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my beloved children today I will share

with you five words of mine as found in

the Bible reflect upon the depth of my

love for you a love that knows no bounds

and endures for all

eternity let this love flow through you

touching the lives of those around you

and bringing healing to a broken World

understand that you are saved by my

grace alone not by your own works or

Merit Embrace this gift freely given

knowing that nothing can separate you

from my love in a World filled with

chaos and uncertainty find solace in the

peace that I offer my peace transcends

all understanding guarding your hearts

and Minds in the midst of Life storms

seek my wisdom in all things trusting

that I will guide you along the path of

righteousness be open to my leading

allowing me to illuminate your mind and

heart with Divine Insight hold fast to

the hope that I provide knowing that I

am faithful to fulfill all my promises

let Hope be an anchor for your soul

sustaining you through the trials and

tribulations of life let these words

dwell richly within you shaping your

thoughts words and actions go forth with

confidence knowing that I am with you

always empowering you to live lives that

glorify my name May these five words of

mine from scripture echo in your hearts

and Minds as you journey through life

love Grace peace wisdom and Hope Embrace

these virtues as gifts from me and let

them guide you in your interactions with

others and your approach to Life’s

challenges if you are ready to receive

the Divine blessings reserved for you

today signify with an amen in the

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Hope and healing meaningful consider

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