my dear child today I want to share some

thoughts with you I am the one who

created everything around you the W

Skies the

sparkling Stars the green forests and

the gentle

Rivers I pained the world with weant

colors and P it with wonders beyond your

imagination I see you every moment from

the time you wake up to the time you

close your eyes at night I see your J

and your

Sorrows your trums and your struggles I

understand your fears and your dreams

for I am always with you guiding you

along your

journey sometimes life may seem

difficult and you may feel lost or alone

but remember I’m here right beside you

offering you strength and

comfort I am the light that shines in

the darkness the hope that never Fades

away I love you more than you can ever

imagine my love is unconditional and

everlasting embracing you in every

moment of your life no matter what

mistake you have made or how far you

have wandered

my love remains

unchanged I want you to treat each other

with kindness and compassion for every

person you meet is a reflection of my

divine presence love one another is I

have L

you and together you can create a world

filled with peace and Harmony take time

to appreciate the beauty around you the

love for of of children the warm of

friendship the Miracles of Nature and

every moment you can find a glimpse of

my loving shining through trust in me

and I will lead you on the PA of

righteousness have faith in my plan for

you even when the road ahead seem

uncertain for I am the way the truth in

the Life guiding you towards a future

filled with the hope and promise

remember my dear children I am always

here for you listen to your prayers and

holding you and my loving bra Embrace

trust in my love and you will find peace

Beyond understanding with all my love



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