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my beloved child I am molding your heart and soul shaping them for a future

filled with Triumph With Every Breath You Take I am strengthening your resolve deepening

your faith so that you may stand firm in my teachings unwavering and

Resolute imagine yourself clad in armor of unbreakable courage a warrior whose

spirit is as impenetrable as a fortress of Steel no Force no no matter how

formidable shall ever lay you low Envision Legions Rising against you yet

in the midst of this turmoil I whisper a sacred truth into your ear a secret

meant for you alone this truth is a testament to my boundless love for you

treasure this secret in the depths of your heart for you are chosen to rise with Valor in my

name embrace the power to work wonders to achieve greatness and to keep the

flame of your dreams and aspirations eternally a light hold fast to your

vision of a brighter future Proclaim this truth with conviction let your

voice echo in the heavens I am not frail I am a Bastion of

strength wisdom and courage I am ready to face and Conquer every challenge

conflict and adversity that this day may bring I do not cower in the face of my

adversaries when they confront me I stand unshaken always battle ready my faith

Burns fiercely and the sword of truth is ever in my grasp I am poised for victory

anticipating Triumph with a steadfast belief that my dreams will manifest into reality I am speaking to you for you are

the embodiment of this strength never underestimate yourself or be surprised

by your own potential my cherished child each day I come to you renewing your

spirit with reminders of your bravery and Valor in the daily battles you face

know that your adversaries may try to dishearten you to steal away the words I have planted in your heart yet I am ever

faithful reaching out my hand to secure your Triumph each word I speak each seed of

faith I sow within you is nurturing your strength tell me do you feel this

Growing Power Within you just utter your request and it shall be granted by my

grace I speak to you not of fleeting desires or worldly possessions but of

Miracles unconditional love the healing of your soul abundant provision and

forgiveness I bestow upon you not just what you need but beyond for you have

learned to wisely use the gifts I entrust to you not squandering them on

the transient but investing in what truly edifies administer wisely and I

will shower you with blessings beyond your imagination show me your

devotion live as a champion Victorious and courageous committed to fulfilling

my will through you miracles will flow to Nations healing will touch the sick

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