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my child come close and hear my words on

the blessings of

forgiveness this act which so transforms

the soul emanates from the Wellspring of

divine love

within forgiveness offers Freedom beyond

measure yet unlocking its power requires

deep courage and compassion what is this

gift that shapes life’s

journey forgiveness transcends the

wounds inflicted callously or carelessly

by others it rises above the chaos of

emotion to clear the inner Sky more than

the rebuilding of Broken Bridges between

Souls forgiveness reconstructs the soul

itself those who forgive are not

diminished displaying weakness or

Surrender rather they stand tall as

spiritual Warriors Heroes who Vanquish

the Demons of bitterness and fear for in

the end it is resentment that imprisons

the injured heart as surely as any

dungeon holds captive the convicted

felon you may ask ask what is this

forgiveness this get out of jail free

card for sins against me know simply

this forgiveness is the highest

expression of Love In Action it gifts

the offender freedom from condemnation

and liberates you from playing jury and

judge over others

transgressions forgiveness does not

exonerate harmful Deeds or erase

Injustice from history’s

slate nor is reconciliation with the

transgressor requ IR ired for its

healing Alchemy to ignite forgiveness

flows from the choice to allow my divine

grace to transform pain into wisdom

hatred into

compassion why should you the wounded

one be the bearer of this gift why not

demand Justice retribution for the blows

which knocked you to your knees have I

not said that I shall repay in due time

all human Deeds blessing the kind and

cursing the cruel yet beloved take care

that in condemning others sins you do

not bind yourself in Chains of

resentment and self-poisoning

thoughts the jagged shards of memories

that cut deepest often reflect back the

hatred kindled within the injured heart

I created you for so much more than this

therefore come beloved child take my

hand and walk The Road Less Traveled

with me on this path We Leave Behind The

Heavy baggage of grudges born silently

for so long I understand you may not

feel ready to forgive grave injustices

and deep violations of trust but I tell

you now freedom awaits around the next

Bend for those brave enough to release

bitterness his grip in your darkest hour

when waves of anger or despair whip

violently cling fast to me allow my

divine grace to infuse you with Untold

strength and courage the resurrection

power the power to revive hope hopes

left for dead to raise beauty from ashes

sleeps dormant within you this very

moment awaken now and call it forth by

naming your deepest wounds and losses

before me at the throne of grace allow

my light to bathe you in warmth and my

Living Waters to cleanse you as I remove

shame and shock from your mind may you

Glimpse your inherent belovedness for no

one no force in heaven or Earth can

separate you from my love

now arise strengthened in that

unshakable truth extend this love you

have received outward imparting Grace to

those who harmed you I know you may not

feel like forgiving yet and that is fair

remember this is a journey not a

singular event Grace Flows gently but

persistently as a stream carves through

stone with time and Care The Rock gives

way but stay patient with yourself my

child child repeat often this simple

prayer help me want to want to forgive I

will honor this strengthening in you the

desire to break free of bitterness

gravity when flashes of pain or anger

arise let this simple prayer be the

lifeline drawing you back to me as

healing progresses you may suddenly long

to reconcile broken ties or you may feel

at peace with keeping the distance

intact when bitterness no longer

eclipses your vision wonders appear on

the horizon once obscured companionship

Community creativity purpose all these

multiply as forgiveness flows freely

from you extend Grace generously in each

situation release expectations often and

pause frequently to acknowledge the

blessings in and around

you my child pray often to become ever

more aware of my presence for I am

nearer than your next

breath talk honestly with me I

understand the language of size and

tears quiet your spinning thoughts

inviting peaceful

presence the way forward will unveil

itself in due time often in moments of

Stillness perhaps surprisingly you may

feel stirrings calling you toward the

path of service seeking not accolades

but simply to leave your corner cor of

the world a bit brighter in serving

others your cup of Joy fills to

overflowing this results from walking

the path of forgiveness Faithfully until

you reach me the source of all love here

at this place of reconnection tap into

the Wellspring of Grace at your

core drink deeply The Living Waters of

forgiveness healing an unconditional

belonging do you grasp at the edges of

this Vision still struggling to embody


daily peace my child You are not

alone though the way seems uncertain

lift your eyes often to the light ahead

fear not the Shadows still lurking pain

left unreconciled cannot steal your

inheritance of

Joy let this declaration comfort you

when threats of past suffering

reemerge the light ahead Burns stronger

than any Darkness behind release the

famili your weight of resentment as I

take your hand once more allow me to

guide your heart through labyrinths of

memories long forsaken navigating

together what new understanding comes to

light here is fertile ground for

forgiveness roots to sink deep and

Blossom a new see how the years of

wandering this Wilderness with me have

enriched your soul the seeds of wisdom

planted even today shall bear much fruit

a h

hundredfold allow thank fulness to swell

up and spill over let it lift trembling

voices then simply rest my child rest in

my strong

Embrace for now and always you are safe

you are chosen you are cherished you are

name Beloved Delight of my heart in this

journey of forgiveness and healing I

invite you to consider the profound

impact of giving of extending yourself

in Acts of generosity that transcend


transaction this my beloved is where

true transformation

begins not only in the soul of the

receiver but more significantly in the

heart of The Giver giving is an echo of

my nature a testament to the boundless

love I have poured into

creation it is not merely about the

transfer of resources but the sharing of

oneself time attention compassion

passion these are the currencies of the

Divine economy where investment yields

returns of joy peace and fulfillment


measure in a world where scarcity

frightens and hoarding Comforts I call

you to a radical trust a belief that

giving does not deplete but

replenishes that there is enough for all

when hearts are open and hands are

generous the act of donating be it

resources time or Talent is a

declaration of Faith a testimony that my

provision is sufficient and my promises

are sure and yet giving is not only

about what you can offer to others it is

also about investing in yourself in the

cultivation of your gifts and the

stewardship of your resources for


purposes to invest in oneself is not to

succumb to selfishness but to

acknowledge that you too are a vessel of

divine potential meant to be filled to

overflowing It Is by nurturing your own

growth by seeking wisdom and cultivating

virtue that you become capable of


generosity the moral value of giving

therefore is twofold it affirms the

Dignity of the recipient recognizing

their worth and potential to rise above


circumstances simultaneously it refines

The Giver chiseling away the rough edges

of selfishness and igniting the flame of


within it is not confined to material

assistance but encompasses the offering

of forgiveness the sharing of knowledge

and the extension of a listening

ear these are the gifts that often cost

little but mean everything as you walk

with me let your life become a river of

generosity flowing from the

inexhaustible source of my

love let giving be your joy and and

receiving a humble acceptance of the

grace that binds us all in doing so you

mirror the Divine becoming conduits of

my mercy and architects of a more

compassionate World remember my child

the measure you give will be the measure

you get back the world teaches you to

calculate gain and guard against loss

but I invite you to a higher accounting

where the currency is love and the

Dividends are

Eternal in this economy the heart’s

investment in giving donating and

investing in oneself and others yields a

harvest of peace and contentment that

surpasses all

understanding let this wisdom guide you

as you navigate the complexities of

life in moments of decision May the

spirit of generosity light your path and

in times of abundance or need may you

always find your heart anchored in the

unshakable truth that in giving we

receive in forgiving we are set free and

in loving we come closest to the

Divine so my beloved step forward with

courage and Faith embrace the Journey of

giving for it is in this act that you

discover the depth of your strength and

the breadth of your

heart in your search for deeper

understanding remember that true giving

begins within

oneself as you cultivate wisdom and


it’s essential to nurture the virtues

that reside in your heart dedicate

yourself to self-reflection acts of

kindness and spiritual growth seek

moments of Stillness to deepen your

awareness and

gratitude in times of difficulty protect

this inner growth until it becomes

strong once more

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