn to

relax and find joy in the adventure of

our journey


remember as long as you stay close to me

my sovereign presence encircles and

protects you in every

circumstance even though I walk through

the valley of the shadow of death I will

fear no evil

for you are with me your rod and your

staff they comfort me Psalm

this assurance is your anchor in

times of trial and

uncertainty in the darkest valleys in

the moments where Shadows Loom large my

presence is your Constant Comfort and

guide those who know my name will put

their trust in me for I the Lord have

never forsaken those who seek me Psalm

my faithfulness is unending and my

love is

unfailing I’m a God who keeps his

promises and my commitment to you is

Everlasting when you seek me with all

your heart you will find me and in

finding me you will find the strength

courage and peace you need to face any

challenge whoever serves me must follow

me and where I am my servant also will

be my father will honor the one who

serves me John

– to serve me is to follow me and to

follow me often means walking paths that

the world may deem risky or

unconventional yet these are the paths

where true faith is exercised and

strengthened in your service to me in

your willingness to follow where I lead

you will find honor from my

father child I call you not to a life of

comfort and predictability but to a life

of faith and trust in me the way of

faith is not a path void of

challenges rather it is a journey marked

by Reliance on my sovereignty and

Grace in your walk with me you will face

moments where your faith will be tested

where you will be called to stand firm

in the face of fear and

uncertainty consider the words spoken to

Mary the holy holy spirit will come upon

you and the power of the most high will


you so the Holy One to be born will be

called The Son of God Luke

this mystery the word becoming

flesh and dwelling among you reveals my

glory the glory of the one and only who

came from the father full of grace and

truth John

this truth is a Cornerstone of your

faith a profound revelation of my love

and grace remember the Journey of the

wise men As Told in Matthew they

followed the star they had seen in the

East until it led them to where I the

young child

was their Joy was immense their worship

sincere they brought gifts of gold

frankincense and myr laying them before

me in Humble adoration their Journey

marked by faith and reverence is a model

for your your own spiritual path in your

daily walk seek to emulate this posture

of worship and adoration let your life

be a journey of following my light

rejoicing in my presence and offering

your own gifts your time your talents

your very self to

Me In Worship in prayer and in Daily

acts of devotion lay your life before me

as an

offering in moments of Doubt or

confusion look to to me your guiding

star and find reassurance in my

presence I Am With You Always

illuminating your path guiding you

through every

circumstance in my light find the wisdom

and Direction you seek in my presence

find the peace and rest your soul Longs

for as you go through your day keep your

heart attuned to my voice listen for my

guidance watch for my leading and and be

ready to follow just as the Wise Men

followed the star trust that I am

leading you into Paths of righteousness

into experiences of my grace and


truth Rest in Me beloved let your heart

be filled with wonder at the mystery of


Incarnation worship me in spirit and in

truth and let your life be a testament

to the light and peace I bring I Am with

You guiding loving and blessing you

every step of the way relax in my

healing presence as you come to spend

time with me I know how easily your

thoughts can race ahead to the plans and

problems of the

day yet I call you to bring your mind

back to me to the Tranquility of my

presence here in this Sacred Space allow

the light of my love to soak into your

being refreshing and renewing your

spirit it is in this quiet communion

that I prepare you to face the day’s

challenges this precious time spent

together is not only pleasing to me but

also serves to strengthen and equip you

do not rush through our moments together

or view them as just another task to

check off your list RIS is the pull of

tasks and duties clamoring for your

attention in choosing to prioritize time

with me you are choosing what is better

and this choice will never be taken from

you remember the words of Psalm

look to the Lord and his strength seek

his face

always in seeking my face in turning

your heart and thoughts towards me you

find the strength you

need it’s not just in the grand gestures

or significant moments of life but in

these intimate encounters where you are


fortified consider the story of Mary and

Martha in Luke to

too Martha caught up in the busyness of

her tasks was anxious and troubled

missing the opportunity to sit at my

feet Mary on the other hand chose to

prioritize her time with me

understanding the value of being in my

presence in that moment she chose what

was better and it was not taken from her

I invite you to adopt Mary’s posture to

sit at my feet listen to my words and

let go of the Myriad of concerns that

viy for your

attention in my presence find peace for

your weary soul and Clarity for your

troubled mind here let go of your

worries and be assured that I care for


deeply in this world you will face many

distractions and worries but only one

thing is truly needed time in my

presence this is where your soul is

nourished your spirit is rejuvenated and

your strength is renewed

here in the quietude of our fellowship

you are reminded of my love my grace and

my power that are at work in your life

so come to me not in haste or out of

obligation but with a desire to truly

connect and commune with me in these

moments let my peace fill your heart let

my wisdom guide your thoughts and let my

joy strengthen your spirit as you walk

through this day carry with you the

peace and perspective gained in these

Precious Moments with me bring me your

mind for rest and

renewal in the midst of your busy life

with its unending demands and pressures

it is essential to pause and let me

Infuse my presence into your

thoughts as your mind ceases its

Relentless racing your body will follow

into relaxation allowing you to regain a

profound awareness of me this awareness

is not merely beneficial it is crucial

to your spiritual well-being serving as

a spiritual Lifeline in this complex

world you exist in a reality that

encompasses more than the four

dimensions you perceive the three

dimensions of space and the dimension of

time Beyond these there is an additional

Dimension One of openness to my

presence this Dimension transcends the

physical offer offing you glimpses of

Heaven while you are still anchored to


Earth this Transcendent experience was

part of my original design for Humanity

a design that allows for an intimate

relationship with

me think back to the beginning to Adam

and Eve who walked with me in the cool

of the day in the Garden of Eden this

was the epitome of divine human

Fellowship a harmonious relationship

that I still Desire with you

despite their expulsion from Eden the

invitation to walk with me remains open

I yearn for you to walk with me in the

garden of your heart where I have

established my permanent

residence Genesis recounts that

moment in Eden when the man and his wife

heard my sound as I walked in the

garden this imagery is a pant reminder

of the closeness I seek with

you I desire for you not to hide as they

did but to meet me me openly embracing

my presence in your daily walk as Psalm

declares blessed are those who

have learned to Acclaim you who walk in

the light of your presence O Lord to

walk in the light of my presence is to

live in a constant state of spiritual

awareness recognizing and responding to

my Divine companionship in every moment

of your

life I invite you therefore to open your

mind to me

to let me enter your thoughts and Infuse

them with my peace and

perspective in doing so you will find

that the chaos of life becomes more

manageable framed by the awareness of my


presence your mind once racing and

Restless can find tranquility and

Clarity in

me this spiritual practice is not about

escaping from the world but about

bringing my presence into every aspect

of your daily life

life as you cultivate this awareness you

will find yourself more attuned to my

guidance more sensitive to my promptings

and more able to discern my will in the

midst of life’s

complexities so come walk with me in the

garden of your

heart let my presence transform your

mind fill your soul and guide your

steps in this Divine companionship you

will find your deepest fulfillment and

your greatest

joy relax in my healing holy

presence in the Stillness of this moment

allow me to work a transformation within

your heart and

mind release your cares and worries into

my capable hands and open yourself to

receive the peace I offer

you in this peace find rest from your

striving and understand deeply in your

soul that I am God

do not fall into the pattern of the

Pharisees who burdened themselves with a

multitude of regulations and lost sight

of me their focus was on their

performance their adherence to

self-imposed rules rather than on a

relationship with

me even in your time many are ens snared

by man-made rules about how to live the

Christian Life focusing more on their

performance than on knowing

me understand that it is through an

intimate relationship with me that you

become more like

me this transformation requires time

spent in my presence time spent in quiet

contemplation and openness to my spirit

in these moments of Stillness let go of

your preconceptions your

striving and be still know that I am God

as Psalm declares be still and

know that I am God I will be exalted

among the Nations I will be exalted in

the earth in Stillness there is a

recognition of my sovereignty an

acknowledgment of my power and Glory

that extends beyond all borders and

boundaries of Earth for John reminds

you dear friends now we are children of

God and what we will be has not yet been


known but we know that when he appears

we shall be like him for we shall see

him as he

is this profound truth highlights the

transformative power of beholding

me in seeing me in knowing me you are

changed therefore I invite you to lay

aside the burdens of self-imposed rules

and regulations the weight of


religion instead come to me in simple

Faith with a heart open and ready to

receive my love and

grace spend time in my presence

not as a duty but as a joyous

opportunity to be with me to know me and

to be transformed by me in these moments

with me let your heart be stilled your

mind at peace and your spirit open to

the touch of my

hand let me mold you shape you and

refine you in my image as you rest in my

presence let my peace Infuse every part

of your being bringing healing


and a deep sense of my love I guide you

continually allowing you to relax and

enjoy my presence in the

present living well is both a discipline

and an art focus on staying close to me

the Divine

artist discipline your thoughts to trust

me as I work my ways in your

life pray about everything then leave

the outcomes to me do not fear my will

for through it I accomplish what is best

for you take a deep breath and dive into

the depths of absolute trust in me

underneath are the Everlasting Arms in

your daily life it’s easy to become

overwhelmed by worries and the clamor of

tasks yet I call you to a different kind

of living one marked by trust and

resting in my sovereign care remember I

am your king and God attend to your

every prayer as Psalm encourages

listen to My Cry for Help my king and my

God for to you I pray in the morning O

Lord you hear my voice in the morning I

lay my requests before you and wait in

expectation bring your requests to me

each morning and wait with a heart full

of Hope and

expectation living in my presence is not

about striving in your own strength it’s

it’s about trusting in my infinite power


love the Eternal God is your refuge and

underneath are the Everlasting Arms


my arms are always there to hold

you to support you and to carry you

through the challenges you

face in me you find a place of safety

and comfort where you can rest even in

the midst of life’s

battles as you go about your day keep

your heart attuned to my

voice discipline yourself to focus on me

amidst the distractions and

responsibilities this is not about

adding another task to your list but

about integrating me into every aspect

of your

life as you do so you’ll find that your

anxieties lessen and your joy

increases I am not only your Refuge but

also your strength and guide I will lead

you through each day

opening the right doors and closing the

wrong ones trust in my timing and my

perfect plans for you even when the path

seems unclear know that I am with you

leading you with my wisdom and love take

this day to practice the art of living

in my

presence Let each moment be an

opportunity to deepen your trust in me

as you do you’ll discover the peace and

joy that comes from living in close

communion with me relax in my peaceful

presence leave behind the pressures of

performance and the urge to present

yourself in a certain

way in our Sacred Space of communion be

free to be yourself as you are with a

trusted friend this openness is one of

the greatest joys of true friendship

though I am the Lord of lords and King

of Kings my deepest desire is to be your

intimate friend

when our relationship is strained by

tension or pretense it Grieves me

remember I know you completely the worst

of you but also the best I long for you

to trust me enough to be fully yourself


me it is in this authenticity that I can

bring out the best in you nurturing and

flourishing the gifts I have planted

within your soul so relax and enjoy our

friendship for it is a source of joy and

growth consider the profound truth found

in John

greater love has no one than this

that he lay down his life for his

friends you are my friends if you do

what I command I no longer call you

servants because a servant does not know

his master’s business instead I have

called you friends for everything that I

learned from my father I have made known

to you

this passage reveals the depth of my

love and commitment to you I laid down

my life for you elevating you from the

status of servants to friends as your

friend I share with you the wisdom and

Mysteries of my father in our times

together let your guard down and speak

to me with the openness you would have

with a close

friend share your thoughts your fears

your Joys and your disappointments

just as friends enjoy simple

conversations and shared silences so do

I Delight in such moments with

you let our friendship be a place of

rest for you in my presence you don’t

need to strive or prove anything you are

accepted and loved just as you are here

in the Stillness of our fellowship you

can lay down the burdens you carry and

find rest for your

soul as you go about your day carry the

Peace of our friendship with you let it

remind you that you’re never alone that

you have a friend in me who understands

you completely and loves you

unconditionally in every situation

remember that I am with you walking

beside you as a friend who sticks closer

than a brother amen


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