Rehomed Deaf Dog Is Certain She’s Going Back To The Shelter Once Again

  Deafness affects 5–10% of dogs in the United States. Some dogs develop deafness as they mature, while others are born deaf. Hereditary deafness is frequently caused by a cochleosaccular gene mutation. This form of deafness is common in dogs with white coats and blue eyes.

Blu is a deaf pit bull with a white coat and piercing blue eyes.

She remained in an animal shelter day after day, with no visits.

Fortunately, partners Mark and Sean were seeking for a deaf dog to adopt in the San Francisco region. They discovered two at Family Dog Rescue. One of them was Blu.

When Mark and Sean first met her at the shelter, they found her to be vivacious and full of life. “She instantly took a strong affinity towards Sean and the rest is pretty much history,” Mark told GeoBeats Animals.

Blu’s original owners contacted them and informed them that he had lived with them for six years. Unfortunately, they had to relocate to a rental property that did not allow pit bulls, and Blu was placed in a shelter.

Blu was one of the longest-staying inhabitants at the shelter.

Being alone for a long time was one of the reasons it took her a while to feel at ease with her new dads.

Blu wasn’t sure whether they were going to send her back to the shelter or what their plan was for her.

“In fact, the first vehicle journey we took her on to the beach, which was a couple of days after we got her, she was terrified.” “She was just shaking in the back,” Mark explained.

Blu’s personality blossomed as she grew comfortable with Mark and Sean, according to Mark and Sean.

Blu still enjoys vehicle journeys three years later, after receiving a lot of attention and affection.

Mark and Sean made sure Blu knew she was cherished and desired.

They’ve made such a close bond with Blu that they’ve developed their own communication style.

Blu can tell where they’re going by the way her father moves, and she even sniffs their feet on walks to figure out where they’re going.

“I suppose she’s my spiritual animal.” I can tell when she’s nervous, joyful, or sad. “We simply read each other really well,” Sean explained.

Blu understands that Mark and Sean’s finger wiggles indicate that she’s doing well. Sean’s harsh expression indicates that she needs to relax.

They also worked with a trainer to teach Blu relaxation methods, like as stretching, to aid her when she is stressed.

Blu’s deafness has no impact on her everyday life or how she interacts with her new owners.

Mark stated that it solely impacts Blu’s capacity to form bonds with other dogs.

“There are a lot of little linguistic indications that dogs provide to each other that she and the previous deaf dogs I’ve had haven’t been able to pick up on,” Mark explained.

“Deaf dogs hear with their hearts.” “I don’t believe I’d ever not have a deaf dog since they’re so unique and amazing,” Sean remarked.

They also stated that holidays with pyrotechnics, which most dogs dislike, do not affect Blue.

It’s lovely to witness how much Mark and Sean adore Blu.

You can also see that the emotion is reciprocal. Blu appears to be content, healthy, and at ease with her new family. We are overjoyed that Blu has found a home with her new dads.

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