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my child don’t skip watch this message

if I am with you who can stand against

you as you walk Faithfully in my ways

know with certainty that I am for you

this assurance however does not

guarantee a path free from

opposition instead it signifies that

having me on your side is the most

crucial element of your existence in

your life’s journey you may encounter

Myriad challenges but you remain

Victorious my triumph over death and

Resurrection is a testament to this

eternal victory

in which you partake regardless of the

adversities you face I am your constant

helper in times of trouble the security

of your future in my hands changes

everything it allows you to live life

not in fear but in the freedom and joy

of my

promises this journey with me is about

thriving about embracing challenges as

opportunities to witness my power and

Grace at work in your life as you start

each day seek me in prayer immerse

yourself in my word and let my spirit

fill your heart with peace and strength

in this way you will learn to face every

circumstance with a Heart of Courage and

a spirit of trust I am rearranging

aligning and setting things in motion

for your good removing hindrances

clearing your path and resolving

conflicts that impede your progress

trust that I am actively working in your

life fighting your battles and leading

you to victory your Victory is not

contingent on your strength or

circumstances but on my unchanging

nature and unfailing love you are more

than a conqueror through me in this

truth find your strength joy and peace I

want you to know that I am here for you

watching over you with love and care you

are never alone in your journey when

those who wish to harm you raise their

hands against you know that I am there

to shield and protect you no harm can

come to you when you are under my Divine

protection I love you deeply and I want

you to understand that I never make


everything that happens in your life has

a purpose even the difficulties you face

I will turn those challenges into

opportunities for you you will emerge

Victorious and the blessings that await

you will be

abundant avoid conflicts and stay away

from Evil do not let yourself be ens

snared by the provocations of the wicked

turn away from sin and come to me in

Repentance if you have faltered I will

receive you no matter your condition

give your family time prayer and my word

do not waste your efforts on things that

do not Build You Up pray and ask for

wisdom and I will grant it to you your

Victory starts with every prayer you

bring to my throne of grace I know it

can be challenging to believe and

entrust everything to me especially when

it seems like nothing is happening

dismiss those doubts and focus on my

word pray think and appreciate the

blessings around you when you say with

affection my my God I need you know that

I am always with you blessing you today

tomorrow and always your well-being is

of utmost importance to me I desire to

guide you towards a life that is

abundant fulfilling and joyful one that

brings you satisfaction and

happiness I have a plan for your life a

plan of hope not despair for you and

your family I hold the final word in

everything and I will never distance

myself from you You Are Not Alone Come

to Me when you need love strength

balance and peace if you seek me with

all your heart I promise to respond and

guide you toward a future filled with

hope because my word is alive it

transforms you and when I send it to you

it does not return empty it carries your

prayers and needs even when your path is

difficult remember that you are never

alone my faithfulness upholds you and

the promise of my Holy Spirit fortifies

your faith my word is a treasure that

never stops giving the more you read it

the stronger you become and when you

come to your knees before my presence

and fill yourself with my word when you

hear this voice speaking to you every

morning you feel this love burning in

your heart your tears flow carrying away


sadness in my presence you will find

rest and strength type


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