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beloved Son cherished daughter today my

voice Echoes within the depths of your

being sounding a solemn alarm about the

perils that lie in the path of

Disobedience I implore you to heed my

call to not disregard this caution borne

from my deep love and concern for you

though Disobedience May entice with the

Allure of instant freedom and

satisfaction know that its promises are

fleeting and deceptive venturing down

the road of Disobedience you risk losing

more than you can fathom my fervent

desire is to shield and guide you along

the pathways of life and blessing yet

when you opt for Disobedience you Veer

away from the purpose I have set for you

exposing yourself to the repercussions

of your actions and distancing yourself

from the entirety of my love and care I

wish to spare you from needless anguish

sorrow or remorse my heart brims with

compassion yearning for your discernment

I long to steer you towards the

abundance abant life and peace that only

I can provide hearken to my warning my

beloved Son my cherished daughter resist

the siren Call of Disobedience shun the

hollow Promises of instant gratification

instead choose obedience and unlock the

fullness of my love and purpose for you

obedience is not a burdensome yoke but a

pathway to Liberty and favor by adhering

to my precepts you will find guidance

protection and Joy on your journey my

statutes are crafted for your welfare

intended to lead you towards a life rich

in significance and purpose remember my

love for you is boundless and

everlasting I caution you not out of

Caprice but out of a profound desire for

your happiness and well-being I yearn

for you to relish the sweet fruits of

obedience and to Veer clear of the

perils and Sorrows that Disobedience

inevitably brings today I urge you to

make a conscious choice to walk in

obedience with me refuse to be ens

snared by by the dark and deceptive

trails that the world lays before you

instead place your trust in me in my

wisdom and in my boundless affection for

you do not underestimate the toll of

Disobedience Dear Son dear daughter

listen intently to my voice permit me to

guide your steps and Safeguard you from

the lurking dangers in obedience to me

you will discover a life teeming with

purpose blessing and enduring peace I

cherish you more than words can convey

and desire nothing but the best for you

do not disregard my admonition instead

Embrace obedience and uncover the vast

reservoir of love and care I have

reserved for you if you are ready to

receive the Divine blessings reserved

for you today signify with an amen in

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