Powerful Message for You From Jesus |God Message Today | God Message For You Today

today God wants to share an important

message for you so watch till the end my

beloved child I see the tiredness in

your spirit and the heavy burdens you

carry come find peace in me lay down

your worries fears and anxieties at my

feet for I am the god who cares for you

with an enduring love in the midst of

life’s challenges take a moment to be

still and recognize that I am God

release the urge to control everything

and Trust in my perfect timing I can

calm the storms within you and offer a

peace Beyond understanding when you feel

lost or uncertain turn your gaze toward

me I am the way the truth and the life

let go of doubt and fears hindering your

progress and step forward with faith

knowing I am by your side in moments of

weakness remember that my strength is

perfected in your weakness I am the

source of your strength I will uphold

you when you feel you can’t go on call

upon my name I will Infuse you with

Renewed Energy do not underestimate the

power of prayer pour out your heart to

me for I am a loving father who listens

and answers seek my wisdom and I will

provide Clarity and insight trust that I

am working all things together for your

good even when you can’t see the bigger

picture as you navigate today’s

challenges let love be your guiding

principle love me with all your heart

soul soul mind and strength love your

neighbor as yourself let kindness

compassion and forgiveness flow from

your life my child you are never alone I

am with you every step of the way and my

spirit resides within you draw near to

me and I will draw near to you find

solace in my presence allowing my love

to heal your wounds restore your joy and

ignite your passion for life embrace the

Abundant love life I offer open your

heart to my love grace and mercy walk in

obedience to my word and you will

experience a deep and meaningful

relationship with me I have great plans

for you plans to prosper you and give

you hope and a future trust in me my

beloved I am the Alpha and the Omega the

beginning and the end I hold your past

present and future in my hands find your

security identity and purpose in me live

each day with confidence knowing that I

Am with You guiding you and working in

and through you for my glory I love you

more than you can fathom and I am always

with you go forth in the Assurance of my

love and the power of my spirit I love



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