welcome to this moment of prayer my

brothers and sisters I give you all the

blessings of our Lord Jesus that in this

moment and on this wonderful day that

begins each of us may be blessed by our

Most Holy Father our beloved teacher

Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary if

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very important to me what you think with

the permission of our Lord Jesus let’s

begin today’s prayer my Lord Jesus you

are the father of my life what a great

day for me and what a great moment it is

today this moment of prayer I feel like

you have given me a new opportunity to

start this day and for a new opportunity

to thank you for everything you give me

for everything you care about me allow

my Lord Jesus that on this day I can

conclude all the situations all the

things that I have pending today is a

new day to repair what has been done

done wrong it is a new day day to be

able to achieve goals and it is a new

day that you give me so that I can have

wisdom about what I can do to improve my

life and to improve the lives of the

people around me I know that all this I

will achieve it with your company I will

achieve all this with your guidance I

declare today that it will be a day of

communion with you of a total surrender

of mine to you I will never ever get

tired of thanking you for this gift that

you give me which is

life this gift that you give me me of

being able to do the things that I have

pending this gift that you give me which

is Health this gift that you give me

which is my entire family all the people

that I love father I praise you when

things are good and I praise you when

things are not quite right or they are

not going well for me because for me

praising you in the midst of the problem

or difficulty brings me strength and

brings peace to my life because I know

that in those moments when things are

not going well you are with me you are

accompanying me you are giving me

strength you may God remind me that

there is nothing impossible for you my

beloved father my Lord we are fragile

but you take care of us us but your care

is always Eternal and your goodness

never fails us Lord I humbly ask you to

forgive me all my failures to forgive

all those sins that I have committed all

that evil and pain that I may have

caused because many times I do not see

everything what you give me I do not not

see everything that you forgive me if

only I would notice every day in your

unique and marvelous Works my heart

could not with all my soul and my heart

would be filled with gratitude every

second for that great love and for that

great Fidelity that you have towards me

my Lord Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to

allow me to remember at all times every

day of my life everything that you do

for me all the benefits all the goodness

that you grant me my beloved Jesus I I

recognize in this moment of prayer that

I need to live every day The Touch of

Your Love The Touch of your Holy Spirit

and that is why I know that today I must

search for you everywhere I must search

for your face I must search for your

looks I must search for your walk on all

paths I must respect your Commandments I

must clean my heart and I must remove

from everything that does not please you

I want to wake up every day with the

intention of achieving everything with

my life so that my family and my entire

environment can also achieve that I love

experience all that blessing that you

want to give us my Almighty father my

Lord Creator my beloved Jesus I am here

with you full of humility full of

meekness praying in the face of this

great need that I have I need at this

moment my beloved father your help I

give you this urgent supplication make

supplication at this moment write in the

comments and put your name so I can pray

for you then continue with prayer

receive these prayers my beloved father

and hear this great help that I implore

you I thank you for everything that you

will grant me on this day thank you for

all the provision that you will give me

today thank you for all that love that

comes from you to me thank you because I

feel that you carry me in your arms

thank you because I know that you are

with me in all these moments when I feel

desolate and abandoned thank you for

this home that you grant me thank you

for the work thank you for opening my

economic paths just like you you have

taught me to give and help without

thinking about receiving anything in

return at any time and without thinking

and receiving any gratitude my beloved

Lord I wish to keep in my mind every

moment every situation in which you have

manifested yourself in my life help or a

miracle it is impossible to put

everything in my mind because there are

so many moments every moment every day

of my life that every help or every

every Miracle no matter how small is

noticed and I identify it today I ask

you for help in this great burden that I

know that only you can help me only you

can direct my direction father my Lord

Jesus I look for you in all the faces I

see on the street I look at all the eyes

and imagine what your look is I look for

yours in each

person presence I seek your love and

your light but I feel you all the time

by my side I feel your energy I feel

your life light but above all I feel

that great love I bless you and worship

you my beloved father I come before you

and I kneel before you today will be a

day that I will spend with my soul in

Praise of you with my soul in praise and

gratitude my heart is full of gratitude

my soul is full of gratitude my Lord I

feel that you in every moment you work

on me I feel that you are

always aware of me I feel that you are

by my side I have so much to improve

every life experience that I have to

live I feel that you are aware of all my

needs you always provide me father I

want to be in your presence and with

your comfort I want to walk in your

Footprints I don’t know Jesus my

almighty God how to thank you for my

creation how not to thank you for giving

me your love how to thank you for

molding me and making me your way for

giving me your training for transmitting

to me that spark of your feelings and

your love I know father that all the

tests I have to go through will try to

improve my personality they will shape

and evolve my soul they will shape my

character I know that they form part of

my learning I want to one day carve a

perfect Heart Like Yours my Lord Jesus

in order to thank you and please you oh

my Lord Jesus do not abandon me at any

time I want you to always be by my side

I do not want to feel helpless



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