Put Me First | God Message For You Today | God’s Guidance

my dear children today I call upon you

with a gentle yet profound urging to

place me at the very center of your

lives for it is in this sacred

positioning that everything in your

world will find its rightful place as

you embark on the Journey of today and

every day henceforth I invite you to

prioritize Me Above All You are on the

cusp of receiving a powerful blessing a

manifestation of my abundant grace so I

ask you to remain attentive and open

your hearts wide to The Riches of this

message in the scripture of Matthew

you are reminded but seek first the

kingdom of God and his righteousness and

all these things shall be added to you

envision yourself in the midst of a

bustling City its Skyline piercing the

heavens the ceaseless Symphony of Life

buzzing around you yet amidst this

Whirlwind you discover a Haven of

Tranquility a space where Serenity rains

and the chaos of the world Fades into a

gentle hum this Oasis Of Peace is what

life becomes when you choose to place me

at the Forefront of your existence amid

the tumult of your daily Endeavors the

Myriad roles you Undertake and the

challenges that test your spirit

centering your life around around me

transforms your reality you are about to

Embark upon a sacred Journey one of

putting me first and reaping the

boundless blessings that naturally

follow this truth deeply etched in your

hearts influences every decision and

action in your lives recognize the

essential nature of making me the focal

point of your existence your life is

sculpted by what what you deem most

important whether it’s pausing to

witness the sunrise hastening to

complete your tasks or cherishing

moments with loved ones each choice

reflects what you value most similarly

where you place me in your lives reveals

your true

priorities have you accorded me the

Premier position I deserve or have I

become just another aspect amidst your

Mir ad

obligations consider the harmony of

nature planets orbiting in precise

patterns the seamless transition of

Seasons the intricate workings of your

own bodies this order signifies that

everything has its place and purpose and

so do I in your lives I belong at the

very core the most vital part of your

existence when I am Central to your

lives everything aligns with Grace and

harmony like a symphony beautifully

composed in the Genesis of all creation

I spoke the universe into being the

Earth the skies the waters and All

Creatures came forth from my will and

you created in my image bear a spark of

my Divinity just as all creation

revolves around me so too should your

lives I am to be your foremost priority

infusing Your Existence with peace

purpose and joy yet in the rush and

demands of daily life it’s all too easy

to lose sight of my rightful place you

might wonder why Place God first it’s

not merely a matter of spiritual duty

but a path to True fulfillment to

prioritize me is not for my validation

but out of a profound love for you

knowing that your deepest Joy comes from

this sacred

alignment placing anything or anyone

above me displaces my rightful place in

your hearts will you entrust your path

to me allowing my guidance to restore

what is rightfully yours your resilience

in the face of adversity maintaining

Integrity despite undue suffering

pleases me deeply I vow to continue

blessing you urging you not to fear

those who try to intimidate you are

among the chosen privy to Revelations

unknown to many remain steadfast immune

to the envy that seeks to disrupt your

peace envious individuals have targeted

you yet your faith remains unshaken I

admire your ability to see Beyond The

Superficial ignoring the harm intended

by your detractors their Envy is a

testament to The Light Within you a

light that agitates them yet as they lie

awake your rest is peaceful for I am

your Shield your well-being along with

that of your family and livelihood is

under my protection despite their

efforts your adversaries realize their

inability to distress you their own

turmoil stems from rejecting my

teachings whereas you have embraced my

path finding solution and peace in my

presence you stand out recognizing that

true happiness and a future of Promise

depend solely on me I urge you to

persist in this Faith growing stronger

each day even your foes will seek your

wisdom about me signaling a blessing

even greater ahead stay loyal fight

tirelessly for my love for you is

boundless I express This Love

wholehearted edly wishing to ease your

suffering I understand the depth of your

struggles the exhaustion that masks your

true feelings yet I see beyond your

facade knowing your spirit and heart

more intimately than you might believe

it’s time to open up about your burdens

I am ready to carry them elevating you

from despair as my child you are

destined for wonders and joy a testim to

my word in your life with me you are

never alone my angels guard your journey

ensuring your protection start each day

with me and witness how blessings unfold

my love Shields you guiding through

every challenge wisdom and science will

be provided ensuring your path aligns

with my will your faithfulness draws my

blessings securing you as my cherished

child protected against adversity with

every step I am there Paving New Roads

and ensuring your endeavors under my

name Prosper your dreams and aspirations

will Thrive with my support my presence

in your home Wards off scarcity

surrounding you with protection against

harm your family is safeguarded by my

Holy Spirit a testament to my unwavering

promise your faith small yet Mighty

holds the potential for immense growth

my word empowers you to move mountains

trust in me the God who remains

steadfast through all I am Forever by

your side loving you eternally remember

I understand you completely having

created you in my image release all

bitterness seeking not Vengeance for I

am your ultimate Vindicator my precious


as I watch over you consider yourselves

my most cherished Treasures ones that

cannot be taken from My

Embrace this message is the response to

the deepest yearnings of your heart fear

shall no longer grip you at the sight of

adversity lurking at your doorstep your

dreams those Visions you’ve held close

through many sleepless nights are about

to unfold into reality

your faith though tested in the fires of

trial has remained steadfast shining

even when Shadows of Doubt loomed large

know this I have been beside you at

every step providing support unseen yet

unfailing soon you will be graced with a

blessing one unexpected unasked for

because it is my desire to bestow it

upon you yet understand your journey

does not conclude here you may find

yourself at the peak of a mountain

having climbed with great effort and

Faith but it is from this vantage point

I call you to look Beyond there lies a

vast expanse a new territory of

challenges and victories waiting to be

embraced you my Valiant Warrior are

called to lead in this next chapter a

great battle that lies ahead your

dedication your unwavering spirit in the

face of trails has stirred my heart

deeply you have fot for those you love

with a fervor that reflects my own love

for Humanity such devotion cannot go

unrewarded I yearn to shower blessings

not only upon you but upon your family

the young the old and those yet to come

you are a Cornerstone in raising a

generation of courageous Souls who will

look to you and as an Exemplar of

strength and Faith you and your loved

ones are under my protection my glory

and power a constant presence in your

home I promise never to forsake you a

significant blessing is on the horizon

and with it a sense of Peace envelopes

you yet I urge you to delve deeper into

my word allowing it to nourish your

heart and prevent doubt from diminishing

your faith

stand firm for I hold the ultimate

Authority I will liberate you from all

ailments breaking every chain that binds

you erasing debts and wiping away the

painful memories of yester years your

freedom is imminent today the shackles

are broken and joy alongside happiness

will flood your life in abundance a

miraculous work is about to be be

performed within you filling your mouth

with praise and your heart with an

overflowing gratitude you will lack

nothing for my provision will be

sufficient enabling you to be a blessing

to others and extend help to those in

need continue in fervent prayer allowing

my power to touch every aspect of your

being open the depths of your soul to me

and be filled with a peace that

surpasses all

understanding your journey has been

marked by resilience ignoring the

discouragements and criticisms from

those around you now the day has arrived

for you to claim victory to see the

Fulfillment of my promises of provision

and prosperity entrust yourself entirely

to me and Delight in my presence for I

am eager to fulfill the desires of your

heart call upon me and I will show you

great and unsearchable things you do not

know I challenge you to believe in me

for my promises are steadfast and all

things are indeed possible for those who

place their faith in me show me your

belief not just in words but through

actions rise make the conscious choice

to distance yourself from influences

that draw you away from my presence seek

me diligently in every moment of your

day and lay your requests before me

trusting that I will provide what is

best for you prepare your heart for

something extraordinary powerful and awe

inspiring is on the verge of unfolding

in your life I love you immensely

declare your belief in me and from this

day forward witness the Miracles and

blessings that I have in store for you I

am your Shepherd

with me you will want for nothing my

love is within reach through your

prayers and I invite you to seek me each

day for I will lead you to pastures

green and Waters calm restoring your

soul to you my faithful follower I

bestow unwavering strength and steadfast

Faith should discouragement Shadow your

path or plans falter know I am ever

present to uplift you my grace and mercy

boundless and eternal touch your heart

directly today reaffirming my Limitless

love and

forgiveness from your earliest beginning

I have known you fully aware of the

challenges marking your journey your

love for me your unwavering belief in my

existence and your determination to seek

me amidst negativity stand Testament to

your faith unmoved by the adversaries

threats and falsehoods your faith in my

love and my presence remains unshaken

promising blessings immense I am the

constant unchanging always truthful my

love for you declared a thousand times

remains steadfast a beacon through

trials in your strength and refusal to

waver you embody the truth of my

promises your life precious in my sight

as I support you always manifesting my

love in Myriad ways your needs words and

prayers are heard my angels act on your

behalf your active faith and desires

brought to me are cherished while some

may seek me only in need I urge you to

seek me wholeheartedly for I am already

aware of your needs and am ready to

respond patience in my timing is valued

know that I am working for your good

take heart for strength and joy will

return your Sorrows fleeting share this

message spreading blessings far and wide

your faith ensures a life of great

Beauty and purpose as you walk through

life’s valleys know I walk with you

bringing forth miracles from your trials

do not let your heart be troubled by the

incomprehensible trust in my love my

care for it sustains you though wounds

May Mark your soul my love seeks to heal

offering a fresh start and A Renewed

Spirit Miracles await you and your

family my Divine Touch ready to silence

words of harm and guide your destiny

chosen by me witness to my Miracles

believe in my word and the Wonders you

have seen your value is immense in my

eyes your your importance

undeniable as you realize my care for

you let your heart be touched tears

flowing from the recognition of my love

and protection I will continue to guide

support and love you believing in my

Everlasting Love regardless of life’s

trials my strength is yours ensuring you

will not face defeat or shame listen to

my words find courage in them for your

faith fa will bring forth Supernatural

Miracles my blessings are yours to

receive embrace them remembering those

in difficult times my love for you is

deep Desiring your flourishing on this

anniversary of our connection I

encourage your generosity promising that

your acts of kindness open Heaven’s

Gates wider I wish for your home to be a

Haven of peace and joy blessing you with

health wisdom and a future bright with

faith and happiness trust in me your

omnipotent God ever by your side today

and forever I am your Refuge your

strength ready to rescue you from

Despair and Infuse your heart with

courage feel my encompassing love for I

wish for you to experience the fullness

of being cherished by your creator

believe in my love face the day with

courage and know I will never let you

fall I am aware of your struggles ready

to assist heal and renew embrace my love

accept my help for in me you find the

best choice delightful surprises await

beyond what you can imagine I Empower

you to face adversities with a

Victorious Spirit do not fear the

enemy’s attempts to divert you from my

plans believe in me and you will rise

your faith undiminished your spirit

renewed my love fills you removing fear

and my grace ensures you stand firm

victorious in my love recall your faith

is the key that unlocks the Marvels

awaiting you my love knows no bounds

everpresent regardless of your

circumstances you’re not solitary in

your trials

deserving of my Healing Touch offered

without judgment in your moments of

Silence I’m there offering Solace

patiently awaiting your heartfelt

admissions of need in the desolate

stretches you and your loved ones

Traverse where isolation saps hope and

love seems a distant memory I’m with you

your Journey’s hardships each step on

the Searing path are known to me yet in

this trial my support is unwavering

shielding you from harm briefing you as

fire refin as gold leaving you radiant

EMB booding Purity and Light release

resentment Pride fear and doubts for

what lies ahead surpasses any past Joy

value the intangible the essence of life

over material wealth fear not the loss

of possessions but prioritize enduring


as your provider I promise to meet your

needs blessing you abundantly and

opening new avenues of opportunity face

challenges without despair see them as

veiled blessings be wise with the gifts

I bestow seeking guidance in my

teachings rather than being ens snared

by worldly wealth elevate your spiritual

journey dedicating yourself to

understanding my word ready to witness

Miracles tend to your health and family

without delay empowered by the strength

and wisdom I provide act decisively

embracing courage for I see no fair in

you your actions Guided by wisdom will

bring you abundance with no true loss

should opposition arise entrust them to

me focusing instead on the path I’ve set

before you I am here to support and

enrich your life promising blessings

more precious than gold even in defeat

or exhaustion I will rekindle your

spirit ensuring that your legacy is one

of blessings visible to all I stand

ready to enter your home to perform

wonders beyond your imagination eagerly

awaiting your invitation your dedication

through prayer fasting and unwavering

faith has not gone unnoticed the time to

enjoy the fruits of your labor is near

bringing prosperity joy and vitality to

your household embrace the new leaving

behind old Companions of worry and doubt

for my blessings bring not just

provision but also the wisdom to thrive

and enrich others be grateful and Trust

for I am reshaping your life preparing

you for a future filled with opportunity

your unwavering Faith a fertile ground

for my blessings has pleased me greatly

the Harvest of your steadfastness is

upon us bringing rewards beyond your

imagination for your faith and humility

are truly precious to me prepare for the

opening of new doors as I bring

prosperity and introduce you to New

Horizons know that no challenge can

defeat you as long as your faith in me

remains unshaken all provision comes

from me the source of all blessings in

times of need turn to me and I will

ensure your provision guiding you

towards a destiny filled with health joy

and peace trust in me for in my power

and your faith lies the true path to

fulfillment every day has been a

testament to my unwavering presence so

let not doubt Cloud your vision now

especially as you stand on the brink of

great achievements the past Mis tips

born of impulsiveness and the distance

from me serve as lessons not anels I’ve

always remained by your side entr your

worries to me let peace fill your soul

and embrace the courage I bestow upon

you to pursue your calling I Am with You

ensuring your dreams are realized for in

me you possess all your cries for help

have not gone unheard your Reliance on

me demonstrated through prayer is a

testament to your faith your prayers are

a sweet incense to me stirring my heart

with your unwavering Faith reassuring

you of my eagerness to Aid your family

and you shall overcome these

tribulations endowed with wisdom growth

and discernment to foresee and thwart

the adversaries plans Venture forth and

claim the blessings I’ve laid before you

some individuals long out of touch are

part of my plan to bless you and through

you answer their prayers maintain

humility as doors open wide preventing

Pride from shadowing your future dive

into my word for strength and Assurance

my teachings a treasure to cherish will

fortify your faith as I jesus shared

life’s burdens offering Eternal hope

your task with continuing this mission

of love and light in a world accustomed

to Darkness I send you forth as the

father sent me to illuminate the

spiritual blindness pervading many

hearts Your Role is not by your might

but through my power speaking peace into

storms and bringing healing your life a

testament to my presence will guide

those lost back to my embrace you carry

within you a Divine spark meant to shine

brightly guiding others through acts of

kindness and compassion as my Ambassador

your mission is to bring hope and light

transforming despair into joy in your

journey remember my constant presence

your efforts to bring healing and hope

mirror my Earthly

Ministry though the path May may be

arduous my yoke is light offering rest

to your soul my love vast and

sacrificial invites you to lay down your

burdens for a peace the world cannot

offer step into my light unburdened by

sin for I am here to cleanse and free

you my words alive and transformative

offer Liberation from the strongest

bonds you are never alone my watchful

care and love envelop you urging you to

extend this love to others as you

navigate Life Trust in my provision and

guidance knowing you are more than a

conqueror in my love your journey is a

reflection of my plan for you a

transformation towards the image of

Christ filled with hope and anticipation

for what I am crafting within you

Embrace this call to change not as

condemnation but as an invitation to

grow closer to me to step into a future

filled with hope and promise you are

part of my eternal work called to free

others as you have been freed bearing

the message of redemption and

Reconciliation carry this Mission

forward unlocking the chains of bondage

with the key of the Gospel as I have

declared Liberty to the captives

inviting all into the freedom found in

my love I’ve proclaimed freedom for

those in Chained and now I entrust you

with the same mission to speak life

truth and love for through these chains

are shattered consider the thief on the

cross who in his last moments embraced

Redemption no heart is too hardened no

soul too distant beyond the reach of my

grace the hour is never too late for my

Miracles I am the god who cherishes is

the late Comer’s Faith as much as the

lifelong devotees I am the shepherd who

Ventures far to rescue the single lost

sheep I encourage you dear one to

perceive the Unseen bonds that weigh

down many chains of Despair addiction

and shattered Spirits let not the

severity of their plight intimidate you

for my light can illuminate the darkest

Abyss be courageous in declaring the way

to liberation

let your discourse carry the warmth and

VOR I’ve bestowed upon you that quet

prayer you offer in humility Wheels

immense influence continue to pray with

such fervor in your moments of deepest

humility you are lifted highest towards

the Divine My Touch will affirm you with

love and the heavens will reson with

Amen to your sincer

supplications now move move forward with

boldness throughout your day accompan by

my angels and vpid in my love amen

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