Please don’t ignore me|God Message Today For You|God helps|Jesus affirmation

my son as you watch this video you must

know that you are not here by chance

it’s something special and planned for

you listen carefully soon you’ll

understand more about what the universe

wants to tell you challenges are coming

that may be difficult to face you may

feel overwhelmed and scared as if you’re

alone but remember I’m always by your

side even in the toughest moments this

stage my dear is not a punishment but a

demonstration of your courage

adaptability and purpose it’s a special

call for you to overcome the challenges

you face every obstacle every difficulty

you’ve faced has been carefully

incorporated into the plan I’ve laid out

for you you’ve explored the darkest

corners of your mind facing your

greatest fears and

uncertainties now is the time to emerge

from those tough moments standing firm

in the face of adversity don’t let

failures discourage you because you’re

destined to reach Heights you never

imagined remember these words my dear

let them be a light of Hope and strength

guiding you even in the toughest moments

when you feel like giving up remember

that I’m here speaking words of

encouragement and love to your soul

you’re not alone my dear you are loved

and destined for great things embrace

your purpose embrace the moment given to

you and know that I’m always by your

side even when things seem uncertain and

difficult when worries and doubts

overwhelm you and the world seems dark

and hopeless remember I’m here my spirit

is present in these tough moments

offering Comfort don’t let despair

dominate you because my power is greater

than any obstacle that may arise in me

you’ll find everything you need and

everything your heart longs for leave

your worries behind stop lamenting

because I’m here to guide you with firm

determination trust in the path I’ve

prepared for you for it’s a path of

righteousness and purpose stand firm in

the course I’ve charted without wavering

or deviating you’re not alone in your

difficulties I give you the strength to

overcome challenges and the courage to

move forward I’ll ease the burden you

carry on your shoulders let the flame of

Faith shine within you your dreams will

not be destroyed by the difficulties

that arise for I’ve created a divine

plan with a clear goal in mind so listen

to my words and Trust for I’m by your

side in the darkness guiding you towards

the light Victory is not only possible

but inevitable trust in my guidance and

together we’ll overcome all the

challenges we Face amidst the chaos and

difficulties I’m working diligently

subtly organizing events I’m the force

that realigns I’m the force that

realigns difficulties will bring forth

new beginnings and opportunities even in

The Darkest Hours there’ll be light to

guide your way forward if you’re ready

for divine blessings today write Amen in

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