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god’s message my child!

Have you stopped to listen to what God really has to say today?

God’s message to you today is powerful and life-changing.

Prepare your heart, because these words are not only inspiring, they bring hope, guidance

and renewal.

God says I’m with you, every step of the way on this journey called life.

Yes, He knows your struggles, He sees your challenges, but He wants you to know that

you have never been alone.

You may be going through a dark valley, but God says there is light at the end of the


You may be facing obstacles that seem insurmountable, but God’s message to you today is that He

has a perfect path mapped out.

My dear child, it is with a heart full of love and a clear vision of the future that

I address you today.

Know that I have been there for your every step, for every tear that has fallen from

your eyes.

Your journey is no mystery to me, because every aspect of your life is under my watchful


There has never been a moment when you were alone, because my constant presence is the

guarantee of my promise never to abandon you.

I understand your challenges, I see the weight of the trials you carry and I perceive the

weariness in your gaze.

On the days when darkness seems to close in on you, remember that I am here, by your side,

ready to offer not only comfort, but also the renewal of your strength and hope.

I long to restore your happiness, heal your wounds and rebuild your spirit with the joy

that overflows from my unconditional love.

Declare it with faith God, my rock, guide me through the storms to serenity.

Sometimes stubbornness can create a barrier between us, causing you to stray from the

path I have prepared.

But even in those moments of deviation, my outstretched hand remains, calling you back

to the home of my love and mercy.

Let go of the weight of regret for past choices.

Know that today is a new day, a time to realign yourself with the purposes for which you were

called to live.

Let go of the worries and doubts that paralyze you, listen to my voice that whispers direction

and peace into your heart.

Life can sometimes present challenges that seem insurmountable, and it can be difficult

to see the end of the tunnel of adversity.

But I am with you always, ready to rejuvenate your spirit and enrich your life with blessings

beyond measure.

Don’t let the shadows of uncertainty obscure the truth of my eternal love and perfect plan

for you.

Look beyond the passing clouds, for I am holding you by the hand, leading you into a future

filled with the light of hope and success.

Comment with hope In your presence, Lord, I find true peace.

Dear child, my promise to you is unshakeable.

Believe that my love embraces every part of who you are, without judgment or hesitation.

My greatest joy is to see you complete, living a life of fullness that I have designed especially

for you.

There is no obstacle in your path that we cannot overcome together.

Be open to allowing my light to dispel the shadows of doubt and cultivate within you

an unbreakable faith.

Clear the ground of your heart, removing any seeds of negativity that could prevent the

growth of new possibilities.

Trust in me and in the infinitude of my love to guide you beyond the challenges, towards

a path illuminated by trust and the renewing power of faith.

Remember, you were created to live an existence not limited by anxiety or fear, but empowered

by divine grace and a sublime purpose.

I am with you, now and always, walking child in the light of truth and unconditional love.

Proclaim with gratitude Lord, your will is my refuge and my strength.

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Dear child, I invite you to a moment of reflection and liberation.

The harsh words and judgments of others may hurt, but I am with you to offer you a safe

haven where there will be no pain.

Bring me your insecurities and fears.

Through prayer, talk to me, share every shadow that weighs on your heart.

I’m here to lighten your burden and guide you along a new path, full of hope and promise.

my child!

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You were created in the image of infinite success, not to sink into discouragement.

Recognize in me the source of your true identity a being of light destined to conquer dreams

and overcome any obstacle.

In my presence, you will find an oasis of tranquillity, a storehouse of inexhaustible

joy and the certainty that I am your Father and God.

To those who walk with courage and obey from the heart, my reward is certain and glorious.

Proclaim with love In you, Lord, I find the strength to overcome hurtful words.

Don’t miss out on the truths I share with you today.

My call is to bless you abundantly, to rain down on your life the most precious gifts

that heaven has to offer.

Take a break, leave behind what no longer serves you and allow yourself to live a life

under my generous provision.

As you resume your trust in me, you will witness an outpouring of blessings, seeing yourself

bear fruit in the midst of any circumstance, just like a sturdy tree by the water’s edge.

I invite you today to place your absolute trust in me, for I am the restorer of what

has been lost, the healer of wounds and the mender of the broken.

Give up your lonely struggles and draw closer to me.

Surrender your life, your dreams and your ambitions; together we will move forward,

founded on eternal promises.

Your faith, once rekindled, will light the way for your heart’s deepest desires to become


Declare with hope My faith is anchored in your word, Lord.

On life’s journey, facing challenges may seem distressing, but I want you to know my love

for you is unchanging, eternal.

I extend my arms to welcome you at any time, ready to take your struggles upon me.

When the storm roars, remember that I am the God who calms the seas, capable of turning

the impossible into a possibility.

There is no situation too complicated, no pain too deep, that I cannot touch and transform.

Stay firm in your faith, even when the wait seems long.

The fruit of patience will blossom into victory.

I am preparing an abundant harvest for you from what you have sown with effort.

Understand that your dedication and perseverance will achieve extraordinary results.

As you pursue your dreams, know that I am with you, blessing your every step, strengthening

your journey and declaring over your life freedom, healing and prosperity in Christ


Persevere, for your joy will be complete in me.

Comment in faith In your hands, Lord, I place my life, knowing that you will lead me to


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My precious child, at the heart of our connection lies the essence of the communication and

devotion we share.

Prayer and the study of My words are the foundations by which our relationship deepens.

While some prefer to rely solely on their own strength, putting aside feelings of envy

and bitterness, you stand out.

Your journey is marked by courage and unwavering faith, living an existence that is an authentic

reflection of truth and integrity.

Don’t allow weariness to dampen your spirit of believing in Me and the infinite promises

I have in store for you.

Know that the time and effort you put in with your heart and soul will not go unnoticed.

Beyond the challenges of everyday life, there is a vast field of My promises, a place where

hope flourishes and your every step is a step closer to your most sincere goals and dreams.

Affirm with confidence Lord, Your word feeds my soul and strengthens my faith.

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I’m here, not to judge you, but to gently wipe away the marks and scratches acquired

along your journey.

I want you to move forward without fear or hesitation, bathed in My love.

Gently imagine My crystalline waters, purifying your path, granting you heavenly strength

in moments of weakness.

You are My warrior, My defender, and My support and protection are unconditional in your battles.

Your decisions matter immensely, especially those that have the potential to affect others

around you.

Neglecting My guidance is a risky game, akin to playing with fire.

You have distinguished yourself by showing respect and a firm desire to follow My path.

So I ask you to walk with wisdom and discernment, turning away from those whose actions are

reckless and who do not have your best interests at heart.

Proclaim with joy Through your guidance, Lord, I walk a path of wisdom and holiness.

When facing challenges, remember that the ground you stand on is sacred.

You cannot enter the promised territory carrying secrets or hidden burdens.

I encourage you to open yourself fully to Me, where you will find the strength to remove

the cloaks of shame and be clothed in the purity of My holiness.

You may sometimes feel that your prayers don’t seem to reach heaven, and the critical voices

around you try to weaken your faith.

However, you are special, destined for higher things, beyond the reach of mockery or scorn.

Don’t let these voices shake your conviction or blur your heavenly vision.

I have laid out a unique path for you, one that deserves to be walked with your head

held high, while those who scoff wander mindlessly.

Declare with gratitude My path is sanctified by the Lord, and my heart is fixed on the


As you absorb each word full of purpose and full of the Creator’s unconditional love,

you feel an urgency to spread this message.

Enjoy it now, share this divine gift with your loved ones and sign up to constantly

renew your connection with the Eternal.

They are trapped by their own arrogance, heading inexorably towards the fall, while you, my

precious child, are on a completely different journey.

Through prayer, you have direct access to my throne of grace.

Listen carefully by obeying My instructions, even when they defy common sense, and persisting

without discouragement, you will witness miracles.

With firm steps and courage, you will cross chasms, you will walk on water without fear

of drowning, and no storm will be able to erase your destiny.

You are My warrior, My pride, and your happiness is the truest desire of My heart.

Strengthen yourself with each new day, facing adversaries with a faith that knows no limits

or hesitation.

Be absolutely certain that, even in the face of terrifying conflicts or overwhelming needs,

your resilience will be unshakable.

Advance into the core of the storm with determination, wielding your sword and raising your banner

high, prepared for victory.

And believe me, the storm will calm down the moment you plant your flag in the soil of

conquest, marking the beginning of a new phase in your journey.

Say it with faith With the Lord by my side, I will overcome any storm.

If I ask you to face your problems without fear, it is because you have My unconditional

defense by your side.

You are not alone.

Many times you have witnessed My protection as your shield, and I will always be your

sustaining force.

Without a doubt, I fill your heart with divine love and infinite kindness.

Therefore, in the face of the obstacles that arise, rest assured that I will be by your

side, holding you firmly, especially in the moments when you feel most vulnerable.

In the midst of the uncertainties and worries of this world, I invite you to find a moment

of peace at my side.

Don’t let yourself be consumed by anxiety about the future or present tribulations.

Focus on what is essential your family, your spiritual growth, and on Me, your source of


I am planting your roots by the living waters, guaranteeing a flowering that will bless not

only your life, but also the lives of many around you.

Proclaim with courage My faith is based on the Lord’s love and promise.

On days when despair seems to want to dominate your heart, seek refuge in my love, the only

true and unconditional love.

Many will offer words of consolation, but with expectations and demands.

Resisting the pressure of time and the distractions of the world, it is time for you to act according

to My guidance.

While rumors of crises and conflicts multiply around you, you and your family will live

under My divine protection.

Listen to My words if I command you to walk, move forward; if I call you to rise, rise;

if I declare you victorious, embrace that truth, leaving behind past mistakes.

What was no longer matters, because I am with you, outlining your tomorrow with hope and

new possibilities.

Declare In the face of the Lord’s promise, I leave the past behind and embrace my future.

The eternal truths revealed here will touch your soul deeply.

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voice and subscribe to the channel for a constant source of heavenly wisdom.

In the midst of life’s transformations, feel reborn and completely transformed.

You are no longer who you were before; your future is in my hands.

In my presence, everything is possible, and I ask you to believe this with all your heart.

Promise me that you will keep your faith unwavering, waiting patiently for the moment when the

long-awaited miracle will manifest itself in your life.

Since you have chosen to seek me out, rest assured that your prayer will be answered,

even if your path is full of resistance, a battle that rages in the spiritual realms.

So stay firm in faith and prayer, and don’t allow disillusionment to make its home in

your heart.

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Get away from those who undermine your faith and seek the company of those who encourage

you and reinforce your belief in the divine plans for your life.

I know your fears, your internal struggles and your daily obstacles.

I want you to understand that, through these adversities, I am with you, offering my love,

my protection and my consolation.

The love I offer you is pure and true, constant and unconditional, and it will never abandon


Affirm with confidence The Lord’s love is my strength.

Since the dawn of time, I have witnessed your every joy and sorrow, your every triumph and


Every tear shed and every sigh echoed back to me.

Regardless of the challenges you face or the storms raging around you, know that my will

is your victory.

Don’t faint in the face of passing problems, for I am capable of transforming any adversity

into a profound blessing.

I can open up paths where before there were only dead ends, turn your sadness into joy

and offer you true satisfaction.

When you feel overwhelmed and your spirits fade, seek me out in prayer.

Trust me, for I am here to take on your burdens and provide the relief you so desperately


You have faced countless trials and tribulations, wondering why you were chosen for such a difficult


My dear, even in the moments when you have doubted my presence in your life, remember

that each challenge represents more than an arduous battle; it is a rich opportunity for

personal growth and for discovering the strength that resides within you.

Proclaim with hope Through faith, I find strength in the midst of adversity.

Don’t let difficult times shake your faith or life’s challenges detract from your blessings.

Know that I am always at work, always present and always near, weaving a greater plan for

you in my eternal love.

Your heart overflows with gratitude for the Father’s infinite love.

At this time, enjoy this fountain of divine blessings, share it to sow hope and sign up

to be constantly guided by His eternal light.

Although it can be difficult to perceive at all times, I am always working behind the

scenes to perfection, preparing a safe haven for when you feel weak.

In moments of doubt, I will be the light that illuminates your path; in hours of sadness,

I will wrap you in My boundless Love.

Rest assured that, regardless of the weight you carry or the darkness that seems to cloak

your path, I am here by your side, unfailingly supporting you.

Stay firm and true until the end, for it is through My guiding hand that you will find


My child, don’t lose hope or believe that you are alone on this earthly journey.

I fully understand the difficulties and dangers that the present world can offer, but I also

know that obeying My word is the way to overcome them.

So don’t despair in difficult moments; see them as necessary stages in the climb towards

the apex of a prosperous destiny full of victories.

Affirm with hope Under divine protection, each challenge becomes a stepping stone to


Child, trust in My infinite power and never deviate from the path I have marked out for


Don’t give in to wrong desires or succumb to the temptations you encounter along the


Persist steadfast in your faith, keeping your eyes fixed on Me, your guide and protector.

I will be by your side in challenging times, helping you to face the storms of life.

Together, we will get through the moments that can make you feel alone, sad and abandoned.

Remember that, whatever the situation, I am always with you.

My love for you is eternal; my support unwavering; and my strength is yours to overcome any obstacle.

I see when you feel overwhelmed by your problems, but with My presence, no burden is too heavy,

no challenge too great.

Today, I ask you to place your trust in my care.

Allow me to lighten your burdens and break the chains that imprison you.

Proclaim with faith In God, I find strength and refuge for every battle.

Have faith in Me and witness My unchanging love guiding your journey.

You will always find refuge and peace at My side.

In Me, all your needs will be met, even when life seems harder and the problems endless.

Turn to Me for consolation.

As the Creator of the universe, I am constantly looking after you.

Put your trust in Me, allow Me to guide you and, under My care, you will find the safety

and security you desire.

Do not fear adversaries or obstacles; My love is more powerful than any challenge, and My

strength overcomes all barriers.

Seek shelter in Me, and you will find eternal tranquillity and security.

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