PLEASE STOP SCROLLING AND WATCH THIS NOW | Powerful Prayer For Blessings And Protection In 2 Minutes

life can be overwhelming and our

instinct to ensure the safety of our

loved ones including ourselves is

natural for those who follow the lord

there’s an additional sense of assurance

that our family is under Divine

protection reciting a protective prayer

adds an external layer of security

providing comfort in the knowledge that

God is attentive to our please God

consistently watches over us even when

we may not be aware of it the power of

prayer should never be underestimated in

any situation God understands our needs

precisely and responds at the right time

whether you’re seeking protection for

yourself your home your children or the

world rest assured that the Lord is

listening and will answer when the time

is right if you need a potent daily

prayer for strength a protection prayer

can ease your anxieties serving as a

reminder that the Lord is Vigilant from

above while these prayers for protection

may not cover all

circumstances they are meant to guide

you in seeking safety in your life we

hope these words help you approach the

Lord for the protection you need or

inspire you to create your own prayers

on the subject let us pray heavenly

father I seek your protection every day

of my life Shield me from trouble

wherever I may go watch over me

ceaselessly both day and night oh Lord

you are the preserver of humanity and

the guardian of Our Lives lives entrust

your angels with a task of keeping Watch

Over Me In all my Endeavors May no evil

befall me nor any harm come near my

dwelling although I am uncertain of what

each day may bring may I be prepared for

any eventuality or delay and may I face

such occurrences with patience and

understanding I implore protection

against wrong wrongdoers wherever my

path may lead heavenly father I ask for

your watchful eye over me as I navigate

each day of my life strengthen and

envelop Me with Your Precious Blood I am

grateful for every instance I am

grateful for every instance in which

you’ve shielded Me

unknowingly Be My guardian and my

protector I entrust my family and loved

ones to your care keep them safe from

the clutches of

malevolence oh Lord Shield me from every

arrow of sickness and pain that the

enemy May seek to unleash upon me as I

go about my day Empower me to stand

Resolute against trials and temptations

that seek to shake my faith in you I

anull every misfortune that may arise

against me as I commence my day erect a

pillar of protection over my life each

day the words in Timothy

assures me that the Lord will

rescue me from every evil attack and

will bring me safely to his Heavenly

Kingdom to him be the glory forever and

ever Rescue Me O Lord from TR trouble

and Grant me peace go before me Lord and

stand beside me wherever I may go I

apply the blood of Jesus on each

doorpost of my hope for protection keep

me secure Beneath Your Wings and guard

me against harm May every day of my life

be filled with your goodness and mercy

remove every worry and fear from my

heart Lord Deuteronomy States be

strong and courageous do not fear or be

in dread of them for it is the Lord your

God who goes with you he will not leave

you or forsake you do not forsake me

Lord guide me each day and direct my

steps in the right path I pray Lord that

whenever the enemy seeks to harm me you

will intervene and Deliver Me from their

Wicked Ways in Samuel to it is

written my God my rock in whom I take

refuge my shield and the Horn of my

salvation my stronghold and my refuge My

Savior you save me from violence I call

upon the Lord who is Worthy worthy to be

praised and I am saved from my

enemies thank you Lord for being my rock

and my salvation never leave nor forsake

me envelop me with your protection and

let me seek Refuge under your wings may

your faithfulness be a shield and armor

around me each day I declare that I am

protected Wherever I Go

and thus the enemy has no power over me

I am secure under the wings of Christ

every day of my life in the passage from

Zephaniah the passage from


speaks of the Lord your God being

with you the mighty warrior who saves he

will take great Delight in you in his

love he will no longer rebuke you but

will rejoice over you with singing I

beseech you father to take great Delight

in my family friends and loved ones

protect and deliver them from Evil thank

you Lord for the beautiful family and

friends you’ve blessed me with it

concerns me that I cannot Shield them

from all the evil in the world I humbly

implore your assistance please watch

over them when they venture out send an

angel to guide them home safely and

shield them from harm fill them O Lord

with your holy presence grant them rest

and peace let them feel your protection

remove their fears and bestow upon them

your peace that surpasses all

understanding father Lord May no trouble

befall them today allow no evil to sway

their hearts envelop them with the

precious blood of Christ Jesus take

charge over them so that they do not

stumble may you always preserve the bond

that we share as a family Grant my

family friends and loved ones the

strength not to succumb to fear instill

in them the courage to stand up for what

is right

cultivate within them a spirit of

Integrity living their lives to bring

you glory I pray for your emotional

physical and spiritual protection over

their lives Isaiah

assures me that behold all that

they were incensed against you shall be

ashamed and

confounded they shall be as nothing and

they that strive With You Shall Perish

father Lord may you Vanquish those who

strive against them you are mightier

than any evil force in this world I

trust in your power and might to shelter

my family friends and loved ones

Proverbs – advises that don’t turn

your back on wisdom for she will protect

you love her and she will guard you

getting wisdom is the wisest thing you

can do and whatever else you do develop

good judgment father Lord ignite the

hearts of my family friends and loved

ones to earnestly pursue wisdom Aid them

in developing good judgment guide their

steps and provide them with Direction in

all aspects of their Liv lives I pray

that in good or bad times you will

always be on their lips though the Earth

May shake and the rain may come they

will not be shaken for you are always

with them be their source of Hope and

fill them with complete joy and peace

please surround my life and family with

your protective shield Save Me Lord from

those who seek to harm and destroy me

have mercy on me Father for in you my

soul finds Refuge rescue me from the

deceit of the wicked protect me from

every evil plan of the wicked against my

life I pray that you will encircle me

with a wall of fire keep me safe from

every danger that may come my way grant

me Divine discernment in the face of

peril let your powerful hands rescue me

from every scheme of the enemy against

my life and family take complete control

of my life Lord I ask that you go before

me in all my Endeavors make straight

every path that may lead me into danger

help me to always trust in you as my

source of help in times of trouble

according to Thessalonians

but the Lord is faithful and he will

strengthen you and protect you from the

evil one and the Lord gives us

confidence in you and we are sure that

you are doing and will continue to do

what we tell you may the Lord lead you

into a greater understanding of God’s

love and the endurance that’s given by

Christ grant me the grace to remain in

you always Cover Me with Your Precious

Blood so that I am saved from

destruction I am protected in the name


Jesus father Lord please free me from

every stronghold that seeks to hinder my

spiritual growth I dismantle every

stronghold and attack against my life I

anoint myself with a blood of Christ

Jesus for

protection I declare that I am

untouchable because of the Divine

protection around me Lord please give me

a Heart of Worship like my father David

so that I may dwell in your presence

forever I Express gratitude for the I

Express gratitude for the precious gift

of life and acknowledge my worth among

the living thank you for your unending

Grace favor mercy and blessings in my

life as I stand before you my shield and

defense I seek your protection I request

your watchful care over my life my

family members friends loved one

business and home I entrust my home into

your hands asking you to surround with a

wall of divine fire I anoint the four

corners of my house with your Holy Fire

and sprinkle the blood of Jesus in every

room may your angels take charge

guarding all doors and Gates preventing

the entry of any evil spirit in

accordance with Psalm

you are my shield and I am confident

that no har will befall me you are the

protective shield for my home ensuring

that no evil comes near be the Fortress

and fence around my home I invite you to

dwell and dine with me in my home being

the chief Guardian I Mark every member

of my household with the Precious Blood

of your son fortifying and strengthening

us against any form of attack conf found

our adversaries and turn their plans

against them may your peace love and joy

reign in my home let the walls of Love

be built on you our Fortress sanctuary


treasure as we kneel at your feet may we

find protection goodness and rest I

extend my gratitude King of Kings for

your protection trusting that my home is

secure with you thank you for answering

my prayer in Jesus name I pray


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