throughout this year I know you’ve faced

many challenges but son I’ve never left

you for a moment the world is full of

problems but for you my beloved Son I

extend my eternal love you and your

family are protected under my care

listen carefully to the words I share

with you today be prepared to receive

them trust me you will emerge renewed

and blessed after what I have to say

directly to your heart knowing that you

are in need of my presence right now

it’s time to to leave behind all these

worries that consume you all the

anxieties that weigh on your heart you

lose your peace by constantly placing

them in your mind burdening yourself

with restlessness and fear of what the

future may hold instead of spending

restless nights surrender your concerns

to me and allow yourself to find deep

peace to rest free yourself now from all

that holds you back and keep the faith

what I desire is to bring Tranquility

into your life recognize the Val you

possess in my eyes distractions knock on

your door eager to enter if you allow

them they will quickly take over your

thoughts creating a chaos of noise

stress and confusion within you

regardless of where you’ve come from how

your family life has been and is the

shadows of your past or the Deep pains

you’ve endured you’ve entrusted your

life to me and now above all I erase

your past heal your wounds shed light on

your vision and reveal a future full of

blessings I will increase your wisdom

broaden your understanding and Grant you

courage and discernment you will learn

to master your words I will ease your

worries and teach you patience the

transformation has already begun I am

preparing you to take the first step and

walk joyfully towards the promise of a

new life I know the plans I have for you

plans to prosper you and not to harm you

plans to give you hope in a future trust

in me for I am the way the truth and the

life I am your Shepherd and you shall

never need to fear evil for I Am by your

side in the storms of life it’s easy to

feel lost helpless as if you’re

navigating a turbulent sea without

Direction but remember even in the

darkest nights when the stars seem to

vanish I am there holding your hand

guiding your way with my Divine Light if

at any moment you feel you can’t go on

close your eyes and listen to my voice

whispering in the Silence of your heart

I will renew your strength restore your

faith and invigorate your soul I will

give you wings to soar above the highest

mountains and I will hold your hand as

you face the deepest valleys when the

weight of the world feels unbearable

know that you are not alone I carry your

burdens alongside you sharing the weight

of your suffering let me be your safe

Refuge your unshakable Fortress in

moments of weakness I am your strength

in moments of doubt I am your certainty

in moments of pain I am your comfort do

not worry about what tomorrow may bring

for I have been there before you I have

seen your future and it is as bright as

the Morning Sun Trust in Me and

Surrender Your Dreams your fears your

deepest desires leave behind the past

and the Lost Dreams Focus now on A New

Path leading to Divine blessings I speak

of of a future abundant in prosperity

and Holiness yet you suffocate my words

with your concerns spending sleepless

nights listen carefully having faith and

trusting in me does not mean pretending

everything is fine while you suffer in

your thoughts I do not wish for you to

live a double life where outwardly you

appear happy blessing others but

inwardly when you’re alone fear haunts

you bringing up past spiritual battles

that left you sad you smile but you’re

hurting please listen to me do not do

this I am your God and listen to my

guidance knowing you have a safe haven

by your side to protect you and bless

you with all the happiness you deserve

calm your heart and allow yourself to be

filled with positivity and let things

flow with the confidence that I am in

control of all you need look now with

eyes of faith for A New Path is coming

for you a great and wonderful future but

you must believe and accept say with

your own lips I believe and I receive

with full confidence amen if you believe

in these words leave your Amen in the



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