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my cherished children in the passage of

this year you have traversed many trials

know that I have never forsaken you

amidst the tumult of strife and illness

The Dread of scarcity and hunger my

boundless love envelopes you my beloved

Offspring you and your kin are tenderly

held within My

Embrace attend carefully for the Triad

of words I impart to you shall

reverberate within your thoughts etched

forever in the recesses of your

soul behold these words are the soothing

s for every sorrow and despair carrying

within them boundless vitality and hope

are you prepared to embrace them fully

trust in me for the path ahead is

straightforward and

clear I Stand Alone unparalleled for

there exists none comparable to me

though many May seek to wield my name

and emulate my might I remain Sovereign

seated upon my Throne observing your

supplications gazing upon you with

affection I offer Direction so that my

Celestial Messengers May Aid you heeding

the cries made on your behalf

intensifying their Endeavors to ensure

your journey remains

untroubled stand steadfast and Vigilant

with your lamp a glow and Your Vessel

brimming with oil only those who remain

alert and Vigilant will heed the Clarion

call instantly liberated and liberated

from Earthly

bonds I am your Shepherd your mendor

your protector your sustainer you and

your loved ones are securely held within

My Embrace guarded against destruction

place your trust in me for your Triumph

will be so magnificent that your

previous sufferings will fade

away do you still carry the wounds of

disappointment you rely too much on

empty assurances overlooking the fact

that in this realm only I am

unwavering yet my love surpasses all my

compassion knows no bounds I will mend

the fractures of your shattered heart

and my words will bring

Solace let your faith be as humble and

pure as a mustard seed free from

complexities mixtures or intricate laws

your faith like this Tiny Seed serves as

a conduit for miracles and I your

Eternal Sovereign hold sway over this

power Surrender Your Faith to me as you

awaken amidst the shadows of ominous

times while the world’s turmoil May

persist your deliverance draws near and

my Angelic hosts encircle the Earth the

glory of my arrival is

imminent we anticipate the juncture when

you Unite with the celestial choir and

equip yourself for the ultimate conflict

a moment of Splendor an era of

Wonders this encapsulates the essence of

Eternal favor abundant overflow and


Marvels the trials of the world shall

dissolve but place your faith in me for

my beloved ones a day of tremendous

Victory is on the

horizon you are my beloved lamb and no

matter where you stray I will pursue you

any wolf that dares to threaten you will

face a rage ing

Inferno I am severing the bonds in your

soul to those who betrayed you

henceforth recognize that you belong

solely to your

God I am the Paramount focus in your

existence I pledge to you eternal life

and any Earthly assurances of devotion

and boundless happiness are

deceptive do not be ens snared by

malevolence you are gaining insight into

me you comprehend the profound extent of

my love for

you it is crucial for your spirit to

find restoration and for your soul to

yield completely and wholeheartedly to

my Divine

decree my intention is to reconstruct

your aspirations and Infuse fresh hopes

within you I Envision lifting you to

Realms surpassing your wildest

imaginings soaring with you upon the

winds to the loftiest mountain

peaks your adversaries conspired for

your downfall depriving you of

opportunities seeking to burden you with

shame and tarnish your

honor I stand as the defender and

guardian of those I hold dear as you

release your anguish your being will be

flooded with profound Joy affirm your

trust in this conversing with me brings

healing to your

soul being in my presence instills

courage and solace in your spirit even

in the midst of turmoil when Tranquility

appears distant and despair looms large

what you require is to commune with me

do so

now the joy I lavish upon you is

unyielding Eternal it blossoms even in

the desert and amid

storms it fills your heart amid harsh

battles and though weariness may cause

your emotions to Slumber in emptiness to

encroach the truth remains that this

gift of joy and fulfillment shall never

depart from

you in moments of joy and moments of

Despair etch these words into the depths

of your being Proclaim them boldly with

all your heart I am deeply cherished by

my omnipotent and tender God and so it

shall remain for

eternity I have not forsaken you your

faith is being tested your spirit

endures for every beautiful sentiment

you express I shall bestow upon you love

comprehension and steadfast support you

shall find yourself surrounded as

negativity dissipates Into The Ether

those who lack gratitude will distance

themselves and those who have wronged

you shall seek

forgiveness I will personally unveil to

all the doubters that you are my cherish

daughter my beloved Son my divine power

accompanies you and if they themselves

require a Miracle you shall lead them to

place their trust in

me my Majestic presence envelops you now

so be still and hush your thoughts I am

attuned to the rhythm of your heartbeat

comprehending all that it conveys never

wander from this affection that sustains


Existence never lose sight of this

Divine father who adores you and yearns

to commune with you at the break of

dawn I am attuned to your every need and

attentive to your prayers grasp the

depth of this immense affection take not

notice and behold how I have surrounded

you with overflowing

blessings I am the provider for your

sustenance the one who sets the table

before you and I will guide you out of

the depths of your

debts I am your healer your physician

within my hands lies your diagnosis of

Triumph and your

remedy my love is the unparalleled and

efficacious cure for all your

afflictions fret not breathe serenely

feel the Divine breath of my spirit upon

you Embrace and welcome this vibrant

sensation this feeling brimming with joy

and security you are liberated from the

chains of the Mind from the anguish of

the Soul your heart is finding Solace

your suffering is waning

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