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my beloved child hear my voice this day

I wish to open your eyes that you may

see and understand who you truly are in

me for you see you are my precious one

handpicked by me for a special

purpose yes you may feel small

insignificant a mere Speck amongst the

masses but I do not count as man counts

in my eyes you glow with Divine

potential fashioned by my my very hands

to display my

glory if you could but Glimpse your true

self you would be

astonished in creating the universe with

its galaxies stars and Earth I saw

Beauty and

complexity yet something deeper called

to me a desire for

connection I wanted beings who could

truly understand and share in the depth

of existence beings made in my own image

so from the simplest elements of the

Earth I created

Humanity each person reflects a part of

me designed for companionship and

understanding you are the expression of

my longing for a relationship that goes

beyond the physical reaching into the

heart of what it means to be

connected in every one of you I see the

realization of this dream a community of

individuals who together form the rich

diverse experience of human life oh yes

Humanity has sadly fallen from its

original state of Purity and

Splendor Darkness entered through the

temptation of the enemy sin Twisted the

human heart and my beautiful creation

lay broken and marred separated from my

presence but the story does not end

there dear one for even then my love was

too deep and too strong to let

go I initiated a grand plan to bring you

back to reconnect with you as something

precious and

cherished when the time was right I took

on a human form embodying the essence of

compassion the epitome of goodness and

Purity the only one of its kind to ever

walk this

Earth I lived a life of Love offered

healing shared wisdom corrected

injustices and stood as a symbol of Hope

for everyone then wicked men mocked me

scourged me spit upon me as I carried

the w of Humanity’s sin to the cross I

chose to drink that bitter cup of

suffering to shed my own blood as an

atoning sacrifice that you yes you might

be set free and restored as my beloved

child for three days I visited the Land

of the Dead stripping Satan of his keys

and breaking Every curse and chain then

I Rose Victorious over death Itself by

the power of my resurrection

life so you see your value is infinite

in my eyes purchased at an extravagant

price the highest price I could pay you

are no mere accident but intricately

planned uniquely gifted to fulfill a

holy calling for as it is written in

Ephesians I chose you before the

foundation of the world to contribute to

my kingdom purposes what matchless love

I have lavished upon you thus I am

commissioning you aresh on this day no

more will you see yourself as the FL odd

one the rejected Stone instead choose to

see yourself as I see you my beloved my

radiant one adorned with Grace and

purpose for the time has come for you to

leave the past behind with its pain and

disappointments its feelings of

inadequacy and fear of

failure I am calling you out of the

Shadows of self-doubt into the light of

Destiny now I know the cares of this

Modern Life press in close the pace

frenzied the the demands

endless technology has promised

connection yet bred

isolation busyness chokes out peace and

you feel the

strain sometimes in the quiet you may

Wonder but what of my small role in the

grand scheme of things what difference

can one person make in the

end ah but do you realize you stand at a

pivotal moment in the ages poised on the

edge of Eternity for my return is close

at hand when I will set all wrongs right

the years of Exile will end sin and

darkness will be no more and night shall

fade before the dawn of a glorious new

day before that appointed time I am

mobilizing my kingdom army men and women

young and old from every nation and

tongue to Proclaim my truth to the world

that desperate Hearts might be rescued

from Peril I am seeking out humble

vessels to convey my light I am

restoring ruined cities through servants

who carry

compassion I am toppling strongholds of

evil through the power of praise I am

Breaking Chains of Despair through hands

and feet that bring the gospel message


hope my children are rising up in their

identity to do exploits in my name and

you have a vital

role for in this late hour you were born

and for such a time as this I fash

you do you discern the urgency of the

times do you feel the weight and Glory

of this calling meant just for you ah I

see you hesitate perhaps the blistering

words of those who crushed your spirit

Echo still you have nothing to offer

they Jered weak and foolish one

continues The Vicious

chorus can you not hear the Serpent’s

hiss as doubt attempts to rob you of

courage my child you must choose to

reject those poisonous lying tongues

instead lean in close to me let my

affirming voice wash over your battered

Soul refreshing and Reviving you like

gentle rain for with me there is no

condemnation no measuring Rod of

performance by which you are judged

there are but Open Arms welcoming you

home as my cherished beloved one so come

allow my perfect love to drive out all

fear that would hinder and hold you

back have I not proved myself faithful

time and again did I not pick you up

when you stumbled weak and weary have I

not been your shield in the battle your

provision in the famine your comfort in

deepest sorrow surely goodness and mercy

have followed you all the days of your

life despite every hardship and

heartache then take hold of my

outstretched hand grasp it firm with

emboldened faith and together we shall

step out for ahead lies adventure with

your name written upon it Uncharted

Territory awaits that we might claim for

the glory of my name lands now shrouded

in deepest Darkness will soon burst

forth with the radiance of my joy set

loose through yielded vessels such as

you oh I know well the pain this world

holds the Brokenness the violence the

atrocities that make no sense and many

hard questions will come difficulties

that threaten to crush the spirit within

you but you were made for such a time as

this despair May linger at the door but

sin death and hell will give way before

an army of laid down lovers carrying

their crosses willing to suffer

alongside me that others might truly

live for through the cracks of broken

Humanity my light sh shines most

brilliantly transforming dead waste

places into Gardens of heavenly

fragrance and Beauty can you not discern

in the distance a crescendo Rising the

triumphal footsteps of the deliverer

Drawing Near all the forces of Darkness

May hiss and rage against the advancing

Army of God but they will not

Prevail as it is written no weapon

formed against you shall prosper no evil

refreshed and an anointed to set

captives free heal the sick restore the

wandering and comfort the

Brokenhearted so gird up your loins

beloved strengthen and ready yourself

for the Glorious Days

Ahead the hour is late and there is much

yet to be done but fret not about

tomorrow’s provision for did I not

promise to supply all your needs fret

not about your lack of eloquence for I

will teach your tongue to Speak Life

fret not about opposition as I Forge

within you Unstoppable

perseverance only keep your eyes fixed

on me as you run the race I will uphold

you all the way to the Finish Line never

forget that The Battle Belongs to Me The

Almighty warrior

king with me before you mighty to save

what enemy shall stand for I Am With You

Always infusing you with boldness from

on high so watch and pray dear child be

alert be sober be ever ready to pour out

to a thirsty desperate

world but also Rest In The Quiet Moments

with me drawing strength wisdom and

direction for each day abide in the

truth that you are chosen precious and

beloved My Perfect Plans crafted for you

will not fail to Bud and Blossom in due

time indeed hardship prepares the

Willing vessel for greatest use but

Brokenness before me gains strength not

weakness scars shine like gems in a

believer’s crown even the most damaged

rejected ones become my secret weapons

the weak to confound the strong the

foolish to shame the

wise for those who Embrace adversity

unveil the highest revelation of my

glory so come now my beloved Stand Tall

in who I have called you to be choose

this day to believe my truth spoken over

you for you were with me before time

began Glory unending awaits all who give

themselves fully to

me do you hear Destiny’s

call for the path of radical obedience

will lead you into Realms of authority

and creativity that defy

imagination as you yield to my whisper

embracing with boldness each prompting

of my spirit you will witness is heaven

touching Earth in manifold ways the

supernatural infusion of the natural

world expect extreme makeovers Quantum

leaps and sudden Sovereign displays of

my power made perfect in weakness indeed

no eye has seen no ear has heard all the

Wonders I have prepared for those who

love me as I usher in the fullness of my

glory in the age to

come I have still far greater riches to

unveil in time

beloved if you will but remain in steady

trust upon this Journey of Faith

together with me

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