Place Your Faith in Me – God Message Today – God Message For You – Gods Message Now

my beloved child throughout this year you have encountered numerous challenges

yet not once have I abandoned you the world swirls with Whispers of conflict

and sickness fears of lack and famine but to you my precious child I extend my

enduring love you and your family are safely cradled in my care listen closely

the three words I share with you as they echo in your mind will be engraved in your heart’s depths

they are the antidote to all sorrow and despair for these words carry immense

power and life are you prepared to receive them trust in me it’s quite

straightforward let your faith be as simple and pure as a mustard seed free from complexities mixies or elaborate

rules your faith is like this a channel for miracles and I your lord hold this

power place your faith in me when you awaken

and hear the fearful predicting Grim times it’s true that the world’s conditions might not brighten but your

salvation is near and my angels encircle the Earth my glorious arrival is close

at hand I Stand Alone unmatched for there is no one like me while many may

attempt to use my name and mimic my power I still reign supreme enthroned

watching over your prayers looking upon you with fondness I provide guidance so my angels

can assist you responding to those who plead for you redoubling their efforts

to keep your path smooth stand firm and ready with your lamp burning bright and

Your Vessel full of oil only those who stay watchful and awake will hear the trumpets call in an

instant transformed and freed from worldly ties we await the moment when

you join the Angelic chorus and arm yourself for the ultimate battle a Time

Of Glory a season of Marvels this is the essence of Eternal

blessings overflowing abundance and divine wonders the world’s struggles will

disintegrate but in me place your trust for my children a day of immense

Triumph draws near I am your Shepherd your healer Your Guardian your provider

you and your family are safely cradled in my care shielded from

ruin trust in me for your Victory will be so Grand that your past afflictions

will vanish do you still bear the scars of disillusionment you lean too heavily on

Hollow promises forgetting that in this world only I am unfailing yet my love is greater my

tenderness deeper I will mend your broken heart and my words will will

soothe your sorrow fear not the memories of the scars left by those who shamed

and embittered you will fade it is vital for your spirit to heal and for your

soul to surrender fully and unreservedly to my will I aim to rebuild your dreams

and instill new hopes within you I plan to lift you to Heights beyond your imagination to Glide with you on the

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