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my beloved child I come to sweep away the shadows of sadness from your

soul I am here to infuse your essence with pure unwavering

love this day I step into your space wielding the transformative power of my

resurrection to uplift your spirits and plant seeds of joy in your heart I am fully aware of the burdens

you carry and offer you the strength to rise above them look up for my holy

Spirit endows you with the courage that Sparks the fire of bravery and Zeal within you trust in me and streams of

lifegiving waters Will Spring forth from you I am the Wellspring of Your vitality

the beacon of your happiness I ignite your will to thrive and lead you to paths bordered by

peaceful Green Meadows I am the bread of Life come to me and you shall not hunger

believe in me and you shall never thirst from the Everlasting Rock I offer

you the waters from the spring of life and you shall partake in the triumphs that flow like

Rivers I am the light of the world follow me and you shall not stumble in

obscurity but will bask in the light of life my words will guide your steps and

light up your nights steering you through challenges my promises serve as your

armor and strength I am the gate those who enter through me shall find Salvation wander freely and discover

nourishing pastures for I am the Good Shepherd I sacrifice my life for my

flock delivering them from loss elevating them from Despair and instilling them with courage and

might I am the resurrection and the life those who believe in me though they

perish shall live and those who live and believe in me shall never face Eternal

death you will no longer dwell in Perpetual defeat or descend into the abyss of

failure I will lift you from the pit of Sorrow I stand firm amidst your trials

commanding the Dark Skies to clear the storms to quiet and the surging evils to

calm their wrath today I speak to your heart be

brave I am with you fear no foe ignore the threats none can stand against you

you and those who try shall fall to dust eternally never to rise

again whenever you call out to me I will respond in moments when it feels like

you’re drowning in turbulent Waters I will extend my hand and guide you to safety together we will tread upon the

Seas tumultuous waves even the adversary will tremble at my voice your heart will

swell with assurance and fortitude your trust in me deepening and your faith

expanding you will come to recognize that my commitments are steadfast reliable even during the harshest trials

and fiercest battles now be certain of my deep love for you A Love That Will Never Wan or

abandon you this Divine love I offer is your anchor amidst the tempests of life I

hear the yearnings of your heart I know you’ve sought Solace answers and affection in places where they could not

be found but today I assure you of the love I provide my love is Everlasting

unconditional and mighty in me you will find Sanctuary during times of distress

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