Open it urgently, son ! |God Message Today For You| God helps|Jesus affirmation

beloved Child In This Moment of profound

sincerity I extend to you words that

Echo with the Resonance of Truth let

your heart be attuned to these truths

for they carry the weight of divine

urgency Jesus the beacon of your faith

stands on the threshold of

patience his grace poised to envelop

those who listen I am cognizant of the

burdens that weigh heavily upon you

casting Shadows upon your spirit in the

depths of trial when despair threat s to

Cloud your discernment remember this You

are not alone in your journey Jesus the

son of God walks alongside you bearing

the weight of your sorrows and

transgressions his love unfathomable and

boundless compelled him to offer himself

as a sacrifice for your Redemption yet

even his infinite patience has its

limits not out of a deficiency in love

but in anticipation of your response

therefore do not yield to despair rather

find solace in the boundless Mercy he

extends to you though Darkness may seem

to envelop you know this truth you are

cherished cradled in the arms of a

Heavenly Father whose love knows no

bounds allow him and your savior to

navigate you through the tempests of

Life offering an abundance of comfort

and hope in moments of adversity resist

the temptation to seek expedient

resolutions instead turn to Jesus the

Wellspring of true life and peace let

him wipe away your tears mend your

wounds and rejuvenate your spirit for

faithfulness is not confined to moments

of Joy but is also Prov proven in The

Crucible of suffering hold steadfast to

your faith trusting in the

transformative power of Jesus to

illuminate your circumstances do not

lose heart instead heed his call

allowing his love to illuminate your

path though the journey may be fraught

with challenges with Jesus as your

companion hope will eternally Pierce

through the darkness therefore my

cherished one do not despair for Jesus

stands at the threshold his love and

sacrifice a steadfast Beacon of Solace

strength amidst life’s tumultuous Seas

anchor your trust in him and you shall

unveil a Tranquility Beyond human

comprehension in his Embrace find the

courage to persevere knowing that his

love will guide you through every trial

and his grace will sustain you through

every storm may these words be a BAL to

your soul a reminder of the enduring

presence of divine love in your life

embrace the journey with faith and

courage for in the depths of your being

you are held in the tender Embrace of a

god whose love knows no bounds let your

heart be open to The Whispers of Grace

and may the light of Jesus illuminate

your path guiding you to a place of

peace and fulfillment beyond


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