PLEASE DON’T SKIP JESUS TODAY – HE IS SAD | Powerful Prayer To Jesus For Blessings And Protection

during times of uncertainty and fear we

often seek comfort in the arms of our

heavenly father through prayer it is in

these moments of communion that we

experience the Limitless love and

protection that God provides prayer is

more than just a ritual it’s a direct

line to the heart of God it’s a

conversation where we express our fears

dreams and gratitude to the one who

created us when we pray for God’s

protection we are acknowledging our

dependence on him trusting that his

Divine Shield will safeguard us through


challenges in Philippians – we are

reminded not to be anxious but to

present our requests to God with

Thanksgiving and the peace of God will

guard our hearts and Minds this verse

assures us that God’s protection extends

beyond the physical granting us a peace

that surpasses all understanding when we

pray for protection we affirm that our

lives are in God’s hands and Trust in

his perfect plan for us Psalm to

provides Comfort to describing God as

our refuge and Fortress his protection

is our safe haven in times of trouble

let us approach god with Humble Hearts

trusting in his boundless love and

protection as we pray let us be

confident that he hears us and responds

according to his perfect will May our

faith be

unwavering our hearts filled with

gratitude and our lives a testament to

the miraculous power of God’s protection


prayer heavenly father I come before you

seeking your protective cover over my

life your word assures me that when I

make the most high my dwelling place no

harm shall befall Me Be My Shelter and

my refuge I pray for for your complete

protection over my life and my family

placing my trust solely in the security

that comes from you I acknowledge that

my battle is not against flesh and blood

but against the Devil

Himself I trust you to Shield me from

the devil and those he may try to use to

hinder my life I apply the blood of

Jesus over my my life and pray for the

protection of all that concerns me you

are like a wing that shelters me and a

shield that surrounds me each day

Embrace Me Lord hold me firmly in your

Everlasting Arms guide and Lead Me

Gently in all my ways I put on the

helmet of salvation and hope and I carry

the shield of faith and your word be

beside me O Lord as my advisor and

friend and behind me as my protector and

shield may I be filled with your love

each day I fear no evil for you watch

over me defend and deliver me in this

day in this hour this moment I put my

trust in you in Samuel to it is

written my God my rock in whom I take

refuge my shield and the Horn of my

salvation my stronghold and my refuge My

Savior you save me from violence I call

upon the Lord who is worthy to be

praised and I am saved from my

enemies protect me from the attacks and

lures of demonic forces that seek to

weaken my faith and communion with you

help me keep my eyes on you especially

in times of

rejection I am grateful for your

protection provision and

presence preserve me and all those

around me from injury and deceit from

Fear of the enemy and from the troubles

that may come our way I hum humbly and

wholeheartedly thank you for your loving

kindness and Tender

Mercies grant me the protection that

comes with your grace that I may

obediently walk in your holy

Commandments I ask that you embrace your

loving arms around my family and friends

keeping them always protected secure

loved and blessed thank you Lord Lord

for your powerful protection over my

life you are my refuge and shelter and

beneath your protective wings I always


safety guard me from trouble wherever I

may go and keep evil far from me

faithful father I seek your protection

over my life and family in this broken

world where not everyone upholds holds

the faith and many choose to do evil

through their Free Will I ask for your

covering of protection over my family

and myself from those who may seek to

harm us I am thankful that nothing can

separate us from your love and that you

are our provider and

protector strengthen and shield us from

the influence of the evil one may the

light of God surround us and the love of

God Embrace us let the presence of God

watch over me even if my eyes cannot see

it at this moment I hold on to my faith

believing that you are working on my

behalf and for my good Lord

Jesus father awaken my spirit so that I

may not be deceived by the enemy I pray

for the light of Jesus Christ to shine

into my life and dispel every

Darkness help me Lord to live for you

and to be guided by your love and grace

I express my gratitude for your constant

goodness to me in all

circumstances you are deserving of

praise and

exaltation I thank you for the gift of

life and for the opportunity to witness

a new day my protector and my refuge I

come before you seeking your protection

over my life my family my friends my

loved ones my business and my home I

entrust my home into your care and ask

that you surround it with a wall of fire

I anoint the four corners of my house

with your Holy Fire be the shield of my

home and dwell with me in my Dwelling

Place protect me in all aspects of my

life including my work finances food

home and

movements I ask for your angels to

accompany me wherever I go and for your

wings to be a shelter keeping me always

under their

cover I pray that you will safeguard my

mind from harmful

influences and Grant me the wisdom to

discern the truth make me strong and

courageous in the face of danger knowing

that you have overcome and will

ultimately write all

wrongs thank you Father for your

protection and Grace you are my precious

Shield covering Me with Your Precious

Blood father I ask that your angels take

charge of my life and Deliver Me from

every evil plan of the enemy be my

guardian and watch over my physical and


needs grant me the strength to overcome

every obstacle and I place my complete

trust in you Lord Psalm

assures me that even in the darkest

Valley I need not fear here for you are

with me comforting Me with Your Rod and

staff I ask you to fight my battles and

Deliver Me from every stronghold seeking

to harm me protect me from Misfortune

and I apply the blood of Jesus over my

family and household be my light

salvation and refuge take away all fear

from my heart and conceal me in your

shelter on the day of evil Surround Me

with Your Light Psalm to implore

you to keep me as the apple of your eye

hiding me in the shadow of your wings

from those who seek to harm me protect

me from sickness and disease and Order

My Steps in the right

direction I’m grateful for your goodness

and mercy in my life and ask for joy and

clear Direction in doing your will

remaining protected under your

wings watch over every aspect of my life


declares that no weapon formed

against me shall prosper and every

tongue that rises against me in judgment

shall be

confounded father rescue me from every

evil deed and bring me safely into your

heavenly Kingdom May glory be to your


forever your word also states that the

fear of the Lord leads to life and

whoever has it rest satisfied without

being visited by harm instill your fear

in me Lord that I may be saved and

protected guard me from the harmful

intentions of those who seek to harm me

Let Your Love faithfulness kindness and

mercy be present in my life every day

help me to remain strong and unwavering

trusting in your plan for me grant me

the courage to face danger knowing that

you are always by my side I pray for

your protection over my emotional

physical and spiritual

well-being keep evil away from me and

guide me to seek refuge and strength in

you may I find peace in your presence

and the shelter you

provide heavenly father I ask for your

Holy Angels to Watch Over Me I rejoice

in seeking shelter with you guarding me

against the devil’s

attacks you are my Shield filled with

love power hope and truth I fear no evil

for you are my

protector you are my rock my Fortress

and my

salvation as Psalms

declares I will sing of your

strength I will sing aloud of your

steadfast love in the morning for you

have been to me a fortress and and a

refuge in the day of my

distress father I desire to dwell in The

Shadow of Your Wings remind me that the

battles are yours and with your Mighty

hand I can conquer all

challenges thank you Lord for your

unwavering protection over my life

father Lord I pray that you send your

Holy Angels to take charge of my life

let them go before me and strengthen

every crooked path please watch over my

family today and

forever please take my fears away and

give me your peace that surpasses all

understanding my trust and hope are in

you alone open my eyes wide and remove

every obstacle that may come my way fill

my heart with your grace

that loving you with sincere love that I

may always be defended under your most

gracious protection and be accepted in

all my prayers and

Services I come to your Refuge with joy

for you Shelter Me Against the attack of

the devil you are a shield around me

strong in Love Heavy with power shaped

with hope and gilded with the truth I

will fear no evil for you watch over me

you are my rock and my Fortress in whom

I take refuge you are the shield and the

Horn of my

salvation Psalm

says but I will sing of your

strength I will sing aloud of your

steadfast love in the morning for you

have been to me a fort foress and a

refuge in the day of my

distress father Lord I want to live in

The Shadow of Your Wings I choose to

walk and live under the protection of

you the most high guard me against all

spiritual attacks of the enemy remind me

today that the battles belong to you and

whatever I’m up against can be taken

down in one Fell Swoop by by your Mighty

hand thank you Lord for your powerful

protection over my life in Jesus mighty

name I pray


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