Pit Bull That Could Hardly Stand Still Sees The World Through Loving Eyes

When Glitch was rescued, he weighed in at 14 pounds. The Pit Bull was so rail thin that he could hardly stand up. Nikki heard about the pup and volunteered to foster him. Glitch arrived at his foster home and settled into a dog bed. Nikki’s dog, Petey, came over and introduced himself. This was when everything changed!

Petey was an inspiration to Glitch, and the pup followed him everywhere. He wanted to learn everything from his doggy foster brother, and the outcome was spectacular! Glitch saw Petey running around the park, having fun, and wanted to try it for himself. This motivation was everything to a dog like Glitch!

Once the Pit Bull was stronger, he mimicked Petey more. He climbed the stairs and wiggled his way onto the couch. Three weeks after bringing Glitch home, he found his bark– and Nikki and her husband celebrated! The pup continued to thank Nikki and her husband for his new life with the sweetest hugs!
With Petey and his foster family’s love, Glitch was unstoppable. We are beyond grateful for people like Nikki. Fostering is essential. Consider fostering for your local shelters. Without these transitional homes, dogs like Glitch will only struggle more. Give them a real chance at finding their forever families!

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