Power of Giving ness | Power of giving motivation | Power of giving 100 every day

my dear child I am sharing to you today

with a heart full of love and pride you

know I have watched you grow and see the

kindness that emanates from your soul

your kind heart your giving Soul these

are the manifestations of my divine

nature the truth that has been said many

times throughout the ages has been the

power of forgiveness it is a power like

no other a movement that starts small

instead becomes a powerful wave of love

and change consider a Time when you

reached out to someone in need encourage

them or share what you have at this

point I know your donation made a big

impact ah my heart is truly glad as Luke

says two of them will be given to

you enough will be pressed on you and

shaken together and run away and people

will be saved your love will not only

affect others it will also bless others

but it opens many doors for me and you

it was a beautiful exchange it is a

dance of love between the giver and the

receiver but friends the power of giving

goes beyond business it is about

planting seeds of Hope feed the soul and

light the darkness with the warmth of

your love your every gift is a testament

to your belief in me and your

determination to shine a light in a

world that often seems dark I know that

sometimes it is hard to give and you may

have doubts and words from an unknown

voice can Cloud your thoughts but


I will always be with you guiding you

and giving you strength and magnify the

results of your generosity Corinthians

says a man should forgive according

to the thoughts of his heart not

hesitant or forced God loves a cheerful

Giver because you have loved me may your

gifts be joyful expressions of your love

for me and others maybe it is to thank

them for the blessings I have bestowed

on them my children I hope you will read

these words and your soul will be happy

I hope you are inspired empowered and

ready to change the world needs your

light love and generosity so go ahead

with confidence and know that with every

gift you can make a brighter and more

beautiful world if you believe in me

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